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Today is more than just a day …
it is a tribute, a miracle, a time for gratitude.
Understand and heal the past with gratitude.
Celebrate life, the planet, all its inhabitants.
Celebrate your strength, wisdom, perseverance, courage, beauty.
Live your life for the benefit of all.
Today is a special day.
Being humble and yet somehow great.
Thank you for being our world

What's on this week

The Shanti Yoga Centre has an amazing array of activities together with a timetable of regular classes 
at 1/126 Scarborough Street, Southport. Tel: 617 55310511
Nothing makes me feel better than helping another human being feel empowered and unstoppable. Our courses, services and products generate incredible engagement and momentum that not only make a difference in people's lives, but create astounding results. Our intent is to promote a better understanding, while protecting the sacred aspects of Indian culture and sharing the classical and traditional teachings. As a holistic roadmap, they are more powerful than any kind of training on offer. 
At our centres you will enjoy core practices, develop deep skills and implement super strategies:
  • Sacred Movement. Asana: Classical, easy to do Shanti Yoga stretches the body and beyond.

Yoga is not about doing "perfect" poses, but about adapting the postures to unravel and transform the stresses and compression in your body that prevents its flow of energy. This holistic, creative renaissance will renew your mind's clarity, your body's health and it's spirit's joy. It is spiritual practice in action, showing you a refreshing perspective from which you can embrace life again. 

  • Sacred Rest. Nidra: Deep relaxation, lucid dreaming and self healing that will open your heart and mind to new creative possibilities.
  • Sacred Breathing: Monday Morning Mindfulness and Pranayama (yoga breathing)
  • Meditation. Finding peace through life's storms. Meditation is the transformational journey of unbroken, profound trust in yourself. Attend classes, a meditation retreat, or make it a study with Shantiji's courses in Meditation. See Shantiji's Meditation Resources for home practice. Courses in Meditation.
  • Circle of Gratitude: Kirtan at dusk. Magical music, bhajans (singing) and mantra (chanting sacred intonations). Free
  • Afternoon Darshan: Spiritual ways of seeing and discussion. Free
  • The Creative Process: Group Singing, Cooking Classes, Mindful Art
  • Karma Yoga: Sefless service, strengthening connections with others and building a sense of community through yoga. One of the best and most under prescribed methods of self-help is helping others.
@ Nirvana Wellness Retreat Sanctuary
Retreats help you set up the container for transformation, enter into it, and hold it.
You customise your own experience from the practice of silence, boundaries and schedules. 
Body, Mind and Spirit retreats: The wisdom trio: Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation
Mindfulness and Nature retreats
Silent Meditation retreats
Ayurvedic 'learn-by-doing' cooking retreats
Radical Healing: Wellness, Destress, Detox, Re-juvenate, Re-create retreats.
GROUP CLASSES: Pay casually:
$25 for a 55 min class.
$30 for a class that is longer than 55 mins. 
Pay $5 extra to stay for the second class (back-to-back), or $10 extra for a longer back-to-back class
Pay for a 30-day membership
$130, unlimited attendance.
Bonus: Save $50 off a retreat at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary during pass validity.
Pay for annual membership
$995.Unlimited attandance.
Bonus: Free weekend retreat with twin-share accommodation, all meals and activities.
PRIVATE SESSIONS for Yoga and/or Meditstion
Yoga - 60 minutes for 1 or 2 people $100
Meditation - 45 minutes for 1 or 2 people $75
Yoga and Meditation - 75 minutes for 1 or 2 people $125 
Individual Meditation Programs (4 x 30 minute sessions) for 1 or 2 people $200 pre-pay
Begin your journey with an individual session or joint session with a friend,and then consolidate your practice with a 4 session program
MINI-RETREAT @ The Southport Shanti Yoga Centre 
Optional add-on: Delicious Ayurvedic home cooked vegan lunchbox $12
Monday 9:15am-12.15pm. 3 hours $40
The morning includes a Mindfulness and Pranayama class, Chanting,
Gentle yoga, a yoga nidra relaxation session, and ends with Meditation.  
Tuesday 10:30am-1:30pm $40
This is a silent morning of inspiration and remedial floor practice so that you can heal and relax deeply.
We end with a longer yoga nidra relaxation session.
Thursday 10:30am-1:30pm $40
The morning includes an Inspirational message,
gentle yoga, a yoga nidra relaxation session, and ends with Meditation.  
YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSES - face-to-face, blendid learning or on line
Yoga for Life. 600 hour course.
Year long journey in person with master teachers and the master herself.
Yoga Teacher Training. 1200 hour course
2 year journey in person with master teachers and the master herself.
Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training. 1800 hours
3 year journey
also @ Shanti Yoga Centre
It is our pleasure to conduct a delightful and wholesome schedule of continuing education workshops, retreats, charity events and so much more. Experience for yourself …
  • Free Spiritual discussion (darshan) Monday 1-2pm. During school terms.
  • Free Spiritual Cinema and discussion. Tuesday 2pm. During school terms.
  • Free Children's Yoga classes. Wed 4:00-4:45pm. During school terms.
  • Free Kirtan at Dusk: Enjoy the energy released from Sacred Chants. Every Thursday evening 6:30pm
  • Group Singing. Come and be part of the Shanti Yoga Centre's Wellness Choir every Thursday 4-5pm. During school terms. $195 for the term. Free for members.
  • Free Email newsletters. Please send us your email address
  • Free Bollywood movie lending library. Over 700 DVDs
  • Free Health Assessments. Ayurvedic student clinic. 
  • Uplifting and sometimes provocative Spiritual Thoughts on our website. 
  • Find out your dosha (Ayurvedic constitution type). Student Clinic, fully supervised. Fee: $20, which is fully redeemable on any Ayurvedic product recommended by the student/teacher team, in our shop. If your circumstances do not allow you to afford the fee, we will see you free of charge.
  • Ayurvedic Spa Massages only $60. Student massages only $30. Prepay. Book now. 24 hour cancellation required for full refund.
  • Ayurvedic Treatments. Kati basti (relieve lower back pain) 30 mins. $80. Shirodhara (insomnia, migraine) $90
  • Bharat Natyam classical Indian dance prior booking necessary. Private Class by appointment. $90
  • Bollywood dance course. Mondays 5:30-6:15pm. 10 week term $195. 
  • Express yourself: Speech, Dramatise. Improvise. Thursday 4:30pm. $295 x 8 week term or $45 drop in. 
  • Private Yoga/Meditation/Stress management/Bollywood dance classes. By appointment. $100 per session. Prepay for 3 sessions $270. Prepay for 5 sessions $400. 
  • Enjoy delicious, freshly cooked, vegan lunchbox meals (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays). Meals are really light to digest, healthy and made from scratch. Suitable for vegetarians. Come and give them a try. @ $12 a meal. Also available as frozen meals. Special: Stock up your freezer: $100 for 10 Vegan lunchbox meals.
  • Nirvana Pure Spring Water. Delivered to your home or office. Purchase ($295) or rent container ($10/month - minimum 12 months). Refill water $96 for 200L 
  • THE SACRED REMEDY: RESIDENTIAL R&R WEEKEND RETREATS. Sacred Breathing, Sacred Movement, Sacred Rest. Just chill. Yoga in stillness and movement, conscious breathing, relaxation, nature walks - starts with Sacred Breathing and Gentle Yoga at 6:00 pm Fri, followed by a delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian dinner. Ends Sun. after lunch. $750 x 2 nights single accomm, shared facilities. 6 meals, program. (30-day members, remember to get $50 off your retreat booking, during pass validity).
  •  AYURVEDA, THE ART OF HEALTHY LIVINGWEEKEND RETREATS. Ayurveda from the garden to the table. Food and herb gardening and Cooking retreat. Air is the breath of life, water the drink and earth the food of life. The green earth is the meadow we graze in, the ground we are shaped from, the daily bread that keeps body and soul together. Preserve Nature, and nature will preserve us. Weekend retreat begins with Sacred Breathing at 6:00 pm Fri, followed by dinner. Ends Sun. after lunch. $750 x 2 nights single accomm, shared facilities. 6 meals, program. (30-day members, remember to get $50 off your retreat booking, during pass validity).
  • MINDFULNESS, THE ART OF SIMPLY BEING: WEEKEND SILENT MEDITATION RETREATS. Begins with dinner at 6:30 pm Fri, Ends Sun. after lunch. $750 x 2 nights single accomm, shared facilities. 6 meals, program. (30-day members, remember to get $50 off your retreat booking, during pass validity).
  • Spiritual Counselling. By appointment. $175 per hour
  • Yoga website is more of a publising site. Its goal is to share information and knowledge that will help you live a better life and achieve excellent levels of health and healing. Please forward the Shanti Yoga website link to any family, friends and business associates who you think will benefit from it. Please like us on facebook.
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Random Reflections and Spiritual Thoughts

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
                                                                                                                             Mark Twain

Have you found your why, your calling, your mission, the vision for the future that pulls you out of bed every morning excited to start the day? There is no better feeling than the clarity that comes with living true to your purpose. 

Here is an eclectric collection of the transformational wisdom, inspirational stories and reflective blog from Shanti Gowans, that relate purpose and meditation to life. It will give you immense clarity about where you are now on the scale of evolution in consciousness, and cause you to question many fundamental truths about life that may be preventing you from fully expressing universal greatness.

Sacred truths and authentic spiritual rituals and practices are fading rapidly from our world. The contemporary explosion of interest in spirituality and religion has been exploited and commercialised in this era of individualism and rendered superficial with an emphasis on immediate rewards. The truly spiritual and sacred practices have atrophied to the point of being almost extinguished... unless we act.​ Here is an invitation to take your mission seriously and become custodian of the future, to re-discover and practice profoundly sacred rituals that will revive and renew sacred-spiritual wisdom.

Shantiji's synergestic combination of intelligence, discernment, love and spiritual depth presents enlightening, timeless, wisdom for the spiritual aspirant. Pushing through, often into daring, unexplored territory, with discriminating intelligence, courage and sincere, sustained care, Shantiji's brilliant advocacy on self-actualisation, self-reliance, and non-denominational spirituality (religious institutions are stifling bureaucracies, however, mentors are icons - you brought the light) will expand your own feeling-contemplation, even as they might challenge you. Read them in order, or at random. These messages are timeless and will reach you when you need them most. As you read, think about which of these messages were you meant to encounter today.

Although they are attractive and collectable, and the prose eloquent, mere reading can do little to improve your life unless their content is put into practice and lived. At some time you will need to get your head out of the map and into the territory. Enjoy the journey. I hope you have a fruitful day and that life treats you with great kindness.

Happy reading and ernest, diligent practice.
To infinite possibilities…
You are enough…
14 Feb
Lest you forget,
you are a masterpiece in the making 
an ever-changing journey
of endings and beginnings.
Every phase in this work of art, love and life
that you are here to create
has an initial period of creative incubation,
a space of possibility between your heartbeats,
a hopeful pause
between an expired version of you
and the renewal that awaits.
13 Feb
We all show up in the world uniquely,
but we are not separate.
Choosing acts of love
is how we nourish each other and ourselves.
Smiling to a person,
patting a dog,
paying someone a genuine complement,
cooking a nourishing meal for a friend
being thankful…
there are so many ways we express love in the world.
These are the foundation upon which
you express love to yourself.
12 Feb
When you make a decision
you often burn a bridge.
It can be scary,
because you cut off options,
but so can standing still.
It can also be liberating,
because you choose direction.
11 Feb
We live in a noisy world,
with people telling us what to do
and how to live.
But the fact is, nobody knows.
You are the ultimate authority
of your inner and outer world
Your soul speaks to you daily.
Trust yourself to 
Grow with soul.
10 Feb
Do not taking anything personally.
You can be a ripe, delicious, juiciest lychee in the world,
and there's still going to be somebody
who hates lychees.
Not every one will like your art.
Not every one will read your book.
Not every one will want to be coached by you.
Not every one will fall in love with you.
None of that changes your inherent worth
as a lovely fruit of a human being.
Another person's opinion of you, or your work
does not change who you are at your core.
The only opinion that really matters is your own.
9 Feb
Don't be afraid to give your love away.
Love is not meant to be hoarded.
Give love away
Love doesn't run out or get all used up.
We never protect ourselves, or make life better
by holding tightly to our love.
Loosen your grip.
Put your technology away. 
Drop your judgement,
and allow your heart to get involved.
It wants to choose the thrill, the vulnerability, the self-abandonment.
Every time we choose to give love away,
our capacity for it grows exponentially.
Don't close your heart off to being tender,
or even to loving someone who doesn't love you.
Intentionally experience empathy.
Feel sad when you see people hurting.
Laugh, even when you're supposed to be quiet.
Choose joy.
Ask yourself the hard questions and listen for the answers.
Choose to know love deeply.
8 Feb
Love wants to change you,
to strip away bitterness, judgement and prejudice
and exchange them for understanding, compassion and joy.
It wants to tear down the walls of insecurity, hurt and fear
and morph us into a creation
where love begets love.
Just close your eyes…
or keep them open
and breathe the moments in…
slowly and deliberately.
Don't hold love back.
7 Feb
When you no longer want to lie to yourself,
you will discover that your story
is not sweet, harmonious or invented.
It tastes of the folly, bewilderment, madness and dream
that arises out of a deeper story contained within it.
It's themes underlie your most significant moments,
and the burning truths between your lines.
Your life is the greatest story 
your soul will ever tell.
It is the background narrative
to everything you will experience in this lifetime.
6 Feb
Walking meditation teaches that
each major life creation
is a series of small, committed actions.
You just get up
and take one step after another,
until your path…your journey…your life…your world
is achieved/built.
5 Feb
You don't have to know how your story ends.
You don't even have to know how it will come to life…
or continue.
All you need to know is that
you are worthy,
and ready enough to create it.
4 Feb
It's time to claim your freedom
and create yourself anew
without the tales that dismiss your soul
and keep you small, or hurt, or fearful.
Surround yourself with people who
believe in your dreams,
encourage your ideas,
support your ambitions
abd bring out the best from within you.
3 Feb
We can't regret the things that our out of our control,
our mistakes, our weaknesses or imperfections,
or our raw and messy beautiful humanity.
We do regret the chances not taken, 
the potential not used,
the talents not developed,
the love not attempted,
our creativity unexpressed,
the untold stories of aliveness
buring in our hearts.
But can we regret falling
if it comes as a result of flying?
Let go.
Get over what you have lost
in the fires of your life.
Use all the ashes
to create your masterpiece.
2 Feb
Chasing what we think we want,
many days are spent in distress and anxiety.
Yet when we rest in our own space of patience,
what we need flows to us, without pain.
From this we can understand that
what we want also wants us,
is looking for us, and attracting us.
The universe has selected you specifically
to bring the great work of your life into the world.
1 Feb
What would your life be like
if you could forgive everyone,
all the time,
for everything,
even future transgressions?
Forgiving is a powerful force for self-liberation.
And while sometimes remembering
is what keeps us from repeating past mistakes,
we can still forgive while remembering.
Forgiveness is the single, most empowering action
if you truly want to eliminate stress and pain.
The gratitude that emerges as a result
can truy transform your life.
31 January
If you live with the belief 
that you need to pile up money
to be safe and secure,
you can earn millions of dollars
and still be insecure and unhappy.
Are money problems
really thinking problems?
By applying the principles of alignment and flow,
you begin to realise that you already have all the security
you wanted money to give you in the first place.
You also notice that it is a lot easier to make money from this position.
A clear mind is in the flow
of creating what it wants and needs,
without fear.
Success is a concept - an illusion.
Without a "story" we are always successful,
wherever we are.
30 January
There is great happiness in knowing one's direction.
Even if you have not started along the road,
simply knowing which road to follow in life
is great elation.
29 January
When there is confusion in anything
there is frustration…
and then the spread of even more confusuion in the mind.
Once confusion is cleared up
it provides the inner platform 
to be creative in how to apply what you know.
And this is when things become fun and exciting…
even an adventure in how far you can take things.
You get new wings to creatively direct your life.
Have unwavering trust in your own unconscious.
Remain calm, serene,
and in command of yourself,
so that you can explore 
the adventure and privilege of being you.
28 January
When we race through our lives,
living lives of habituation,
unaware of our daily choices and responses,
we live mindlessly.
We become like zombies
and lose consciousness of the preciousness of life. 
Mindfulness and Heartfulness
helps to bring life back into balance
without sacrificing success 
in an increasingly demanding world.
27 January
Healing doesn't mean
that the damage never existed.
Healing is when the damage
no longer controls our lives.
It allows us to come out of our past
and into the present
to celebrate life.
26 January
Knowing that some broken pieces of you
will never be the same again
you don't let that stop you from
believing again, after losing all hope,
starting over, after hitting rock bottom,
and loving again with all of your being.
This is the value in healing
25 January
Moving forward
is about progress 
over perfection.
24 January
A Zen master taught his students about focus, using a target board.
One day, he told his students that he wanted to demonstrate 
something connected with the technique of shooting an arrow.
He got them to cover his eyes before shooting his arrow.
He missed the target.
He wanted his students to know this:
If you want to be successful in life, don't forget the target.
You have to keep an eye on the target,
otherwise you may miss favourable opportunities in life.
23 January
Perception, thoughts, feelings and emotions
will come and go.
What remains constant
is awareness.
22 January
Wisdom is an ideal state of 
intellectual and ethical excellence
which can be achieved by human beings
through entirely human means.
21 January
Choicest blessing that you have the strength
to face the challenges of life with confidence
and the wisdom to chose your battles carefully.
20 January
Success isn't one big life changing moment.
It's a path, a journey, a habit,
and a few simple disciplines, practiced very day.
Set your goals. Create a plan.
Train yourself to take action again and again.
Correct the course along the way where necessary.
Face your fears and continue to press on.
Celebrate your progress, however small.
Be grateful for all you have right now
and have already achieved.
Choices blessing that you have the strength
to face the challenges of life with confidence
and the wisdom to chose your battles carefully.

What are your disciplines of success?

19 January
Paramahansa Ramakrishna reminded us
that you can’t change the direction of the wind,
but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination.

The pessimist complains about the wind.
The optimist expects it to change.
The realist adjusts the sails.
18 January
Perception binds us to the world
whereas mindfulness liberates us
from the tendency to get attached to things.
17 January
As meditation becomes established
into the states of absorption,
calmness and insight arise.
16 January
To withdraw the mind 
from automatic responses
to sensory-impressions
is training the mind.
This leads to a perfect state
of equanimity and awareness.
15 January
True education fosters human values.
14 January
Wisdom is an ideal state of intellectual and ethical perfection
which can be achieved by human beings, 
through purely human means.
13 January
A young couple moved into a new neighbourhood. The next morning at the breakfast table the young woman sees her neighbour hanging the wash outside. "That laundry is not very clean", she said. "She doesn t know how to wash, perhaps she should use different laundry soap". Her husband looked on, but remained silent. Every time her neighbour would hang her wash to dry, the young woman would make similar comments. About a month later, the woman was surprised to see a nice clean wash on the neighbour's line and said to her husband, "Look, she has learned how to wash cleanly. I wonder who taught her to do that". The husband quietly said, "I got up early this morning and cleaned the windows!"
12 January
What is seen is not what is.
11 January
Through the practice of tranquility on Shanti Yoga
you will come to understand and accept
the principle of impermanence
and see how you erroneously view things as permanent
through the application of the senses
10 January
Life consists of moments
that appear and disappear
at superspeed.
This is the truth of impermanence.
Yet we want to believe in the continuity of our lives,
so that we can say, "Yes, I exist!"
We try to escape the cruel fact
that impermanence constantly cuts off our lives.
Unconsciously our minds decorate time
with many ornaments
in order to make our lives more secure and meaningful.
We develop remarkable civilisations
of culture, politics, beauty and pleasure.
We create intellectual disciplines,
such as history, economics, science, philosophy or psychology
and then we believe that they make life meaningful.
Perhaps we believe that a spiritual life can help us find meaning.
So we create ideas such as
God, Buddha, universal energy, the last judgement, paradise after death,
theology, mythology or morality and ethics,
and then we try to depend on them to make us feel that life is worth living.
9 January
All beings in the universe
appear and disappear
in a moment.
expresses the functioning of moment,
or the appearance and disappearance of all beings
as a moment.
You already exist within the domain of impermanence,
together with everyone and everything in the cosmic universe.
8 January
To live a life of peace and harmony,
first we have to see in a proper way.
Then we have to think in a proper way.
To see in a proper way
is to see the true nature of time and things.
Nothing is permanent.
Become yourself,
as you really are,
with joyful, open eyes.
Thinking in a proper way
is not to understand your life
through your intellect.
It is to contemplate deeply
how to live every day
based on wisdom.
Then we can liberate ourselves
through the activities
of speech, conduct, livelihood, effort,
having a calm mind based on meditation,
and concentrating the human life force.
7 January
Everything in modern life is moving quickly
Finding it hard to keep up with the dizzy tempo
and the bewildering, quick changes of time
doesn't feel good.
We feel uncomfortable, upset or sad
and want to escape.
So we cover our eyes,
turn our mind away from our dissatisfaction
and live lives based on having pleasure.
Yet something is missing.
The exploration of suffering
and how to be free from dissatisfaction and suffering
is a big topic in Buddhism,
and the subject of the historical Buddha's first teaching.
In the Four Noble Truths,
Buddha explained the nature of suffering,
the cause of sufferieng and the endn of suffering,
and then taught a way to be free from suffering
callted the Eightfold Noble Path.
6 January
Reality is beautiful.
The scale of our lives
is larger than we can imagine.
We can experience this when we
grow love that is stronger
than anger or fear.
5 January
The cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure that you seek.
                              Joseph Campbell
It's not your story that keep you trapped,
it's not telling it… i.e. accepting it, 
that does.
It is so much harder 
to carry the burden of pain, shame, and guilt
than it is to set it all free.
When we live in a culture of emotional repression,
judgement, fear, bullying, prejudice, discrimination 
and a lack of imagination and courage 
stop us from living differently and doing better.
When we get down on ourselves, 
we think that art, creativity, authenticiy, freedom and healing
are limited to a chosen few. 
The dreadful "stuckness" and hopelessness
we sometimes experience in life
comes from the habits of
comparing, competing, criticising,
and from waiting and denying 
Sharing parts of yourself that appear to be taboo,
unconventional, rebellious, off the wall, or intimate…
sharing your mistakes, failures
and experiences of trauma and emotional pain
lights a tranformative fire in the dark
and invites an aching world to connect
with the counsel of our hearts.
so that we feel, reveal and heal.
We can grow beyond
the woundedness, shame abd self-limiting beliefs,
and live the possibility for what has felt impossible for so long.
With both collapse and utopia looming in consciousness,
the urgent message about what time it is on the planet,
and for us,
is to evolve or die.
Ordinary people such as you and me
are the heroes that are being called for
in this challenging time.
Our deep, inner work is crucial
for catalising the whole-system-change needed,
and it's a moral imperative that we stay positively oriented
and gounded in trust and gratitude.
4 January
Changes that suddenly shift our world,
or changes that we initiate
present their challenges in all our lives. 
Everywhere you look,
you perceive the challenges of life.
What can keep us balanced 
and even joyful
amidst the threats of disaster and 
the myriad challenges that face us
causing us to lose hope
and become overcome by fear?
Hold onto the knowledge and faith 
in the loving benevolence of the universe,
which is consistently organising itself
for your continued growth.
Look for the gift
and the learning it represents immediately,
instead of waiting 20 years
to realise that the calamity that befell you
was necessary for your next step
in your evolution.
in the creation of a world 
of pure light and love.
Cultivating this perspective
enables you to navigate the difficult times in whcih we live
with joy, love and confidence.
3  January
Much of our illness in society is self induced.
Our habits, including our habits of mind,
are literally killing us.
We say we want to change,
but more often than not
we don;t change our unbeneficial habits.
Put your health firdst in 2019.
Think in terms
of the day's resolutions,
not the year's.
Beneficial habits established today,
and this month
pave the way for a healthy year.
Let's work together 
on a healthy, happy 2019.
2 January
Air is the breath of life,
water the drink
and earth the food of life.
The green earth is the meadow we graze in,
the ground we are shaped from, 
the daily bread that keeps body and soul together.
Preserve Nature,
and nature will preserve us.
1 January
We are homo sapiens.
Born of the earth,
made from the soil,
with the breath of all green things
kindled by the divine fire within us.
Protected by our kin, 
as biological beings
we have physical and social needs.
The oceans flow through our veins, 
nourishing the sacred matter from the law of love.
For our spiritual needs to be met,
there is no single, right way that works.
The most powerful survival principal of life
is diversity.
31 December
What changes did you make,
in terms of shifts
in your level of awareness and consciousness?
Were you more loving, kind, considerate and compassionate
to the people around you?
What fears did you overcome?
What risks did you take
to step outside your comfort zone
and try something new?
What old habits did you replace
with more empowering ones?
What gifts did you offer the world
that had the potential to transform the lives of others?
What joyous and fulfilling experiences did you create?
What random acts of kindness did you perform
in a humble and unassuming way?
How did you demonstrate your self-love
in taking care of yourself,
physically, emotionally and spiritually?
What relationships did you create or nurture
that are meaningful and empowering to both people? 
A yearly review can be a huge help
in looking towards the new year
and making some commitments
to create an even more fulfilling
and abundantly loving life
in your life ahead in the year to come.
30 December
See everything as energy.
Sense the different frequencies
of distinct people, places and things,
yet in the context of 
the totally connected energy
of the entire cosmos.
See everything as connected
in one huge, loving collection
of energetic frequencies
that interact with each other
to create a single web
of light and life energy.
Seeing interconnected nodes
of energetic frequencies
opens up a world
where you see and experience everything
only as love and light.
29 December
What you can do about
economic collapse, political upheavals
and natural disasters 
which all seem to be lurking on the horizon
is to meditate.
Bringing more light and love into the world
is doing your part.
The new energy of high vibrational love
is needed to hasten the dissolution of the old
to make way for the glorious new world.
Peace does not mean to be in a place
where there is no conflict or trouble.
It means to be in the midst of those things 
and still be calm in your heart.
28 December
Health, healing and beyond
is, in reality,
the defining quality 
of the perennial wisdom
that is yoga. 
27 December
The one who arrives at the top
is not the being who set out at the bottom.
Arriving at the top,
you go through the fear of death
and see what only a few have even known.
Such a being returns to the world
to live in humility and simplicity.
To have faced the forces of the universe 
and found a way to harmonise with them
is to find one's true place in the flow.
This is the achievement
which is no achievement.
This very special journey
allows such a being to be nothing special.
Just whole
26 December
Keeping still is the mountain.
25 December
There is no real coming and going.
For what is going but coming?
24 Decembe
A being who has returned from beyond
is beyond return.
23 December
You cannot stay at the summit for ever,
you have to come down.
What is above knows what is below.
But what is below does not know what is above. 
You climb, you see.
You descend, you see no longer,
but you have seen.
There is an art to conducting yourself
in the lower regions
by the memory of what you saw higher up.
When you can no longer see,
you can still at least know.
22 December
The return completes the cycle.
It is this cycle which brings the spirit to earth
and allows the divine to once again
feed hopes and aspirations, the barely sensed possibility
that exists in each human being.
21 December
Your body is a projection of consciousness and thought. 
Learn how to select your thoughts
in a similar way that you select your clothes every day.
20 December
Challenges, difficulties and painful situations
are all part of the contract we have signed up for,
so that we can reach deep within us
and find the inner strength to get through them
and by so doing, empower others.
Ending suffering only comes about
when we transform life.
19 December
An integrated vision
of the universe
and the individual human being
places self realisation and self healing 
as partners.
Our samskaras (latent tendencies)
flow from our heart to the outer world,
moving through the throat
from which we release expression,
to the head where they connect
with the sensory mind and external objects.
Identification of the self with the body
generates the external flow of consciousness,
sensations, and the outer mind.
The recognition of Self as pure consciousness
generates an internal flow,
the inner mind, intuition, intelligence, buddhi.
18 Dcember
Deriving from consciousness 
the cosmic dance of creation 
releases its three original powers:
energy, light and matter.
Energy is the origin of life.
It is the Spirit, the divine will,
the formless force and presence,
the Godforce that pervades everything
and rules all actions in the universe.
Light is the basis of divine intelligence
that becomes the basis for the conscious Self, or soul,
and origin of the individual mind
through which we can see, know and discern.
Matter is the basis of form and substance
that embodies life in time and space.
It arises in, and is nourised and sustained by water,
which coheses to hold the other two forces together.
17 December
To choose the universe as your teacher
allows you to thank the universe
for guiding you to perceive your fear
through the teacher of love, 
and see with the eyes of love.
"Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
                             Matthew 7:7
16 December
It is easy to become somebody else's hero.
The quest of a lifetime is to fearlessly become your own. 
Thus is the theme of the Bhagavad Gita.
There is so much empty talk about self love lately.
Loving yourself through words,
could simply be rhetoric and wishful thinking.
Self love and self creation
needs a more solid and actionable support system.
Make time for you.
Take radical care of your heart, mind and body.
Today is the perfect day to be happy.
15 December
I often think we expect too much of Christmas Day.
We try to crowd into it the neglect and arreas
of the entire year.
Why not take your Christmas
a little at a time, all through the year?
Let kindness, compassion and humanity overtake you
waking you up unexpectedly
from the unreal to the real,
from darkness to light
and from death to everlasting life.
14 December
All life is transient,
constantly appearing and disappearing,
constantly changing.
You are transient.
I am transient.
This universe is transient.
Everything is transient.
All beings in the universe
appear and disappear in a moment. 
Impermanence is the term
that expresses
the functioning of the moment,
or the appearance and disappearance
of all beings as a moment. 
Wherever you may go,
transiency follows you.
Transiency is the naked nature of time. 
13 December
Something else,
the next promise of a better moment,
a better event, a better course, teacher, partner, experience,
or this, the mysterious awake Presence.
The choice is to be true to what’s true, or not.
12 December
The universe interprets
what you focus on
as what you desire.
11 December
Yoga connects you with the sacred dimension of life
and guides you to live more harmonously with others,
and ultimately the whole world.
It's really about harvesting millennia of knowledge and practice
and then applying it, in a psychologically savvy way,
to your modern, everyday life.
Moving past the superficial,
you learn how to access deeper levels of reality,
become more aligned,
and true in how you live.
This also creates profound healing, 
since so many of the things that are disfunctional in our lives
have their sources at the deepest levels of our consciousness.
The internal, energetic, yogic 'housecleaning'
ennables a more whole, energised and magnetic life,
connected with the sacred web of life itself.
10 December
We experience ten thousand joys
and also face ten thousand sorrows.
Shared joy…
the joy of service,
of generosity,
of open-heartedness…
is what makes you strong.
The joy that isn't shared
dies young.
9 December
To move towards an open state,
we must start to interrupt 
our ordinary ways
and come out of our comfort zones.
We are doing something extraordinarily brave.
 because we are moving towards a place
of no handholds, no footholds, no mindholds.
8 December
In the morning when you wake up,
reflect on the day ahead,
and aspire to use it
with a heart and mind that is wide-open.
At the end of the day, before going to sleep,
think over what you have done.
If you have fulfilled this aspiration, even once,
rejoice in that.
If you went against your aspiration,
rejoice that you are able to see what you did
and are no longer living in ignorance.
This way you will be inspired to go forward
with increasing clarity, confidence and compassion.
7 December
Being disappointed in another person
is our problem.
We need not have expectations
for other people.
Just be kind to them.
Wouldn't it be preferable
to help them 
by doing anything to bring happiness to their life,
instead of having our big goals for them?
6 December
When you develop a sense
that life is worthwhile
and that to walk on the earth is a privilege,
nothing is seen as a punishment,
or a cause for resentment and complaint.
Nothing is regarded as a waste of time.
5 December
A deep, healing wisdom, within you, 
is present all through your life.
This inner wisdom is woven into every fibre of your being.
Yet, staying connected with the sacred web of life
often means that we need to over-ride
the limiting beliefs from our culture and upbringing
which cut us off from this universal intelligence.
If your habits are not creating success now,
they will not create success down the road either.
Change your habits.
Maintain clarity.
When  you embody presence, clarity and courage
through all your challenges.
you facilitate deep healing  and breakthroughs.
4 December
One evening, an old Cherokee chief says to his grandson, 
"A battle between two wolves goes on inside all people.
One wolf is negativity: anger, hate, sadness, stress,
disgust, fear, embarrassment, guilt and shame.
The other is positivity: joy, gratitude, serenity,
hope, amusement, inspiration, awe and love."
Thinking silently for a moment,
the grandson asks his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"
The chief replies, "The one you feed."
3 December
There is a part of you that wants the best for you.
It doesn't get caught up in past experiences or stories.
It is not attached to your last few relationships… or skirmishes.
It is focused on your mission
and is doing what it needs to do to help you achieve it.
The fastest way to align with your mission and purpose
here, on the planet,
is to choose to be accountable for your own actions, thoughts and words.
Basically this comes down to when things are not going as you want
or if something chaotic is going on,
ask yourself what you're doing to attract it in.
The lesson is not about guilt, blame or shame.
It is about freedom.
When we hold the light to our own actions
and when we are courageously vulnerable
we learn things about ourselves that allow our success 
track to be even deeper.
The more you understand that your thoughts, words and actions
attract things and people and situations into your life,
the fasgter you elevate.
But it isn't always easy.
The Bhagavad Gita reminds us that one in a million people
are interested in this conversation of truth, self awareness and self accountability.
It can be scary at first, and it means that we need to get over 
the need to be right thinking and energy which makes most people dig their heels in.
Anytime we get into resistance,
we create resistance in our dreams, love and success.
Support yourself in holding the flame to your self
in a way that is loving and courageous.
Love all your life, your heart, mind and body.
Remember it's a gift and you are the driver of this game we call life.
Take a few minutes to sit with the reality and responsibility
that the Universe gave you…and continues to give you, this life.
In addition look at the template, also provided by the universe,
upon which you can manifest your desires, ideals and even goals.
The rich, spiritual and unlimited substance
is yours for the making and moulding.
Contemplating this will bring a sense of inspiration into your being.
You will feel humbled beyond anything
and you will gain control of your driver's seat with intention.
You are made of the same substane tht the Universe is.
You are in likeness of God.
You have before you all that you desire.
Be accountable for how you think, speak and act.
Then step in. 
It's all right before you.
2 December
When you compare your wealth and success to others
you might as well write them a blank cheque.
You're feeding all your energy into their success
and depleating your own wealth container and money mindset.
1 December
Why worry about how you can change the world?
Change your thoughts and you will change the world.
30 November
It does not have to take a lifetime to wake up.
Instead of doing practices
designed to bring about a future moment of awakening,
why not practice being awake right now?
The practice of direct, natural, spiritual awakening,
is the radical, transformative power of inclusivity.
When you maintain a contained and focused environment
in which you embrace everything
you are able to tap into
the infinite energy, intelligence and freedom
of awakened consciousness.
Ordinary, unawakened consciousness
operates in predictable ways.
Awakened consciousness
also functions in reliable, onservable ways.
You have access to profound intiutive wisdom,
deep emotional resilience, genuine empathy,
remarkable flexibility, suprising creativity
and a host of other innate supercapabilities.
29 November
If you don't want to continue to live
with endless wheel spinning
meeting groundhog day,
you must move from contemplation to completion.
All great deeds begin with simple actions.
By taking baby steps
so that you eliminate the overwhelm
and allow yourself to make progress
with the time you have available,
you will gain insight into what works well for you
and what doesn't.
You will build the awareness
that will allow you to leverage your strengths and weaknesses
and enjoy continuous improvement over time,
moving  from "I want to" to "I did".
28 November
What if loss, a health challnge, or other painful experiences
are are initiation, designed for healing and growth?
Life offers a series of initiations,
often appearing as the dark night of the soul.
as an invitation to your deepest awakening.
The dark night of the soul
offers an opportunity to develop 'insight'…
other ways of 'seeing',
and thus relating to the world around you,
and to the events in your life,
in which you navigate life's breakdowns
and turn them into breakthroughs.
With this map and disciplined focus
you can access the imagined,
the archetypal, and
visionary states of consciousness
in your waking life.
Once you understand and master the interplay of these dynamics
in your day-to-day existence,
you are no longer at the whim and will of those forces.
You will discover how to clearly see those dynamics at work 
in your own life and in the lives of others,
enabling you to more appropriately adapt to new situations
and learn new skills
while you cultivate and live from 
the full spectrum of your potential.
You can cultivate childlike magic, awe and wonder
and channel them to create lasting impact
in every area of your own life and the world.
28 November
Shanti Yoga classes help you experience
deep spiritual, emotional and physical healing.
Almost instantly you
- correct problems in your blood, muscles, joints, kidneys and liver,
- neutralise your immune system and hormonal imbalances,
- restore full, healthy functioning of your lungs, heart, adrenal glands and circulatory system
- soothe feelings of unrest, anxiety and depression, 
- erase feelings of fear and guilt
- replace sluggishness and eratic energy
with sustained, wholeness and clarity.
Experience this powerful healing method for yourself.
27 November
It takes time,
daily work
and dedication
to get to know yourself,
to heal old wounds,
to break through a lifetime of conditioning,
and self-imposed limitations,
in order that you come upon
the truer experience of your aliveness.
Waking up from your soul
rewrites the narrative of your entire life
into a deeper, more creative and fulfilling prophesy.
When you awaken,
your life follows.
26 November

