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Cooking, Sanskrit, Bollywood Dance, Meditation,whatever your hobby may be, Shanti Yoga and Health Institute Australia has a variety of short courses that may take your fancy. Enquire today.

The Health Institute Australia is a leading Australian based international educational organisation who's mission is to empower people and communities to realise their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practices of yoga, ayurveda, meditation and Indian studies.


Love Yoga or want to try it finally? Walking into a yoga class as a beginner can be an intimidating experience. You may feel you're not flexible enough, not strong enough, or not calm enough to make it through an entire class.
This Beginner series provides you with the opportunity to engage your mind and body in a study of your self, discovering breath and movement in a non-competitive and nurturing environment.
We focus on foundational Shanti Yoga work and breath practices. The practices are progressive, layering one movement on top of the next, so that your experience and understanding of yoga continues to deepen.
This series is designed to empower you to attend any class at ShantiYoga with confidence after its conclusion, armed with appropriate variations to protect yourself from injury and get the most out of the class. 
Physical yoga practice provides many benefits: increased flexibility and strength, enhanced awareness of and appreciation for the body, mental and emotional attentiveness, and a sense of overall well-being.
These classes offer you a set 'date' with your mat and are designed for students who would like to move with more awareness in strengthening and stretching poses with functional alignment to help reduce aches and pains, and injury. Appropriate for beginners, those recovering from an injury or with a chronic pain, or individuals with an established practice who want to slow down on the mat. The ultimate goal of these classes is to move with ease, support a healthy posture, and allow the mind to connect with body throughout. Students of all ages are welcome.
Dive into the experience of your body. Round. Curvy. Pudgy. Thick. All bodies are miraculous and should be celebrated. This workshop will focus specifically for theneed of strength and vitality for bigger bodies. We will move through a gentle Shanti Yoga practice with a healthy dose of radical self-love. The practice will incorporate accessible variations and prop use. There will be energy devoted specifically to workshoping traditional yoga poses from the perspective of bodies of size. By slowing down, stretching deeply and balancing the internal energy, inner body peace spills over into everyday life. 
Practice in our beautiful studio with 55 minutes of gentle, invigorating, fun, flows-style class with a teacher who is trained to meet you at your level, whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, followed by zero pressure introduction to deep relaxation. 

Students will be lying on the floor at the beginning and end of each session, and classes are designed for those who can get up from and down onto the floor on their own power with ease. Students can expect to strengthen muscles that tend to be under-utilised in addition to stretching and releasing muscles that tend to be tight.

