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Meditate for health, wellbeing and self care
Meditate for health, wellbeing and self care
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In classical meditation, we do not meditate to relax a little and experience some peace. We meditate to unfold our inner being, the fourth dimension of our mind-brain-body system. This can be regarded as the spiritual dimension, the consciousness within us which lies beyond verbal thought and which many of us glimpse at some point in our lives, perhaps at a moment of intense joy, and recognise as our highest Self, that part of us that remains outside fear, anger, and other psychic distractions that normally cloud our consciousness. According to the Vedantic seers, pain and pleasure affect only a person who does not know the inner Self.

Real meditation is based on the most ancient knowledge and practices of all.
These are eminently practical, biologically based, rationally intelligent and easily understood. There are no levels, measurements or grades to pass through, or rules of behaviour to follow. There is only one single and absolute goal, which is total, personal freedom. Or more accurately described as freedom from the personal. You will see what this means as you read this inspiring book by Shanti Gowans.