When you tend to your soul's life,
in the non-busy, non-productive spaces,
you hear your heart beating
This, here, now…
Fully present, aware and alive.
25 November
Resist the unhealthy glorification of beauty and perfection.
Beautifuls eyes are those which look for the good in others.
Beautiful lips are those which speak word of kindness and encouragement.
Is your soul perfect?
Only perfect eyes see perfect.
24 November
Don't be too dismayed about what life asks of you
The time will come when you will realise that the price you have paid
has been nothing by comparison with the gift, and your prize.
23 November
Peeling beyond the surface,
to the innocent, beautiful core,
we see the world through the eyes of wonder.
Life is miraculous.
We inhabit the blue marble we live on,
our beautiful planet hurtling through space,
with billions of diverse forms,
from creatures who fly through the air,
to those who navigate the depths of the ocean
and everything in between.
We are blessed to belong to a tribe of homo sapiens,
an enormously complex, intelligent species
that has journeyed through language, culture, technology and more 
to arrive at a global community that can communicate instantly around the world.
We have learnt that gratefulness is the currency of abundance.

22 November

Being grateful is a choice and a way of life.
Be thankful through difficult times.
Our pain and suffering lead us to a place
in which we no longer take things for granted.
This is an opportunity to deepen our sense of gratefulness
and engage in a perspective
in which we can view life as whole,
and not be overwhelmed by temporary circumstances.

21 November

Do not allow your life's light
to be diminished by the darkness around you

20 November

It is so easy to focus on what's missing in our lives
or to get overwhelmed
by all the tragedies and political chaos in the news
and take for granted the little everyday miracles
such as clean, safe drinking water,
being able to communicate across the world with email
or simply holding the hand of a loved one.
Take the time to feel gratitude
for your abundance and blessings.
Affirm something such as…
Deeply at home in the universe,
everyday I awaken to a deep and abiding sense
of authentic meaning and purpose,
An easeful sense of freedom and flow
begins to permeate everything I do.
I release a miraculous set of powerful supercapacities
that enables me to do more and be more
in every area of my life.
I gain access to profound, intuitive wisdom,
deep emotional resilience,
genuine empathy,
remarkable flexibility,
suprising creativity,
and a host of other natural awakening qualities.
For the basic needs of food, water and shelter,
and the blessings and abundance in my life,
I am truly grateful.
With it comes the responsibility
to create a world that works for all
by extending these blessings to more people.
19 November
When we step onto a path of awakening,
we find ourselves called
to leap beyond everything we have ever known
and embrace a mystery
our mind will never be able to comprehend.
Through the practice of innocence,
viz. giving up any investment in the mind's power to know
and letting go of our attachment to knowing,
we relax into the essential mystery
at the heart of reality itself.
We discover the primordial innocence
of our own true nature, 
which paradoxically opens the door
to an infinite source of wisdom.

18 November

The practice of allowing,
viz. letting everything be as it is,
leads to direct awakening.
By letting go
of any need to change anything
about your experience,
you awaken the inherent freedom
of simply being
as you are.

17 November

There are times we ask ouselves:
Is there a lesson in this?
The practice of meditation opens the door
to awakened consciousness.
To discover the mystery of awakening
in your own immediate experience,
see everything as a path to awakening.
Spiritual experiences come and go.
However, cultivating genuine spiritual awakening
is something that can become stable.
Spiritual awakening is not a peak experience.
16 November
Every day is precious.
We build resilience and strength
and make a difference.
Bring a seed of hope, 
a touch of joy,
the essence of love.
Seeds grow into trees
and forests,
and the earth is renewed.

15 November

When unspeakable things become the norn
and the world seems to be going darker and darker,
embrace the darkness.
This is the light.
To see in the dark is enlightenment indeed.
Even in the roughest times
there is energy from the Source 
that holds steady,
helps you heal,
and gain more profound revelations
through your perspectives.
Stay on your path
and go deeper into your mission and purpose.
When the mission driving you
is powerful enough 
to propel you forward
through all negative events
you become the beam of light.
14 November
Pause even for a nanosecond
to be present to the rustle of the wind in the leaves,
the dance of the currojong,
the brilliant moon peeping out from behind the clouds,
the joyous exuberance of a frangapani tree in full bloom,
the graceful descent of a waterfall,
the melting brown eyes of a puppy,
or the tiny, perfect fingers of a baby,
and experience joy that breaks the heart open.
The wonder of existence pervades our being.
13 November
The litmus test of personal and spiritual growth
is that you no longer seek to
fix problems for people you love,
make smart choices for them
or see the light because they are struggling.
You no longer want to be a 'fixer' of anything.
There is nothing to fix.
12 November
Acknowledge the difference
you have already made to so many people.
You have brought smiles and laughter,
insight and warmth,
strength and compassion
that only you can bring.
In all of history,
there has never been another you.
You are a one-time, mega event in the universe.
11 November
In every life situation
is an invisible power
that works with you.
You have to rest
by being still, reflecting,
working your part
and taking care.
In every game,
the viewers are noisy, not the player.
So too in the game of life.
Go ahead in your life
with a calm and steady mind.
My blessings are always with you.
10 November
Affirm: "I have an amazing life.
My career rewards me in so many ways
and I receive tremendous love and support
from my family and friends.
Each day I wake
with an abundance of peace, love and gratitude within me.
I am truly blessed.
I release my love and blessings to every person I meet.
9 November
The most beautiful eyes
are those which seek beauty in others.
8 November
Reacting is a habit.
To respond you have to think.

7 November

Every physical and mental experience
arises and passes. 
Everything in existence endlessly arises
out of causes and conditions.
Everything is impermanent.

6 November

Every day we are exposed to immense amounts of data,
all of which is often impossible to process immediately,
because if you did, you would get way too distracted.
Meditation is the ultimate solution.
You face the radiance of Presence.
Stress and anxiety stop sabotaging your life.
A calm mind provides inner strength
to your life's challenges.
With this light you do not see shadows and limitations
but focus on gratitude and appreciation,
which empowers everyone.

5 November

If your intention is right,
then the right action will follow.

4 November

Life is not a struggle.
It is our attachment to our desires
that makes life a struggle.

3 November

In the way that the outside wind is connected with the air within you
in the same way your mind is connected with the mind of the universe.
Just knowing that your mind is a part of that big mind
is reassuring.
Be spiritually centered.
Connect with the highest source of your being.
Experience healing at every level of your life
Light up your world with happiness and fulfillment.
More than your skill set,
your mind set determines your success.
2 November
During the course of lifetime,
everybody loses sight of their path.
But what really matters is getting back on track.
We are born, we live, we die,
we succeed, we fail.
In the beginning…
in the middle…
in the end…
failure is sometimes the path
that gets us to where we need to go.
when it brings us to the Presence.
It's all the play of consciousness.
1 November
You have the intelligence
to be successful at what you do,
You have enough love
to feel loved, wherever you are.
You are gracious enough
to accept the things you cannot change,
and resourceful enough
to meet the challenges that life presents to you.
Do not sabotage yourself.
31 October
When you seek a greater life
with 'getting' as your objective,
you are not seeking life
in the fulness of spirit.
You must give before you can get.
Giving is the first law of all manifestation. 
The attitude of getting
contributes to a congested state.
As long as 'getting' dominates the mind,
the mind is in a paralised condition
and is limited in action.
When you let go, then receiving is the law.
Create a space for gratitude.
30 October
You can find your way home
from just about anywhere.
All roads lead to where you are going!
29 October
To experience happiness…
Be honest with yourself
and those around you.
Do the best you can,
in both your personal life
and in your work.
Nurture the ability to love others.
28 October
You can find the tenderness
of an awakened heart,
in sorrow and in gratitude,
behind the hardness of rage,
and in the shakiness of fear.
It is available in loneliness
as well as in kindness.
Life is a good teacher
and a good friend.
27 October
In the kitchen
you can smell things, taste things,
feel emotions and have memories.
Fundamental richness is available in every moment.
The key is to relax
and see the simplicity of things as they are.

26 October

You are able to find fundamental richness everywhere
when you don't say "I certainly agree with this"
or "I definitely don't agree with that"
25 October
The painful parts, 
when you feel ashamed,
as if you don't belong,
as if you've just destroyed something,
when things are falling apart, 
when you don't have anything,
when you feel like a loser,
stick with yourself.
This is unconditional friendliness, maitri,
a simple, direct relationship with the way you are.
Maitri is kindness to all the qualities in your being.
24 October
Everything that happens
is not only useable and workable,
but is actually the path itself.
It shows us where we are asleep
and how we can wake up
completely, utterley, without reservations.
Everything that occurs to you
is a means for waking up.
Absorb what is useful.
Discard what is not.
Add what is uniquely your own.
23 October
The privilege of a lifetime
is to become who you really are.
                          Carl Jung
22 October
Yoga and Meditation are not based on ideas
such as "What am I getting out of this?"
and "What should I be concentrating on?"
because as soon as there is this kind of approach,
then yoga and meditation become ego's plaything:
spiritual materialism and entrapment.
Authentic practice is noncentralising, nonambitious and nonstriving.
Instead of imprisioning yourself,
make your practice expansive.
21 October
Every thought you think creates something.
When you set your intention and focus for your life
you are creating a container for your life to be mixed
with all its ingredients.
20 October
The privilege of a lifetime
is to become who you really are.
                           Carl Jung
19 October
Having weaknessses
doesn't mean that you ahve no strengths.
18 October
In meditation,
the deeper you go,
the lighter you feel
17 October
The power that deliberately creates your reality
lies in the thoughts you consistently give your attention to.
To give yourself a fast shift in perspective
and eliminate stress and worry,
reach for the thought that feels best.
16 October
Expect miracles.
Nurture an idea.
Allow it time,
the nurturing period it needs
before it can take form.
15 October
You were born great.
Your authentic, non-physical self
is already great
and this greatness
is why you are here.
If you are experiencing struggle, 
you don't, as yet, know who you are.
Conditioning, excuses and contingencies
create a limited being.
The only limits you have
are the ones you are placing on yourself.
You don't need to be something else 
or strive towards an accomplishment
that is not in your nature.
Put aside your limits.
Live in the flow,
and in alignment.
You are as great as you allow yourself to be.
Allow yourself to be true.
14 October
Many people fail to manifest the life they desire
because they live unconciously.
If you are ready to take control of your destiny
in all areas of your life,
live purposely.
13 October
You are a wonderful manifestation.
The whole universe has come together 
to make your existence possible.
Celebrate on the glorious, magical beautiful parts of life
with deep gratitude.
12 October
You are the holiest light.
Overflowing with light and love,
you unconsciously spread it to the people around you,
walking your talk that life can be full of love and positivity.
Thousands of candles can be lit from a single cangle
and the life of that candle will not be shortened.
Your light never decreases by being shared.
Beloved friend,
allow your light to shine through
even the darkest moments of your life
and witness the changes all around you.
11 October
What do you believe in?
What do you want from life?
Where do you see yourself a couple of years from now?
Afraid of wanting anything
because wanting would lead to trying
and trying would lead to failure
and failure is not an option?
Be careful not to confuse excellence with perfection.
Excellence can be reached,
perfection is fleeting.
Achieving your dreams
is not about never making mistakes 
or never failing…
it's about doing ordinary things extraordinarily.
Personal excellence, such as being in constant growth,
transforming obstacles into opportunities
and turning them into positive action
has a positive influence on everyone else.
Keep on being amazing.
10 October
Afraid of the unknown,
blaming fate for the tragedies in our lives,
reminiscing about the past,
remembering the pain, 
feeling like we've been dealth a bad hand in life
are all stories we need to change.
Fortune favours the bold.
What our times ask of us
is to face the challenges, fear and anxiety we feel
about what's happening in our lives and on the planet,
and still address, with clarity 
how we can make a difference.
Building communtiy
and leading a more purposeful life
is our Everyday Oympic training.
9 October
Living life in the comfrot zone
can feel good and pain free.
However, when you are ready to work for your dreams,
you learn not to let the fear
of life's pain, rejection and difficulties
determe who you are
and see them as a gift and an opportunity
to move past the land of familiarity,
leap a little bit higher
and awaken to the indomitable spirit within you.
8 October
When we resist change,
it's called suffering.
But when we can completely let go,
and not struggle against it,
when we can embrace the groundlessness of our situation
and relax into its dynamic quality,
that is called enlightenment,
or awakening to our true nature,
to our fundamental goodness.
Another word for this is freedom:
freedom from struggling
against the fundamental ambiguity
of being human.
7 October
"All that I possess and use
Is like the fleeting vision of a dream.
It fades into the realms of memory;
And fading, will be seen no more."
                     Shantideva, The Way of the Bodhisattva.
6 October
The first step towards being comfortable with groundlessness
starts with making a commitment to doing your best,
to not cause harm with your actions, words or thoughts,
a commitment to being good to each other.
This is the foundation for personal liberation.
It provides a structure within which to learn to work 
with your thoughts and emotions
and to refrain from speaking or acting
out of confusion.
The next step is a commitment to helping others.
It is a commitment to dedicating your life
to keeping your heart and mind open
to nurturing compassion 
with the longing to ease the suffering of the world.
The final step is to resolve to embrace the world
just as it is, without bias.
It is a commitment to see everything you encounter,
good and bad, pleasant and painful,
as a manifestation of swakened energy.
It is the commitment to see anything and everything
as a means by which you can awaken further.
5 October
Whether we are aware of it or not,
the ground is always shifting.
Nothing lasts, including us.
Impermanence is an all-pervsive state
that all human beings share.
This is the way it is.
This is what it means to be human.
4 October
Instead of being disheartened by the ambiguity,
the uncertainty of life,
what if you accepted and relaxed into it?
Simply let go, relax
and have a genuine, passionate relationship
with the fundamental uncertainty,
the groundlessness of being human.
3 October
The essential choice that confronts us all 
is whether to cling to the false security
of our fixed ideas and tribal views,
even though they bring us only momentary satisfaction,
or to overcome our fear 
and make the leap to living an authentic life.
2 October
Do not think that if only you did this,
or didn't do that,
somehow you will achieve
a secure, dependable, controllable life.
The chaotic, dynamic, challenging nature
of your situation
is a path to awakening. 
1 October
It is possible
to increase your tolerance
for instability and change.
In the moral ambiguity of human existence,
embrace unpredictability and uncertainty
as vehicles to transform your life.
30 September
To live wholeheartedly in the face of impermanence
is to know that one day we are going to die,
and that we can never completely and finally get it all together.
29 September
We seem doomed to suffer
simply because we have a deep-seated fear 
of how things really are.
28 September
The very nature of our existence is forever in flux.
Everything keeps changing,
whether we are aware of it or not.
27 September
Maintain a positive focus in life,
no matter what else is going around you.
Stay focused on your past successes rather than you past failures,
and on the next action steps you need to take
to get you closer to fulfilling your goals
rather than all the other distractions that life presents to you.
26 September
The moment is timeless.
25 September
Belief is a habitual thought pattern.
it is not truth.
24 September
Not being sure,
not knowing what next,
or how
is living.
We guess.
We leap in the dark.
We leap in the light.
We take leap after leap,
and thus we celebrate life.
23 September
The way to relate
to the impermanent,
ever-shifting nature
of your life experience
is to use your everyday experience
to wake up, perk up, lighten up
and be more loving and conscious
of other beings.
22 September
Ego clinging is our means of denial
about the fundamental groundlessness
of being human.
The fixed idea "this is me"
causes us to see everything as a threat,
or a promise,
or something we couldn't care less about.
We are attracted to, averse to, or indifferent to
whatever we encounter
depending upon how much of a threat to our self image
it represents.
This fixed identity crisis
is the cause of our suffering.
We do not really learn, grow, be happy.
21 September
The purpose of the spiritual path
is to unmask your armour.
It is a journey of awakening
that takes courage and discipline.
20 September
Everything keeps changing.
Whether we are conscious of it or not,
the ground is always shifting.
Nothing lasts. Not even you.
The very nature of our existence is forever in flux.
When you resist change, it's called suffering.
Clinging to the false security
of fixed ideas and tribal views,
brings only temporary satisfaction.
Overcome your fear
and take the leap
to live an authentic life.
19 September
Climb every mountain.
Every action you take 
will either strengthen or weaken
your power.
Every time you give in to any impulse,
your ability to resist it in the future
becomes weaker.
Any time you are tempted by any behaviour
that is in contradiction to what ou desire,
you have a strengthening choice
or a weakening choice.
Instead of looking at such options 
as temptations to overcome,
what if you looked at them
as moments of opportunities?
Think about it…
if you make that strengthening decision just once,
the pain of it will be only very brief,
but the strengthening of your ability
to make choices that will support you
instead of defeating you
will last you for the rest of your life.
As you choose the strengthening decision now
you are making yourself more powerful
and your life easier from this moment on.
18 September
Facing difficulties and stressful situations happens to everyone.
Money gets tight. Relationships are strained.
We faced illness and loss.
We lose the jobs we love.
Mistakes and pressure are inevitable. 
But you have choice of how you handle every scenario.
Will you ride the rapids,
or crumble under the tumbling waters,
complaining about your circumstances?
Funds can be raised.
Plans can be rearranged and improved upon.
Exciting new relationships are around every corner.
Life moves on, and the river keeps twisting and turning.
Difficulties are life's way of reminding us 
taht we are still alive,
that there is opportunity to grow
and that there's still much adventure to be had.
17 September
Your worth is a constant,
not something you lack and must acquire.
16 September
Positive expectations,
seeing what you desire as inevitable,
creates the self-motivation
needed to make sure it happens.
15 September
We desire all the good things in life.
However, the universe does not give us what we want.
We get what we expect.
14 September
As you sow, so shall you reap
is the law of cause and effect,
or karma
13 September
Everything operates according to cosmic laws.
All ideas have an incubation period
for them to manifest into form.
Just because it hasn't manifested as yet,
or manifested as you want it,
does not mean that it will not manifest.
Patience demonstrates this understanding.
Be patient, live happy.
Everything happens when it is supposed to happen.
12 September

Rather than trying to make your life perfect,
why not give consider giving yourself permission
to enjoy the adventure?
11 September
Self-talk is the inner chatter
your brain plays over and over to itself,
shaping how you act,
and ultimately carving out your destiny.
Negative self-talk is similar to running your computer with ineffective programs.
Upgrade to the next version of the program.
Your brain is fantastic at recording new commands
and flexible enough to quickly overwrite old material.
Additionally, it adheres to the law of repetition:
The more times something is done, 
the deeper ingrained it becomes.
Think about your walks in the park.
Taking a shortcut over the grass every single day
naturally turns into a small pathway,
and eventually a fully fledged walkway.
Inputting positive, brain-friendly self-talk
opens you to greater happiness, wellbeing and happier relationships.
10 September
Everything in life is learnable.
9 September
Go beyond.
Engage compassion,
Transform suffering
Find the natural nirvana
within everything.
8 September
The ego is the root of all fear.
7 September
Beauty is meaning.
6 September
The joy of settling down deeply
into something
opens up worlds and realities 
greater than our own troubled minds.
5 September
A glimpse, from time to time,
of a light within,
of a candle at the window of our heart,
indicates that somewhere, inside,
someone is home.
4 September
The belief we hold
in the existence of another 
opens a space within us,
and around us,
which creates a more radiant reality.
3 September
To search for God
is to have found God.
2 Sepember
I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope,
for hope would be hope for the wrong thing;
wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing;
there is yet faith, but the faith and the love are all in the waiting.
Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:
So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.
                                                       T.S. Eliot
1 September
There are two types of longevity:
the years in your life, and the life in your years.
People, relationships, sex, money, fame, opportunities, objects 
are the external manifestations of what you love or fear, or both.
Deep down people seek aliveness…
to feel alive before they die.
You have options, but not the ultimate control 
over which ways, people, or situations,
the universe manifests this aliveness for you.
31 August
You are the one asking the questions.
All life does is answer.

30 August

Practise no problem.
Move beyond the confines
of ego-driven fear, the need for control and approval
and self concern
into the expansive, liberated awareness
which is your true home.

29 August

When the mind is totally aware, alert, watchful,
there is no good or evil,
only an awakened state.

28 August

The gift you offer another person
is just your being.

27 August

Trust your intuitive heart.

26 August

Through an open heart
you hear the universe.

25 August

You can’t push away the world.
You are the world. You are society.
Enter into life fully
in order to become free.

24 August

The truth is everywhere.
Wherever you are,
it is right where you are.

23 August

Be Love Now.

22 August

Your whole spiritual transformation
brings you to the point
where you realise that in your own being,
you are enough.

21 August

springs from the yearning
to be the fullness of who you are.

20 August

The suffering
that comes from separateness
is relieved
only when you are fully present
with another person.
19 August
Cosmic humour,
especially about your own predicament,
is an important p[art of your journey.

18 August

Love the inner light
in everyone and everything.

17 August

A peaceful person
creates a peaceful universe.

16 August

The quieter you become,
the more you can hear.

15 August

Come fully into this moment.
This moment is enough.

14 August

Your purpose does not have to be big. 
It could be as simple as doing well
and being purposeful about
the regular, daily things you have to do.
And when you live on purpose,
you feel happy, secure and fulfilled.

13 August

When life spins out of control
and fear overcomes you,
stay calm and watch what happens.
This can change the trajectory of future events,
12 August
Shanti Yoga is the comprehensive practice of:
• The ethics and morality of yoga (yamas and niyamas)
• The latent mind-body energy-power of yoga.
The postures of yoga (asana)
The breathing practices of yoga (pranayama)
Sense-control, purification and other practices (pratyahara, kriya)
Vitality, rejuvenation and healing (shakti, kundalini).
The use of vibration, sound, stillness and silence in Yoga practice (japa, kirtan, bhajan, mantra)
• Yoga and the Intellect
The binding of the mind (chitta) to one place (dharana)
Continuity of ideation (dhyana)
Voidness of one's own nature (samadhi)
Yoga philosophy and psychology

11 August

Knowing is not thinking.
Knowing begins when thinking, 
having finished its work, ceases.
Every new knowing is a joy,
for it is a new experience of unity,
something perfectly attuned and non-conflicting in nature has conveyed its lesson.
and has entered and enriched the consciousness of the being,
just as air and edibles enters the body and becomes part of it.
Every idea is a unit,
however many connected throughts may be associated within it.
Every new experience of knowledge 
will in due course
become a mere part of a still greater or more inclusive vision.

10 August

Continuity of ideation is meditation, dhyana.
From the voidness of one's own nature,
in this continuity of consciousness samadhi arises.

9 August

The binding of the mind (chitta)
to one place is concentration, dharana.
It arises from the application of the mind's attention
to a particular object - thing or idea,
without wandering away from it.

8 August

Good health is exhibited when
you have plenty of energy (no fatigue),
have a good appetite, digestion, assimilatoon and elimination,
go to sleep and wake easily,
have a good memory, good humour,
are precise and clear in your thoughts and actions,
and live from humility, forgiveness, honesty, gratitude and love. 

7 August

Health is a state of harmonious chemical balance in a living organism.
It arises from dharma, observance of natural laws 
and everything that makes life worth living.

6 August

Heal your mind and heart free.
Share incisive insights
gleaned from inconvenient truths and convenient lies,
doing so through the eye of love.

5 August

Awaken to the evolutionary understanding
that we are each and all cells
in a new super-organism called humanity,
and laugh compassionately
about the obstacles we human beings
have placed in our own way.
4 August
The power of any illusion
is its ability to keep us thinking
that the illusion is real.

3 August

Breakthroughs rarely happen when we are stressed.
They happen when we finally let go and stop struggling.
Resistance is at the heart of struggle.
It might feel like what you resisting is "out there",
but the resistance is really inside you.
If you are resisting anything, you are resisting yourself.
Resistance increase the amount of struggle in life,
making things harder than they have to be,
and prolonging getting where we want to be,
thus increasing the experience of scarcity. 
Flow happens when we let go and embrace what is.
It is the lack of resistance. 
It is effortless.

2 August

You cannot force the universe
to give you what you want.
You can attract it.

1 August

Be aware of being aware.

31 July

Imagining yourself as an individual,
a separated self, an ego, an independent personality,
given everything generally considered desirable,
and the object of universal acclamation,
enjoying every prerogative of 'freedom'
you never notice that you have exactly no power whatsoever
to do anything
except glory in your illusory situation.
Both are puppets,
for neither has any existence at all.

30 July

The mind is a moon. It has no light of its own.
Everything you see by moonlight
is lit by the sun.
Everything you behold by mindlight,
that is the whole world of appearance,
all manifestation,
is lit by the ultimate subject.
The mind is a reflected force-field
and its force is the subject.
The mind cannot conceive the force
by which it conceives.
However, when the force is directly experienced,
the mindsight is obscured, as is the moonlight,
when the sun shines directly.
The moon loses its importance
and its activities become inconspicious and innocous.
The reflected force-field fades in the light of rhe real.
29 July
A figment of imagination 
cannot be assumed to have freedom of will
or to have a fixed destiny.
It is at the mercy of the imagination that dreams it.

28 July

When you realise you are dreaming
you wake up

27 July

Time, space and ego and concepts.
As long as we continue to speak of,
and thereby make mental images of them,
as though such things existed,
we are never likely to leap over
the barrier that lies across our path.
They are symbils, like algebra,
technical apparatus of the intellect 
devised in order to provisionally explain an anomaly,
a convenient hypotheses.

26 July

Space is what separates objects…
holes joined together by phenomana.
It has no other function than that of keeping things apart.
Their apparent apartness depends on this factor,
and seems to justify it as an assumption.
But, if they are seen as one,
even for a moment,
space automatically vanishes,
for there is no place for it.
However all phenomenal 

25 July

"Space" only results from seeing things separately.,
and one after the other,
a result of our innate inability
to have more than one perception at a time.
As it is a deduction,
the notion that it exists in itself,
and of its own right,
is absurd.
Space is a concomitant
of the process of seeing things independently,
indeed of seeing things at all,
i.e. of being a spectator,
of oneself being separated from oneness.
It is therefore dependent on the illusory notion of self.

24 July

When you accept the mind-made universe as relatively real
you cannot disbelieve in anything
since everything that mind can imagine
can put in an appearance.

23 July

Everything is feedback.

22 July

When you free yourself to express your truth
You find yourself free to see the truth in others 
and interact with them accordingly.

21 July

Lacking clarity in our boundaries with others
we become inwardly rigid with fear.
All interactions now seem like
a minefield of unknown possibilities.

21 July

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow
It only saps today of its joy.
20 July
You do not have to meet everyone's expectations of you.
Your only obligation is to express the truth of who you are
and live your true potential.

19 July

Living has no pattern.
Death has:
the past and the future.
To move beyond physical designations
has you no longer restricted
to identifying with this planet.
See yourself as a multidimesnional being
who is not restricted to time and space.
Various galaxies and universes inhabit the cosmos.
The only limitations on who you are
and what you are capable of
are your own conditioned beliefs.
Move beyond them.

18 July

The question "Who am I?"
is not really meant to get an answer
but dissolve the questioner.
It cannot come to that which is becoming
or striving.
You experience that extraordinary silence
which is not induced, nor enforced,
a creative emptiness,
just being.

17 July

You see what you believe.

16 July

Can you see what you cannot believe in?
Can you hear what your heart hasn't allowed you to feel?
Your beliefs collect energy
from the cosmos
projecting the reality you see,
shadowing the rest in invisibility
or darkness.
Yet your future lies in this-here-now,
vibrating your life
pregnant with opportunity,
waiting for you.
Welcome it.

15 July

A community stays as long as you serve.
An audience stays as long as you perform.
You serve your best interest
by learning how to serve
others best interest.

14 July

The mind, ignorant of itself, cannot be still.
Ignorance cannot be dispelled
through any form of discipline
or authority.
Without meditation there is no self-knowledge.
Meditation is the beginning of self knowledge.
The tricks of the mind are not meditation.
Neither are beliefs which creates resistance and isolation,
not unity and wholeness.
Experiencing something over and over again,
is the cultivation of memory.
Memory is not the centre of recognition of Truth.
Truth is not permanent, fixed, absolute.
It is not continuous.