This is an introductory series to Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga is a valuable practice for many people but may not be the most appropriate practice for each student at every phase of life. Hatha yoga can be quite an intense physical practice and may not be appropriate for those with recent head or neck injury, vertigo or severe joint pain, as modifications are needed. We want you to love yoga and are happy to direct you to a class that will be best-suited to your intentions.
Restorative Yoga is a practice using supported poses to relax on multiple levels, release tension, tap into your body’s natural healing and restoring abilities and lymph system detoxification. Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice that creates the space and conditions for you to access your wisdom physically, emotionally and mentally. You live in a body that has an amazing system already in place to find the path to health and happiness. You have the ability to heal and thrive when you learn to balance doing with being. Give yourself permission to slow down and nourish yourself.
In this class, we will settle into supported floor poses, long stretches and long holds with intervals, while releasing tension, breathing gently, and allowing gravity to draw us towards the steadiness of the earth beneath us. With the help of straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets to enhance support, even complete beginners, the elderly, and the injured can find comfort in these postures allowing the body to open and release. Breath work is also be explored as a tool to support the body. Time will be given with each pose and movement to allow the breath to fully integrate into the practice.
Ancient texts of Yoga state that inside the body of the yogi are mountains, valleys, oceans and rivers, and that the moon and stars move in this inner space. When their practice took ancient seekers deep within, they encountered an amazing world beyond rational thought. They used symbols to map this inner journey and, over time, those symbols became the esoteric Chakras (vortices), Granthis (knots) amd Nadis (channels) of medieval Hatha Yoga.
Come and practice as the ancient yogis did. Join Shantiji for an experience of chakra awakening. During an extra-long guided shavasana (opening relaxation), Shantiji will offer guided meditation to participants, journeying into the universe inside your body, focusing on the movement of your vital energy from root to crown, through the chakras, granthis and nadis, to remove the obstacles to inner experience and strengthen your vital energy. Then follow up with a gentle flow class that will enable you to shed the stresses of the week and tune inward, as you engage in Hatha Yoga rituals: Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, and Mudras. Expect to leave the centre feeling wholly nourished and spiritually aligned. This class is appropriate for all level of yoga practitioners,
 Pranayama, the yogic science of breath control, is a powerful way to release energy and channel it into wellbeing, life mastery and spiritual growth. 
When you practice breathing diaphragmatically, your breath becomes the flywheel for a healthy mind and body. Diaphragmatic breathing (as taught in Shanti yoga) constantly massages the internal organs. This rhythmic motion transmits beneficial messages to the entire autonomic nervous system and encourages all bodily systems to operate optimally. When diaphragmatic breathing is established, inhalation and exhalation become one continuous motion allowing the breath to aid digestion, the assimilation of essential nutrients and the elimination of waste products from the body.
This class provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the practice and philosophy of pranayama under the guidance of an experienced teacher. 
Yoga Nidra, deep conscious relaxation, involves total body relaxation practices, breath awareness and guided visualisations. It is a deeply relaxing practice that will bring you to a profound sense of wellness. Experience an hour of Yoga Nidra, the ancient revitalising practice of the Himalayan yogis, in which the practitioner remains conscious during the dreaming state. Resting, heart open and soft, you are already melting into breath, reconnecting with your own natural rhythm, a practice of deliberate stillness which will set you up for an incredible, well deserved night's sleep. Reduced insomnia, stress relief, better digestion, and improved quality of sleep are just a few of the many benefits of Yoga Nidra. 
Most obstacles to your health, reside in your mind. When you meditate daily, you change the software of the mind and enhance the body's immune system. Join Shantiji in stillnessas she offers guidance, insight and practical instruction for the curious student interested in navigating the uncertain waters of meditation. Having a quiet, clear mind and an awakened heart provide the spaciousness and compassion necessary to live life fully in each moment, with each breath. The practice of (mindfulness/insight/awakening the heart/techniqueless technique) meditation is an excellent complement to your physical yoga practice, and informs your awareness both on and off the yoga mat.
Yoga with a partner is essentially, an expression of love and service and a healing modality. In this workshop you will support and assist your partner in simple Yoga stretches, asanas and yoga massage, and you will receive the same from your partner. No prior bodywork experience is required, as this workshop is designed for the beginner. You will learn at least one technique for each area of the body, from head to toes. The beneficial effects are numerous; from deep relaxation, improved sleep quality, and release of muscular tension and mental stress. This workshop is not limited to romantic partners; you can come with a relative or a friend. Space is limited to 30 participants.
Learn the history and philosophy behind yoga from the classical texts of the ancient tradition: Vedanta, The Upanishads. The Bhagavad Gita. The Yoga Sutras. You will be introduced to the 8-limbed path of yoga, together with basic sanskrit terminology. Curriculum will also include meditation, mantra science, Yoga Psychology, the chakra system, mind function optimisation, functional medicine, and Ayurveda.


YOGA is a path which means that it's about the journey, and the destination. It's practice is not athletic in nature - even though the vast majority of yoga is being taught that way today. Holding yourself accountable is one of the foundation principles of success.
Sun salutations and variations
Standing sequences
Seated poses
Hip openers. Most people are terribly blocked in and around their pelvis, leading to poor seated posture, back pain and general discomfort. Freeing up the hip joints can be one of the most liberating experiences for your students.
Floor work
Fundamental Inversion practices: Safe and appropriate Handstand; Headstand; Forearm stand; Shoulderstand
Restorative sequences



Weekend training. $1595 (SYTA members 10% discount
- 200 hours. 
Follow your inner voice and soften to it. Discover your unique self-experssion and the creativity within you. A profound human potential resonates within. Anything goes, if it goes! 
Weekend training  Intensive. $2995

