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The visionaries and changemakers of the world simply cannot afford to compete with each other, and quibble over clients or dollars, or whatever. We need to collaborate if we are going to create real change in the world. Those who continue to look through the lens of scarcity and competition typically feel isolated and stuck in slow growth, or none at all. Be part of the revolution that is happening. By shifting your mindset away from competition and towards collaboration you can reach more people and make a greater, positive difference. Joint ventures that work is one of the smartest things you could focus on. The Health Institute Australia is strongly involved in collaborating with, training and up-skillng its graduates and trainees to equip them to faithfully serve yoga's primary vision by the provision of continual and on-going education. We hope your yoga practice (and your life) is going well. 
In the 5th decade of teaching yoga in Australia, Shanti Yoga is offering her Shanti Yoga trained teachers the opportunity to offer teacher training to their own students, qualifying your students with Certificate IV in Yoga Education, also known as Yoga for Life. This course does not include technical instruction about how to teach an asana class, but rather guides the student to become a master of the material conceptually. However, in order to become an accredited teacher, you must demonstrate advanced technical teacher training skills, which are developed through the current Health Institute Diploma In Yoga Teaching program. If you have studied and completed The Diploma in Yoga teaching or higher with Shanti Gowans or one of her appointed instructors, and if you love Shanti Yoga and are ready for a new challenge, then this might be just what you need to take your yoga teaching to the next level and practise, both independently and collaboratively. 
The Health Institute will continue to be the course provider and RTO, setting and maintaining the curriculum and high standards. This will enable your students who are eligible, to receive government assistance in the form of austudy, rent allowance and other student benefits.
Collaboration can be in one of two ways.
  • You will continue to train your students in yoga practicum. Your students will attend their regular yoga classes with you, aiming to do 15 hours a week (for 40 weeks) on the mat. 
  • Class attendance and practice of each student must be signed off by their teacher or administrative assistant, in THI Contact Journal, provided to each student as part of their package.
  • For this service you will be paid an annual yoga pass fee per student, for those students enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training at your school or centre. 
  • The Shanti Yoga Health Institute will conduct monthly tutorials, over 10 months, in your city on a Saturday or Sunday (to be decided) 10am-4pm. 
  • THI will also conduct assessments and deliver the qualification. 
If you hold the current qualification for Diploma In Yoga Teaching, or higher, through The Shanti Yoga Health Institute, and are a current SYTA member, you can start straight away with Option A.
You will continue to train your students in yoga practicum and deliver monthly tutorials at your centre. Your students will attend their regular yoga classes and tutorials with you, aiming to attend 15 hours a week (for 40 weeks) on the mat with you. THI will do the assessment and deliver the qualification. You will receive 50% of student course fees, after the small deduction of course text books, DVDs and CDs at the retail rate, which includes your 30% SYTA discount. 
For Option B, you must attend the Train the Trainer course for tutors and lecturers. 
Trainer-Collaborators prerequisites:
- must hold the current qualification for Diploma In Yoga Teaching or higher, 
- must have attended the course or equivalent that they are instructing
- Must be a full, current, financial member of SYTA
- All Option A requirements
- You need to have been a good practitioner at some stage, as well as having sound people management skills and business management skills, knowledge and practical understanding of the national requirements together with training package requirements.
- must have attended The Health Institute's 'Train the Trainer' course, designed for Shanti Yoga graduates.
Train the Trainer. Program for Tutors/Lecturers
To qualify and be licensed to offer Shanti Yoga Teacher Training (option B) to your students, please book in for Train the Trainer
The format of the course is via lectures, with Shantiji as the lead lecturer, and tutorials with assistant teachers who collaboratively lead interest based activities with Shanti Yoga based teachings, art, nature, outdoor activities and cooking at training in residence.
  • The wonderful world of Yoga. The craftsmanship of modern Yoga. The heart of Yoga.
  • The science of relevant Yoga anatomy
  • The Yoga Practice. Rapid and instant inductions. 
  • Insight into the art of Teaching
  • Breath and Energy
  • The power of stillness
  • Leadership
  • Ayurveda for Yoga teachers
  • Certificate IV in workplace assessment and training.
  • Tutorials and Retreats in the practical conducting of the course itself: Cert IV in Yoga Education.
 Training Fee: $9995.
We welcome teacher-training collaboration with teachers from other yoga modalities. Please contact us.
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