13 July

High self esteem
is a crucial element
for developing
happiness, fulfillment, rich relationships and overall success.
Hundreds of opportunities to misinterpret life
and attach meaning to a situation
in a way that begins the process of self erosion,
and tarnishes self image over the long term.
Armed with the belief of "not good enough",
unlovable, not worthy, imperfect,
stop scanning for additional situations 
to serve as more evidence
to reinforce this thought of being flawed.
Stop reinforcing the idea of unworthiness
by further intrepreting life events
to prove the fact that you are defective.
After years of accumulating such evidence,
self-image deteriorates further
as you continue to create a self fulfilling prophesy
to cement this belief in the perception of your self.
To free your mind from all conditioning,
see the totality of it without thought.
Thought is the reaction to listening and looking.
You don't know when you just listen and look.
You are free.

12 July

Your world is your mind.

11 July

The real sacred thread 
is the unbroken purity
of thought, word and deed.

10 July

What leads you in your life?
Your parent? Siblings? Friends? Boss? Idols?
Do they know what you really need and want?
Beneath the roles you play,
beyond your possessions, status, appearance,
is a deeper consciousness
that knows your gifts, fears, desires and pain.
The answers to life's big questions,
Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?
lie within you.
Listen to your soul's voice.

9 July

Spiritual awareness is that level of reality 
which will take you beyond the mere fact of living
in the physicality of the body and mind
into the realms of your consciousness.
Shift your focus from the materialistic world
of space-time and its measurements
as defined by science and technology
and enter the higher realms 
in which the focus is on 
experiencing and knowing your divine being.

8 July

Under the pretext
of fulfilling desires, attachments and accumulations
we have stopped being humane.
We don't need spiritual gurus for this.
Lengthy spiritual discourses are proving of no use
if the essence of loving and caring for others
is not inculcated.
What we need is a simple transformation in our lives.
We need to discover that subtle, true Self
hidden behind constricting layers
of desire, emotion and ego.
We need to know, experience and realise
what life and its purpose is
and what the subtle, sublime spirit is trying to tell us.

7 July

When things do not work
at home, with friends, or at work
it is your spiritual quotient
which comes to your aid.

6 July

"Quit making excuses, putting it off, complaining about it, dreaming about it, whining about it, crying about it, believing you can't, worrying if you can, waiting until you're older, skinnier, richer, braver, or all around better. Suck it up, hold on tight, say a prayer, make a plan & JUST DO IT." - Nike.

Life is a sport… make it count.

5 July
The noblest question you might ask
What good may I do here?
Imagine if you started every day with the question:
What good shall I do this day?
And went to sleep after reviewing:
What good have I done today?
4 July
Without collaboration
growth is limited
to our own perspective.
Let us celebrate our interdependence.
At the deepest level, we are all connected,
all part of the One,
and every thought and action in our lives
affects the whole.
Everything is affecting everything else
all the time,
and in every passing moment.
3 July
Do not look back in anger,
nor forward in fear,
but around in awareness.
You are part of a larger whole
and you help or hurt that whole
through your contributions.
Be conscious of the ways
you reach and touch others.
You lift up or lean on.
You nurture or you deplete.
Be a blessing and a gift
to yourself, 
to those around you
and to the world.
2 July
When feeling anxious about your future, 
come back to the biggest value you bring to the world.
If the universe or people are not responding to you,
they're probably confused.
Simplify your message.
1 July
When you choose to believe
and act upon something other than your truth,
you create and attract all kinds of smaller stories,
also known as distractions from your Truth,
in the form of jobs, situations or people
that keep you busy just enough
that you don't have time to know yourself
and figure out what's happening within you.
Instead of pursuing what you really want or need
you go after 'what works',
or what your family or partner wants,
or what your environment or society has told you
that you want or need.
The outward You
may settle for a life, a relationship, a job,
which, however good it might be in theory,
keeps you in survival,
while your deeper Self still sighs
through the would've, could've, should've.
Quick fixes, diets and most intensive programs
do not usually work 
because they don't fundamentally change the way 
you know yourself,
and through yourself,
your whole life.
They give you a formula that you can follow for a while
but if your core story,
i.e. the deepest beliefs you hold about yourself and all of life
doesn't change,
once the challenge is over,
you will keep creating and attracting
a life to your inner script or story.
Nothing will essentially change
unless you become aware of what is running you
and decide to take the reins of your life
and change the script yourself.
30 June
There is only now,
and you,
and this life 
to be loved
and danced through,
at the rhythm of your heartbeats.
29 June
Tidy up your mind.
Favour choosing what you want to keep,
rather than what you want to discard.
28 June
Everyone has a reason for living. 
Finding yours is the key to a happier and longer life. 
As a way to live longer and better,
a refreshingly simple recipe for happiness
and the way to live a long, meaningful, fulfilled life
lies in discovering your passion.
This will pull you gently along your own great journey 
rather than pushing you from behind.
Simplify your life by pursuing what sparks joy for you.
It gives purpose.
You now have created an opportunity 
to keep working, keep smiling, keep active, 
and keep being social as you age.
The happiness of being busy
in the pursuit of your passion
with supreme focus and joy
can be your key to longevity.
Only staying active 
will make you want to live a hundred years.
27 June
You can't always do what you want,
but you can always be the way you want.
Be at peace with yourself
and the world around you,
immune to criticism or praise.
Live fully and fearlessly 
on your own terms,
without seeking validation from outside opinions, 
or through the attainment of goals.
Fuelled by your own inner happiness
and self love,
is to way to go from having holes in your being
to being whole.
26 June
See the world through sacred eyes.
25 June
Often, the smallest step in the right direction
ends up being the biggest step of your life.
Tip toe is you must, but take the step.
24 June
Life is complicated
and seldom as clear as things initially seem.
When you find yourself judging others
it would be wise
to look for its appearance in your own life.
Then, instead of judging (yourself or others),
cultivate the humanity and compassion
for the challenges in life,
and the difficulties
in living up to the highest standards we espouse.
23 June
"When I wrote on my door:
Leave your hypocrasy outside before you come in…
Not a soul dared to visit me 
or open my door."
                Kahlil Gibran
22 June
Awakening is a journey of awareness
that takes us 
beyond the inherent paradox
of our worldly existence, 
and our spiritual practice.
It opens us to the immensity of the infinite,
the universal source of consciousness
and the Truth of who you are.
21 June
"All I have seen
teaches me to trust the creator
for all I have not seen."
                   Ralph Waldo Emerson
20 June
Beyond the thinking mind
lie insights into the nature of Mind itself,
held within an ever-present consciousness.
Glimpses of the expansion of your awareness
emerge during meditation.
Just sit.
19 June
You can reduce your environmental impact,
achieve work-life balance,
free your home/mind/life from clutter
through selflessness,
core belief in responsibility,
and common good.
Not too little,
not to much,
just right.
Anything more than just enough
is a waste of time.
Cherish the relationships with those you love.
18 June
Happiness is not a goal.
It is a byproduct
of staying alive
to fulfil your reason for living.
When passion, mission, vocation and profession intersect,
each day is infused with meaning.
It's the reason you get up in the morning,
and the reason you never retire. 
Eating, moving, working, fostering collaboration and community
allows you to grow old
while being forever young.
17 June
You will only reach inner peace 
when you practice forgiveness.
Forgiveness is letting go of the past,
and a powerful means 
for correcting our misperceptions.
16 June
We can waste so much of our time and energy 
comsumed with proving ourselves right
and others wrong.
While pushing against,
trying to enforce our way into place
may feel like the 'just' thing to do,
it can also cause a tremendous amount of stress
and negative energy in our lives.
What if we ceased to worry about
right and wrong, or good and evil,
and simply acted so as to maximise
our own wellbeing, and that of others?
Would we lose anything important?
If you were to completely let go of your need to be "right"
or prove your point of view,
 and instead just accepted that everyone is different,
you can relax with confidence 
knowing in your heart what your thoughts really are.
Letting go, just being comfortable with your own opinions
and keeping your opinions truth to youself
will eliminate all conflict
and allow yourself to experience life positively.
15 June
There are no limits, only plateaus
where you can rest for a while
but you must go beyond them.
14 June
Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
                              Matthew 7:7
13 June
Your opinions and moods are contagious.
If you want the universe to respond positively 
you need to be positive too.
12 June
Whatver you are saying or thinking about me
you are saying or thinking about yourself.
When you criticise me, you are criticising yourself.
When you appreciate me, you are appreciating yourself.
We get what we choose.
Everyone is having the life they choose.
We make our choices moment by moment.
We start to progress 
by knowing where we are.
This is the only one place to start…
Nowhere else works.
When we are not happy with where we are,
we are tempted to exaggerate or even lie about it,
which unfortunately puts us at a further disadvantage.
Love yourself and your life.
11 June
One aspect of time is to separate,
the other is to connect.
The aspect of time that separates you from others
is the human world.
The aspect of time that connects you to others
is universal truth.
You are connected with all beings in time,
which permeates into every inch of the cosmic universe,
and space,
where everyone and everything
exists together in peace and harmony.
Having two aspects of separation and connection
is called impermanence.
It is called moment.
This is the original nature of time.
To see this is to feel deep relief
and live with a warmhearted feeling,
because you understand yourself very deeply.
You understand what a human being is.
You understand the one place
called the domain of impermanence,
where you live alone
and at the same time live together
with all beings in peace and harmony.
This is spiritual security.
10 June
The real nature of time
is just a dynamic stream.
which is exactly the same
as the real nature of impermanence.
But there is no way to know impermanence empirically,
because impermanence is not something
you can understand
with your cognition, feelings, emotions or consciousness.
On the conscious level, the fact that
you cannot understand impermanence conceptually
is expressed as meaninglessness.
Saying it is meaninglessness is not to say
that life is meaningless.
it is just to point out that real time
is completely beyond any concept
of meaningless or meaningful -
there is nothing for the mind to hold on to.
9 June
Time is not running on a road
from here to there…
towards a certain destination…
from 12:00am to 12:00pm.
There is no stream of time
flowing continuously 
from the past through the present
to the future,
no one beginning and one end to this world,
no beginning-to-end with a particular purpose,
and that you can expect to make progress
and feel satisfied as a result.
To know time in its naked nature
is to know that time is not a succession
of constantly connected moments
going toward a certain destination.
In the transient stream of time,
moments appear and disappear,
Impermanence constantly cuts off your life.
8 June
We have decorated our lives
with lots of ornaments
In order to make time more meaningful.
We develop remarkable civilisations
of culture, politics, beauty and pleasure.
We create intellectual disciplines 
such as history, economics, science, philosophy or psychology
and then we believe that they make life meaningful.
If we believe that a spiritual life can help us find meaning,
we create ideas such as God, Buddha, universal energy,
the last judgement and paradise after death,
theology, mythology, or morality and ethics
and then we try to depend on them 
to make us feel that life is worth living.
There is nothing wrong
with science, culture and religion.
Ornaments are important.
Without ornaments you cannot exist.
But if you take those concepts and ideas away,
what's left?
Just the transient stream of time.
Why not just be present
and live comfortably
in the transient stream of time
and look directly at life itself?
7 June
Nothing is closed in the universe.
Life consists of moments
that appear and disappear at superspeed.
Touch the core of your life,
which is always present.
6 June
You are a multidimensional being.
Your true nature as a spiritual galactic being
is much more than the physicality of the human body.
The energy on the planet is calling for you
to raise your vibration.
To awaken to your personal mission 
and step up to the next level of your spiritual evolution
enjoy being embodied.
In this way you can fully participate
in the evolution of humanity,
5 June
To know that a new world is on the horizon
can be part of an ideal future.
But it's time to stop waiting for external shifts
to bring about heaven to earth.
Time to create it in your own life.
Stop horizon living 
and live your best life, now.
By adopting new habits
and making needed shifts
in your own personal life,
you can control your own life circumstances
When you raise your own vibration
to the frequency of pure love,
your power to impact the world is unimaginable.
4 June
The degree to which you trust 
is a huge determinant of your happiness in life.
Trust can be the greatest gift
and a lifechanger
for those who have grown up in a world
devoid of trust.
Unconditional trust
without any doubt
yields one of two results:
a person for life
or a lesson for life.
Yet it is better to open yourself
to occasionally being taken advantage of
than to live in a grey and love starved world of mistrust.
3 June
Open your heart.
Share your brilliance.
Remain in the field of joy 
that allows you to
recognise the essence of others
as unlimited cosmic beings
rather than trying to bring them down.
Instead of judging others
by their appearance, position, status or whatever,
simply love people unconditionally
for the light that they are.
2 June
Every morning we get a fresh start,
a chance to win the day.
Not every day goes as planned,
but every day is amazing:
you are alive.
1 June
Happiness is gratitude
31 May
Time is the central element.
It is a dynamic activity,
integrated with,
not separated from
Insights into the nature of time
from the world of philosophy, physics or cosmology
often see time as something separate from us
that we can measure,
as a commodity or a resource
and use
to shape our lives.
We can judge or evaluate ourselves
according to how we save, spend, make, buy, use or waste time.
Separate from us, it may become an opponent in the game of life.
Then we are in a race to beat the clock,
hoping at the end of the day we will be a winner.
30 May
In accord with the structure of the Four Noble Truths,
in the first teachings of the historical Buddha,
dissatisfaction and suffeing are inherent in human life.
There is a cause of suffering, which is tied in with karma,
there is freedom from suffering,
and there is a path of action
that takes human experience
beyond dissatisfaction and suffering
arising from a positive view of life
and hope for the future, 
which is freedom.
To follow the path, and experience liberation from suffering,
first we have to see and then think about life in the proper way.
To see in a proper way
is to see the true nature of time: impermanent.
Understanding how impermanence works in your life,
you can use time to cultivate your life
and to keep up with life's tempo to become yourself, as you really are.
Thinking in a proper way is not to understand life though your intellect,
but to contemplate deeply how to live every day, based on wisdom.
We can liberate ourselves through the activities of
speech, conduct, livelihood, effort, having a calm mind based on meditation
and concentrating the human life force
Reality is beautiful
and the scale of our lives is larger than we can imagine.
29 May
Putting yourself first
begins with setting aside quality time
to nurture, heal and grow
in intimacy, compassion and love
for your own self. 
If you were someone you loved deeply,
wouldn't you set aside a minimum amount of time for you
… if not more?
28 May
Let go of who you think you are
so that you can be who you really are.
Just by being yourself
you are changing the world.
27 May
Decide what your highest priorities are
and have the courage
pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically,
to say "no" to other things.
And the way you do that
is by having a bigger "yes' burning inside.
                     Stephen R. Covey
26 May
Religion isolates God.
Science defies God
Love sees God in all.
25 May
More than blind belief
in a person, a specific outcome or a situation,
faith is about believing in yourself
through any person, outcome or situation,
and about trusting that the universe
conspires creatively with - not against - you, every day.
Because it is easier to trust someone you know,
and you can only know someone you spend time discovering,
self-awareness is the beginning of faith
and the birth of your power.
24 May
When you find yourself in a hole,
stop digging.
23 May
What makes you different
is what makes you special.
Diversity is beautiful.
Appreciate every part of your uniqueness.
22 May
Transform into who you want to be
by falling deeply in love with
who you already are.
21 May
Smile at strangers
and you just might change a life.
20 May

The smallest good deed
is better than the grandest good intention.
19 May
Create yourself.
Not doing it will make you
suffocate in other people's version of you.
If you still have a pulse it is not too late.
If you can listen to these words, you are not too old.
If you can take one step, you are not too weary.
We destroy and rebuild ourselves every day.
18 May
We are all deeply interconnected.
We share this tiny blue dot
in the immensity of time and space,
bound by our collective energy.
Love is the highest vibration
at which you can contribute
to this collective wave of energy
affecting us all.
And you are the only channel 
through which you can receive and give this love.
In other words, the more you love yourself,
the better life will get for me and others.
You are helping hundreds of people
whose paths will be affected by yours,
even if you don't get to meet face to face in this lifetime.
17 May
You will be tested,
over and over.
It's what you need to evolve.
Your deepest answers
won't come from another person,
a job, a place, an opportunity…
they are already in you.
They have been there
since the beginning of time.
16 May
“We're not on our journey to save the world
but to save ourselves.
But in doing that you save the world.
The influence of a vital person vitalizes.”
                              Joseph Campbell
15 May
Now is exactly when you are most needed.
You can only give others
out of the abundance you create for yourself
every day.
Whatever you decide to do with your life,
in whatever capacity,
you can't go wrong
if you are following your heart.
It doesn't matter what your truth looks like to others.
Is it life-giving to you?
All that is at stake is your heart.
If you don't know what your heart is saying,
start listening.
Start making time and space for yourself every day.
Start cultivating a relationship with you,
a solid love affair.
14 May
Truly learn to love your life,
in its messy beauty
and perfect imperfections.
Claim your creativity and worth,
stand up for your truth
in every way your life asks of you.
You only have this precious life
and time is slipping though your fingers.
You owe this love, trust, self-respect
to you and the world.
Do not let uncertainty, fear, another's demands or expectations
silence your voice,
dismiss your soul,
or make your shrink from your purpose.
13 May
What action or decision
that can positively change
or greatly impact your life
by adding joy and depth and love and meaning
to your human experience…
are you postponing
or resisting?
Don't let your fear of taking action
paralyse you
and keep you from manifesting
all that you and you life can be.
Get out of your own way.
Do what you can
with what you have
right here and now.
Let yourself happen to life,
your truth shine thorugh in any situation.
Leave your best footprint in the world
before you leave it.
12 May
You become your real self
Not through feelings or arguments or logic,
but only by action,
prompted by a decision.
Rising from the ashes,
the painful, uncomfortable, imperfect,
not ideal, "just do it" first step:
choosing to be greater
than your fear of change,
choosing yourself vs. your comfort zone,
your not-enoughness, imperfections
and standing up for your truth
in life's little things
which is what the great things are made of.
11 May
Permit the light from your being
to enter your life through the cracks,
allowing you to nourish your soul every day,
even if only for a few moments.
10 May
Real transformation is not about
an emotional high,
a magic pill that solves all your issues,
a superhero quality that will make you invincible or invisible
a new love, or look, or job, or opportunity
that will finally make you happy…
nothing, no one can 'make' you anything.
In fact, some of these momentary highs
distract you from the real work
you should be doing on yourself,
every single day.
Your growth can only happen on the battlefield
between what you no longer are
and what you are willing to become.
It is about the creative little victories
that take place in the trenches of your everyday.
9 May
Share your truth.
Let it empower you
and give voice to others
to find, trust and share their own,
thus building a truer,
more alive version of you.
8 May

No longer seeking in the stars
or in books,
but seeking to hear the teachings 
from the blood pulsing through me,
living my truth,
which is not always pleasant, sweet and harmonious
like the invented stories,
but with the taste of loss and bewilderment,
gratitude, ecstacy and dreams,
the life of a person
who does not want to lie to themself.
7 May
The best teachers show you where to look,
but don't tell you what to see.
6 May
Be steadfast on the path
to which your feet have been guided.
and you find the treasure of life,
a never-ending stream
of help, healing and happiness.
You have only to ask, in simple trust,
and you will receive. 
Whatever you need will be supplied.
5 May
Think of yourself as being
all that you know you should be:
constant, gentle, loving and kind
to every man, woman and child,
and to every circumstance in life;
kind and tolerant in your attitude
towards all conditions on earth;
completely calm
in all conditions and circumstances,
quiet and yet strong:
strong to assist your weaker brothers and sisters,
strong to speak the right word,
to take the right action,
and to become a tower of strength and light.
Cultivate the patience to await the process 
of the outworking of the cosmic will.
See yourself facing injustice and unkindness
with a serene spirit,
knowing that all things work out in time for good.
You never walk alone,
goodness is always eventually triumphant.
4 May
The secret of strength arises from a quiet mind.
We learn to face with courage and wisdom
those trials of everyday, 
both great and small
that test us,
and grow us.
3 May
There are many ways to live in the present:
Go green when you clean.
Focus on your body's physical sensations.
Create time for daily meditation.
Notice your surroundings.
Practice gratitude and appreciation.
2 May
Tomorrow is another day.
Not necessarily true!
Today is another day.
Having no idea what tomorrow is going to be…
it might turn out to be another day,
but you can't be sure.
If it happens, you can be the first to say do.
But, by that time,
it will be today again.
1 May
"What day is it?" asked Pooh.
"It's today", squealed Piglet.
"My favourite day", said Pooh.
30 April
Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness.
29 April
We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
The old skin has to be shed
before the new one can come.
                                         Joseph Campbell
28 April
Body flowing out of spirit
Sprit up from body
It is not given us to see the soul
yet we hear it's hidden secrets.
27 April
Choosing the unconditional
what if a crisis of faith
might be a gift from life
to practice expanding faith?
26 April
Just beacuse you can't hear it
does not mean that there is no music,
especially with a deep conditioning
to recognise the song of forms
but not the symphony of emptiness.
Here there are no expected outcomes,
no information to make a decision,
no insight, no inspiration…
just life compassionately inviting us
to re-calibrate our capacity
to a hiterto unrecognised blessing.
25 April
When anything
happens in life,
you have three choices:
You can let it define you,
destroy you
or strengthen you.
Life is a series of choices
We base how we approach them
 on two things:
Love or Fear.
Make choices in your life
that will make your soul happy
and sustain a happy life
during your period on earth.
24 April
The portal to transformation
is the moment.
What is going on now?
What's here?
Stay where you are.
Mingle with the laughing and grieving.
Befriend each.
Listen for their hidden secrets.
23 April
"It's not that bad" is not
wellbeing, enjoyment, happiness and gratitude.
Pain and suffering also happen
within a context of wellbeing.
22 April
exhuberant joy
the heart resounds and resounds
through the winter mist
traces of dreams
cultural memories
see night-time foliage
even in profound loss
there is gratitude
and awareness
for all that we have
and had.
21 April
Messages from the Cosmos
are subtle
and arrive in a variety of ways:
the little voice in your head,
a feeling, impression, inspiration, intuition, 
that not only informs about potentially negative situations
but also act as encouragement for positive situations,
providing the assurance and confidence you need to proceed.
These communications and guidance
are not from outside you
they really arise from the inner realms of life and reality,
the still, small voice from your own God space.
20 April
When any person can find a way to excel at something,
do we still need to look for perfect and balanced?
What if your weirdness makes you unique?
your weaknesses were your strengths?
Embrace your weaknesses  as your superpowers.
Unique is normal.
19 April
Self mastery or Life mastery
is not an achievement
it is an ongoing challenge.
The journey starts from within.
Limiting beliefs stop you.
Are you ready for the road ahead?
Believe in yourself.
18 April

This. Here. Now.
17 April
You are the paradigm
through which you experience everything
and everyone 'else'.
The relationship you have developed with yourself
is the ground for every other relationship
you have attracted into your life.
You have created all the scripts your life will follow
The light you are desperately chasing
and the darkness you are running from
are you.
You are your most urgent mission,
your sickest patient, 
the first life you can change and save,
the only person you have power over.
Change your heart's narrative
from one of scarcity, depletion and survival
to that of abundance, deep self-love and awareness.
Action will set you free.
It begins with you.
16 April
God gave us the gift of life;
it is up to us to give ourselves
the gift of living well.
15 April
Our life is shaped by our mind.
We become what we think.
            The Dhammapada
14 April
Life is here to serve you,
not place obstacles in your way.
Fear dams up the stream.
Position yourself with an attitude of belief and trust.
Seek security through an awareness
of how the laws of the universe work,
not from the promises of others.
Worry is a pattern of thought
that has nothing to do with your ability to create.
Don't try to see too far down the road.
Figure it out as you go.
Everything comes at the right time 
in the right way.
All is well.

13 April
The relationship you develop with yourself
is the most important relationship
you will ever be in.
You are married to yourself,
for better or worse,
richer and poorer,
in sickness and health
for the rest of your human experience.
Your love for you 
is the only channel 
through which you can love anybody else,
help the world with your mission,
enjoy your life
and create your reality.
There is no other way to you,
but you.
Love yourself alive.
12 April
The impediment to action
advances action.
What stands in the way
becomes the way.
The action born out of obstacle,
the painful, impossible first step,
uncomfortable, imperfect, not ideal…
is the experience of real transformation.
In the little victories
that happen in the trenches of our everyday, 
is the light 
that enters through the cracks
and provides us with power
With vision to choose 
to be greater than our fear of change,
to master the little things
which is what the great things are made of.
11 April
Self love is not easy
for some of us
because it's the language
of the heart
above the mind.
Thinking, talking, writing, reading 
about love
is the mind's thing.
Living and walking in love everyday,
experiencing it in your own life,
ignites, creates and most importantly, sustains
a new, creative love affair
with life and yourself.
Instead of looking for love from the outside,
demanding, chasing or expecting it.
get busy creating a new love story
with yourself.
The life you want, wants you.
10 April
Even zero in a heart
can lead to an abundance
…of zeros.
There is no other way to you,
but you.
Love yourself alive.
9 April
When you look for a solution to anything,
you will find it.
There is a solution to every problem.
However, it would be more helpful
to observe what is asking
than attempting to answer
what is being asked.
8 April
Forgiveness is the secret to healing your life.
When you forgive
you set the imprisoned free,
only to disover the imprisoned was you.
8 April
We are on the cusp 
of a mass spiritual awakening,
one that has moved away
from layers of dogma 
that comes from organised religion
to discovering spirituality
in its many and varied forms.
Body, mind and spirit 
all need nurturing, balance and attention.
7 April
When you are confused
and feel life getting to you
you are lost in the man-made reality
that society has built.
Calmness, stress relief, health
are by-products of yoga and meditation, 
they are not the goal.
Up the ante with your spirituality.
The imperishable spirit is not a thing,
but a quality, a dimension of experiencing
life and yourself.
Part of living a deeper, richer life
is honouring what is important.
You can do this through ritual and celebration. 
Design ways to honour and acknowledge 
the shifts and changes you experience
on your personal journey. 
6 April
A big vision.
A big heart.
Your unique gifts
all make the world a better place.
5 April
From empire to earth.
From ambition to meaning
Change the story,
Change the future.
Change your story,
change your future.
You are the channel through which
the universe creates more life.
4 April
When you choose love
as one of your personal and business values
you open yourself up to your gifts
and step into your brilliance.
Serve others who come from love
and share your love with those 
needing it right now.
Transforming your life
and the lives of others,
being of service
to the world around you
will be your most life-affirming experience.
3 April
Your life is touched by God.
You are here to bring light into the world.
Make it your mission
to be caring, compassionate and generous
to others
and yourself.
Do what you can.
Doing it alone can take a long time.
Together we all win.
2 April
Within you
is the wisdom needed
to change the world.
1 April
Your imagination can be an incredibly powerful tool
if you channel that power into something useful.
It can help you feel calm, compassionate, creative,
and incredibly resourceful 
when fulfilling your daily tasks,
and ultimately fulfilling you purpose,
if you want to go deeper.
With it, you can expand your conscious mind
and bend reality.
31 March
All life is relationship.
It's less about the profits
and more about the mission.
30 March
Mastering your life
is  not as difficult as you think.
You can have control over
your stress levels,
your happiness,
the level of excitment you are feeling,
your health,
your finances…
the skill lies in learning how.
29 March
The universe works in mysterious ways.
Sometimes you have to get out of the way of the universe
and let it handle the how.
Leap, and the net will appear.
28 March
Transform your life.
Radically alter your current beliefs
about yourself, 
your purpose on earth,
your health and your relationships.
Live more authentically,
Uncover your greatest passions.
Transcend your greatest fears.
Live from a place of pure joy.
27 March
"I'm not afraid of death,
but I'm in no hurry to die. I
have so much I want to do first". 
                      Stephen Hawking
26 March
External life is not a valley of suffering
for those who enjoy it.
Terrestrial existence is a burden and a prison,
but only for those who know a higher life.
Once you start entering into regeneration
you can no longer deceive yourself
as sincerely as you did before
you began to taste truth.
25 March
What you think, so shall you be.
Make this a natural, effortless part of your eveyday life.
Positive thoughts attract positive experiences.
Negative energy attracts negative experiences.
Bring about peace and healing
through harmony and balance.
24 March
Within each of us
is a memory from many genes
and many generations
since the beginning of time.
Awakening is this evolution of consciousness.
and the opening of this mystic vision,
deepening presence.
23 March
Whatever happens
is part of a greater life plan.
You need not worry.
Nature takes care of everything.
There is a simple innocence
about the complex nature of Nature,
Nature was here before you.
In honouring nature
you honour the critical balance 
you have with all things.
22 March
Our task is to transform ourselves
and our world, simultaneously.
The work we do on ourselves inwardly
and our outer work
are interdependent.
They function best together,
accelerating our own growth and development,
increasing out impact 
to make a greater contribution to our world.
21 March
Take a long, deep breath,
bring your attention to the present moment,
look at something ordinary or extraordinary,
say a soft "thank you"
and recognise that you are 
bathed in wellbeing and belonging.
20 March
You are not a product of your circumstances.
You are a product of your decisions.
19 March
Life was never meant to be 'ordinary'.
Deep down inside you
is a limitless being,
a deeper presence
which is what makes your life extraordinary.
You and your life are unlimited.
Come to the edge, let go…and fly.
18 March
Why look for what is on the other side of the rainbow
when the rainbow does not have sides?
Stay in the centre
and let all things take their course.
17 March
Three important requirements for happiness in your life:
Being honest with yourself and those around you.
Doing the best you can, both in your personal life and in your work.
Your ability to forgive and love others.
16 March
Make someone's day.
You experience a great feeling
when you witness
joy and surprise
light up someone's face.
Create a joyful moment.
When you make someone's day,
it bounces back on you.
15 March
Teachers and paths 
help seekers navigate
the pitfalls
and slippery mountain slopes
you must climb
to reach the summit
of your highest potential.
Many roads lead Rome
Which is the msot effective path for you?
If you aim to be on many roads,
you could be driving around in circles.
Will you reach your destination?
Having one foot in several camps 
is a very uncomfortable place to be,
and retards progress.
14 March
The journey is the reward.
13 March
If light is in your heart
you will find your way home.
12 March
Manage your time, focus and energy
around what matters most.
Opportunities never cease to arise.
If today is not your day, it could be tomorrow.
Don't stop living your life
just because it isn't happening as yet.
Not all things matter equally.
Find the things that matter most to you.
You will experience extraordinary results
when you narrow your focus.
There are many wonderful things
that will never be done
if you do not do them
11 March
Present, Past and Future are a figure of speech.
Phenomenally we only know Past and Future,
and Future only when it is already Past,
the so-called Present
is an entirely imaginary line of demarcation,
of which no trace exists
similar to lines of longitude, latitude or the equator.
The Past is a memory,
an idea, an object of consciousness.
The Future is an image,
another idea, another object of consciousness.
The so-called Present,
which we never know until it is Past,
is therefore also an idea, a notion, an object of consciousness.
None of them is real,
each is imaginery.
Time does not exist.
Past and future are a duality.
The 'Present' is a concept 
applicable to the timeless state
of the Awakened.
The eternal present,
the now moment,
the interval between thoughts,
which we normally never perceive,
is eternal and real.
10 March
If a tree falls in the forest
and no one hears it
whether it makes a sound or not
doesn't matter.
9 March
You will always exist in the universe
in some form.
Life is everywhere,
but for you it is right here.
Just to be alive is enough.
There are no mistakes.
8 March
You don't have to be young.
You don't have to be thin.
You don't have to be rich
You don't have to be 'hot'
(in a narrow mind-set construct of the word).
You don't have to have taut flesh,
eternally upright breasts,
or a tight bottom
Find your way to inhabit your body…and your life
while enacting your deepest desires
and building the intimacy you deserve.
Be brave. Take off
all your clothes, coverings, disguises, thoughts
and say "I'm right here."
What other signs are you expecting?
Isn't your burning heart enough?
7 March
Fear is the original sin.
Courage is the only way out.
You will be amazed
at what creativity can do for you
when it's your only option.
Throw yourself out of the gilded cage
so that you can grow wings
and discover that you are an angel.
6 March
If you want to live an extraordinary life,
act as if Plan A is your only option.
Get rid of Plan B or XYZ.
These are distractions you cannot afford.
Plan B is an imposter.
It's fear masked as caution.
Fear posing as responsibility.
Fear passing off as adulthood, 
as seriousness, as wisdom.
It's fear, plain and primal.
The moment you let fear give you B, C or Z in Life,
your territorial self settles for less.
You are pulled down by smallness
and cannot give Plan A, your higher self, your all.
There goes another ghost of what you might have been
as you plan B yourself into a corner.
It's not just you or me,
it's human nature's default:
the tendency to go for the safest option
versus the unsettling expansion.
Plan B accidently unleashes a life, a love or a career
that is not fully authored by your heartbeats.
This is a kind of death,
but worse, as it's just on the inside.
No one can hear you screaming.
Plan A is terrifying and excruciating.
No ground in sight when you first jump.
But this is how creativity operates most freely
as you build your homes and hopes on your way down.
This is how you change,
how you become the person who carries out Plan A…
by fully attempting it
with everything you've got.
5 March
Live a magnificient life.
Tire of someday, maybe, later.
Romance the unknown
with the creative and resiliant expression 
of a higher consciousness.
Live deeper, louder, truer, not safer.
If you want to walk on water,
sink your ships
and burn your bridges.
4 March
Challenges arise at each stage of life.
bringing their own unique set of gifts…
We learn. We grow.
We move on to the next challenge…
graduate onto the next lesson.
As we go through life, 
the lessons get more complex.
However, for better or worse,
you have met all the challenges in your life thus far,
and learnt some valuable things along the way.
All those challenges and lessons
have prepared you perfectly
for what you are facing now.
The truth is,
you are ready
for whatever challenge you currently face.
In fact there is no better preparation
than your life experience.
Embrace your strength and power.
Believe in yourself.
Trust yourself with any challenge you face.
You are strong, powerful, courageous and resilient.
3 March
Sacredness is just the simplicity 
of living by your conscience,
your own intuitive light.
The sacred is within you,
not out there, somewhere.
Sacred means to regard with reverence…
it is up to each individual to choose
what to revere.
2 March
Being true to yourself means looking within
to discover what you know in your heart to be right,
and then acting on it.
It does not mean following every last whim or urge
that you might have,
which is just selfishness in disguise.
It means being true to your values and morals.
being honest in all things,
knowing the truth,
walking by that truth
and living by that truth.
1 March
We are living in a time where we believe
everything should happen fast:
Instant success. quick riches, lose 5 pounds over night,
change your beliefs in an instant,
This hype is not of integrity. 
None of these are sustainable
nor do they build core resilience.
Even the greatest teachers
and most ardent seekers
have experienced
trials, tribulations, struggles and even pain.
They walked a path of transformation
that required consistent and constant self reflection,
inquiry that at times can be overwhelmingly painful.
And then, the shift, a pivot of perception,
enlightenment on how the Universe really works.
a true and sustainable transformation.
The key to unlocking the wisdom
from the very struggle you want to run from
is perception
and a willingness to change yours.
The world of trials and tribulations,
ups and downs and all arounds
is what spiritual teachers call the 'wilderness'.
When you can embody grace
and move through life with more forgiveness
as you go through the struggle,
your pains and hurts melt away
and open your heart to life
which arises from managing yourself
so that you can manage the world.
28 February
You are not destined to be
a silent star in the sky,
lost, alone and unnoticed.
Dream your life awake. 
Your sensitivity can bring light to your dark side. 
Your vulnerability will help you find words
for what your heart feels, but cannot say.
Pain helps you remember 
the power within your storms, 
the wisdom in your breakdowns,
and the healing visions 
hidden within your moonlit nightmares.
On your journey 
to shine from within your deepest ache, 
you will blossom 
from what feels like an insignificant twinkle 
to a blazing, awakening, human being.
27 February
Live your most vibrant life.
Wake up each morning 
feeling deeply grateful for the day ahead, 
for a life where you feel truly aligned, 
body, mind and spirit with the presence.
Share your unique gifts with the world, 
and bring about the change you know is possible.
26 February
All things are alive
and all possess intrinsic worth
and natural purpose
in the greater scheme of things..
Our relationships
are seeded and nourished
by our innate wholeness,
which intertwines across the cosmos 
spreading it roots, right now,
with a powerful sense
of belonging and connectedness.
When the wholeness in you
meets the wholeness in me
the biological, social intelligence,
will no longer be threatened
by fragementation.
It is poised to bloom
into One Heart,
healing the life-destroying pattern
endemic in our world
and restoring health and balance
so that all can seek their place in the universe.
25 February
No effort of any kind.
No control.
No order and pursuit.
No denial or acceptance.
Not phased about concentration or distraction,
or any continuity of memory,
the brain is aware and quiet, 
without response.
Words and thoughts fade.
Totally unrelated to everything
and totally alone in its vastness and immensity
without object and purpose
is creation, destruction
and the ecstacy and aloneness of the impossible.
Not achieving, arriving, succeeding,
nothing to be sought,
no path,
just love.
24 February
Progression from being a sinner to a saint
is progression from one illlusion to another.
The mind without measure, 
creates no ilusion.
Such a mind sees the constant touching
the ever-changing movement of life.
When thoughts about improvement
come to an end
there is a state of freedom.
This is sacred.
23 February
Daily living
is about you
and me
in relationship.
Self-knowledge arises from this.
Without condemnation or acceptance,
the truth of every encounter is revealed
in a constant process
of understanding
that has no end.
22 February
Fear of rejection, awkwardness and embarassment
stop our requests from ever leaving the safety of our minds.
If there is something to gain by asking
and nothing to lose by asking,
just ask.
The word "No" is part of the journey
as is the word "Yes".
21 February
A sangha is a conscious community
that shares similar values
and has made the commitment
to live in close proxmity
in order to support each other
while creating less of a burden on the planet.
Sharing resources that we have been conditioned to think
everyone needs to own, even though they are used sporadically
can be a huge benefit to all.
Saving time, for instance, some shared meals,
creates a sense of connection and is huge.
Being able to help each other in times of crisis,
and sharing in each other's expertise are other huge benefits.
Shanti Yoga has an actual, physical community
that is developing self-sufficieny
while creating a more natural way of life
which is based less on separation, competition and ambition
and more on respect for the oneness which we all share.
20 February
You are enough, just as you are
you do not need to reflect
the narrow standard of success
that society has defined for you.
You are worthy, just as you are,
even if you don't have a thin or able body,
you aren't perfect,
and don't have your act together.
You have inherent value, goodness and light.
Greet yourself
arriving at your own door,
in your own mirror,
smile, welcome,
and love the stranger 
who is your self.
Feast on your life.
Give back your heart
to the stranger your have ignored,
who has loved you
all your life.
Your heart is full, like the ocean.
Find yourself in its hidden depths.
19 February
If you don't like it,
then it's not for you.
Unpleasant feelings,
and thoughts you do not like, 
will pass.
No feeling or thought is ever final.