PRANAYAMA: deeper practices

Much of our experience of “yoga” in the west is (comparatively) a modern phenomenon, largely an adaptation of physical education exercises taught to school children in India during the last century. These practices, though greatly beneficial, often touch only briefly on pranayama, the gateway to meditation.
Following the ancient texts of Hatha Yoga PradipikaGherenda Samhita, and Shiva Samhita, the path of tantric hatha yoga was comprised of practices to both strengthen and polish the 'vessel', heighten energy, and allow one to merge ever more fully with all life has to offer. This merging with the rhythms and pulse of the universe was accessed with transformative techniques, including ritual, asana, intense pranayama practices, and bandhas.
In this course you will:
- Learn a variety of pranayama techniques
- Explore the intricate details of the more advanced pranayamas, kriyas, and bandhas, through fascial anatomy, personal physiology and experience,
- as well as immerse into the history and purpose behind these ancient teachings
- Learn the appropriate therapeutic applications of pranayama for specific conditions that work on physical, mental, as well as emotional levels;
- Discover as yoginis and yogis living in the modern world how to apply effective and intelligent adaptations to the practices and therapies, as we consider both our own individual constitutions and those of our students,
- Moving forward together on the cusp of this “technological revolution”;
- Create strategies to allow for sacred space within these powerful applications, ones that provide a consistent, disciplined environment for continual transformation.
This course includes practice teaching opportunities to increase your understanding to safely integrate these powerful breath practices into your personal yoga practice and the classes you may teach.
Follow your inner voice and soften to it. Discover your unique self-experssion and the creativity within you.A profound human potential resonates within.  Anything goes, if it goes! 
YOGA NIDRA: THE POWER OF STILLNESS. Facilitator's weekend course in Yoga Relaxation.
Course Dates: 
Course Duration: 8 hours
When: Saturday & Sunday Weekend Course
Course Times: 11.30am - 1.30pm + Lunch Break (Lunchbox meals available for $12) + 2.30-4.30pm
Course Fee:  $2500 (STYA members 10% discount)
Bones and joints; Connective tissues; Vital organs; Study the Digestive system; Elimination system; Injuries and genetics. Not just theory, but the practical application of your anatomical knowledge. 
KNOW YOUR BODY. Introductory Anatomy & Physiology (systemic) and Ayurvedic Subtle Anatomy & Physiology
Different students have different needs. You will need to adapt, adjust, modify, sequence and challenge a class for beginners, intermediate and mixed levels. Diagnostic measures, common misalignments, signals for contraindications, and effective adjustments all lead us to understand the simple and remarkable driving principle in yoga: that there is more than one right answer. Hence you can bring all levels of students to new personal edges, new possibilities.



Beyond developing your own style in class, you need to have a firm understanding of why and what you're doing in class. 
Energy vs. precision
Unique body awareness
Pose and complementary inverse pose
Safe entry and exists of long-hold poses
The use of props and breath to help students move deeper
More about the practice and less about the pose
Awakening the subtle awareness of the chakras in the mind, body and spirit
Working in pairs to assist each other (inversions & backbends)


Do what you love and the money will follow. Make this work for you. Take conscious control over your financial future. Plan a financial path of growth, build a real business rather than just accumulating jobs and over-committing your time and energy, which could lead to implosion. Opportunity is everywhere. It will fall into your lap as you actively attract financial success into your life. It's an on-going process which can be a lot of fun once you know how. Living simply is wonderful. But living in poverty might just be a waste of your talent and potential. 







Concentration is the secret to success with each and every endeavour in life. If your mind is wandering from place to place and you can't concentrate for a long periods of time, you have weak intent, you need to change this. This means living in the moment, having only relevant thoughts and never letting your mind wander from palce to place. Learn to grow intent and reap the rewards.


Course Duration: 4 hours
When: Sunday Course
Course Times: 11.30am - 1.30pm + Lunch Break (Lunchbox meals available for $12) + 2.30-4.30pm
Course Fee:  $295
You can have all the customer and client-getting tools and systems in the world. But if you don’t have the right tools and mindset for wealth creation, then you’ll always fall short of your income goals. 
One of the most important things to realise is that at its core, money is completely inanimate, neutral, impartial. it doesn't have an agenda. It doesn't have preferences, likes, or dislikes. It is just a thing. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to attribute all kinds of emotional and colourful stories, meaning and significance to money. Our supposed conscious, rational thinking about money is just a rationalisation for distorted perspectives and inner frictions, which are subtly coloured by imbalanced emotions and beliefs in ways we don't even realise. We unknowingly let emotional beliefs, stories, and rationalisations run the show of our lives, and as such never relate to money and wealth as the neutral and objective energies they are.
Beliefs around money that will have you handcuffed to a certain income level include thinking that money is the root of all evil (i.e. you have negative beliefs around money and wealth); seeing it as a reward for supposed 'good, spiritual behaviour'; or considering it as the only means to the power and freedom you seek; or as a vehicle for self-validation.  We can hold multiple conflicting beliefs about it at the same time, when we simultaneously love it and hate it, or concurrently long for it and push it away. Being pulled in multiple directions at the same times, causes  inner friction and things can indeed get really twisted up inside, which further inhibits our ability to effectively relate to money and wealth.
People all start businesses for their own personal reasons… but I think it’s safe to say that no one starts with the goal of working their assets away just to barely get by. People wanted more freedom, income, and the ability to live a better life. And ignoring your own personal finances for the sake of running a business is the fastest way to stay on the hamster wheel. You’ve worked very hard to get to where you are at today. 
This course is to help you transition from merely “earning a living” to making a life.
Here are some reflective questions to start off with to uncover your money story, and blueprint that drives all your financial decisions and results. Bringing them out into the open can be the first step in the right direction, which might abutomatically dissolve some of them without needing to do anything else.
- What do you feel when you think of money and your financial situation?
- What do you feel when you see someone else (or yourself) enjoying the perks of financial abundance?
- Wat do you feel when you see someone else (or yourself) suffer from a lack of wealth?
- Can you think of a particular reason whay it makes you feel that way? (…how your parents related to money when you were young, or your partner, or some vent from your past)
- What does all this say about the meaning you have come to attribute to money and wealth?
- How would you act if you had a billion dollars to spare? (Making a list of what you would do with so much money can be revealing. Most people dream of winning a lottery, but almost none are prepared for it. For many, it's too much, too soon. After you buy the new cars, mansions, the toys and travel and after you pay off your debt and give money to family, friends and causes you believe in, what you you then do? )
- Do you need more money, or clarity and action.
Dissolving inner, limiting beliefs about money, success, self-worth and more will allow more abundance into your life. You have to grow into handling that much more money.
Awakened wealth: divine prosperity is multidimensional. 
Get your own copy of: Abundance by Shanti Gowans $33


