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Shanti Yoga Health institute 1/126 Scarborough St, Southport

New Student $2,995.00

Repeat Student $1,595.00

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The Power of StillnessYoga Nidra Instructor Training

the art of slowness

to heal the body and calm the mind 

We live in a fast culture: fast food, fast money, fast cars, fast living.

The faster we get, the more we look for the “easy” way out,

the more short cuts that lead to dead ends we find,

the more anxious and uncomfortable we become with ourselves.

The more we use speed to define our lives,

the farther away we get from creating a grounded sense

of happiness, presence and peace,

a place from which all aspects of our lives can grow.

Yoga provides practices to experiment in slow living

to explore how you can slow down to speed up.


Yoga Nidra is an effective practice for physical and mental wellness and restoration that is the antidote for modern life. It also prepares the mind for the higher yogic disciplines. In this fully guided, meditation practice, there is nothing required but to lie down and listen while you relax, heal and transform within every level of your being. It can also be used therapeutically to help people suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia and psychosomatic illness and for emotional wellness, by instilling a sense of enjoyment and peace. Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you!


Gain the skills you need to lead others

into greater levels of freedom and health than they ever imagined possible. 

The breakthrough in sleep health will enable your students/clients/patients

• Get deep, restful and uninterrupted sleep

• Wake up naturally, feeling rested and eager to embrace a new day

• Focus, feel awake and productive at work or play 

• Relax and eliminate the stress and moodiness associated with a lack of sleep

• Enjoy improved health and calmness

• Think better

Shanti Gowans, the author of Shanti Yoga™ skillfully guides you every step of the way.


This two-day workshop is comprehensiveaccessiblepractical and hands-on.


Pratyahara is the 5th limb of Patanjali’s eight steps toward self-realisation. It is the practice of disconnecting from your senses to fully reconnect with the inner and outer truth of the Universe. It's practice guides you to non-attachment (vairagya) to sensory distractions, which allows you to keep returning to the path of self-realisation and fulfillment of peace.

Education and Knowledge

Explore yoga nidra within the depths of the ageless virtues and principles of yogic tradition, wisdom, and Western science. 

  • ​Basic understanding of the history, theory and benefits of yoga nidra.​ 
  • The difference between guided relaxation, sleep and yoga nidra.

Experiential Learning and Demonstration

You will experience one short and one long yoga nidra session. 

  • Receive and deliver yoga nidra.
  • Rapid induction takes the participant from the normal, waking state into the relaxed state quickly and effectively.
  • Longer nidra allows more of your time to be spent on providing therapy.


  • Learn how to deeply nourish yourself and others.
    • Sequence a basic yoga nidra practice for wellbeing. 
    • Awaken a sense of wonder and creativity.
  • Develop your skills with practice and leading others. 
    • Structure a step-by-step method for conscious relaxation and its application to therapeutic yoga and yoga therapy.
    • Discover how to craft effective and comprehensive classes and workshops. 
    • Weave this timeless practice into your individuality and skill set in order to share it within you community, students, friends, family and loved ones. 
    • Scripts provide a greater range of relaxation tools and strategies.
  • Cultivate voice quality, pace, and explore music, postures and props. 
    • Develop and improve your confidence at conducting nidra.

    • Learn to be comfortable being assertive and directive.

    • Learn to be skilled at using timing and observation.

    • Learn how to use your voice effectively.

    • You will also have the opportunity to practice nidra with observationa and feedback.

  • Successful completion of this training gives certification to lead yoga nidra classes, workshops and sessions using the structure, languaging and methodology of Shanti Yoga™.


Take home tools

- Course notes

- The Power of Relaxation and Stillness by Shanti Gowans 

- 2 CDs of short, guided Deep Relaxation & Self Healing practices 

- 1 CD for a long Nidra practice


When: 16-17 September 2017

Course Facilitator: Shanti Gowans

Where: 1/126 Scarborough Street, Southport. 

Fee$2995 New students. $1595 Repeat students. SYTA full member less 10%