18 February

Your heart and soul
are still alive.
They continue to live everyday.
Your heart and soul
are the universe's heart and soul

17 February

Your life is the quest to find your treasure.
The journey is about your soul
Omen and signs along the way
are the language of God.
The reality you perceive is
the projection of consciousness.
Consciousness can bend and shape
your perceived reality.
Constantly watching yourself and focusing on your looks,
so busy obsessing about food, weight, image,
that you can't focus on important things
such as your purpose, helping people
or what you need to do with your life,
your consciousness is aligned with, dedicated to, 
and benefits from your dehumanisation
through the culture of diets and image,
appearance and weight
and self acceptance is so much more difficut.
These are systems of oppression
that teach us how to get out of our bodies
and into our heads.
But aligned with cosmic laws and principles
you accept, appreciate and celebrate your body just as it is.
Your appearance does not mean much
when it comes to your worth as a human being.
Start a simple breathing exercise to stay present.
Go within and focus on sensations inside your body
Lift yourself and each other up.
Encourage yourself and others to be seen, held, heard.

16 February

Your body wants to be loved by you.
Your body no longer wants to be shamed by you.
Your worth is not dictated by your looks.
You are much more than just an object to be gazed upon.
The narrow definition of beauty
represents only a tiny fraction of humanity
and is not reflective of everyone.
Seek out your own images of beauty and worth that reflect you.
Demonstrate your worth with self care.
Baseline measures can include
drinking enough water,
eating nourishing food,
getting enough sleep,
doing practices (breathwork, yoga, meditation)
that keep your stress levels down,
seeking out pleasurable sensations,
taking your medication'keeping your body clean.
Be as well as you can be in the body that you are in,
Live without shame or apology.
Live out loud.

15 February

When you carry so much of your daily world in your heart,
less and less of you is available for relationships.
Your heart, full of just about everything,
leaves little room for love.
We offer and receive little
because of the over crowding in our hearts.

14 February

Love is in the air.
Love is always in the air.
There is a special love in the silence.
It is found in the quiet
of each heart and mind.
Both, with infinite space,
express our true essence,
received from the presence
within ourselves
each other,
and every being and thing. 
This is the state of love.
From this vast, infnite state
there is beauty in creation.
13 February
We are love,
created in love
to serve creation 
in love. 
When we are lost in physicality
the word 'love' is distorted
and its true meaning is lost.
What manifests as the instinct
of preserving life,
basically the life of its own species
is an illusion of love.
We confuse love with pleasure
which steers our living, instead of love.
Love cannot be resolved.
Your heart prompts you
to nourish your soul
and the search starts.
The seed of wanting to know
is nourished through existence i.e. meditation
and sets its roots i.e. internal growth,
pushing past the barriers (of thought, belief, perception),
and blossoms
in all areas of your life.
The meaning and gifts of love are everywhere
once you start to search.
Love cannot be destroyed through time.
It has no ending
and is equal in intensity for all life,
including yourself, the source within.
It is within you.
Love brings in and holds all into one.
Barriers that define separation, evil, fear, etc
break down.
Drop the thoughts, beliefs, labels
listen to your heart,
see through the infinite presence,
You are love
without question,
without expectation.
Love allows life to do what is believed right for growth
without interference or judgement.
Loving yourself
is the glory of your omnipresence,
an all powerful pervasion.
Loving one is loving all.
It is impossible to separate love
it is all life, the oneness of all that is,
the presence of source,
that allows you to
embrace darkness and light
and all polarities.
realise it as your state of being and way of life. 
12 February
Over our lifetimes
we have closed many doors to new experiences.
Dark places in our minds 
harbour unconscious blocks and obstacles
which keep us from experiencing 
new opportunities into our lives.
We must love
past these false fears 
we hold onto in our subconscious 
to open ourselves up 
to all that the universe has to offer
without fear of the outcome,
and strip away all the labels and titles
we have been dragging along our entire lives.
so we can welcome our authentic selves into focus and clarity.
You will discover what is actually real
and what is perceived in your life. 
Thnk big.
Take action.
Love without limits.
11 February
Love is not a feeling or sentiment.
It is not your emotionality, sensuality, sexuality, lust,
rememberance of something you thought of as love.
With love there is peace,
no violence, anger, fear, competition, ambition, religion.
With love there is no time.
With love comes virtue, order, passion.
To ask the question "What to do?"
misses the point of love entirely.
Are we descendents
of the fallen tower of babble…
still talking in different tongues?
Make a friend.
Help somebody.
10 February
Ego is self negation, self hate.
9 February
There is nothing to pour from an empty cup.
Loving yourself enough
changes everything.
When your beliefs about yourself change
miracles are possible.
When you love yourself
you are better able to show love to others.
When the path to self love
is timeless and spiritual
you become an empowered thinker,
overcome fear and resistance
and live your life with passion and meaning,
8 February
Mind uses consciousness
as self-activity
and time comes into being.
"Me' is an activity of thought,
 of recognition,
i.e. cognising what is
as identity
and time:
an identity in time and space.
The now is timeless.
Creation is timeless.
Creation is this moment.
This moment is what is.
This moment is truth.
When awareness is 
released from self activity,
the energy of consciousness
is released to be.
This is love…
by any other name
7 February
To know reality,
silence is necessary.
In a quiet mind,
in which there are no boundaries,
there is silence.
Such a mind
can perceive the wholeness of humanity,
the oneness of all being
and does not fixate on a separate sense of self.
Silence lives on.
6 February
Strong emotions such as anger, fear or saddness
and all your emotions are there for a positive purpose.
You can learn how to manage them
and use them to your advantage
so that they do not take over your life
and destroy your future.
Coping with trauma
with methods such as
dissociation, repression, resentment, denial and even revenge
are only "band-aids" fixes.
They will not clear the emotional wounds
buried deep in you.
Patterns of reactivity and defensiveness
can wreck havoc in your life,
and especially in your relationships.
Because these patterns usually develop
over the course of many years,
they can sometimes be difficult to reverse.
But there is one simple practice
that can change the brain
in ways that begin to break down these patterns:
It is meditation.
Meditation is medication.
5 February
You can judge or you can be free.
Forgiveness is a blessing.
It allows you to live a better life.
By willing to forgive,
even when you are not sure how it will happen
or how long it will take,
you allow yourself to begin to heal.
Forgiveness sets you free.
4 February
At the end of the day you notice
that there exists a single path in the world
along which no one could traverse,
except you.
You cannot ask: where will it lead?
You just travel along it.
Courage is the aspect
that keeps you going,
taking those steps, no matter how small
that ultimately lead you to where you are.
The hurdles along the way
are simply part of the experience,
and you discover that whatever is worth doing at all
is worth doing well.
And life is definitely worth it.
3 February
Things go the way the mind goes.
If you think it is, it is,
even if it's not.
If you think it is not, it is not,
even if it is.
2 February
The great liberation
is far beyond form and emptiness.
It is profound
because it is about love.
1 February
When you are completely absorbed in your breathing
there is no self.
That breathing is not you, not air,
not self at all.
When there is no self,
you have absolute freedom.
Because you have a silly notion of self
you have a lot of problems.
31 January
Ask yourself:
What am I creating
in my thoughts and life
right now?
Awareness is the key and starting point.
Nothing in this world comes by chance. 
Every outcome you have,
in one way or another,
is caused by certain actions or decisions
you have made in the past.
Do you relate to others
from positions of anger, greed and hatred
or from kindness and compassion?
When watching after yourself,
do you watch after others?
When watching after others
do you watch after yourself?
Becoming aware of how you treat yourself
is a key to seeing how you relate to others.
With greed, hatred and delusion running the show
life feels difficult and scary.
What you focus your attention on
is where your energy goes.
What you focus on is what you see.
Where you focus determines your outcome.
You get what you focus on.
Habits are a reflection
of the attitude you hold towards life.
Incorporating positive habits
when you are entrenched in negative ones
is like pouring fresh milk into curdled.
Your intention is there,
but you haven't cleansed out
what is not working for you.
Can you see differently?
Choosing unconditional love
is attending to something other than ego.
When you stop attending to the limiting orientation of the personal
you are free to experience the expansiveness of the universal,
an awareness of how things are
where the divine, the human and the ego co-exist peacefully.
This is your life,
a whisper in time,
supported by the essence
of the spiritual substance of the universe.
Lean into it and breathe it in. 
Life is a gift.
This is Nirvana.
30 January
The spiritual aspects of yoga,
indicate that self improvement is a dead-end trap.
It keep you stuck in the hamster wheel
of constantly trying to make yourself better,
engaged with improving your ego.
Your true self cannot be improved,
it can only be realised,
No improvement is necessary.
29 January
Most people, including students of yoga do not realise 
yoga's shift away from its authentic roots,
since yoga came to the West.
New styles and brands of yoga have been developed
to meet the desires and expectations,
not the needs, of the American population,
which has led the market and trends in the world.
This shift focuses on
outer, ego-centred, physical achievements
and loses what is vital
in the scramble to package and franchise yoga.
Thankfully, pockets of time-tested tradition have endured.
Shanti Yoga is one of these.
With a longstanding reverence 
for the very best of yoga,
before it was popularised,
Shanti Yoga harmonises the journey to the West
with the currency of
a mindful, gentle, therapeutic, breath-centred practice
which is both a revolution
and a return to embrace yoga's roots
passed from individual teacher to student.
No struggling, no straining, no striving,
just steady, calm, even and measured practice.
This is yoga for the wellbeing of the whole person,
a vehicle for learnining to truly take care of oneself,
adapted for an individual's 
physical, emotional, relational, mental and spiritual needs
including chronic or acute conditions,
to ease the pains of life.
Gentle is the new advanced.
28 January
Is what you are here for
just to accumulate?
be better than anyone else?
be the most successful?
use your body as collateral?
love as a bank account?
What do you have to create?
What is the destiny, dharma you have to fulfil?
The universe does not hear your words
The universe picks up your vibration.
27 January
Does your work serve the planet?
See everything you do
in terms of how it can bless others.
This is the law that governs
every area of life and reality.
The deeper the committment,
the more powerful the enlightenment 
and spiritual knowledge it releases.
Inspired thinking and intelligent solutions surface.
26 January
Two forces,
wholeness and fragmentation
play themselves out
in the drama of life.
It is tempting to look away, 
or to retreat into denial,
and/or self soothing activities,
even 'spiritual' ones.
But our active particiation
and unique form of heroism
is what is needed
to transform ourselves,
our societies,
and the planet.
25 January
Guilt and shame
bully your heart,
silence your pain,
stunt your personal growth,
and eventually burst into
other self limiting beliefs.
These prevent you from healing,
taking healthy risks, 
letting go,
asking for help,
let alone feel deserving of it.
Shanti yoga is amongst life's biggest healing enablers.
Each time you do a session
another layer of pain is transformed.
It provides the transformational journey
of unbroken, profound trust in yourself.
24 January
Each new breath…
each a new beginning,
the wonder of existence 
keeps seducing us
to open our hearts,
still our minds
and celebrate life.
23 January
You are unique and special
and desperately needed in the world.
The beauty of your being is pure and wholesome.
You exude love from the Universe.
Hold your head high 
and believe in the truth that is you.
22 January
Rain does not struggle to fall.
Grass does not struggle to grow.
Water does not struggle to flow.
Wind does not struggle to blow.
The Sun does not struggle to shine.
Flowers do not struggle to bloom.
The earth does not struggle to rotate…
Struggle is clearly not natural.
It is a learned response.,
taught to us by those caught up in the trance of struggle.
It is a learned, unconscious, habitual pattern.
Give up struggle, once and for all.
21 January
"Thoroughly unprepared,
we take the step into the afternoon of life. 
Worse still, we take this step
with the false presupposition
that our truths and our ideals
will serve us as hitherto. 
But we cannot live the afternoon of life 
according to the program of life’s morning,
for what was great in the morning 
will be little at evening 
and what in the morning was true, 
at evening will have become a lie"
                                          Carl Gustav Jung
20 January
The predictor of your behaviour
is past behaviour.
We are creatures of patterns.
If we have done something in the past
we are likely to do it again,
until something fiundamentally changes.
Change will not come about
if you wait for some other person
or some other time.
You are the one you have been waiting for.
You are the change that you seek.
19 January
Create yourself or suffocate
in other people's versions of you.
You still have a pulse, so it's not too late.
You can read these lines, so you're not too old.
You can take one step, so you're not too weary.
You destroy and rebuild yourself every day. 
Start new projects and rebellions
and quit old ones.
Let go of toxic relationships
and restore or begin
new, healing, and life-giving connections.
Leave behind all that no longer serves your purpose
and embrace your hero's journey
like never before.
18 January
Can worrying add a single hour to your life?
Quite the opposite.
It's a slippery slope to many health issues
such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and so on.
It is your duty to prevent this.
Your health matters.
17 January
Why take financial advice from people that are broke?
Why get health advice from unhealthy people?
Why relationship advice from people with toxic relationships?
Why look for spiritual guidance from people who don't walk the talk?
Why take on a philosophy for living from people who are deeply asleep?
Demonstrate the manifestation of universal principles in your life.
If you don't show it, you don't know it.
16 January
When you are addicted to certainity
you would rather be certain about your beliefs
than face the fact that what you believe might not be true.
15 January
Don't wait for permission
to be who you are.
14 January
The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.
Does what you share
contribute to empowering others?
Is it sustainable?
What it is really does not matter.
Everything in your life changes 
when you are truly committed 
to a project that truly feeds your soul
and makes an impact
on the lives of others.
13 January
No matter how lost, scared, vulnerable or powerless you feel
you can treat this moment as a portal 
to understanding, acceptance and healing.
Allow whatever happens.
Right where you are, just allow it to be.
Truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing.
Until you can allow it,
you are not released from it.
When you let the experience go
you find peace.
12 January
When we talk about being creators of our life,
past, present or future,
we are talking about our 'stories'.
They could include things we 'should' do, what can be,
what they could do, or what they are…
Stories are a sequence of thoughts 
that tell us what things mean,
which we convince ourselves are real. 
They are untested, non-investigated theories
or assumptions.
Attachment to desires and outcomes
is the origin of suffering.
It produces anxiety and anguish.
To transcend your attachment
to 'what should have happened'
or 'how you should have been treated'
is to accept what happened,
unplug from it emotionally,
and view it as a conscious, impartial witness,
from an objective, enlightened perspective.
The better you can observe your life
from this witness consciousness,
the less you will suffer.
11 January
We create endless suffering
when we believe a thought
that argues with 'what is'.
Whenever the word 'should' shows up,
this is exactly what's going on,
(as in "I should be richer/thinner/taller,
s/he should be more/less sensitive, more attentive…" etc)
Thoughts such as these
are ways of wanting reality
to be different to what is.
When the mind is perfectly clear,
'what is' is what we accept in this moment.
Accepting what is does not mean
that you settle for the way things are.
It means that you give up all resistance,
resentment, angst and inner struggle
by wishing it were different.
When undesireable things happen,
instead of mentally arguing with them
and wishing (for instance) that you hadn't lost all that money
you let go, accept the loss, and think about
what you can do now to create more income.
10 January
Self-realisation arises from knowing
in body, mind and spirit
that you are one with the divine presence.
You are not merely near it at all times, 
and do not have to pray that it comes to you, 
this divine presence is your presence.
You are just as much a part of it now 
as you ever will be. 
All you have to do is cultivate this knowing.
9 January
Everything you do is important
and the gifts you have to offer the world,
no matter how large or small
are priceless.
8 January
You are free to choose,
but you are not free 
from the consequences of your choice.
7 January
We excel at  we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
6 January
When you plant seeds of love, kindness and compassion,
everyone enjoys the fruits of your actions and benevolence,
including you.
It could be as simple as a genuine smile,
complementing or comforting someone,
holding a door, helping a co-worker or friend,
or telling someone what you admire about them.
Do something amazing for someone else
and feel wonderful yourself.
Let your beautiful light be seen.
The world and your life benefits
from the life affirming, wonderful things you do.
5 January
You heal by discovering what is real for you.
The mysterious, unique, beauty soaked parts of yourself
need permission to claw out of hiding.
No matter how young or old you are
or what's holding you back,
it's time to free
what's terrifyingly messy,
alluringly ugly
and all that makes you strange or quirly.
Become wild and free.
Gracefully shift from resistance to transformation,
poison to medicine,
fear to fascination,
from knowing to wisdom.
It's time not to interpret this experience
in a wounded way
but to be empowered by everything, every day.
Set yourself free
to do what you really want to do
and to be who you are aching to be.
It is time to let life get under your skin
and take a giant, courageous lean in.
4 January
If you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees,
it will live its entire life believing it is inadequate, a loser,
even though it can beat most Olympic swimmers.
Judging and being judged for weaknesses rather than strengths,
it is easy to feel bad when focusing on the negatives,
or when those close to you make sure they do it for you.
Remember the fish story next time you judge yourself
or someone judges you.
3 January
I wish you all the wonders
that life has to offer
and most of all
that you notice the little miracles
that surround you every day.
Don't wait for love. Live it. 
Don't dwell on a mistake. Learn from it. 
Don't avoid failure. Use it. 
Don't wait for time. Make it. 
Don't wait for the path. Clear it. 
Don't fight your misfortune. Transform it. 
Don't wait for opportunity. Create it. 
Don't wait for money. Provide value and earn it. 
Don't compare. Enjoy being unique.
Don't go for less. Go for the best. 
Don't back down. Go around. 
Don't close your eyes. Open your mind. 
Don't run from life. Embrace it.
Work hard for what really matters.
Remember, if you want to make 'it' happen,
first you have to believe it…and in you
Trust you endless ability
to learn and grow and contribute your special gifts
because the world really does need them.
2 January
We are all residents of two worlds:
the external world of relationships, work, family and community
and the inner world of our deepest inner reality.
The greatest of all human achievements 
is to live skilfully in both these worlds
and learn to balance these two aspects of life.
You must learn and apply the skills necessary
to survive and function well in the external world,
i.e. to communicate and relate well with others,
together with an understanding and application
of the techniques for knowing the internal world,
without which your life will be unbalanced
and lack a sense of direction and purpose.
Recognising the importance of the internal world
develops the thoughtful and sensitive individual
and leads you to a desire to know yourself on all levels.
To achieve this goal you need to meditate.
1 January 2018
Most of us love beginnings so much more than endings or inbetweens.
There is a wave of new, creative energy buzzing around.
Technically we start a new year every day, and
today, like everyday, is a blank page
of the next 365 days book.
However, it is also a day when conventially,
the collective aspirations of people
exude a greater magnetic power,
and there is something special about these collective rituals of rebirth.
Like most we would like to make this year
better than the previous one.
It's a brand new chance to make a kinder, truer contact with life,
to turn the page and start another chapter, on your terms.
To create more life, as your soul moves you.
Take the time during the long summer days,
weeks and months to prepare.
Even though there is much to be done,
things are already changing in your life,
such as learning to take better care of yourself,
to be respected and respect others,
to behave in ways that in the longer term 
will lead you to a wider life and path.
Commit to your own practice, 
grow as a person
and celebrate the creative intelligence,
which is life.
Accept what is.
Release what was.
Create what must be.
31 December
2017 has been a fruitful year
with many wonderful experiences 
and precious memories. 
It has also filled with many ups and downs,
the highs and lows forming the melody
of a musical rift in our life journey
that becomes familiar enough
for us to hum along to. 
However, the past does not equal the future.
Heartfelt thanks for
your love in 2017,
yet another stepping stone in our journey
towards a more enlightened world.
I would like to thank you
for being with us in this journey. 
Thank you for reading my emails,
listening to my thoughts, 
attending our offerings…
classes, workshops and retreats.
You are deeply appreciated.
If you haveen't done this provess for 2018, here are 3 simple questions to help you:
What worked?
What didn't?
What do you need to improve?

30 December

We delude ourselves by thinking
that we are spiritually helped
by our reading.
In reality it is only our intellect
that derives profit from such studies
and not our inner spirit.
This inadequacy of our reading 
to impact our spiritual growth 
is why although we can speak
most wonderfully on spiritual matters
when it comes to action -
the living of a truly spiritual life,
we find ourselves so powerfully deficient.
To quicken the spirit,
the impulse must come from another living spirit.
Guru rupa.

29 December

Peace starts in our hearts
and shines outwards from there
to illuminate the whole world. 

May the light within you
shine forth in the coming year.

28 December
You get out there,
take risks,
win some, lose some.
Did the good outweight the bad?
Was the bad really bad,
or were they setbacks and growing pains
that could lead to something bigger and better?
27 December
The miracles you are seeking
are seeking you.
It's the law of the universe.
But are your miracles finding you?
There is no secret
to being found by those miracles.
Recognise what you are doing
that keeps your miracles away 
and stop doing tham.
Employ your conscience
to determine your thoughts, words and actions
and you will experience
more happiness, health and security.
But don't just believe what I say.
Experiment for yourself.
Only then will you know the truth.
26 December
You are the birth of a dream.
In the labour waves that ensue,
each surge of pain indicates progress, not failure.
There will be hard times and good times.
Difficulties sometimes come in waves,
They will always pass.
It's the rhythm of life.
It's all as it should be.
25 December
Butterflies are symbols of change. 
Through their metamorphosis
from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, 
we see our own life cycle of struggle and change. 
When it appears that life is too hard,
too much of a struggle,
do not to give up. 
Just when you think
your lessons could not be any harder, 
you could have a butterfly moment, 
where everything falls gracefully into place. 
24 December
There are two ways of spreading light:
to be the candle
or the mirror that reflects it.
Shine your brilliance fully into the world
and amplify and celebrate the brilliance in others around you.
May this season of light
inspire you to become
the change that you seek.
23 December
Peace, authenticity, sincerity, truth, focus,
love, compassion, empathy, relationship and leadership
are all components of happy, successful growth oriented living.
Expand your consciousness: Relax and meditate
Rejuvenate: Simplify and feel light.
Connect: love your self and others.
22 December
There is no prosperity without peace
and peace starts with the individual self.

21 December

When the roots are deep
there is no reason to fear the wind.

20 December

In the space between two thoughts lies the secret of happiness.