A New Years Resolution without Fail! 
Online 30 day guided and supported practice

A sankalpa or resolve is a true intention that is formulated in the heart. 

As a participant in this online You will receive: 

  • Online Support-An invitation to a private/ secret Facebook Group that will be used for support, questions and dialogue throughout the duration of the 30 day practice. 
  • Meditation -A downloadable recording of the Ananda Kanda (Space of Delight) meditation. 
  • Soul-Desire Cards- 4 Purusartha (soul-desire) cards to be used with meditation (will be snail-mailed to you). 
  • Daily reminders and inspiration to follow your Intention.
  • Colouring Birth Yantra PDF for coloring / Painting 
  • Creativity Mandala: Abundance PDF- At the end of our journey together you will receive a PDF of all our activities, so that you can repeat the process, or continue on your own to engage. 

Creativity + New Years Intention = The Power of your Heart’s Desire

Online 30 day guided and supported practice

This new year keep your commitment to yourself, by engaging with it daily. A sankalpa or resolve is a true intention that is formulated in the heart. 

On average, most people make about 2 resolutions per year. However, 80% of us don’t achieve our resolutions. We fail to follow through because, our desires goals and resolutions are not in service of our souls purpose, and secondly because the resistance is greater than the energy we focus towards our goal. 

This new years moon cycle will be dedicated to supporting you in your new years endeavors!
Using the traditional yogic approaches described in Rod Stryker’s The Four Desires, including stating an intentional goal, reducing the resistance, and making room for what you really want. These tools will be coupled with creative projects to provide a deeper relationship to that goal, including creative projects such as coloring a birth yantra, amplifying your hearts intention and a vision board mandala to name a few. 



Goals help you get the most out of life. They create motivation. Motivations creates energy. Energy helps make your dreams a reality. Businesses need them, governments need them, and you need them too. Think about what is really worth putting your time and energy into this year. Begin with a set of specific, written medium and long term goals that clearly define the outcome. Understand the reasons behind your ambitions. Identify the resources you need to achieve success. Develop a scheduled plan of action. Focus on what is important and get on with it. You'll need to learn how to work around obstacles and change your strategies without changing your vision; how to become a team player, mastger your time and take steps toward reaching your aspirations.
Get your own copy of the goals setting workbook: Your Future is in Your Hands by Shanti Gowans $33