19 December
Give your body, mind and speech
to the welfare of the world.
The poor, illiterate, ignorant, afflicted
need your highest thoughts…
Let these be your god.
Service to these is the highest religion.
18 December
Even the smallest service to others
awakens the power within.
Just the smallest thought about another's good
instils strength into your heart. 
All love is expansion,
All selfishness is contraction.
Love is therefore the only law of life.
Wake up from death.
Those who love, live.
Love is a process, not a feeling.
17 December
Procrastination is opportunity's natural assassin.
Every day, in some way, opportunity knocks on your door.
If you take too long to answer,
opportunity, like any visitor, will move on.
This is due to the divine and natural timing of everything.
Everything has a rhythm.
Procrastination takes you out of the natural rhythm of life.
Simply take a deep breath, relax your entire body
and say 'Yes' to a magnificent life.
16 December
If you can help even one person, you are blessed.
Do not think too much of yourself because of this.
You are blessed because of the privilege afforded to you.
Do it as worship.
15 December
Know that life is short
and the vanities of the world are transient
and that you come alive when you serve others
until that time we are more dead than alive.
14 December
When you get extremely upset about something
the first step to peace and happiness
is to take ful responsibility
for the emotion you are creating.
If you stop 'petting' your pet peeves,
stop feeding and nurturing them
and providing them attention o stay alive,
they will shrivel up and die.
13 December
This is a perfect time to reflect 
your presence of 
peace and forgiveness, 
wisdom and light, 
tenderness, love, and possibility 
in your own life,
for yourself
and others. 
12 December
Let the spirit of the holiday season fill you.
Experience the peace of letting-go of your to-do list
for just a few minutes today.
Leave the ghosts of the past where they belong
The end of the year is a great time
to put the past in the past
and start anew in the present.
11 December
You can choose to feel bad
or redirect your attention,
and choose unconditional love instead.
However the point of practice,
namely paying attention,
is to use everything in your experience
to see how you cause yourself to suffer,
so that you can drop that 
and end suffering. 
10 December
Never actually 'know' anything,
Deepen the practice of paying attention,
to everything in every moment
and your commitment to the process of inquiry,
facilitating the exploration of your experience.
Describe what you have seen
to assist you become aware of what you have not seen.
In some mystical way,
by questioning the 'how' of what you 'know'
you are always in the 'not knowing',
which is the experience of this-here-now.
9 December
You don't see the world as it is,
but as you are.
8 December
Direct experience,
seeing what is, as it is,
entails surrendering what distorts how you see.
Never assume you have attained 'full awareness'.
What distorts never stops distorting.
Wavering attention brings delusion back into the picture.
Have you really looked?
7 Dcember
In an unenlightened state of awareness
ego, our ordinary initiator of action,
represents a kind of blockage or impediment
to the interplay of fundamental cosmic forces,
cutting us off from the complete reception of conscious energies.
We don't see the world as it is,
our view is distorted.
This distorted view causes suffering.
The path to freedom 
requires us to develop the capacity to see differently.
6 December
Let there be peace on earth
and goodwill to all
and let it begin with me.
5 December
You cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods
and be in business tomorrow.
4 December
You are here to manifest your greatness.
When you experience struggle, it is because
you do not know, as yet, who you really are,
and that your authentic, non-physical Self
is already great.
Just as everything that defines an oak tree is in the acorn,
and the acorn does not live under the illusion
that it needs to be something else
or needs to strive towards an accomplishment
that is not in its nature,
neither do you.
Your inherent greatness is already present.
The only limits you have
are the ones you are placing on yourself.
Put them aside for now.
You can always go back to them lagter, if you need to.
instead of placing huge limits of what you can do
before you have even begun to do it,
strip off all conditioning, excuses and contingencies 
that have created your limited self.
Practice living in the 'flow' and in 'alignment'.
You are as great as you allow yourself to be.
Allow yourself to live your greatness.
3 December
To come to life on life's terms,
not on our ideas of how life should be
we need to heal on three levels:
physical, mental and spiritual.
However only spiritual healing has the power
to meaningful affect and impact the other two.
2 December
The universe offers the appropriate contacts, events and opportunities
to bring great prosperity into your life
in all ways, every day. 
Release those people who you resent or are jealous of.
Release situations that you know are a downward slide.
Release condemnation and criticism of yourself and others.
Let go of all the stuff that no loger serves your highest and best.
Make some gorgeous space.
You are here to make a difference.
Share your gifts and message.
1 December
Experience the deepest, most restful sleep possible every night.
Bad sleep is an exceeding restrictive force in anyone’s life.
The cells in your body cannot do their job properly if you do not sleep well.
Without the total relaxation of proper sleep,
you will find that your body ages far more quickly,
and your organs deteriorate and cannot heal themselves.
You become far less attractive.
Bad sleep will also develop anxiety, overwhelm and stress.
Nothing can improve very much in your life without proper sleep.
You must learn how not to be an insomniac,
or someone who cannot fall into total relaxation at night.
With great sleep you will be filled with positive energy,
everything will feel grand, you will feel twenty-one again,
a youthful enthusiasm will awaken 
and everything in life will become your playground.
Learn how to in Yoga Nidra - Yoga's deep relaxation.
It counteracts the harmful effects of stress by
lowering blood pressure, heart rate respiration and adrenaline.
30 November
Happiness is a state of mind that exists
when you enjoy life,
when you enjoy what you are doing
and what you are surrounded by.
Whilst you cannot be happy all the time,
make a commitment to pursue happiness
and remember that happiness is not comprised of things.
Ensure your happiness and satisfaction as you age
by taking up yoga, meditation, exercise, cooking…
and then sharing all this with others who are less fortunate.
Practice living in the now,
life is only available in the present moment.
Enjoy the journey
every step of the way.
29 November
Emotional wounds and past traumas
hold back your spiritual evolution.
Spending too much time thinking about a thing
inhibits doing.
Knowledge is not enough.
you must apply it.
Willingness is not enough,
you must do.
Start healing today,
You and your life are unlimited.
28 November
Sharing what's alive for you,
what's foremost in your heart and life
is real communication,
rather than telling stories, 
judginge, evaluating, criticising or advising.
27 November
Love your life.
Life loves you.
26 November
The storms in the mind,
mental stress, negativity and the endless inner dialogue
cause much of our emotional suffering and ill health.
By learning to be still,
and teaching your intellect to become quiet, 
listen and absorb.
You will feel happier, healthier and more emotionally stable.
25 November
What is this life about?
No matter how hard we deny it,
the answer we are left with is a spiritual one.
24 November
Never assume you know someone's intention.
We are often incorrect in our assumptions.
Forgive him/her for they know not what they do.
Release him/her, knowing that their action
was born from misunderstanding, ignorance or pain.
Forgiveness is daily work.
Ultimately we are so similar.
Even though we have good hearts,
we have failed to love and to understand.
When we understand this life,
we will meet again,
with a new and clear knowledge and understanding 
and we will drop all enemity
and will ultimately be friends.
23 November
In sports we sacrifice our body in order to win.
In yoga we sacrifice our ego in order to transform.
22 November
Love who you are.
Love the ways you are like no one else,
and the ways in which you are similar to everyone else.
Love yourself for the ways you change your mind 
and the ways you have grown.
Love that you are not the same person you used to be.
Love your deep potential.
Love your future wild mistakes.
Love the person you are becoming. 
Love it when you are bold enough to stand alone,
and when you are fragile enough to need support.
Love your ups and your downs,
your warts and oughts,
and your hopes and aspirations for something more.
Love the parts of you that need more loving,
and the parts of you that you would prefer to hide.
Do not forget that you are full of possibility.
You are right where you belong
and the whole world awaits you.
You are just the person you need to be.
Love yourself gently, with your whole heart and soul.
Love your silliness and your seriousness.
Love your complexities.
Delight in the ways you cannot be defined
and love the ways you cannot be tamed.
Love it when you realise you have learned something,
and love it when that learning has been good.
Love yourself when things are hard.
Love yourself even when it hurts.
Love yourself enough to give yourself the things you need,
and keep loving yourself until that love becomes a habit.
Love yoursef so that the world can see
how beautifully you deserve to be treated
and keep loving yourself with joy and perseverance,
right from the tips of your hair to the tips of your toes,
love who you are,
forever and ever and always.
21 November
Open the doors mindfully
to intuitive compassion and gratitude,
and observe health, joy and harmony.
Your body has the ability to heal itself.
My prayers and healing energy
for your highest good and greatest joy.
Many happy days lie before you..
Let us always remember our blessings…
Gratitude for all that is.
You will never happen again.
Let's make the most of it.
20 November
Freedom is not about the size of your cage.
the power of your wings,
or non-attachment to a person or thing.
It is about being so deeply, madly and truly attached to your own soul
that you cannot bear, if only for a moment,
a life that does not honour it.
19 November
Every action you take
will either strengthen or weaken your power.
Choose the open sky…
a storm is always better than a cage.
18  November
Interrupting your life
with art,
or joy,
or both…
will make you feel like there is still hope.
17 November
Holy necessity
is the father of invention,
and the mother of creativity.
16 November
It doesn't have to be perfect.
It just needs to be true.
15 November
Objective judgement,
unselfish action, and 
willing acceptance,
now, at this very moment
is all you need.
14 November
Fighting against yourself
or an outside source
you perceive as your enemy or obstacle
will only magnify your struggle.
Becoming your ally and friend
is your real battle.
Once this is won,
the rest is just a daily journey home,
to the heart of all things.
13 November
Focusing on your obstacles,
which you will never outdo,
is the process that exhausts you.
Why waste your precious energy
resisting, when you can rebuild,
or create a new way around them?
12 November
The love story of evolution dances through you.
It is such a privilege to be here.
11 November
Dream the dream that keeps you awake,
not the one that puts you to sleep.
10 November
'No' is both a word and a complete sentence.
Look for the next opportunity.
9 November
A holy power resides within you.
It protects and prospers you.
You are its rightful beneficiary.
Claim it.
Let it fuel your genius mind 
to repel unhelpful thoughts
and destructive energies
to change your mind,
change the world.
8 November
The entire Universe has come together 
to make your existence possible.
You are a wonderful manifestation.
Let life use you as an expression of itself.
7 November
Just as you cannot drive forward
just looking in the rear view mirror,
trying to live each day 
carrying the psychological burden of the past
is obviously an ineffective and dangerous thing to do.
You will end up crashing.
On the other hand, when we focus on gratitude,
the tide of disappointment goes out,
and the tide of love, strength and healing rushes in.
Focus on the power, euphoric, magical,
synchronistic, beautiful parts of life, 
to help engage your senses
and trigger positive emotions
to attract happiness and positivity,
which will encourage you to strive towards your goals.
You are what you want to become.
6 November
Our lives pull us in various directions
on paths in which we find joy, inner peace, laughter,
wisdom, compassion, serenity, balance, love,
creativity, mnotivation, inspiration and fulfillment.
Yet, it is so easy to step off these paths
and spend the majority of our time
hanging out in the alleys of to dos, obligations and chores.
Why not let the little things that would ordinarily bore you
suddenly thrill you.
Anything and everything.
5 November
How many small things
that bring you joy or lightness
can you find in your life today?
The big things -  a new anything, a vacation, family gathering
are wonderful in their own right,
but they are not everyday occurrences.
It's all those wonderful small things that,
considered singly and together
make up most of the joy in our lives.
Start noticing all the little things around you
that give you a little lift.
When you go through the day being mindful
you find a multitude of little joys
and things to be glad about.
4 November
Every re-connection
with yourself, nature, another, who or whatever, 
is a love story.
It is the desire to be united, or re-united
with a better life,
a better version of yourself
and to live fully alive,
in a way that shakes the earth 
and changes lives.
In the trying-fighting-living-and-dying warrior journey,
stay connected with the real, authentic 
warmth, vulnerability, trust, surrender,
… the love.
Hold the intention of love in your heart
even as you struggle to connect.
3 November
Do you sleepwalk through your days,
unaware of the unhelpful, negative monologue
running rampant in your mind
secretly sabotaging your life?
When in doubt,
choose expansiveness, creativity, empowerment.
Maintain a positive stream of consciousness.
Pay attention to your inner voice, and
produce thoughts that work in your favour.
Choose the people and experienes 
that will increase your freedom
and bring you more life.
You are the chief creator  
of your life, love, work and reality.
Remember, the point of us is not survival,
but aliveness.
2 November
You. We. All.
Hold the intention of love in your heart
even as you struggle to connect.
1 November
A neglected body, chaotic mind or wounded heart
will prevent you from fulfilling your destiny
as much as any outside enemy.
If you long to change the troubled world…
know that the one thing you have the most influence over
is the person looking back at you in the mirror every morning.
31 October
We experience many of the pleasures of the world
as our ego leads us down the path of glory
yet in our quiet moments
we question our feelings of corruption and distress,
that eventually leads to…
a struggle to wake up in the morning,
boredom during the day,
tiredness in the evening, and
difficulty sleeping at night.
We have accumulated a great deal of knowledge,
but this knowledge does not fill our hearts,
it does not brings us joy and fulfillment.
When we are not living an authentic life
we are fundamentally unhappy.
We can do more with our lives.
We deserve and are meant to live
an inspired life
that rises above mere existence.
Finding our way 
and knowing which path to take 
necessitates negotiating 
being emotionally wounded,
physically unhealthy,
and mentally stressed 
before we can take the steps
we know will transform a desperate life
into a meaningful one.
Heal your body.
With your body revitalised,
you can function at a higher level in all other aspects
Calm your mind
The more still and clear your mind is,
the better your decision making process will be.
30 October
We are
the average
of the 5 people
we spend our time with.
Often we find ourselves surrounded with negativity.
If we let our mind go on autopilot,
it will take the negative route.
We live in fear of terrorism
but in actuality the most devastating terrorism
comes from within, 
as we continue to sabotage ourselves.
29 October
Does God exist?
Is there a soul?
Is the devil real?
What if the word 'God' is simply a symbol
that represents the essence of all religious teachings,
not the details.
The devil is in the details.
28 October
Every shift in perspective
is a shift in energy.
Every shift in energy
is a shift in what you manifest around you.
27 October
is having a sense of information,
teachings and an understanding
of how things operate.
is embodying
whatever it is you have learnt, studied
or beleived that you know.
It is the result
of taking the knowing
and making it real.
In our lives, it is the difference between
living, acting, speaking and thinking that we know
and living and embodying it.
26 October
Change leads to a new beginning.
You have nothing to fear.
25 October
Your place in the world,
your highest service,
what is possible for a human being in this lifetime,
arises from awakening to the power and potential
of a life aligned with the impulse of evolution itself.
Stop looking for your destiny,
or the 'code' to success.
We truly make the biggest difference
wherever we go in the world,
and with whatever we do in our life,
simply by not operating out of our conditioning 
and ego,
and shifting our orientation
from the personal
to caring for the whole.
24 October
The purpose of meditation is not to control your thoughts,
it is to stop letting them control you.
Meditation brings wisdom.
No meditation leaves ignorance.
Know well what leads you forward
and what holds you back,
and choose the path that leads to freedom.
23 October
Nothing feels as good as doing good.
22 October
Doing nothing.
Noticing happiness.
Changing the world from the inside out.
One life at a time.
Your life then illuminates
the vital relationship
between individual transformation
and collective evolution.
Personal change (evolving yourself: awakening)
leading to changes in social justice (making your greatest contribution: evolving your culture)
and eventually to caring for future generations  (action that futhers human evolution and sustainability)
21 October
You need to be deliberate about the joy in your life.
Joy matters.
You do not come upon joy by accident or coincidence.
Nor does it come from hard work,
or simply good luck.
Joy is released by remembering, trusting, being,
rediscovering your inner resources.
Joy is expressed as creativity, tears and laughter.
You can feel joy in your body.
It has been your guide through life's many choices,
healing the separation from your mind and heart,
and the separation from your heart and soul.
Slow down
from the fearful energy of the daily world
to life's beauty, innocence,
the ocean of peace,
in this moment.
There are many silent moments each day
which can serve as real medicine
for a busy mind and hurting heart. 
20 October
There is a part of you
that is more than what you do,
how much you have
and what you think.
You can feel it as a calling
to your inner river, 
your passion, your flow,
you well of being,
your truth.
Each of us is called to listen, 
to honour our hearts,
to nourish ourselves deeply,
and unfold our true self into the world.
We have choices everyday,
to wrestle with the current plot of our lives
or find the possible joy.
Pay attention to small joys.
Be open to the moments of pure life
no matter how easy or difficult,
light or challenging.
Joy found in the midst of great difficulty
is joy found forever.
Slow down, renew your faith and unplug.
Unfold your soul in your life.

19 0ctober

Follow your heart but take your brain with you.
Whatever is your passion, keep doing it.
Do not waste your life chasing after success
or comparing yourself with others.
Every flower blooms at its own pace.

18 October

Forget regrets. The past is dead.
Abandon expectations. The future is not here.
We've just been born. Today. And yet again, this minute.
Our story has not been written yet…
and yet our fate is already written
as our souls.
Whatever the outcome of this adventure,
however long it takes to achieve our goals,
our real success is an expanded, more authentic,
more alive experience of us.
No so-called failure can diminish that.
Additionally, there is no way to fail at being true to you,
except by not attempting.
Trusting yourself is living out what you already know to be true.
17 October
Your best comes just a few steps after your apparent worst.
Your breakthrough waits beyond your breakdown.
Your success is right on the other side of your failure,
They are equal sides of the same coin,
short stops in your warrior journey,
the necessary classes in your school of life.
Don't give up.
Give in.
Give more.
Give all.

16 October

There is no bottom point ot total emptiness.
It is impossible for your soul to be starved with nothing to give.
You are a channel, not a deposit.
A river, not a fountain.
Your life is one of flow.
Keep on flowing and giving
just as you keep on receiving. 
Energy is a renewable resource,
an asset that you can always find more of.
The obstacle is the way.

15 October

If you want to love and serve the world,
fall in love with your life.
Over and over.
When you fall out,
find ways to fall back in,
to hear your heartbeat 
in all the noise.
This is the real journey.
14 October

All dualities are but other names for joy and sorrow.

13 October

All material objects, whether bodies or planets
are always in flux,
transforming into different forms and qualitiues.
People and objects display complex mixtures of these modes.
As clothes cover the body,
the primary, material elements of nature,
(viz. earth (solids), water (liquids), air (gases),
fire (radiant elements) and space),
together with our cognitive elements,
namely the mind (seat of emotions and senses), 
reason (our analytic faculty) and ego (our full material identity)
cover the Self.

12 October

The fundamental "I" (the core self)
is the same, constant person,
even as the body and mind change in so many ways.
That enduring "I" is not the illusion.
The illusion occurs when we identify the "I"
with a changing, mortal body,
instead of with our true eternal self.
Completing the tenure in one body,
we enter another,
just as we 
 discard worn clothes and put on fresh ones.
The irony of our mundane lives
is that for all our vanity, 
we drastically underestimate ourselves
and think ourselves mortal,
when we are immortal.
11 October
Attract joy, health, wealth…
If you are not living most abundantly, 
loving every aspect of your life
and expecting your life to just get better and better by the day…
It may be time to upgrade your thought processes
to attract health, wealth, wisdom.
Victimhood, martyrdom, 
lamenting, hankering 
and complaining 
won't do it. 
Stop blocking. Start manifesting.
10 October
To acquire knowledge, you must study.
But to acquire wisdom, you must observe.
9 October
Approach life's challenges calmly and with deep conviction.
Through the practies of yoga and meditation
you can conquer old habits of fear, anxiety and worry.
8 October
Connect with the frequency of abundance
and let the universe deliver.
"If you can see it in your mind, 
you will hold it in your hand." 
                         Bob Proctor
7 October
Live with joy and gratitude.
6 October
If we are going to rise above our current urgent challenges as a species,
and create a better planet for our generation and future ones,
we need to uplift not just ourselves
but the communities, tribes and societies around us.
In everything we do,
whether it's learning a new skill,
growing a business or career,
solving a problem,
or pursuing a specific passion or purpose,
we need to look beyond 'me' to the 'we'.
5 October
Giving unsolicited advice
doesn't always have the intended impact.
It can make the recepient feel
judged, small, and isolated.
Many unfortunate things that happen in life
are not God trying to get your attention, 
nor a judgement or punishment of some kind, 
and cannot be 'fixed'
with platitudes and second-hand advice.
Unsolicited advice is not really about the person you're offering it to.
It's not you helping them,
it's you meeting your own need 
to be the hero, the fixer, to be useful,
to prop up your own self esteem
by being the person with the solutions.
It's about your own discomfort with messiness
and unresolved things.
It feels so much easier to offer a fix
and then walk away with your illusion
of a world that makes sense,
than to sit in the midst of all the messiness
and be a witness.
Often the world does not make sense,
A plus B does not equal C,
every question does not have an answer,
'evey illness does not have a cure,
everything broken cannot be fixed.
The human soul
does not want to be advised, fixed or saved.
It simply wants to be witnessed,
to be seen, heard and companioned
exactly as it is.
When you make that deep bow to the soul
of a suffering person,
your respect reinforces the soul's healing resources,
the only resources that can help the sufferer make it though
It's a journey each of us must take in our own way.
What your friend really needs 
is not your answer
but your presence,
tio show up and hold space.
To hold your tongue 
and offer your heart instead.
4 October
Being busy 
often kills our ability
to think creatively.
3 October
The moments that interrupt your meditation
or your life,
are gifts
returning you to your natural state.
2 October
To communicate 
is to experience a field of connection
which is alive,
constantly changing,
and how vulnerable you truly are.
Understand what is really needed.
Offer warmth. Listen. 
Echo back what you hear.
Recognise the teller's inherent goodness.
Hold your tongue
and offer your heart instead.
1 October
Sacred means to regard something with reverence,
to sanctify it.
It is up to each person to choose what to revere.
30 September
Being true to yourself means looking within 
to discover what you know in your heart
to be right,
and then acting on it.
It does not mean following every whim, fancy or urge
that you might have,
which is simply selfishness in disguise.
It means being true to your values and morals,
being honest in all things,
knowing the truth,
walking that truth
and living by that truth.
When we live in alignment with the truth,
our life works.
29 September
Life is more than just about reaching goals.
It surely must be about enjoying life along the journey.
Follow your bliss.
28 September

When good fortune comes, accept it -
not indifferently, but with calm gratitude
of the universal source;
and when ill fortune descends, 
also accept it with calm gratitude
of the universal source.
27 September
Yoga does not free us from our karma;
it frees us from susceptibility
to whatever suffering karma will otherwise cause us.
Karma does not oblige us to suffer.
It merely obliges us to experience
the ups and downs we caused others and ourselves
to go throguh in the past.
26 September
You cannot get out of karma by simply not acting.
Living in the body we are forced to act
by the fact that we must breathe.
The best way to get out of ego (karma)
is to serve others with love 
and sensitive attention to their needs.
25 September
The pains we endure
are a karmic balance
for pains we have inflicted on others.
24 September
Circumstances are always neutral.
They seem either good or bad, happy or sad
depending entirely on your reaction to them.
23 September
The change needed is a brave unveiing
of who you are at the core.
The way out is the way in.
22 September
Controlling the flow of life
is like setting up a dam.
All the flow stops
and it builds up pressure within you.
Any intellectual construct of reality
is like a noose
it will get tighter and tighter.
Life is not static.
We either grow or die.
21 September
The universal flow comes from a higher power
which creates a beautiful orchestration in nature
that holds everything together,
and gives order to life.
Its incredible genius and ingenuity
harmonises all things
into a sophisticated ecosystem
that works.
That which holds galaxies together
can handle the little circumstances of your life.
20 September
You are doing the best you know how.
And you're doing pretty great in a lot of ways.
19 September
The person who makes you angry
provides you the opportunity
to let go of some mistaken belief
that conflicts with your inner wisdom,
allowing a broad range of creative possibilities
to manifest in your life.
18 September
When sacrifice is genuine,
you align yourself with a Truth
that was not previously apparent,
to make something sacred.
17 September
Avoiding the journey because of uncertainty
keeps us from accomplishing our mission.
Driving at night, and in the fog, serves as an important reminder…
you can see the road ahead only as far as your headlights light up,
but you can make the whole trip that way.
You are good at handling whatever comes your way.
Every step of the way you avert disaster
and arrive safely on the other side of challenges, small and large.
You can rise to meet the road ahead,
even if you can only see three feet of it…
and most of the time,
the three feet in front of you is all you need to deal with.
Handle that and then you will be presented with the next three feet,
and the next, and next.
If you just take the next step,
you will most certainly arrive at your destination,
safe, sound and fulfilled.
16 September
At the moment when you are most in awe of all there is about life
that you don't understand,
you are closer to understanding it all,
than at any other time.
15 September
As you reach new levels of success,
you encounter new challenges.
Thoughts such as: "This is too hard. I don't want to do this"
are the fodder of self sabotage.
Why not focus on your unique abilities
together with the strategy you can use
to solve the problem and move on.
14 September
Your pain-filled inner voice
is an important part of your story.
When you stop fighting the inner voice of pain,
trying to remove it by force, belittle it, or numb it;
you open to the possibility of feeling, healing and revealing
another side of it.
Travelling towards it with your breath, your awareness and sensitivity
you open up to the possibility of recycling its power
for creative, soul-filled, life-giving purpose.
13 September
Facing death and acknowledging our expiry in this world
creates a sense of reality
that forces your most authentic self to surface.
Contact all the people you love
and tell them how much you appreciate them.
12 September
Whatever is going to happen 
will happen
whether you worry or not.
Worry can truly suck the joy out of any situation.
It orchetrates a negative feedback loop 
that just keeps going lower and lower
until you are stuck in a hole
that you feel you just can't get back out of.
Do not worry.
Do not hurry.
You are here for a short visit.
Remember to stop and smell the roses.
Spend less time worrying 
and more time living your life.
That which holds galaxies together
can handle andy of the circumstances of your life.
11 September
If a problem is fixable, fix it.
If a situation is such that you can do something about it, then do it.
It is it not fixable, then worry will not afford any help.
There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.
How different life would be
if you stopped worrying about things you cannot control
and started focusing on the things you can.
10 September
Let go of anything and everything
that blocks wisdom from shining.
Worry will not empty tomorrow of its sorrow,
it empties today of its strength.
9 September
All obstacles are a mirror of our own hidden barriers.
See beyond the veil
with enlightened vision.
Nothing or no one can bring you peace
but yourself.
8 September
Do it now.
Sometimes 'later'
becomes never.
7 September
Who can really save you from yourself
when you are your own worst enemy most days?
You need to do the work.
mindfully and consistently following through.
It's now versus later, maybe or someday.
Start before you are ready.
For better or worse,
you and I are creators of our lives,
whether we take responsibility for this superpower or not.
6 September
The secret to improving relationships
lies in improving your spiritual health.
When you seek love and approval
outside yourself,
you will always miss the mark.
It's never the right time, place or person
until you become the time, the place, the person.
Love is not a bond.
It is a moving sea
between souls.
5 September
Life is always better
when you see it from a crystal clear lens,
without fear, worry, anxiety,
without the karmic imprints of your parents, 
without re-living negative financial and relationship patterns.
The sacred system to align yourself,
be resolved
and live life to the fullest
is meditation.
Live from your divine spark.
4 September
Don't wait for permission to be who you are.
Love yourself first.
No one is going to get you to where you want to be but you.
If you don't do it, nobody else will. 
If you can't perform at full capacity
you can't reasonably expect to reach your full potential.
While overcoming the setback of poor health is difficult,
preventing it from occuring is easy.
One of the easiest ways to ruin your health 
is to neglect your body's need to move.
It is simply a matter of making it a priority
and setting aside time.
Find half an hour a day to exercise.
You don't need fancy equipment, or a gym.
A walk will clear your head 
as well as provide the exercise you need.
Another way to take care of yourself 
and avoid the pitfall of poor health
is through a proper eating plan.
A first step would be to switch out fast or processed food
for fresh, natural foods. 
Health problems are preventable.
Start taking steps today
to avoid them while you still can.
3 September
More than your IQ, physical health, social intelligence and talent,
you need to cultivate 
passion and perseverance
towards very long-term goals,
over the entire duration of your life.
Persistence, passion, self-control, decisive action and creativity
are common qualities
that successful people include
as the really important values of their lives.
Opportunity is always within reach.
2 September
The most important relationship
you will ever have
is your relationship with yourself.
When you are tied up in self improvement.
self judgement and the voice of your inner critic,
you could find it easier to be kinder to others 
than to yourself.
Heal your relationship with yourself.
When you accept yourself,
you become more courageous, happier, healthier
and capable of more effect in the world.
Through the Shanti Yoga practices,
we help you find yourself,
and love what you find.

1 September

Just be.
Forget regrets. The past is dead.
Abandon expectations. The future is not here.
Simply be here now.
You've just been born.
Today. This minute. And yet again…and again.
Each moment is the universe
being born again and again,
feeding your soul
into a new creation.

31 August

When you are possessed
by creative restlessness,
a hunger for more life deep in your bones,
a thirst for new adventures,
a state of agitation,
of not knowing…
say 'yes' to the emptiness, the hunger,
to your paradoxes.
Suspended in the void of your becoming,
say 'yes' to You,
even when you don't look or feel like you.
This is a choice for unconditional love.

30 August

When your internal self-talk
diminishes and invalidates
you or anyone or anything else,
accept the responsibility
that you have bought into negativity
and have been willing to believe it.
Watch karma unfolding.
Recruiting attention and awareness,
keep a watch
on how unconscious, conditioned patterns
determine your reactions and behaviour.
Let your shadows surprise you,
they are not as dark as fear tells you.
Embrace it all.
Make a different choice.
Any change in behaviour 
results in a change in consciousness.
Maintain that change in consciousness
by increasing awareness
and a greater ability to stay present enough
not to act out of unconsciousness.
Pause and listen.
Be still.
Come back to the breath.
It's in the dark night of the soul
that insights are revealed.

29 August

Spiritual practice points to
where to look
not what to do.
The way of freedom
is to become more conscious…
to start looking for the truth of yourself
instead of your programming.

28 August

I am learning and growing through adversity.
I am learning and growing through joy.
I am learning and growing.
I am.

27 August

Every situation and relationship
provides an opportunity to access your inner wisdom
and to receive and act from its grace.
When circumstances feel dark and unsettling
it means that the world needs your gracious energy
as an instrument of light.

26 August

Why discard your fantasies as merely wishful thinking?
What if they are messages from the deepest part of your being
about what you can do 
and directions you can choose?
Honour them.
Your brain is your super computer.
It delivers both practical, here-and-now thoughts, 
together with possibility thinking. 
When your fantasies are fuelled from your spiritual depth
thay can provide valuable insights
about what you are really meant to do with your life
together with ways to make it happen.

25 August

I believe we crossed paths for a reason. 
If you are looking for a major transformation in your life right now
that can take you out of the world of the ordinary
and place you in a brighter, better, happier world,
where you have a deeper sense of wellbeing, 
more energy, and control over your life,
then I invite you to join me
and commit to a deeper level of spirituality in your life.
What we do together will change your life in amazing ways.
You are standing at a crossroads,
doors are closing, doors are opening.
The ball is in your court. 
I promise that you will be happy you took the leap
and will see this as a major turning point in your life.

24 August

In an age of much intolerance, fear and global anxiety
you need to look at the potential evolution of the human psyche
towards a collective consciousness
beyond self-centred enlightenment and liberation
and towards a more humanist, mystical, planetary
and potentially universal mind
for a large portion of humanity.
You are at the leading edge of consciousness work
that will bring about this awakening.
You are a beacon and an example
of what a conscious human being
can look like, act like and work like
in the world.
You not only have to wake up
but you have to show up, step up, look up
and never give up.
And you have to take the planet with you,
raising the collective frequency of the planet
in new and creative ways.

23 August

Streamline your commitments.
Is what you are doing a testimony to what you believe?
Are you doing what you are teaching others to do?
Are you happy with the outcome?
Focused action is much more powerful
than spreading yourself too thinly.
It's the difference between a laser beam and a light bulb.


22 August

Allow grace,
the living presence of boundless love
to fill you from within
and re-connect you
with the essential qualities 
of your true nature,
which is sat, chit, ananda.

21 August

Be the solution.
Unite in positive focus,
good intentions,
manifesting power,
prayer, meditation and appropriate action 
towards the escalated, positive healing
and evolution of the planet and her inhabitants
so that humanity aligns 
in harmony, peace, abundance and love.

20 August

No one is born hating another person.
People learn to hate.
Violence and frustration emerge
when we do not know what else to do with our suffering.
Yet, love comes more naturally to the human heart.
And there is no limit to your capacity to love.
The need to love
completely, universally and without reservations
arises from the truth that you are love itself.

19 August

You are beautiful,
both inside and out
and you deserve to feel that
every single day.

18 August

The most important relationship you have
is your relationship with yourself.
Do not listen to the voice of your inner critic
speaking loudly about your 'flaws'.
Change your struggle with self-judgement,
and the way you treat yourself
and everyone around you
and open into grace.
When you accept yourself
you become more courageous
and capable of doing good.

17 August

When some incident shatters your plans, hopes and aspirations,
considering that disappointment, pain, hurt or failure to be the centre of your life
and continuing to live your life around it, is unwise.
As you climb the mountain
you will face different challenges and obstacles,
and the plans you made at the bottom of the mountain 
may not carry you to the top.
With every step, you make a decision for the next step.
The plan that worked for the previous step may fail miserably on the next one.
You cannot make the mountain worthy of you.
You can make yourself worthy of the mountain.
Such is life.

16 August

Opening to nowness
and an appreciation of artfulness
in your life
is appropriate practice.
15 August
A bird resting on a tree
is never afraid of the branch breaking
because her trust is not upon the branch
but upon her own wings.

14 August

What are you actually willing to do?
If you want it badly enough
you are going to have to do more than a wish list
or talk about it.
Make doing a part of your energy, your environment.
If you want to provoke change,
passion is not enough,
you've got to be unreasonable.
Your life is worth making a scene over.
Own it with every ounce of your being.

13 August

Yoga helps you
get back to you…
to who you are, and
what you should be doing 
for yourself and the world.
Which is why the mat and meditation cushion
are so profound.
You search for your essence within
and shine it outwards.
There is no way you can create a life or love
with a cluttered, negative mind.

12 August

Living enlightenment
is to tenderly practice
the way of loving
and being loved 
far beyond resistance and fear
and gratefully embody
our humanness,
warts and oughts.

11 August

The great way is not difficult
for those who are unattached to their preferences.
Let go of longing and aversion
and everything will be perfectly clear.

10 August

So much of the stress we experience today
arises from being over-connected with social media.
The news, phone apps, social media, TV…
are ways to search for direct hits
of worry, stress and disappointment,
with an invitation to go straight into panic mode
and jarr your nervous system
when you really, truly, don't have to.
Not listening to the negative stuff over and over 
will cut down the knots in your stomach.
The amount of emotional energy and empathing you give
takes away from your ability to create your own work.
Why not set some rules
so that you can focus on what really matters?
Love technology enough for it to work for you 
and not the other way round.
Take care of your own emotional health
to effectively do your work in this world.
9 August
The law of least effort
comes into play when you practice being gentle.
To force is unnatural and feels 'wrong',
to go with the flow is natural and feels 'right'. 
It is unnecessary to try to solve, or force a solution.
Detach from need, want, should…
What is best for you
arises from a deeper, limitless consciousness,
and the solution arises at the right time,
and in the right way.
Letting go is a leap of faith.
You have amazing power within.
Why not access it?

8 August

There is no destination in business… or life.
It's all journey.
All of it.

7 August

You are wonderful and excellent,
learning and growing,
and doing the best you know how.
Fear is ego.
Live life's joy.
6 August
Decide on one tiny thing you can do next,
then do it.
Take one, small, consistent step at a time
and turn your life around.
Miracles happen.
Believe in yourself.
5 August

Be brave with your life.

4 August

Each step in your life is necessary
for you to continue growing.
If you don't take chances,
change isn't possible.

3 August

You don't have to like all endings,
just accept the reality of what they are. 
They allow for new beginnings,
otherwise you could simply give up,
and that could mean unhappiness
and a life of regrets.
Let go of older beliefs,
and think about things in a new way.
All endings are also beginnings.
We just don't know it at the time.

2 August

You are who you are
and that's pretty awesome.
Let's revel in it,
make the most of it,
celebrate it.

1 August

The supreme ideal is so distant…
in it's pursuit, it is easy to get lost 
in a hazy dream or in imaginationi
You are the nearest to you,
beyond which is nature.
Nature is actual.
Begin with the actual,
not the imaginery.

31 July

Stressful circumstances are troubling,
and there is a harmful side to stress.
Viewing stress as toxic can cause you to cope in ways 
(such as smoking, doing drugs and alcohol or binge eating)
that are evern more harmful than stress itself.
Similarly in trying to avoid stress
you could become overwhelmed or anxious.
However, stress can benefit you
if you shift your mindset
to cope with more optimism.
Stress is an adaptive state
which will ultimately help you cope with challenges.
Shifting your mindset to see stress as a catalyst
can help you to accept the stress you are going through
and allow you to stay focused and ultimately get stronger.
Why not view stress as a signal from your body and brain
that you are rising to the challenge.
This wil encourage you
to act, ask for help, or make meaning of the situation,
such as love, connection and growth.
The more resilient you are 
the more you will be satisfied with your life.
The grass isn’t greener on the other side, 
it’s greener where you water it!
30 July
You are a success story.
You already have everything within you to succeed. 
The ability to make a decision moves you forward.
But it does hinge on your decision…
Limiting beliefs have the power to stop you in your tracks.
Some toxic beliefs can negatively influence multiple areas of your life.
These beliefs are more damaging than specific beliefs. 
For instance, believing you can never learn to play the guitar
does not have the same negative impact
as the belief that you're too old/tired/fat/ugly/whatever to ……………
The power of your thinking is much more intense that you realise.
All that humanity has become today
is a result of what we have thought 
over hundreds and thousands of years.
Every invention, every contraption…
started as an idea within someone's mind.
Meditation helps you dissolve all blocks.
29 July
Learn to know yourself.
Search the processes
of your own mind and feelings
realistically and regularly.
With deep, inner reflection,
scrutinise every inch of your inner self,
to allow the 'good' to wash over the 'bad'.
Look into your daily conduct
to overcome the unskillful 
and develop whatever is gracious in you.
True freedom is inner freedom
to act, speak and think with self responsibility
28 July
Whatever you resist will persist.
Most everyday problems have been created
by our ability to mainfest unskillful stuff by accident,
instead of good stuff on purpose.
When you accept your life as it is,
relax, and go with the flow,
and offer no internal fresistance
to what you have created,
this acceptance frees you
from the need to re-create the same problems again,
which is what happens without acceptance.
27 July
No one is born hating another person
because of the color of his skin
or his background or religion.
They must learn to hate
and if they can learn to hate,
they can be taught to love
for love comes more naturally to the human heart
than the opposite.”
Nelson Mandela
26 July
Transformation is a passive process
that requires you 
actively showing up. 
25 July 
Everything worthwhile takes time, energy and massive commitment. 
Our relationships, health, business and personal requirements
all require significantly more time and effort than people imagine.
Open up to a sense of flow and synchronicity.
Deepen your connection with yourself and the universe…
when all is said and done, it is a benevolent universe.
24 July
Meditation opens the mind to the mystery
that takes place daily and hourly.
It widens the heart
so that it may freely feel
the eternity of time
and the infinity of space 
in every throb.
23 July
Ignore the 'experts'.
Do what works for you.
Start from where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
Pade, pade… step by step.
22 July
The secular sciences leave the phenomenon of human existence and its origins unexplained.
Thinkers who want to know about this, probe into the mystery of humankind and its origins
and thus the subject of philosophy comes into existence.
Seeking to understand the phenomenon of life, within at least two dimensions:
the beings who live the life
and the universe in which they live,
the subject, scope and area of study of philosophy is two-fold, namely,
- The study of humankind, and 
- The study of the universe in which we live …
Thus humanbeings and the world
become the two minimum, reducible, unavoidable subjects.
A deeper study of these two factore leads to the study of a third factor:
the origin of humanbeings and the world.
What is the phenomenon of life?
What exactly are human beings constituted of?
What are their origins?
What is the ultimate destination?
What is the nature of the universe?
What is the origin of the universe?
From where this world, sun, moon, planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae and all have come?
Who governs the phenomena of various natural cycles, such as day and night, different seasons, and the phenomenon of rains, which is just sufficient to support and sustain life?
Thus a third factor, the unknown source or origin of human beings and the universe, becomes an important part of the philosophical thought.
21 July
Allow a brilliant, somatic mindfulness
to arise naturally from the centre-point of sensuality 
within your lower abdomen.
This 'felt' existence of core-Self,
as you embody a sensual and still wholeness of being,
is the still intelligence
and original wholeness of all human beings
that advances creativity, wisdom, love and compassion
in everyday life and relationships.
20 July
To unify is a mission of global importance. 
To heal our wounds, and support the rise of peace and healing 
within us, and all around us,
we must transform prayer into concrete action,
and unskilful action into service and meditation.
19 July
if a belief doesn't serve you 
and the true vision you have for your life,
 then it has no place in your life. 
"Does this belief serve me?” 
is a powerful question you can ask yourself. 
It can be easy to get sucked into beliefs 
that you feel you are supposed to have
yet that don’t help you at all.
With this awareness, start to release your limiting beliefs 
and make way for new empowering ones.
18 July
Whenever you despise yourself
You hurt others.
17 July
Monday afternoon will be the first of a regular chanting session…
Sing into your bones
Light up your brain
with music, song, dance and shanti yoga.
These practices together are transformative.
They balance and heal your electromagnetic field.
Your perceptions begin to shift and change.
Shanti Yoga offers so much more than a sweaty mat practice.
Here you heal deeply,
and evolve into the person 
you deeply desire to be.
You come home to yourself.
16 July
The reason for which anything is done, created,
or for which something exists,
is it's purpose. 
Everything you do
has a purpose behind it,
And behind every purpose
is a certain level of motivation.
The stronger your purpose,
your 'why',
the more motivation you tend to have.
Purpose is the reason for your journey.
Passion is the fire that lights your way.
15 July
Obstacles in the path to self realisation 
show themselves in physical or mental indisposition:
Uneven respiration is the indication.
You stand, sit, kneel, lie down, 
twist, bend forward, backwards, sideways, invert
to calm the chaos of conflicting impulses and thoughts.
Stretch you body. Expand your mind. Extend your spirit.
Yoga again.
14 July
Argue for your limitations
and they will be yours.
When you argue (and insist) that you are
sick, poor, a bad dancer/public speaker/whatever,
then it will be so.
When you insist on your limitations, or lack, or problems
you are expressing your expectation, intention and faith
in what will be… and you will surely have them.
You are creating your own reality
just like anyone else.
Everyone creates their own reality.
Only the successful will admit it.
13 July
Do you really hear it?
Do you sense it?
Do you feel it with your bones, right down to the marrow,
with every cell in your being?
or is it just another fling,
a yoga-meditation-dharma-ayurveda-whatever fling?
Touched by an incredible sense of gratitude
for having the opportunity 
to hear, experience and participate
in profound spiritual teachings and practices,
you know that this is a gift
that you will never be able to repay.
In a sense this is what the gratitude is about…
appreciating your life, appreciating all life,
waking up again and again to that feeling.
12 July
Spiritual realisation
and moral action
are one reality.
They are interdependent,
just like cause and effect.
11 July
The journey of a thousand miles
begins with one step.
                        Lao Tze
Stop justifying, defending and explaining yourself.
If something is correct for you, 
Take initiative and act.
move forward with confidence.
Take the first step,
and the journey meets you,
the other steps will follow.
10 July
Change the way you look at things
and what you look at changes you.
9 July
Guru is the voice of consciousness
during the process of spiritual awakening.
Guru Purnima is a day
when students traditionally celebrate and rejoice
in the wisdom and blessings of their teachers,
for the inspiration and instruction
they have received to further their spiritual journey.
It is a time to acknowledge, contemplate and honour
the principle of Guru,
that represents the universal force of light
that dispels the darkness of ignorance,
existing as the teacher,
always available,
both within and without each and every one of us.
Please join me on this auspicious day
with deep gratitude and love.
Breathing in I thank you.
Breathing out I love you.
8 July
When silence comes from your heart,
you are not disturbed inside.
No matter what situation you find yourself in
being truly silent,
you continue to enjoy the silence.
7 July
Step into the fire of self-discovery.
This fire does not burn you,
it burns all that is not you
6 July
It is not necessary to understand
or solve the mystery,
be willing to be dissolved
into the mystery itself.
5 July
Loving the Self
and loving the Truth
are the same.
This love is freedom.
It dethrones your mind
and sets your heart free.
4 July
Consciousness illumines the mind
and shines within it.
You cannot know consciousness 
by means of the mind. 
But you can turn your mind inwards
and merge with consciousness.
3 July
Let us not perish
before we have fulfilled the purpose
for which we took birth;
before we have delivered the great message
which we have embodied.
2 July
To open the lotus flower in your heart,
develop, in order, the following:
sympathetic joy
and evenmindedness.
Existing in muddy water
with purity
like a lotus
thus we bow to wisdom.
1 July
In the course of our wanderings
through this beginningless samsaric world,
with both body and mind
we have caused, or consented to, 
unwholesome actions.
Feeling remorseful about these
we commit to abstaining from them
in the present and the future.
30 June
Take refuge in the three treasures of
wisdom, purpose and community
until you reach enlightenment.
Be strong in patience and forbearance.
Rejoyce in the entire mass of meritorious deeds.
29 June
We are the heirs
of whatever thoughts we think,
words we speak
and actions we take.
If we harm someone else,
who do we harm,
but ourself?
Like a person, who, facing the wind,
wants to throw dust on somebody else,
you only throw it on yourself.
We are the root cause of our ills.
Why therefore be angry with the other?
28 June
If your enemy has done some harm to you
within the sphere you regard as your own,
why do you want to inflict further harm on your own mind
which lies outside your enemy's sphere of influences?
27 June
You do not have a soul.
You are a soul.
You have a body.
Take care of your physical body.
Change your beliefs.
Clear blocked energy in your system
to restore your flow of vitality,
embrace your energy body
and uncover your life path.
Integrate everything
and transform life.
26 June
Connecting with nature is ancient.
Wisdom cultures have always revered
the earth, the trees, the waters.
The Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree to realise the world.
Nature plays such a vital role
in human health and wellbeing.
The healing effects of a natural view
also relieves stress and prevents ill mental health.
Trek in the rain forest,
swim in the warm ocean waves, 
touch the earth,
smell the flowers,
hug a tree.
You may be surprised at how deeply connected 
you are to the earth
through your roots.
Let's breathe in nature together.
25 June
Initially, attuning inwardly
seems like deepening and expanding our consciousness
to become more actualised,
and unlock who we really are.
But there comes a point when things turn around.
It now becomes clear
that this depth which seemed to be
the primary purpose of expanding consciousness,
and pivitol to serve, guide, enrich
and help us deepen spiritually,
is not here to serve our individual unfolding
but that we are obligated to serve and live out 
our larger purposes.
This reorientation is the moment of initiation.
We realise we have a sacred responsibility,
an obligation,
a blessing and a burden
to serve the deeper consciousness
and embody its work in the world.
Our soul's work goes beyond us,
it expresses the purposes of the soul of the world.
24 June
Focus on the goodness of life.
In all expressions and arguments,
dissolve negativity
by recontextualising it
rather than attacking it.
Being inclusive
expands the sense of self progressively.
You rise above all separation
and take no position.
23 June
There is an inner fountain of infinite joy
that is available to each of us at all times,
regardless of our circumstances.
True freedom comes from this place.
To be able to operate from infinite joy
all the time is powerful.
To stand in the centre
of actual, simple everyday joys
and take it all in, breath by breath, 
rather than comparing this moment of your life with others
requires practice and patience.
Count your blessings,
witness the joy of other people
to feed your heart rather than threaten it.
Mudita is the term which describes this sympathetic or altruistic joy.
It is the pleasure that arises 
when we delight in other people's well-being
rather than begrudge it. 
22 June
Will worrying add a single day to your life?
Stop worrying, start living.
21 June
Yoga, mindfulness and social justice are intertwined.
This is love in action.
Do what you can.
20 June
Allow your responses
to the circumstances of your life
to reflect your deepest desires.
Heed your inner compass.
Honour your soul.
19 June
The Self is not constrained
by gender, social or class structures.
Not tethered to a specific way of defining itself,
it lives in the midst of genders
not identifying as one of two genders,
nor re-inforcing institutionalised, binary gender roles.
Not constructed as an expression of gender,
an orientation, sect, particular demographic or a race,
the Self does not play any part in the division of humanity.
When you find that place within you
where you acknowledge both male and female aspects within,
and accept the capacity to embrace both
is when true liberation is possible.
18 June
Keep calm and gracious in the face of difficulties.
Live your life in a state of inclusion and wonder
at the diversity of humanity.
17 June
Yoga has touched me and changed my life.
If something burns your soul with purpose and desire,
it is your creative duty to be reduced to ashes by it.
Any other form of existence would be
a life of pain and suffering.
Creativity is a wild beast.
It demands that you leap 
to make a new way for yourself,
not depending upon what is, 
yet depending upon what you create
out of what is.
Your options are not limited.
They are infinite.
Your heart, that keeps creating life
would never invite you on a mission, quest or experience
that you should not undertake.
It is conspiring with you (not against you)
to help you live out your true story.
I teach because I can engage the honesty of yoga
gleaned from the very depths of being and practice
to offer truth and connection in the world.
Who wants more noise, lies and confusion?
Here there is a place for everything and everyone.
Here you don't need to wait for the stars to align,
your actions aligh them.
Transformation is deep, long lasting,
life changing and intentional.
Your existence is not random.
That you are here indicates that
there is a universal demand for you.
You have a story, a blueprint, a message
that someone, somewhere, needs to share.
You are too amazing, too complex, too brilliant, too capable
and too resourceful to be just a coincidence.
You are an important part of the cosmic script.
Take every opportubity life throws your way
as a chance to evolve and grow.
Take every failure as a lesson.
Each moment as a gift.
Recycle everything that happens to you
into new reason to push through.
Use the whole of life to benefit your sacred purpose.
Whatever you do in truth for yourself
will automatically become
an act of freedom and empowerment to others.
Why would you settle for another truth but yours?
How is your pulse today?
Keep your eyes on the journey.
You have only just begun
to yoga yourself alive.
16 June
Real transformation
is not about that elusive light
at the end of the tunnel,
the magical moment
when someone or something
outside yourself
comes to fix you,
choose you
or clear the path for you.
It is about you creating light
out of the beatings of your heart
in any tunnel, circumstance or situation.
You can waste a lifetime
waiting for the perfect opportunity, person or place
to save, change or complete you…
and yet the real revolution starts within,
the moment you take action.
15 June
Are you waiting for
the perfect person, time and place
and some one to rescue you 
from your old self?
Be informed, 
you are that place, that time, that person
you've been waiting for.
Do what you can
with what you have,
right here, right now.
All life is practice.
The art or practice
that feeds your soul,
fills you with purpose
and makes you come alive.
14 June
Ready is an illusion.
Later is a trap.
Tomorrow is a dream.
Someday is a nightmare.
YOu only happen now…or never.
And never is too late.
13 June
There is a part of us that is never ready to be more.
Yet, the real self is already more.
Fear is the only bridge between the two.
Cross it.
12 June
Spiritual realisation and moral action
are one reality.
They are interdependent,
just like cause and effect.
Enlightenment is not beyond good and evil
as is often popularised.
It is a way of using one's body and mind
living one's life
with a clear and unequivocal moral commitment.
Enlightenment is realised and actualised
not only in the realm of good and evil
but also within all dualities,
and is, at the same time,
not stained by those dualities.
11 June
Thinking it is a personal, invisible process,
that nobody knows about,
we generally pay little attention 
to the cause-and-effect power of thought. 
But thoughts radiate
like signals from a telecommunication satellite.
You project what you are thinking
in hundreds of ways.
What you think touches the world
and it touches you.
10 June
When our words are motivated by compassion and wisdom
they manifest as wisdom and compassion.
When our words are motivated by greed, anger and ignorance
that's what they will manifest.
When we express goodwill,
we creat the karma of goodwill.
When we express anger,
we create the karma of anger.
9 June
There comes a time
when you believe that everything is finished.
This is your beginning.
Great things take time.
Time changes you.
Your life is your art.
You create not because it's easy…
you do it because it is worth it.
You are amongst those
who bring a light so great into the world
that after they are gone,
the light remains.
Feel blessed.
8 June
Some days it is difficult to find motivation.
Some days motivation finds you,
and presents your truest story…
your work of art.
When you let go of control
and go with the flow,
you uncover another part of your character.
Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.
Resisting them creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Face your life.
Become your hero.
Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish
why not focus on how much you absolutely love what you are doing?
Every human being has been endowed with
beautiful, divine talents and gifts.
Even your flaws are gifts. 
You cannot understand 
or teach greatness
until you have learnt to handle
your defeats.
Love your life.
Connected with the universe and the Divine,
you are born to love.
As you open up your own inner resources
of inspiration and joy to the true purpose of your life,
you realise you are a child of the Sun.
Your soul is attracted to people in a similar way 
that flowers are attracted to the sun.
Gratitude is love in action.
It paves the path to inner peace.
7 June
What is felt
and transmitted vibrationally between people 
is more palpable than words.
Share love…
The frequency sent out into the atmosphere
helps shift the consciousness of the entire planet.
Everyone is transformed,
not just those present.
6 June
Choose the company
of awakened beings
who recognise their own divinity
and the divinity in each other.
Look for and see the beauty within,
which is the basis for all interactions,
with no sense of judgement.
Embrace everyone for where they are on their journey.
Be honoured by their contribution to humanity.
5 June
It’s time to step up, rejoice and be a leader
in the transformation of the earth and her inhabitants.
Participate in a significant way
towards this wonderful shift in consciousness 
now taking place on the planet.
You will not be doing it alone.
You are surrounded by other amazing beings
who are also in the process of waking up.
4 June
The cutting edge, human developmental science of Yoga
and the wisdom of its timeless cosmic principles 
train you with perennial wisdom
as a fully immersive experience,
designed to rewire your body and emotional system
to create a deep, transformational path 
towards awakening. 
Shanti Yoga provides a paradigm shift
in the way you perceive and engage in life itself.
It is unlike any other program you have engaged in.
Connect with your presence.
Embody higher consciousness
in every moment of your life.
The world needs you to step into your full power. 
3 June
The very pursuit
of voluntarily bringing back
your wandering attention,
over and over again
is the very root of judgement, character and will.
Watch ego squirm
…and chuckle at its antics.
2 June
Beauty cannot be defined or explained in words
It is understood in the quietness of the mind.
Understand beauy,
and you glimpse peace.

1 June

The pursuit of peace is not through the mind.
Peace is not the outcome of reason.
To put an end to war
you must end the war in yourself.
Realise your responsibility.
Do not leave it to somebody else.
Lay down a burden
pick up your more natural responsibility.
31 May
Ever more people today
have the means to live,
but no meaning to live for.
                  Victor Frankl
30 May
You are not as disturbed by circumstances, people or things
but by the view you take of them.
To see takes time.
29 May
When you are genuinely grateful
for both the darkness and the light
as simultaneous sides
of your love affair with life
you surrender.
Surrender means that you stop fighting life
and learn to surf the waves of now
however turbulent or uneventful the waters.
Dancing with life,
rather than the usual fight/flight default response
you actually live
versus just striving or pretending.
28 May
Go out at night
and look up at the sky
and while you notice that you are a part of the universe
see also that the universe is in you.
Your atoms came from those stars.
There's always a level of connectivity.
27 May
Mindfulness has only in recent times
entered the lexicon of common usage. 
It is such an ordinary word,
and doesn't have the allure of wisdom or compassion or love.
Yet the potential to be present,
to be aware of what's happening
is at the core of everything we do.
The more mindful you can be
as you face life, health and all sorts of challenges
the healthier you will be,
and the healthier the outcome for all.
There is great transformative power
in awakening from the dreamlike patterns of our lives.
26 May
If you want to understand your mind,
sit down and observe it.
Directly look at the nature of your mind and body,
and at the different aspects of your experience.
When you give more emphasis to the process of awareness
rather than to the particular objects of your attention
you will find out how suffering is created
and how you can be free.
25 May
Control is an illusion.
Just get out of the way
and let life unfold you
in each moment.
24 May
"Finally, brethren, whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever, is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is of good repute,
if there is any excellence
and if anything worthy of praise,
let your mind dwell on these things."  
                                           Philippians 4:8
23 May
Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say?
To whom?
- A Course in Miracles
Yet the universe is waiting for you to give it direction,
not the other way around.
The universe does not force you to do anything.
It is up to you to go deep within
and discover your true purpose 
for being on this planet.
When you are open to the possibilities
and take action towards your purpose 
the universe lines up the miracles and synchronicities 
that will help you achieve your purpose.
The first step is complete dedication and trust.
22 May
Do something that loves you.
In a world that is constantly trying to make you feel
less worthy or grateful or true to your heart,
every bit of love and self-care
you invest in yourself,
adds up.
21 May
Breathe in (I thank you)
Breathe out (I love you).
Breathe in (I thank you)
Breathe out (I love you).
20 May
Your soul plays amongst the clouds,
laughing with the winds of the universe,
and cascades with torrents of rain,
both nourishing the earth
and shattering it.
When life turns,
learn, grow and glow.
Stars shine anyway.
However, they are more visible
during darkness.
As a child of the sun, 
its flame rests in your being
and blazes strongly through your form,
which is of the sky.
In a world of constant change,
if you stumble,
just pick yourself up,
float in the moving river,
move with the currents,
rise and fall with the waves.
You are not the sea.
When your part on this stage has ended
you will return from where you came,
to rest in union with eternity.
Until then, say focused, alert, motivated.
Play your part.
It's what we are that transforms the world,
not what we do.
19 May
To experience peace,
do not be disturbed by,
nor aim to satisfy,
the incessant flow of desires
that empty themselves
like rivers entering the ocean,
which is ever being filled,
but always still.
 18 May
Wander through life
with a message of healing and light.
In the midst of darkness,
kindle the light that heals.
Through your travels,
in places near or far,
filled with compassion,
bring healing, truth and new life
to all you meet.
17 May
For one human being to love another;
that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks,
the ultimate, the last test and proof,
the work for which all other work is but preparation.  
                                      Rainer Maria Rilke
16 May
An elected leader who cannot speak the Truth
is a reflection of the mental concepts of the electorate.
The solution to this problem lies in my mind and yours.
If you and I cultivate the meditational skills
necessary to serve the Truth in thought, word and action,
we will change the consciousness of ourselves,
the electorate and those who serve in public offices.
15 May
When your words are motivated 
by compassion and wisdom,
they manifest as wisdom and compassion.
When your words are motivated
by greed, anger and ignorance,
that is what they manifest.
When you express goodwill,
you create the karma of goodwill.
When you express anger,
you create the karma of anger. 
Thoughts too radiate 
like signals from a telecommunications satellite.
You project what you are thinking in hundreds of ways.
What you think touches the world
and it touches you.
Spiritual realisation and moral action
are one reality.
They are interdependent -
just like cause and effect. 
Use your body and mind 
to live your life 
with a clear and unequivocal moral committment.
Enlightenment is realised within all dualities,
and at the same time not tainted by those dualities.
14 May
What if imperfect is perfect enough?
When you feel sad, low, down,
shift your being to express the divine.
The time is now.
When you ask:
What is the divinity asking of me now?
How do I choose to present myself to the world?
What good can I do in the world?
Before anything, divorce yourself
from the need to produce results.
Let your humanity transform your thinking
from survival of the fittest
to survival of what fits best. 
13 May
People want to live with connection.
Being together is what matters most.
When we come together,
the possibilities are infinite.
12 May
Small acts, big change.
You are not supposed to do it alone. 
The key is finding small ways to do your part.
Because when we add up these small acts,
that's when the big change really happens. 
11 May
Can health related events and success go hand in hand?
Shifting to focus on self-care and happiness
is to discover that the heart wants simplicity.
Not to abnigate everything,
but to do whatever one does successfully
and have a fulfilling life all around.
10 May
Life guided me
and I was not disappointed.
Primary lessons have been
connection and love,
certainty with humility,
These have enabled me to act.
and have been my motivation matrix.
Life is always perfect,
and at any time, it presents challenges.
These are not the end of the world.
Nothing is final.
Always be prepared to give
under any undesireable circumstances
Your life will guide you too.
9 May
The relationship between cognition and movement
means that behaviour never lies.
By examining your behaviour, you can
get a clear picture of your commitment,
gain an innate sense of your character,
grasp a near perfect understanding
of your beliefs and confidence levels.
Your behaviour tells you exactly what you are made of.
Everything counts.
Well done.
8 May
Seva is selfless service.
Do it because it has to be done
and expect nothing.
This is karma yoga.
7 May
We look inwards for the Self
but cannot see it
because the mind acts like a mirror
- which has a backing.
This means that we just see our own ego,
in other workds our own image, our prjections,
reflecting back at us.
6 May
"As I see it, every day you do one of 
two things: build health or produce 
disease in yourself."
                                Adelle Davis
5 May
Negative reality loops, or belief loops,
are ruts which are self-perpetuating.
But the good news is that you don't have to stay stuck in them.
This is an abundant universe
with infinite possibilities
if you are willing to see them.
If your current circumstances
make this difficult to beleive,
look past them.
Imagine a different life, 
a different world,
a different you.
The secret of change is to focus your energy
not on fighting the old,
but building the new.
4 May
is to see the difference between 
mattter and spirit.
Wisdom is to know they are the same.
Spirit is the source of matter.
3 May
To connect
through those who are already connected
is bhakti.
​Bhakti reveals the Reality.
2 May
To be nothing,
to have nothing, 
to keep nothing for oneself
is the greatest gift, 
the highest generosity.
                 Nisargadatta Maharaj
1 May
Practice is not a process for getting someplace;
It is not a process that gets us to enlightenment.
Practice is, in itself, enlightenment.
30 April
In birth, not a particle is added.
In death, not an atom is lost. 
In arriving there is no gain.
In departing there is no loss. 
29 April
No self.
No other. 
Nothing to choose.
Nothing to discard.
Life guided me.
28 April
Divine love is impersonal.
Yet impersonal love
is the only true love in existence.
27 April
Wake up in the burning heart of paradox
and realise that you are not a mere guardian
or poweless admininstrator of your circumstances,
but founder of your dreams,
the master of your fate,
the chief executive creator of your life.
26 April
Take adversity onto the path.
Transforming difficult circumstances
into causes for liberation is the path.
The spiritual path must combine
a recognition of the ultimate nature
of the mind and the world
together with the daily practice
of bringing every aspect of our everyday life
onto the path.
Then only, the path awakens the heart
of great compassion.
25 April
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
HH The 14th Dalai Lama
24 April
Love like you have never been hurt.
Live with no regrets.
Treat people the way you want to be treated.
Dance like you do when no one is watching.
Replant the global garden.
Practise calmness even during adversity.
Enjoy every spiritual fruit…it's all the play of consciousness.
23 April
Excess carbon in our atmosphere is causing the planet to warm
and natural disasters to intensify.
Deforestation puts more carbon into the atmosphere
than all transportation combined.
Rainforests are responsible for 20% of our global oxygen.
The more trees we plant 
the better our chances of minimising climate change
and related issues, such as drought, famine, crop failures and so on.
Periodically express your gratitude for the Earth,
her plant life, her forests and jungles.
Plant your prayers into the forest floor, like seeds,
nurture them to grow and protect you and all life.
In this time of continuing environmental devastation and denial,
your day-to-day choices matter more than ever.
Thank you for all that you do
to honour and beautify Mother Gaia every day.
22 April
Current living often confuses excitement with fulfillment.
From excitement, however, tension ensues.
Tension causes all happiness to vanish.
The 'thrill' of the 'false' happiness
(equated with excitement)
shatters the nerves
and filles people with suppressed fears,
followed closely with exhaustion
from their emotional jumping up and down.
Calmness is the only possible foundation
for any true, lasting, fulfillment and happiness.
Calmness is only possible
when the ego stops shouting for attention.
21 April
Ishvara ashiddha:
God is not proved.
20 April
Calmness is only possible
when the ego stops shouting for attention.
19 April
Mind reflects like the mirror, which is blind.
Intellect steps in.
Ego then steps and brings with it some delusion.
Feeling adds attachment:
I want, I like, I need, I reject…
These are all vritti: whirlpools
creating the vortex…
desires may be forever gratified
but are never satisfied.
Yoga is the neutralisation 
of the vottices of thought, feeling, sensation.
18 April
Be willing at all times to accept 
the cosmic, divine will
and follow that path.
Trust in the great and glorious spirit.
17 April
Remaining deeply present to each moment,
what if you are able to let go of arriving
and engage your spiritual practice as your service to life?
16 April
The body is constantly being eaten away
by the influence of suffering, impermanence and ego.
You cannot afford to waste a single moment 
but must apply this deterorating body
in the search for the essence of life.
Life has the opposite qualities to your physical body,
as it is of the nature of being truly permanent,
the origin of happiness, and your true self (atman-brahman),
which is free from the control of maya (illusion).
When you push towards a goal,
you can risk losing a sense of aliveness and vibrancy,
and this is no less true on the spiritual path.
Facing our individual and collective fears of aging and death
can allow us to live fully now,
and to actualise the sacred opportunity we've been given.
15 April
Do not allow your study and practice
to fall into neglect.
Insightful knowledge of the reality of life and the world
is the wisdom gained through the dharma
and attained through deep meditation.
The knowledge is cruicial.
It is not like mundane knowledge,
because the more you know,
the purer, the brighter, the more joyful,
more fun, pleasure, the stronger morale you get.
It is vital that you study the core teachings
to the point that you can obtain it for yourself.
It arises from something which has to be revived
rather than a modern invention.
Its truth remain the same,
and its reality is something you can still verify
by your own practice in the here and now.
14 April
Put your time to good use,
because only the present belongs to you.
Tomorrow is never for sure.
therefore make sure that today is the day 
you do your best.
Live your life and perform your duties well,
imagining how you would prepare yourself
in body and mind if you knew today
had to be the last day of your life
to ensure yourself a good afterlife destination.
Motivating yourself thus,
you will avoid recklessness in life
while inspiring yourself
to accomplish the maximum of good.
13 April
All your other endeavours,
all the worldly subjects you study
will do nothing to help you
when you find yourself on your deathbed.
The only thing which can help you then
is the merit and virtues you have accumulated
with dedication and without conditions
throughout your life.
Even if, at the moment of dying,
with merit, death would hold no fear to you
because you have the confidence
that a new body awaits your spirit
which is a better place to be reborn.
12 April
Dedicatedly cultivate virtues such as
generosity, self-discipline, renunciation, wisdom, patience,
perseverance, sincerity, resolution, loving kindness and equanimity.
When it comes to the subject of cultivating these virtues,
there is no such thing as 'biting off more than you can chew'.
You should rather consider it as 'rising to the challenge'.
You will have to go against the flow,
meeting resistance and hardship
as your resolve is tested.
11 April
To be born human
and not use one's human birth
meditating to attain enlightenment
is to be born in vain.
From the first moment you start to study the dharma,
you must know that you can't afford
to waste a further moment of your life.
This human existence is like a transit lounge 
to accumulate the wisdom you need
on the path to Nirvana.
Reinforce your commitment daily.
Consolidate your purpose in life for yourself
and you will find your spiritual life
replenished with determination,
leaving you with constant delight and joy within.
10 April
There are only two things that really exist:
consciousness and its contents.
There are only two things which really belong to you:
Your mind and the point inside you
which is the home to the mind.
Mind consists of the functions of perception, memory, thought and cognition.
The home for your mind is wherever you designate it to be.
With this designation, it is then at the centre of your body,
and forms the trailway, the inner path that you can use to reach nirvana.
Use it wisely to attain the source of pure wisdom
and to break free of suffering
while gaining inner knowledge of the reality of life and the world.
9 April
The most important thing, wherever you are,
is not to neglect your meditation practice.
Don't let your purpose in life slip away.
You made the decision to follow this path
out of a wish to attain the inner body of enlightenment.
Thus you should meditate with diligence,
and fulfil your chosen purpose.
Having a clear and wholesome purpose in life
is very important to meditators.
Also aim to be self sufficient materially
by earning an honest living.
Do not harbour expectations.
It is enough not to let your practice deterioriate.
When you see an improvement,
know that it is a result of your consistent effort
to maintain subtlety of mind all along.
8 April
We have all been shaped to some extent by our past,
yet none of us has the power to change what has happened.
To relinquish the hold the past has on you
requires a conscious choice,
and paradoxically requires no strength, only courage.
It necessarily involves forgiveness
not just for those who have hurt you,
but also of yourself,
for the myriad mistakes, shortcomings, wasted opportunites
and for living in a world that does not notice permanently unhealed wounds
that scar a life.
Forgiveness and justice are not incompatible goals.
However, justic should not be based on
the concept of retribution… of getting even. 
Forgiving is giving up a grievance to which you are entitled.
It is neither forgetting nor reconciliation.
It is an act of letting go, of relinquishment.
It is not something you do for others.
it is a gift to yourself.
By forgiving we do not release others from accountability,
we free ourselves from the burden of bitterness.
In this sense, forgiveness is a selfish rather than an altruistic act.
7 April
If something isn't happening
and you push harder, work longer,
feverishly hop from task to task
hoping something you do will make it hapen,
you are resisting.
This is the exact opposite to allowing.
Most people surrender
when they have reached a place of total frustration…
simply sick and tired of working on the issue,
they simoly give up,
which is what the universe has been nudging us to do all along.
The usual pattern of fighting to make things happen
or manipulating things in your favour
or working till you drop 
needs to give way to inspired action.
The inspiration comes from the universe
via people, things and events,
coincidents reminding us 
to directly participate
in the art of allowing the universe
to guide our actions
so that you take the next step
with enthusiasm and excitement.
6 April
Stress, pressure, never enough,
fear of failure, success, blame, living a life devoid of meaning
drive people to live from 'away from' …
Towards is different.
With vision, you are not pushed by circumstances,
but puled by an intrinsic purpose 
to live a passionate, purposeful life.
Make a deep commitment to finding your purpose
and expressing your mission
through oyur unique gifts.
5 April
When a person speaks from outrage, 
from blame, anger, arguments, conflict,
listen carefully…
they are telling you
what is important to them. 
They are revealing their values.
Reframe the blame and conflict into values
and see beyond the story.
Ask yourself:
What is important to this person?
What is important about that?
Why is that important to him/her?
Listen through the lens of compassion
so that you can unlock your next steps.
A compassionate world is a peaceful world.
4 April
Every so often reflect on your vision, grounding and navigation,
and how your vision and the products and services you offer
makes available and achievable to people their vision.
Moving past uncertainty and fear involves clarity regarding
• how you want to spend your ‘working -day’ 
• how you want to take care of yourself each day
• the changes you need to make with what you are currently doing.
One strategy is to know how you want it to end, and work backwards.
Begin at the finish.
Allow yourself to dream without limits.
Allow the feeling of achievement to saturate your mind.
It is your life, therefore it is your responsibility to solve the climax first.
You get to write, direct and star in your own movie.
Choose to become the hero of your story:
You are complete, prepared and ready to unleash your greatness.
Stand on your own two feet.
Confront fear, overcome obstacles, and save yourself.
3 April
A great way to minimise the time and effort you lose
from trying to be 'perfect' is to set time limits.
'Done' is sometimes better than perfect,
when 'done' is achievable 
and perfect seems to go on forever
with the need for finishing touches
or no touches at all
because perfection has not been found as yet.
What project can you imperfectly complete today?
You might be disappointed if you fail,
but you are certainly doomed if you don’t start.
2 April
Challenges present immense opportunities.
1 April
This is an excellent time to reflect on your year 
and if necessary, make some immediate corrections.
as today is the start of the second quarter,
and a quarter of the year has gone by since the 1st of January.
To know, and not to do, 
is still not to know.
The great waste of untapped resources in this world
are people's good intentions
that do not translate into purposeful behaviour.
31 March
Oneness is the source of love.
Real love is the One
celebrating itself as the two, three and many.