A creative and collaborative two day workshop for shaping your business  

If you are an established small business entrepreneur or a newly emerging entrepreneur, this workshop uses creative and collaborative techniques designed to help you dig deep and answer important questions such as: What is unique about what I do? What do my customers value? What practical steps can I take to turn my vision into reality? The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you: your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write, draw, build, play, dance and live as only you can.
This workshop is full of fun and insightful activities that will help you to perfect your ideas and develop practical solutions. In this hands on workshop, you’ll have access to small business entrepreneurs just like you. The workshop environment is established to create collaboration that will add incredible clarity and value to your business. Best of all... you’ll have fun!
This workshop is ideal for:
• People who have tried traditional business planning approaches and found it soul destroying
• Established small business entrepreneurs wanting to refresh their business direction
• Newly emerging entrepreneurs with a great ideas, who need help
• People who enjoy talking through their ideas and love visual, hands on learning
• Practical people who want real outcomes
• Anyone afraid of business jargon and long drawn out templates that make you feel like you need a business degree to get started 
Topics covered:
• Business planning in a nut shell
• Visioning your future
• Defining the values that shape you and your business
• Understanding your customers and your unique value to them
• Positioning your business: understanding your competitors, suppliers and customers and the trends that shape all of you
• Skilling your business
• Bringing it all together into a practical road map to success
What’s included:
• Quality materials to create your own business plan
• Handouts relating to key topics to support your journey after the workshop
• Morning tea and lunch 


You have tremendous gifts to offer the world. We play many roles - the coach, the mentor, the spiritual guide, the counsellor. Strong foundations in the Eastern wisdom practices, teaching others as well as yourself, the ability to lead and speak with authority, and your own spiritual, mental and physical strength and happiness are what's needed.


Teachers often fall into patterns that distract students. Through mock classes, practice drills and peer evaluation, you can become a more powerful teacher. You must keep your speaking voice natural, interesting and fresh. You will work on your speaking voice, projection and articulation, lead with your body and voice to increase the energy or calm the room; use your own physicality and leadership presence to control the room and clearly convey your message; use humour or seriousness when appropriate, and generally learn to clear up those personal quirks and habits that might be detracting from the effectiveness of your classes.
SPEAK EASY  - Public speaking and theatre course - 5 week Monday evenings $295


Comprehensive training in holistic mind/body medicine, the content of this course will enhance the health and well being of both attending participants and their patients. This teaching will have an enormous benefit to your personal and professional life. You will have less stress, more focus, and will be able to serve your students, patients and clients with greater clarity. It will be surprisingly easy to recognise the many clinical situations in which patients with somatic manifestations of 'dis-ease' can greatly benefit from Ayurveda and Yoga Science.
Presenting an in-depth study of the historical, philosophical and scientific nature of ayurveda and yoga science, as taught in both the East and West. 
Practical skills will be taught so that participants can positively enhance the making of health-affirning lifestyle choices, and promote the specialised disciplines of ayurveda and yoga to effectively correct and treat ailments and conditions, from as simple as the common cold and eczema to major illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Holistically learn to treat common ailments and issues that your students and clients face today, at physical, mental, emotional and cosmic levels. Touch their lives and and make a difference. 
Yoga therapy and Ayurveda both work by bringing the body back into balance. Combining specific exercises, movements, postures, relaxation and breathing, the body and its system are cleansed, strengthened and rejuvenated, thus facilitating organ function, energy flow and body structure. The unique science of Ayurveda provides the benefits of being able to diagnose the clients body type, target, manage or/and cure issues relating to imbalances, provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle guidelines together with herbal supplementation.
Back and neck problems
Digestive disorders
Eye conditions
Focus, attention, concentration, ADD
Kidney disorders
Respiratory attention: sore throats, cough, cold etc. 
Skin disorders
Stress, anxiety, nervousness, restless legs
ALL IN GOOD TASTE. Digestive health, Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking. 
RELAX, REJUVENATE AND RESTORE. Ayurvedic treatment of diseases 
THE GOOD LIFE. Ayurvedic and Yogic tools and techniques for a happier, healthier life 
Provide an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultationPractice Management. 


TRAINING & ASSESSMENT  - Govt. accredited CERT IV TAE 40110 is for anyone who is seeking employment in registered Training Organisations and for those who have responsibilities for training and assessment in their current work role. It's the course to train the trainer. 
DURATION: 1 year
  Mondays 6-9pm x 5 sessions
  Mondays 6-9pm x 5 sessions
• YOGA RELAXATION Tuesday 12.30-1.15 pm & Wed 6.30-7.30pm
• MINDFULNESS MEDITATION Tuesday 8-9pm & Thurs 12.30-1:15pm
• YOGA BREATHING & PRANAYAMA Mondays 9.15-10.15am
• GENTLE YOGA Tuesday 10.30-11.30am & Thursday 11.30-12.30am & Saturday 10.15-11.10am
Course Fee: $2500


Subjects that form part of the nationally accredited Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Course, together with training and assessment subjects are applied for the specific needs of Yoga teachers. They will train participants in the effective planning, conducting and reviewing of student, client or staff assessment, the teaching of small groups, the planning and promotion of Yoga classes, and the planning of ongoing programs and timetables.
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