30 March

At the end of the day, most people who are in this profession don't just want more money. They want the changes that money opens up for them. Choices such as…where they live, who they help, how often they travel, which dreams thay can pursue, what they do with their time…and so on. 

When you think about what you want, shift your focus away from the cost and onto the experience itself. Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want. Affirm:

"I am having the experiences I choose and money shows up to support me."

Affirmations can shift your energy and attitude in the short term. But what if you could keep those shifts in place so that monmey flows to you all the time and create a life of abundance i.e. a life of choices?

In my course, and my book, I personally guide you. This will help you recognise some ways you block money from your life, and insight to make money feel like less effort. 

29 March

Fear and anxiety are states of mind.
Focus on feelings of calmness and peace.
Be present in the 'now'.
To consider yourself a spiritual being,
is also a state of identification.
Identify with no structured identity.
Personal growth is a means to an end, 
not an end in itself.
Come out of the thinking: I do this to get this…
Be comfortable with the unknown. 
Release any known judgements…
including judging others.
Respond rather than react to situations.
Don't judge yourself.
Don't over analyse things.
Just be yourself.
You are enough. You have enough. You do enough.
You are rare and wonderful
And there is only one of you in all of time
And the world would be a poorer place if you were not in it.

28 March

The heart surrenders everything to the moment.
The mind judges and holds back.

27 March

Across planes of consciousness,
we have to live the paradox
that opposite things
can be simultaneously true.

26 March

It's all real and it's all illusory:
that's awareness.

25 March

Opportunity is always within reach.

24 March

Without the guidance of higher knowledge,
stressful problems become those 
you must control, manipulate or obliterate,
which can be overwhelmingly burdensome.
However, when you engage higher knowledge
to determine how best to use lower knowledge,
all your challenges can become means to your fulfillment.
23 March
Cointained in every adversity
is the seed of equal
or greater benefit.
                Napoleon Hill

22 March

You are not the body that was born and dies.
You are not the mind that always changes.
You are the one
who is aware of the body,
aware of the mind.
You are that consciousness
which is always aware.
You are waking up from the dream.

21 March

You may not be able to do all the good that the world needs,
but the world surely needs all the good you can do.
20 March
Truth is the eternal, unifying consciousness
that dwells in the heart of each and every individual.
You access it through your conscience,
and feel it when the mind is still.
Through the absence of thought
is the ending of time.
The more frequently and attentively 
you employ this inner wisdom,
to guide your thinking, speech and actions, 
your alignment is your union with truth
which purifies you.
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
frees you to be present,
to have a clear mind
and fulfill the purpose of your life
without pain, misery or bondage. 
19 March
The peak experience to beat all peak experiences
does not arise from big thrills, peak experiences, deep insights.
Real enlightenment is the most ordinary of the ordinaries.
Yet, your ordinary, boring, pointless life
is incredibly, amazingly, astoundingly, relentlessly, mercilessly
exquisite and joyful.
18 March
It is the ego's attitudes that has us looking at
what's missing, what's wrong, what's not,
and how it should be but isn't.
Why not choose to look at life
through an appreciative and expanded awareness
for all it is
and through the lens of gratitude.
You can transform your own life
and it is imperative that you do,
because only you can do it.
No guru can make your life right.
No meditation master can show you the way.
Only you have the power
to make this place you are living in right now
a realm so beautiful,
that even God herself
could not dream up anything better.
Moreover doing so will transform the universe.
It is up to you.
Only you can find the path
and only you can walk it.
17 March
When life gives you scraps, make a quilt.
Letting go of our committed pessimism
does not mean that we ignore what's wrong with the world.
Seeing what's wrong 
is a big part of how we make things better.
It is vitally important that we do this
which is very much our own personal responsibility.
Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.
16 March
Creativity and decay are two major forces in life.
They are both natural laws of existence.
People die, plants die, animals die, ways of life die,
Every change is a little death…
and yet a part of us lives on.
Death is nothing but a falling leaf,
the tree in us still stands.
We are time, we are life and we are change.
Our shattered pieces and failed tries,
our burns, scalds and midnight cries
are alchemised into more life.
Start before you are ready
Your only time is now.
Your smaller self is not yet ready to be more.
Your higher self is already more.
Your fear is the only bridge between the two.
Cross it.
When one thing passes,
the creator does not hold on to the caterpillar's corpse,
it turns itself into a whole new creature,
powerful enough so that the flapping of its wings
can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.
That butterfly? That's you.
15 March

Breath is the remote control of the universe.
14 March
No matter how much some people have,
they want more.
And no matter how much these people acquire,
they are never really happy.
This is because contrary to popular belief,
happiness and contentment have nothing to do
with acquiring what you think you want.
True happiness and contentment can only come 
from being grateful for what you already have.
Oddly enough, when you are happy with what you have.
when you truly appreciate something, without attachment,
you receive more.
On the other hand, when you find discontent with what you have
and start chasing after more,
you quickly become enslaved by your desires,
which is the foundation for addiction…
and as we all know, addiction will, in time, ruin your life.
So let go of the need to have more of anything
and trust that what you have right now is enough.
Take all that time you have given to the chase
and channel it into your practice of gratitude,
and feel the peace that washes over you.
Contentment does not arise as the fulfillment of what you want
but from the realisation of how much you already have.
13 March
Experiencing yoga through the ages,
our paradigms have changed.
Our religion is each other  (not Hindism, Islam, Christianism, Judaism, Buddhism etc)
Our practice is life (not asana!)
Our prayer are our words.
Our temple is the earth.
The forests our church.
Our holy water are the rivers, lakes and oceans.
Meditation is our relationship.
Life is our teacher.
Self knowledge is wisdom.
Natural awakeness is non-dual awareness.
Love is the centre of our being.
12 March
We remain ignorant and feel incomplete and inadequate
because of the lack of self-knowledge.
Come out of the shadows of the past.
Give yourself the freedom and liberty to question,
to test the boundaries,
to grow beyond the limitation of tradition
into new expressions
and new revelations.
11 March
The perishable and the infinite
appear to be two separate selves.
Yet both are a part of the same completeness.
The first is identified with our ego or body-consciousness,
where the self lives in duality,
always dependent upon something or the other.
The other is our inner self, core energy, the God within us,
which exists in the absolute,
being non-dual awareness.
Both are constituents of the same subject.
One is separated in its objectivity
while the other remains intact.
10 March
Leadership is not about being charismatic
and winning people over with your personality and charm.
Nor is it about the ability to control others
and force them to do you will,
Not having multitudes of followers
who are willing to follow you blindly,
no matter what you say or do…
It is not hierarchical or forceful
True leadership does not create separation
or assume that you are better than others
and therefore you should lead people
as if they are sheep.
We are all connected
The same spark from source energy
that is our essence
also creates our unique qualities as individuals.
It takes courage to be a true leader
and show the divine spark in others
before they can see it themselves.
As you trust in the innate goodness 
they begin to trust you
and the others.
Then, a true team, tribe or community
is created as one world,
based on trust 
and by honouring the living, loving essence
of every living being.
When people to come together
to share their unique gifts
for the benefit of everyone,
not just their own group or family,
but for the entire planet,
leadership works.
9 March
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability
to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. 
                                                                      Albert Einstein
8 March
Do not confuse spirituality
with thinking about God while doing the dishes.
True spirituality arises from just doing the dishes mindfully…
(with full mind).
Activity is usually a time when it is difficult to remain
in the mind of meditation.
Train the attention during activity.
To stay with the mind of the meditator during activity
trains the attention to stay in the present
and experience the sacred in everyday tasks
and the joy of service, contribution, purpose and meaning.
The presence is everywhere.
You experience it when you are present.
7 March
Just doing enough to 'get-by'
or achieve your goals may not be enough.
If you just settle for what is required.
Go above and beyond. 
When you push the boundaries you grow.
What distinguishes you as a changemaker?
You have a chance
to make the most of each opportunity
to take your unique voice
and your offering 
and transfer it into what moves and inspires action.
It is time you get into the habit of doing great things.
There are as many ways
to change the world
as there are people on the planet.
6 March
Your deepest answers won't come from
another person, a job, a place, an opportunity.
They are already in you.
All you need to do is get out of your own way
and let your truth come forth.
Leave your best footprint in the world
before you leave it.
You matter.
Thank you for existing.
5 March
You must listen to what your heart is saying.
Make time for yourself every day
and start cultivating a relationship
with you,
a solid love affair 
that can withstand
the ups and downs
that you will be tested with…
over and over…
in order to evolve. 
By learning to love yourself
you are helping me
and countless others 
whose paths will be affected by yours.
4 March
We are not on our journey to save the world
but to save ourselves.
But in doing that you save the world.
The influence of a vital person vitalises.
                                Joseph Campbell
3 March
We destroy and rebuild ourselves everyday.
Do not be fearful or anxious.
Do not let these times of uncertainty, fear and anxiety
silence your voice, dismiss your soul
or make you shrink from your purpose.
You still have a pulse.
Whatever you decide to do right now with your life,
in whatever capacity,
you can't go wrong if you are following your heart.
It does not matter what your truth looks like to other poeple
is it life-giving to you?
2 March
Brahman is the ritual. 
Brahman is the offering. 
Brahman is the offered, 
poured out by Brahman.
Brahman is he who makes the offering
to the fire, which is Brahman.
Brahman is attained by all those
who recognise Brahman in every action. (Bhagavad Gita 4:24)
1 March
When it's right, you feel it. 
Everybody is born with an inner compass.
The more you use it,
the more you will be able to clearly hear 
your intuitive divine guidance.
It has only one purpose:
to lead you home.
Begin today.
28 February
Everything you want and seek is already yours.
You don't need to learn how to manifest
freedom, empowerment, abundance…
how to live a better life…whatever…
The truth is it's your own limiting beliefs 
programmed into your subconscious
that are blocking the breakthroughs
you want and deserve
from becoming your reality.
To reprogram your subconscious
and empower your life,
practice Shanti Yoga and meditation daily.
27 February
The principle of compassion lies at the heart
of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions,
calling us always to treat all others
as we wish to be treated ourselves.
Compassion impels us to work tirelessly
to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures,
to dethrone ourselves from the centre of our world
and put another there,
and to honour the inviolable sanctity
of every single living being,
treating all, without exception,
with absolute justice, equity and respect.
26 February
You are blessed right now, and always.
Allow wonderful blessings of love and light
to enter every aspect of your life
and enrich it for the better.
Feel the light and energy as you
bless your life, your relationships and family,
your income, your health, your wealth and happiness,
your world, the planet and all its inhabitants…
Feel the wonderful effects
blessing has on you.
The more you think about this amazing blessings
the more you feel better and better about your life.
25 February
Do or do not. There is no try.
Action will set you free. 
Begin today.
24 February
What you think about
and feel about
comes about.
This is the guiding principle
of the Law of Attraction.
You need to get past the negatives
from the past and present
to create the life you want.
In essence,
you attract vibrationally.
23 February
Sometimes you just know
that you are supposed to be doing something else.
A crisis is often the turning point in a person's life.
The transition, changing your life
driven by the inspiration 
to live, love and matter
begins with being more intentional,
caring for those around you,
trying harder to notice, feel, enjoy and learn
to share and give to life
without fear.
22 February
Trials and tribulations,
both great and small
to life. to test us.
Face them with courage and wisdom.
The secret of strength
lies in a quiet mind.
Accept what is.
Release what was.
Create what must be.
21 February
Faulty concepts
to perceive a constantly changing world,
and your own mind and body,
make reliable, health-affirming choices
almost impossible. 
Life is practice.
Pay attention to what you practice.
Think of yourself as being all you know you should be:
constant, gentle, loving and kind
to every man, woman and child,
and to every circumstance in life.
Be kind and tolerant in your attitude
towards all conditions on earth.
Be completely calm
in all conditions and circumstances,
quiet, yet strong:
strong to serve,
to help the weaker,
to speak the truth,
to take appropriate action
and to be a tower of strength and light.
Face the injustice and unkindness you see
bearing no resentment,
with a serene spirit,
knowing that all things work out in time for good,
and that justice is always eventually triumphant.
Be patient and trust in the cosmic process
and in the workings of the divine will.
20 February
Implementation is the key.
It's a big work that says:
Go do something.
Take action.
Take one step at a time,
but take that step.
Take another step the next day,
then more steps over the next week
and a lot more steps over the next month.
Otherwise, when excitement falls away
you could find yourself back into old habits,
old fears and the old way of life
that you were not happy with.
19 February
What goals will you move towards today?
What hurdle can you dismantle
to give you the motivation to strive on?
How will you celebrate and reward yourself
for your accomplishments, big and small?
It does not matter what the outside world says you can or cannot do.
It's what you yourself believes that counts.
The only limits you experience are self imposed
and can be realeased at any time.
You can accomplish the things you put your mind to
as long as you believe in yourself.
Have a magnificient life.
18 February
Displaying many gifts…
a body
with the gift of the senses,
the vitality of breath,
a mind made from diverse thoughts
imbued with intelligence
and love of the heart,
every being is adorned
by the myriad expressions of divinity.
Every face is the face of God.
We seek this face in the form of happiness
in everything we think, say or do.
We have been seekers from the very beginning.
All seekers have just one quest:
Where can we find the complete and ultimate object 
of our lifelong quest?
Is such seeking relevant in today's hectic lifestyle
and the constant demand for more and more?
Can the ordinary joys of material life 
and the thirst for the quest
give us lasting peace and completeness?
Can it be found in the material world?
Truth has never been attained by seeking,
yet ironically, only seekers have attained it.
Learn the skill of seeking Truth each and every day.
17 February
We first witnessed the agricultural revolution,
then the industrial revolution,
followed by the information revolution;
the time is ripe for a consciousness revolution.
Through the Shanti Yoga system for wisdom
that imparts the magic of awakening
and attaining truth,
we come upon the point of nothingness
within each and every one of us,
the source or centre of your being.
When you access this state,
the wisdom that stems from it 
is beyond the wisdom of knowledge and ignorance.
It is the source of all knowing,
a place where nothing is concealed
and everything can be seen clearly;
a place which leads you to inner peace.
16 February
Life invites you into a dance.
You are seduced by beauty and trust,
joy and possibility.
If you feed this with action after action,
without resistance, fear or excuses
you just wake up in love,
barefoot, naturally, without struggle.
Love does not need to be perfect.
it just needs to be true.
15 February
The love that you grow for your own self
and the ongoing relationship you develop
with yourself as a result
is the only measure by which you can love
and open up to the rest of life…
whether it's another being, a job, a place, a belief…
Falling and staying in love with your life
every single day
is the best gift you can give to the world
and the only way you can inspire change in others.
If you really want to know 
how much or how little 
someone loves themselves,
look at their choices.
What you choose to invest your time,
heart and creative energy in,
on a daily basis
is the greatest reflection of the love
or the lack of love 
you express to yourself. 
Your actions define your lofe.
Your love (or its absence) define your actions.
How do you expect to receive from life
the love you refuse to yourself…
in whatever shape you are demanding it right now?
How can you truly give others
what you haven't learnt to give to yourself?
True love will never happen
unless you happen first.
Say yes to you.
Fall in love with yourself
and the rest is easy.
No matter what the wrapping,
any celebration of love,
is a gift to cherish.
14 February
Pay attention to what you practice.
Most people suffer because they practice ego.
Our programming, conditioning and grooming
become the unconscious concepts
that determine our conscious perceptions.
In everyday life we don't really experience the world,
we experience our mind.
Because so many of our stored, unconscious concepts
are neither true nor valid,
the perceptions the mind forms,
and actions the body takes,
often lead to disease, burnout and pain.
Do not be afraid of losing all the conditioning
that need to be lost.
Be more afraid of not finding the naked truth
in your depths
that screams to be found.
You can't lose what you no longer are.
What is really yours will never leave you.
13 February
Your attitude,
the way your mind looks at what happens,
more than what happens to you
determines your living.
Here are some simple truths:
• Nothing is as it seems.
• All things are possible.
• Start before you are ready. 
  Your only time is now.
• Letting go is the most powerful act
   of faith, vulnerability and surrender.
• The best things in life cannot be kept for oneself.
• The obstacle is the way…
   The impediment to action advances action.
   What stands in the way becomes the way.
12 February
You do not need to analyse
or think your way into creating everything.
This is a limited use of your mind.
Change its focus to love for all,
and intentions of unity
and you embark upon the journey of awakening,
which incorporates three keys:
When you truly and deeply accept
every single thing in you life,
Peace will manifest in every cell of your being.
When you completely trust the divine plan
for the higher aspects of yourself and your evolution,
Love will manifest in all your interactions.
When you allow it all to flow
within the beautiful currents of the universe
Joy will manifest in your life.
11 February
Out of the silence
that is peace,
a resonant voice says
Breathe in Love.
Breathe out Peace.
Breath in Peace.
Breathe out Love.
10 February
The greatest secret to life…
don't believe a thought you think.
9 February
You have reaped.
Now you must sow.
8 February
Before the eyes can see
they must be incapable of tears.
Before the ears can hear
and the nose can smell,
they must lose their preferences.
Before the tongue can speak the Truth,
it must lose its power to wound.
Before you can touch another
all toxcicity and defilements must be cleansed away.
Before you can stand in the presence of another
your soul must be on its knees.
7 February
As you travel through challenges,
and amidst adversity, take heart.
Even though you walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
fear no evil. 
The divine presence is within you, always,
the rod and staff are in your backbone,
they support and comfort you. (adapted from Psalm 23:4)
If you are going through some difficulties or hard times now, 
be encouraged when you remember…
'No weapons formed against you shall prosper…' (Isaiah 54:17)
No matter how dark things appear to be right now,
you can always look to the Light of the world (John 8:12)
Turn around whatever you used to hurt you
 to prosper and bless you.
Only good plans await, 
not to harm you, but
'plans to give you hope and a future'. (Jeremiah 29:11)
6 February
Ask "What is possible?" not "What is wrong?"

5 February

When you reflect upon yourself,
the self that is reflected
is other than the self that reflects.
Enlightened beings
are those who have arrived
at the pure spaciousnes
of our fundamental reality.
Their disciples and students
are of all levels of consciousness
and from all walks of life.
Their teaching is simple awareness.
You may distract yourself
from the feeling that something is missing
in a thouand ways…
ignoring the basic fact of your aloneness.
You can't or won't sit still,
you won't be alone,
or be unafraid to find inside yourself
the unlived dreams,
the unhealed wounds,
the changes that need to be made
if you are to face the truth.
However, in the enlightened presence
most of us either seek out the time and place
to live the dreams, or lose them,
to heal the wounds,
and to make changes as best we can.
Through yoga, meditation,
in music and dance, 
in movement and stillness,
in love and awareness,
little by little
we learn to lose ourselves,
to find ourselves.
An old, feeble person, bent with age,
a poor and friendless, sick person,
a dead person
are our the three heavenly messangers.
Receive them with great benediction,
and through the doors of love.
Unless you learn how to die
you will miss being fully alive. 
Death is the crescendo of life.
Hidden in it is the greatest freedom.
You disappear.
you don't remain as you,
defined, identified with anything.
You remain as the whole, not a part.
Celebrate the pure nothingness of your innermost being,
your essential atman or buddhanature,
the experience of that primary subjectivity.
Awareness is the silent and choiceless observation
of what is.
4 February
There is no need to have knowledge to know.
Negate the mind and there is silence…
and in that silence you are divine.
You have never been anything else.
You have always been that.

3 February

To improve your life circumstances
and live with great skill, generosity and humility, 
start your morning with meditation
and a deep connection with the divine Presence.
Sit up, not down.
The simple act of sitting
provides a dynamic, vital and profoundly regenerative function.
We all have an inner awareness and knowing
that sometimes guides our decisions.
Getting in touch with yourself
and why you feel a certain way,
allows you to make better decisons
and enjoy life more.
Allow the Presence
to guide your life, your thoughts, your choices, your speech, 
and all your noble efforts.
You must reason, use your will and power, and act,
but with great deference to this inner guidance.
Seek good company,
company that reminds you of the God-space,
and of the noble things in life.
Be conscious everyday of how you will schedule you day
to change some older, unskilful habits,
and how these newer habits will help you
hold your calmness and equanimity.
Every so often, check whether what you are doing
is simply wasting your time
and if you can free up some of that time
just to spend it with your deep spiritual Presence.
Even as you do this, you are on the spiritual path
because your thoughts are with the divine Presence.
If you start in the morning
and keep on working with your divine spirit,
then when nighttime comes,
you can go to sleep, 
knowing you have put the day to good use,
and are evolving consciously. 

2 February

As you embark on your spiritual journey,
it dawns on you that you live the dream 
with one eye open,
viewing life with love and irony,
mixing cynicism with kindly tolerance,
alternately waking up from life's dream
and then nodding off again.
When you feel more alive in the dream
than when you are awake,
you invest your waking life
with a dream-world quality.
You see with one eye closed and one eye open
the futility of much that goes on around you
and your own endeavours,
yet still retain enough sense of reality
to determine to go though with it.
With no illusions you are seldom disillusioned
Without extravagant hopes you are seldom disappointed.
Just as you look into a mirror
to observe your face and body
to look your best before others,
you realise that it is more important to look daily
into the inner mirror of introspection and reflection
for what is behind all superficial appedarances.
In this way the spirit is emancipated.

1 February

It is not truth that makes human being great
but human beings that make truth great.
When you choose to align with 
lofty, spiritual thoughts
such as love, peace, gratitude, grace and compassion,
and not ego-based thoughts,
you begin to experience miraculous changes in your life. 
It all begins with one simple action:
paying attention to your thoughts.
You have to become more mindful
and conscious of the thoughts that you are choosing,
the words that you are using,
and the actions that you are taking.
By starting to become responsible
for the thoughts you think,
you develop a greater awareness
of how you want to change
and what you want to shift.
Once you become willing to look at your unholy stuff
and face it courageously,
you can offer it up
and the universe will conspire with you
to bring about the change you seek.

31 January

Are you the seeker or the Source?
In the game of life are two squares you can occupy.
On the square "I seek"
you will be running your life seeking…
your life partner, a better job, more income, or even the truth.
On the other square you emanate a different truth…
that you are the source
and experience yourself as already having the very thing you desire
Whenever you feel abundant,
abundance finds you.
Everything you want from the universe is yours…
the wealth, the freedom, the spiritual enahncement…
Reprogram your mind.
Share your unique gifts with the world.

30 January

Unconditional love already exists in each of us.
It is part of our deep inner being.
It is not so much an active emotion
as a state of being.
It is not “I love you” for this or that reason,
not “I love you if you love me.”
It is love for no reason, love without an object.
It is just sitting in love,
a love that incorporates the chair, and the room, 
and permeates everything around.
Love is not about possession,
it's about appreciation.
The thinking mind is extinguished in love.
The heart opens.
29 January
You don't need more money,
you don't need greater success or fame,
you don't need the perfect body
or even the perfect mate.
Right now, at this very moment,
you have a mind, 
which is all the basic equipment
you need to achieve complete happiness.
Poverty, lack and illness 
are part of the experience
and it's all for our learning.
How long it takes to learn how absences feel
is up to each individual.
When you learn the lessons,
you don't need the hard experiences anymore.
Manifesting arises
when you pursue presence…essences,
not absences.
Create the essences…
health, love, faith, light, abundance …
Boundaries are just imaginary lines.
Know your own strength.
Inspiration and choice to live a better life
arise from your own mind.
28 January
We live in a multi-dimensional universe,
with the existence of entities which are not solid 3D beings
but purely energetic, vibrational beings.
You can move between alternate and parallel universes
when your individual vibration matches another dimension
and you cease limiting yourself to the concept of being only physical.
By vibrating at a super high frequency,
you may access any number of higher realms.
However, from a lower dimension it is almost impossible
to even conceive of the existence of other realities.
You can create and access a world, 
where love is the only vibrational frequency
through the power of your own thoughts,
vibrational frequence and life, 
here and now.
27 January
You don't define yourself by
thoughts, words, experiences or emotions…
all these are are only temporary.
You are your Truth, 
which is unconditional love.
Live your life from the source.
Connect more deeply with those around you
and with the divine in yourself
to discover how you can better face
the unique challenges of being human.
26 January
The elements dance.
Consciousness dances.
Shiva-Shakti dances.
The animate and inanimate dance.
All these, the Vedas and more dance
when the Supreme Presence dances the dance of bliss.
Infinite worlds as the limitless abode,
the five chakras as a pedestal,
the central kundalini shakti as the divine stage,
thus in rapture the Presence dances.
That which is transcendent light,
dancing with the celestials,
in the golden hall,
with the 3 Gods,
with the assembly of silent sages,
dancing in song,
in ultimate energy,
dancing in souls,
is the Lord of Dance.
It is no accident that you have found Shanti Yoga
and the treasures it offers.
It is all part of the divine dance of destiny.
The treasure you will uncover is divine knowledge.
knowledge about you and the Divine,
knowledge how to live a spiritual life,
knowledge about what Yoga teaches.
All this and more awaits you in the path that follows.
Attend and practice with a teacher
who puts this knowledge into practice,
and one day you will hold Truth in the palm of your hand.
25 January
Your body acts as a library, storing all your old stories.
The practices of Shanti Yoga
serve as a spiritual catalyst and healing facilitator,
to guide your energy and adjust your DNA
elegantly resolving your deepest fears, blocks and old beliefs 
to accelerate new levels of alighment, growth, health, wholeness and abundance.
The Shanti Yoga vinyasa activates light frequencies
together with the energy signatures of your personal power
which act as a series of healing attunements and adjustments.
Healing is spontaneous and transformative.
In a typical, classical Shanti Yoga led-class,
emotional and spiritual discernment
are combined with knowledge and wisdom
and through these various modalities
you play in your field of power,
dancing through a mode of potentiality
to create a new paradigm
of what is possible for you
in the field of love and peace.
Absolute blessings for your magnificent mastery.
24 January
Your contract is to heal, awaken,
and then assist others
with the process
of the awakening of consciousness.
Transcend all separation from source
and come together to support each other. 
In the organic evolution of consciousness,
you need to share knowledge, energy,
and release competition.
Do not be unconscious, or sleep
through life's experiences.
Know that the most important thing you need to be doing right now
is usually what you least want to do.
Just bite the bullet, do it
and get it out of the way.
Then go on to the next thing you don't want to do
and get rid of it by completing it.
You will find how it frees your spirit
not to have them hanging over you.
23 January
Self-realisation is the goal of human life. The purpose of Eastern religion, philosophy and psychology is to fulfill that goal. Philosophy as it is understood in the East is neither a mere speculative exercise nor an intellectual adventure. The word 'philosophy' is a compound of two words philo and sophia, which means 'love for knowledge'. But this term is not applicable in the East, for those who consider the prime questions of life, such as: Who am I? From where have I come? Why have I come? and Where will I go? are not interested in only the intellectual answers to these questions. Thus the subject matter of Eastern philosophy leads the student through a systematic way of directly experiencing the truths of existence and the height of Self-realisation. After realising your real Self (atman), you know that the Self is the Self of all (Brahman). Thus the term Brahma Vidhya in the Vedantic tradition means the knowledge that leads one to realise Brahman, the Self of all. In Brahma Vidya, you come to know all the levels of your being and to finally realise your true Self.
Knowing the real Self is the first and foremost purpose of life. After Self-realisation all the mysteries o the universe and your relationship with the universe are revealed. You know what you have to do. You know why you are here. You know the answer to:  Where to from here?
You do not become healers. You came as healers. You are. 
You are still catching up to what you are.
You do not become storytellers. You came as carriers of the stories, 
You and your ancestors actually lived. You are.
You are still catching up to what you are.
You do not become artists. You came as artists. You are.
You are still catching up to what you are.
You do not become writers.. dancers.. musicians.. helpers.. peacemakers. 
You came as such. You are. 
You are still catching up to what you are.
You do not learn to love in this sense. 
You came as Love. You are Love. 
You are still catching up to who you truly are.
22 January
You can either have/do/be what you want
or you can have your excuses for not having/doing/being it.
Fear can have two meanings:
Forget Everything and Run, or
Face Everything and Rise.
Discover and uncover the way you vibrate.
Heroes are never perfect, but they are brave,
authentic, courageous, determined, discreet
and they have grit.
The choice is yours.
21 January
Spiritual practice can ground and anchor you.
In times of great challenge.
it will help you transform dark emotions,
using them as grist for the mill
to awaken with clarity and resolve.
It will help you merge your fiery passions
for justice and peace
into one sacred flame.
You walk the path of sacred, nonviolent resistance
and yet effect powerful change
to birth a new era in the world.
20 January
Since the beginning of time
there was light
and the light was good.
It had warmth, radiance, promise.
It was life.
It is in you, in me, in us.
It is still good.
Be the light because you are.
19 January
Those times when you life is turned upside down,
know that the universe is offering you a guiding hand
to help you address a correction to your path
with better alignment with your purpose
so that you may exist in your most radiant expression.
When your light is dim
it is difficult to see the signs on the path
that point to many loving miracles,
and parts of you which have been hidden away.
All the universe wants
is what you want for yourself.
When you stumble, therein lies your treasure.
Turn anguish into opportunities.
Dark times can galvanise the next level
of your sacred practice and leadership.
Going down into the abyss
is where you recover the treasures of life.
Strength does not come from what you can do.
It comes from overcoming the things
you once thought we couldn't.
To change the world is not your mission.
To change yourself is not your duty.
To awaken to your true nature is your opportunity.
What greater truth than this:
the simplicity and beauty of being authentic.
18 January
What sets your soul on fire?
Be fearless in pursuit of what sets you free.
When you are tired, learn to rest - not to quit.
Do not respond to circumstances with your moods.
Never reply when you are angry.
or make promises when you are happy.
Never make a decision when you are sad.
You cannot pour from an empty cup.
Take care of yourself first.
Only the unloved hate.
The less you respond to negativity
the more peaceful your life becomes.
We each have to find our own way
and our own happiness.
Find the sweetness in your own heart
that you may find sweetness in every heart.
17 January
The energy from "thinking about it"
often provides reasons not to go ahead
to do, have, or try something.
Your decisiveness is the catalyst.
Let go of your fears and worries.
The universe response to 'Yes' energy
is to line up possibilities 
to birth a new part of you.
Your soul always dares you to play bigger.
Act upon your inner guidance. 

16 January

Your life is made up of the choices you make.
Every single choice you've made 
has resulted in exactly where you are right now.
Look at your life …and it will reveal your thoughts.
Your life today is an outcome
of where your thoughts have been yesterday,
and today is no different.
The thoughts you make now
are going to create a specific outcome in your life.
If you don't leave your past in the past.
It will destroy your future.
To be happy you must
Let go of what is gone,
Be grateful for what remains, and
Count the simple blessings in life.
Live for what today has to offer,
not for what yesterday has taken away.
Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrived.
Whilst you can be optimistic about what is coming next,
Live in the present and make it truthful.
15 January
When the mind wanders, accept it. Then bring it home.
When the mind chatters, accept it. Then quieten it.
When the mind is unconscious, accept it. Then awaken it.
You mind may not believe everything you tell it,
but it thrives and survives on what you feed it.
What are you feeding your mind?
Feed it hope.
Feed it truth.
Feed it with love.

14 January

In science, Truth is that inference in its theory of Reductionism.
In philosophy, Truth is what it constantly seeks.
In spirituality, Truth is an experience of now in absoluteness.

13 January

Listen to the ocean of possibilities
within and without.
What door do you find yourself knocking at?
Perhaps it is time to open it
and see what lies on the other side.
What you are seeking is seeking you.
The miracles you are seeking are seeking you.
But are your miracles finding you?
If you spend a large portion of your life running away,
avoiding the certain things that will cause you temporary pain,
Ignoring it, pushing it down, pretending it isn't there
it will continue to control you (until you control it),
and will come back in other ways until you stop
and face the obstacle, fear or challenge.
What if the path to freedom, joy and even your next level
to the fulfilled life you desire lives on the other side of it?
What if you were able to completely embrace
wherever you are in life,
and see
the beauty, lessons, growth, challenges, light and dark
as all necessary parts of your journey.
Face it. Be gentle with yourself.
Allow yourself to show up in your living room
in whatever clothes you are wearing,
each day,
as you are.
The sweet exploration in self-acceptance and love
is the practice.
You are already whole.
12 January
Human beings cannot develop humility 
nor the capacity for self-improvement
without the basis of spiritual thinking.
In the absence of spiritual thinking
merely carrying out social service 
can mesmerise you to beleive
that you are a servant of humanity,
while still needy of praise, personal gain and obedience.
The false sense of pride
often leads to enemity and destruction
instead of serving each other, 
the planet and all her beings.
The law can protect your rights
but it cannot develop the thought process
from where your happiness or misery arises.
All problems can be solved
with the help of Yoga and its spiritual path of upliftment.
With yogic culture, real strength and transformation
is developed.
We are all members of the Gayatri Parivar,
the family of light beings.
Human beings are born to love
and certainly not for quarreling and fighting.
You do not learn to love.
You came as Love. You are Love. 
Yoga helps you catch up
to who you truly are.
11 January
May all living beings belong to our race.
May love be our religion.
Before we look at the faults of others
may we be aware of our own shortcomings.
Before exposing another's evils,
may we first exmine ourselvs to see if we harbour any evil.
The time spent in censuring others
can be most beneficially spend in our own self development.
In this way, instead of increasing ill will
we will progress on the path of divine pleasure.
10 January
The truth is in you,
you have only to become aware of it.
It is all very simple.
You have only to become what you already are
in the depths of your being.

9 January

Divine grace will never fail you -
such is the faith you must keep constantly in your heart.
In the divine's love
you will find all support 
and all consolations.
8 January
It is a mistake to complain about the circumstances of your life,
for they are the outward expression of what you are yourself.
Focus on what you have,
not what you do not have.
You are on earth to manifest the Divine will.
To understand our divine purpose, 
we must have no more preferences. 
Notice how beautiful, grand, simple and calm
everything becomes
when your thoughts turn to the Divine.
7 January
Bodies come in so many remarkable shapes and sizes,
and yours is unique and beautiful, because it is an original.
Take a moment to reflect on your body
and acknowledge all the beauty it holds.
What an incredible creation your body is.
Reflect on all that your body is capable of:
physically, mentally and spiritually.
Glossy magazines airbrush their photos, and film is edited
to display a touched-up "ideal" body
which, in many cases, is not real.
Besides regardless of how beautiful you are,
if your heart is ugly, you are ugly.
And you are not alone in finding flaws 
with your body.
Disordered eating and disordered exercise
brought about by body image
progresses from image to illness.
Stop hating your body.
Learn to love parts of yourself that no one applauds.
You can begin to find beauty in those perceived flaws
by learning to love yourself and your body.
A beautiful face ages.
A beautiful body changes.
But a good heart remains a good heart.
Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world
no matter what you look like.
Remember that every body is beautiful.
Motivate and inspire yourself and others
to embrace a healthy self image.
The power within you is endless.  
It needs to be greatly celebrated.
Here are some ways to begin loving your body
and celebrating the beauty you hold within:
Physical exercises make you strong.
Meditation helps you strengthen your mind.
Give yourself 5 minutes every day 
to sit quietly, clear your mind and simply be.
Affirmations can remind you to be positive.
Find just one positive thought 
in any negative thing happening to you.
This will give you strength to deal with any challenge.
Be patient with yourself in your recovery.
Chanting makes you feel joyous.
Identify what spirituality means to you 
and incorporate your essence, your soul and inner life
into your daily activities.
Gratitude is love in action.
It paves the path to inner peace.
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what you have into enough and more
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.
it can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home. a stranger into a friend.
Yoga is as mental as it is physical and spiritual.
Make yoga your life.
6 January
There is no mind but MInd.
The universe thinks through you.
Consciousness is the only reality.
Consciousness alone is.
Consciousness alone is us.
I do not experience
I am that experience.
Phenomena only 'exist'
in the mind that perceives them.
We live in a mind-made universe.
5 January
Karma, action, must surely be active, not passive.
It is not ours, rather we are its.
We are like corks in a turbuklent eddying stream of karma.
Karma is the force field of circumstances
to which we are subject on the plane of phenomena.
All actions the body is to perform
are already decided upon the time when it come into existence.
We do not become healers. We came as healers. We are the healing. 
We do not become storytellers. We came as carriers of the stories…
We, and our ancestors actually lived the story.
We do not become artists. We came as artists. We are a work of art.
We do not become writers.. dancers.. musicians.. helpers.. peacemakers.
We came as such. We are already all of it.
We do not learn to love in this sense. We came as Love. We are Love. 
Some of us are still catching up to who we truly are.
Our liberty of 'action' lies in our faculty of understanding.
Freedom is whether we decide to identify with the body
playing our part in the role we call our life.
Play your part. Do not identify yourself with the role.
You are, and always will be,
a perfect reflection of divine Presence.
4 January 2017
Thoughts and emotions
come and go,
arise and pass away,
as part of the flow of life.
Thoughts have no roots
unless you plant and nurture them.
Depression, self-judgement, guilt…
ego puts a stop to your natural state of being.
Learn to develop an optimistic thought
in a dark moment.
Understand the difference
between your deep reality and everyday existence.
3 January 2017
“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” 
                                                                                                                                      Ralph Waldo Emerson            
2 January 2017
When you truly step into another's shoes,
even for a moment,
your personal karma doesn't go with you.

1 January 2017

What a year awaits us ahead!
May all challenges of 2016
be a matter of the past,
and may this transition into 2017
be the beginning of a new chapter,
opening new horizons.
May all of you and your loved ones 
prosper in good health
physically and mentally.
May you keep being receptive
and seeking the deepest Truth.
May our Shanti Yoga family-spiritual sangha
all keep inspiring one another.
May the perennial, blessed teachings of Shanti Yoga
keep you strong, flexible and calm, 
as you bear the challenges
that inevitably arise from time to time,
both in the larger world
and within your intimate connections.
Let peace be the message 
shining from your heart, 
for all beings everywhere, 
and remember to strive hard 
to put an end to the vast array of animal suffering 
caused by human beings around the globe. 
Do what you can to help.
Become a vegetarian. 
Support as many animal rights groups and shelters 
that work towards the ethical treatment of animals,
and please inspire others to do the same.
Thank you so much for everything.
I wish to thank everyone who has come to love and honour 
all the hard work we do at the Shanti Yoga Centre,
especially our tireless main team, 
who make sure that Shanti Yoga
maintains and delivers a firm and loving presence 
on the Gold Coast, in Australia and globally.
They ensure the high standards and quality
of our Yoga Teacher Certification programs,
and our strong and vibrant Ayurveda training.  
I wish to thank our teachers 
for their amazing dedication and perseverance,
our administration and support team 
and our very special and dedicated Karma Yogis.
Your presence, smiles, love, dedication and committment
are strongly appreciated.
We love what we do and love that you love it too.
We look forward to having our many students and teachers
join us at our scheduled classes, weekend programs and courses,
including my own teaching
on the Yoga Sutras, Psychic Development, and other Intensives,
fun Bollywood dance classes,
evenings of Kirtan, 
and enjoying amazing vegan meals
at our beautiful, peaceful venues.
Happy New Year to one and all.
Om Namah Shiva.
Om Shanti Om.


31 December

What didn't work?
What worked?
What were the highlights?
What do your highlights say about you?
Time to reflect…and as we look back at where we've been, all we can do is say Thank you! The Shanti Yoga International Centre on the Gold Coast has a robust schedule of classes as well as one off events. Together with running nineteen residential retreats in 2016, we also hosted retreats for several external groups at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary, and led a wonderful group tour through India. Through the Health Institute Australia we've had students graduate in both Ayurveda and Yoga, as well as commence our new intake of students from around the world. We are grateful to have been able to have offered free training and internships in Children's Yoga instructor training with the help of Linda Bailey and Sonja Stauder. Subsequently, free children's yoga classes have emerged. We are also grateful to have been able to incorporate some of our recent graduates to facilitate yoga classes and Ayurvedic practices.
Growing an equitable and multicultural home away from home, we are grateful to Sue Green, Sonja Stauder, Hilary Sullivan and Cheryl Stubbs who will continue to lead as our Guiding Teachers in Yoga and Ayurveda with the outstanding support they receive from Lynanne Mckenzie, Lyn Moore, Roxy Williams and Louise Hall. We are grateful for the deepening of Ayurvedic knowledge and practices that Dr. Shilpi and Dr. Swapnil have provided and to our wonderful support team: Irina, Dalal, Glee and Darren. They help us meet the daily challenges at Southport and Nirvana. Bollywood dance, with Kamalaji has been a wonderful joy. In 2017 the class will be held on Saturday mornings after Yoga, and we are happy to offer the class free to all our international students, so that they can gain a further perspective on our multiculturalism. As always, the wind beneath our sails is Peter, the rock. Thank you to our team of phenomenal, inspiring, unique individuals, and for our uplifting collaborations that make everyone feel good.
Foot fractures, an eye operation, the death of Socrates and then Peter's mum - all we can do is be the best we can be. In the midst of life's challenges, remind yourself that everything is impermanent and this too will pass. But life goes on and this Christmas we were priviledged with the gift of a  4 year old, rescue, German-Shepherd-Husky called Portia, who is rather beautiful. Thank you. We have had very generous donors which is what helps us keep going and make the wisdom teachings of Shanti Yoga available to whomever is interested.
Shanti Yoga remains committed to being relevant to what's happending in our world, and internationally, we have been able to assist The Rotary Foundation with providing financial aid and other support to the people of Fiji after its devastation by hurricane Winston. On a national level, I have been involved as the Ayurvedic Industry expert and representative on the Complementary Health Industry Reference Group, which provides the government advice on our industry. Closer to home, we have been supportive to our student and homeless communities. Your support makes this possible. Community, sangha is the word. The world at large is presenting more challenges and we will continue to support the movement against injustice with a commitment to change lives for the better, and end suffering wherever we find it. Meditation leads the way. Before anything, ask the question: What is the real intention?
We are looking forward to 2017, and more time to teach, write and be creative. Thank you for being part of our extended sangha and making all this possible. We hope you will stay with us as the year unfolds.
With deepest gratitude we wish you the best for 2017 and look forward to seeing you on or off the meditation cushion and yoga mat.
30 December
Fill up you your cup,
Strip off your mask,
Awaken to the wisdom within you
and feed your soul…
Then you can serve those around you
from a full, whole place.
Serving from a deserted place 
creates the illusion that you need others;
thus you look to them
to replensh your spirit
rather than develop an inner reliance
on yourself.
You have all you need
to feel complete and whole
Take the leap.
Dive deep, not wide.
Stop trying to be everything
to everyone.
Navigate the subtle and tricky waters
back to your own north star.
Step into the spotlight of your life
and let your life shine.
Love what matters most, more.
Each time you take a step 
from an honest, authentic and heart centred place,
the return from the universe is overwhelmingly pusposeful.
transcends all layers
of your being and personality

29 December

"Every single part of life,
from glaciers to every species
to every particle on the food supply chain
to every religion
to every form of currency
to every form of communication
to absolutely everything else
is undergoing some form of transition.
We are experiencing a collective journey
unlike anything that has ever occurred
in the history of civilization - imagine that.
Truly, just imagine that."
                               Caroline Myss

28 December

"When one door closes another opens;
but we often look so long 
and so regretfully
upon the closed door
that we do not see the ones
which open for us." 
                         Alexander Graham Bell

27 December

Anytime you run into an obstacle in life,
no matter whose life it is,
it’s as if the universe is saying:
“I’m just steering you this way.
I didn’t want you to keep going that way.
I placed an obstacle in your way
so that you would come this way.
It’s OK. This is part of your journey."
"Use what talents you possess;
the woods would be very silent
if no birds sang there
except those that sang best." 
                                      William Blake

26 December

Manifest from your core…
your body, mind and soul.
Express your manifestations, wishes and intentions
in a more powerful and direct way.
Achieve your childhood dreams.
Overcome obstacles. 
Enable the dreams of others. 
Seize every moment…
time is all you have,
and you may find one day
that you have less than you think.
Life is about living.
Life a life that inspires.
25 December
Consumerism isn't happiness, 
Consumerism isn't memories,
Consumerism isn't contentment,
fulfillment or meaning.
Shopping, credit cards, spending,
crazy, jam-packed, hectic schedules,
long lists, crowded shops and hectic plans
should not define Christmas.
Stop for a moment and think…
What if worship is more important
than a perfect Christmas dinner?
Less hurry, more time?
Less spending more giving?
Less me, more you?
What if everyone could carve out
fine, quality, unhurried, uninterrupted time
with people they love?
It's time to focus on bringing joy to others
and be inspired by
the amaxing potential 
for creativity, light and generosity
in the human spirit.
There are many beautiful holidays 
that have emerged from the great traditions and faiths
to bring us together
and carry us through the dark nights of the soul.
Let us celebrate in a simple, peaceful, loving way.
No matter how you are celebrating this season
and the holidays that are significant to you,
I wish you a happy and peaceful day, week… and year.
And if you’re celebrating Christmas… Merry Christmas!
24 December
The whole spiritual transformation
brings us to the point
where we realise that in our own being,
we are enough.
23 December
The new year stands before you,
like a chapter in a book, 
waiting to be written.
You can help write that story
by setting goals.
22 December
May we be joyful.
May we be peaceful.
May we be free from suffering.
May we be filled with loving kindness.
There is still time to give the gifts from yoga.
21 December
Are you looking for the meaning of life
or are you looking for
the experience of being fully alive?
20 December
It's a humbling indeed
to realise that
God loves your enemies
just as much as God loves you!
Remember that the 'word' is not the 'thing',
the 'map' is not the 'territory',
and that 'God' is 'a word,
that points to the God space,
the Source Energy
within you.
When you do not love an individual,
or a group,
the problem that is caused,
is caused by you,
and the problems it creates
comes to you,
not to your enemy.
When you do this
you are not in alignment
with your Source Energy.
To focus on anyone 
with an attitude 
that is not pure
splits your vibrational pattern,
which feels like a negative emotion 
to you.
If you keep it up, 
you experience a stronger indication
of discord.
Positive and negative emotions
are indicators of your alignment
with Source Energy.
This is how who you are
can be in conflict with who you are being,
in the moment.
Everything that happens in a life
is an indicator of your current vibrational stance.
If you do not change the vibration emanating from yourself
the indicator cannot change.
The indicators will stay the same
until you change your thought and vibrational energy.
It will only take a few few moments
to bring this new awareness 
to instantly dissolve limiting thought and beliefs
and put you in the flow.
19 December
I acknowledge each of you
as you recognise yourself as a master of transformation
when dealing with all that is occurring in your life
and on our planet.
We are making a difference.
I acknowledge your magnificence
as you willingly heal and transform
all that you encounter.
I invite you to live in gratitude.
Together we will continue to envision a reality
that is life sustaining for all.
With blessings of grace and joy, 
18 December
True powers already exist within you.
They are not something you need to create.
They are totally natural.
Are you?
If you are not being true to who you are, your natural self,
these powers will be dormant at present.
They will need to be ignited and released.
The truth of being a living being
is that you are a creator,
a born manifestor.
Yet you behave like a reactor.
Hope is not a plan.
Nor does it empower you
or lead to mastery of your life.
Take the reins.
Open the universe's treasure chest
that reveals possibilities for you to experience
that are beyond your wildest hopes.
Bloom. Express yourself. Learn to succeed
and experience what your real purpose actually is.
17 December
The universe is a mirror
of your heart.
Pay attention.
16 December
True humility is not thinking less of yourself.
It arises from thinking of yourself less.
15 Dcember
Life never repeats itself.
Every moment is new.
Each moment is the universe.
Don't miss it.
14 December
Taking responsibility for what happened 
is not the same as believing what happened was a mistake.
13 December
It is not happines that makes us grateful
but gratefulness that makes us happy.
Joy is the most humbling sign of the Divine Presence.
12 December
It is never too late to be
what you might have been.
11 December
Take pleasure in activities 
that bring health to the body
and peace to the mind.
This is right enjoyment
10 December
Remember what your heart desires.
Turn the 'No'
into a 'Yes".
9 December
All things are possible
until they are proved impossible.
Even the impossible may only be so
as of now.
8 December
The way to really find yourself
is to lose yourself in the service 
of others
                    Mahatma Gandhi
7 December
Piglet: "How do you spell 'love'?"
Winnie: "You don't spell it...you feel it." -
                          A. A. Milne, Winnie-the Pooh
6 December
Did you offer peace today?
Did you bring a smile to someone's face?
Did you utter words of healing?
Did you let go of your anger and resentment?
Did you forgive?
Did you love?
5 December
Every situation and every moment
is of infinite value.
It points to the whole.
4 December
To truly love,
the happiness of another person
is essential to your own.
3 December
Your gift is needed in the world.
2 December
Always listen.
What is your soul saying to you today?
Act upon this inner guidance.
Live your dream.
Unleash your potential.
There's simply too much at stake if you don't.
1 December
Your light radiates far and wide.
You are making a difference in the lives of others.
In many way that you may not even know,
many benefit because of you.
30 November
How can you make a difference in your world?
Take steps today
that will make a difference in the life of another.
29 November
Commitment is the natural evolution of relationship
from its inception
to a literal or metaphoric marriage.
A true commitment
is a responsibility of the heart, mind, body and soul.
Partnerships thus formed are harmonious and powerful.
Remember that your partnership with Spirit
and the highest version of your own self
will engage in the highest self in another.
28 November
Only to the degree
that you are in touch
with your own, unique soul's path
can you guide others on theirs.
27 November
Unless you regularly access and employ
a higher state of consciousness,
you will not overcome
the power of conceptual conditioning.
26 November
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. 
                                                                            Mahatma Gandhi
25 November
A smooth sea never makes a skillful sailor.
24 November
Unique is normal.
Why fit in
when you were
born to stand out?
23 November
Living is an act of courage.
22 November
One morning, consumed with writers block, an author walked along a beach covered with thousands of starfish that had washed up during a storm. Now they lay dying in the sun. He saw a young girl picking up the starfish one by one and tossing them into the sea. As he approached her he couldn't help but ask, "Why bother? There are too many of them. You won't make much of a difference." She picked up another starfish and tossed it into the water. Then she turned to the author and said, "I made a difference to that one."
What if one life could make a difference?
What if that one life was yours?
How do you make a difference.
What difference do you make?
21 November
Life is too short to be unhappy.
20 November
Open the door to everything.
Awaken your divine self.
19 November
Invited and encouraged
to support life-sustaining outcomes and realities,
you are here to assist in the powerful shift
in humanity's consciousness.
You play a significant part
in lifting up the collective mind-set. 
Do your best.
Be who you are.
18 November
Energy follows thought.
You generate and offer powerful energy with each thought,
especially when it is infused with your passion and emotions.
Consider for a moment that your thought/emotional energy
joins other thought/emotional energy that is similar in nature. 
Now collective consciousness holds an energetic pattern
that is imprinting the quantum field of all possibilities.
17 November
We are living in exceptional times.
We are being challenged
as well as reminded
that we are here on special assignment.
You are here to truly seed and anchor
the new reality that will come forth
from the chaos and limitations that you witness.
16 November
Acknowledge and recognise yourself
as a master of transformation
when dealing with all that is occurring in your life
and on our planet.
You are making a difference.
Acknowledge your magnificence
so that you willingly heal and transform
all you encounter.
I invite you to live in gratitude.
Together we will continue to envision a reality
that is life sustaining for all.
15 November
May you bless all you encounter
with grace and clarity.
May you continue to call forth and anchor
a life sustaining reality
by your thoughts and actions.
May you transform all that is before you.
14 November
Take a deep breath and remind yourself:
"I am aware that I am aware",
each time anchoring the statement
with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation.
13 November
The purpose of life is a life of purpose
and a life of purpose is created
through constant service to throse around us
12 November
First you make your beleifs.
Then your beleifs make you.
And when you go out into the world,
the world will support your beleifs.
11 November
When you are inspired by some great purpose, 
some extraordinary project, 
all your thoughts break their bonds; 
your mind transcends limitations,
your consciousness expands in every direction, 
and you find yourself in a new great and wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive
and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far
than you ever dreamed yourself to be.
                                          The Yoga Sutras. Patanjali
10 November
I love you.
Be kind to yourself
and all those you encounter today

9 November

The winds of change are in the air.
The world is receiving a strong message
and while you may not agree with the way the message is delivered
or the messanger,
yet the global plea for change is clear.
The question is, what will change look like?
Will it be a change for more fear
and a greter sense of separation,
or will it be in the direction of love and unity?
When those who claim to be powerful leaders 
have duped us with insecurity and lies,
it is time to see yourself as a leader,
every bit as powerful and capable 
of initiating change.
What will it take for each of us to come together 
and declare the kind of world we want to create?
In clamouring for change,
the world is looking for a saviour.
Yet, we are being guided and helped 
by the most powerful force in the universe.
And the only saviour in your life is you.
You are capable of shifting your life
and sharing your light
in a way that provides a beakon of hope
in the apparent darkness of the void.
The world needs your light.
This is a good time for you and me 
to stand up and shine our light together
with confidence and spirituality.
8 November
When you live a spiritual life
you do the same thing today
that you did yesterday
and that you will do tomorrow.
This lifestyle makes you immune to
political upheaval, recession,
economic crashes and tragedy.
Invest in yourself.
You are magnificent.
Love your life.
Be grateful for today.
7 November
I bow to the divinity in you.
6 November
When times are scary,
move past the temptation to hide.
This is when everyone around you
needs you to show up
as your best self
and light a better way.
I want to encourage and invite you
to be a beacon of hope.
That's what we all need from each other
right now.
We are one 
we are many and
it is time 
to complete the revolution of love
This will be possible 
if on this day
you commit your life 
to walking the hard road 
because there is now only one way:
and it is forward.
5 November
An invitation has arrived for you
to step into your courage
and into your full humanity
From this day forward, understand that
harm can only unfold
and multiply and spread
with your silence
with your consent
with your participation
Do not be silent.
Do not consent.
Do not participate
in legitimating violence, lies and division.
Live the love that you are,
the love that connects all
the love that bends history
even in the darkest moments
towards liberation.
4 November
Be happy for this moment.
This moment is your life.
                  Omar Khayyam
3 November
Why wait for the world to change
when the only thing that really matters
is when you are going to decide to change,
when you are no longer beguiled by the world outside
life becomes a sacred blessing.
2 November
Life keeps going on and on.
Does the way the government is run,
your boss, your neighbours…and all those other factors
really contribute to your happiness?
How about your choice to be in healthy relationships?
Or the decision to be successful and prosperous?
Do they stop you from living your dreams?
Or from choosing to be a free individual?
You alone are responsible for self-governing your mind.
This will enable you to change your perception of your world.
Blaming others and the world will get you nowhere.
It just leaves you to stagnate.
The world is not responsible for your personal relationships,
your financial situation,
your career choice, 
or your happiness.
Your inside world is the cause of your outside world.
Your infinite mind has full control over what you wish to experience.
Your mind is responsible for creating your reality,
and you get to decide what kind of world you wish to exist in.
Why wait for the world to change
when the only thing that really matters
is when you are going to decide to change,
when you are no longer beguiled by the world outside
life becomes sacred.
1 November
There are so many people poisoning their peace
by fear, panic and worry.
I trust that you are not amongst them.
You have been elected divinely
to wake yourself up 
and vote for the one thing that matters:
your happiness.
You are now on the ballot.
Believe in yourself and say "Yes"
to changing your life.
There is another way:
vote to self-govern your mind.
Peace, Peace and more peace.
31 October
Everything you ever experience
is a result of how you treat others.
Mental seeds are planted in the mind
by you being aware
that you are doing or saying or thinking
something towards someone else.
Seeds enter their storehouse
and wait to be called up.
No one plants a seed into the ground
and then waits there
expecting it to be ready for harvesting
in a day or two.
However, certain seeds,
such as intense anger, profound kindness
have priority.
They get to move ahead of the others in line.
It takes time for the ripening process. 
However, anything good you do always comes back good.
As does bad.
When it seems differently, that's just an older seed taking off in between
action and consequence.
Embrace the bold endeavour of planting new seeds
for a perfect world of freedom.
30 October
Your wisdom is vast.
You need to be awakened.
29 October
Things are not themselves
They are ourselves.
28 October
To love is to recognise Self in other,
you in another,
the other in you,
as you.
27 October
Consciousness pervades the entire universe.
It is one, whole and complete.
Everything that exists is a manifestation 
of the same infinite consciousness.
All manifestation is a reflection
of the one, infinite consciousness
We are all reflections of the whole.
Could it be that we reflect each other?
26 October
Go to that place within you
in which the entire universe resides,
It is a place of love, of truth, of peace
beyond light and dark,
beyond joy and sorrow,
a place where all is One
When you and I are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me
we are still one.
25 October
Doing changes.
Being is.
Life pivolts 
on a single breath.
This is just the right moment
24 October
Why so many hands
when holding out just one
would be enough?
23 October
How do we go about making two hands one?
Palms together,
two hands united.
22 October
spring from the yearning
to be the fullness
of who you are.
21 October
As fire is covered by smoke,
As a mirror is covered by dust,
or as an embroyo is covered by the womb,
the living being is covered by different layers of wanting.
20 October
Truth is emptiness.
There are no frontiers or divisions 
in limitless reality.
When Self is everywhere,
there is no division
between duality and union.
When you see the Self
you don't see the non-Self.
The non-self does not exist.
19 October
The march toward the infinite is a long journey,
not to be finished within a few hours,
a few days, or a few years.
Though you see many around you falling or retreating,
you must go forward.
18 October
In the beginning there was neither existence nor nonexistrence.
All the world was unmanifested energy.
The One breathed, without breath,
by its own power.
Nothing else was there.
                                   Hymn of Creation. Rig Veda.
The one that is many
drew upon the unknowable otherness
to convert into a knowable essence,
two tendencies of our universe to be.
17 October
Why question the darkness in the world?
You are a light to the world
through your thoughts, words, behaviour and actions.
When you understand this
the world will already be brighter.
16 October
An echo reverberates around the planet…
It can be heard in your neighbourhood,
in the streets, markets, gardens, forests,
in the voices of friends, students, clients and colleagues,
in headlines, in shouts, in whispers and in the silence.
This is the call for humanity to wake up
to the truth of who we truly are,
all Divine Beings.
It is a call to break free
from the illusions that do not serve you, others, or the planet,
and step into Reality.
It is the call to live in the light,
to serve with openness, love, truth and peace,
right here and right now.
I know you hear it too.
When the call is unheaded,
it heats up
making your heart beat faster, 
so that your voice can be stronger, truer, 
and your purpose higher.
The timing is perfect.
The world's needs
are evolving, expanding and growing
in ways for you to serve humanity
beyond anything you have done before.
Deeply conditioned to relate to the world 
from the assumption that something is wrong,
can become pathological
when it generates the fundamental neurosis
that leaves you existentially uncertain
in a world that feel inherently unsafe.
Habits of control make life feel like a strugle.
Merely understanding spiritual ideas
isn't enough to cause transformation.
Moving from an idea to a lived reality
requires a leap.
When you give up control,
you find yourself floating in a space
of ease and simplicity
that takes you
far beyond fear, worry and self-concern.
Don't worry about what the world needs.
Do makes you come alive
The world needs is people who have come alive.
Profound new vistas of awakening
to the freedom of not knowing,
bring you to a beautiful, free space.
Open your heart.
Let go.
You will infuse your life with deeper meaning,
align your life with the most powerful force in the universe
to activate your own awakened consciousness,
and unlock boundless energy, intelligence, creativity and love
that have always been your true nature.
15 October
Yield to the breeze
of ceaseless change
and the winds
of vast impermanence.
like a cloud 
within the eternal wholeness
of each moment.
Not knowing where to go
yet never leaving the vast Oneness
of your true home.
Tenderly care for the bright, wisdom body
of ease and joy.
Compassionately let go of chatter
and being chattered.
Lucidly dissolve,
and refine
the celebral functioning of the ego-self.
Playfully share
a beginner's spontaneity and wonder.
Just wander along 
this timeless and ever surprising path,
a respectful and curious earth-dweller,
creatively unfolding
a peaceful and honourable future
with all human beings.
14 October
Smiling at the waxing moon,
Winking at twinkling stars
Savouring the liquid silence
of enlightened dew
passionately enjoy the pristine freshness 
of beginners heartmind.
Here not one thing is lacking.
Just sit.
Embrace boundless intimacy
with all beings and things.
Celebrate individuality
and interdependence
in all relationships.
To love
and be loved
far beyond the shackles
of resistance and fear,
sit as core-self
inside of just sitting.
13 October
Wings do work, but only after you jump.
Mountains can be moved, but only by how hard you can dance.
The life you imagine does exist, but only iof you dare to create it.
There is a whole universe in you waiting to happen
when you start trusting yourself enough to let it become.
12 October
How wild is your soul today?
How do you express love? 
How do you like to be loved? 
What is your relationship with love and fear?
Masking fear morphs love into attachment.
Shoulds, woulds, have-tos exhaust your spirit.
Compromises, ifs, i-don't-knows, maybes,
represent the uncertainty of dreaming without doing,
hoping without acting,
talking without walking.
Trading your creative aliveness
for an uneventful, comfortable or 'safe' form
of emotional or financial survival
ignores your heart 
Do you need to give up seeking, aspiring, being comfortable?
‘Ready' is an illusion. 
‘Later' is a trap. 
‘Tomorrow' is a dream. 
‘Someday' is a nightmare. 
You only happen Now or Never.
It’s never the right time, place or person,
until you take creative action and become them.
Unblock your core beliefs,
uncover the process mind (rather than the content mind)
that drives behavioural and health/disease outcomes.
How you do any thing is how you do everything. 
Content merely provides examples
that validate your processes
and illustrate your core beliefs.
Love yourself alive.
Invest in your freedom and not in what takes it away.
Invest in your growth, not what dismisses your creativity
and wastes your potential.
Fight the battle for your heart and soul every single day,
for out of you
all your creations will come forth.
Your best is yet to be created.
11 October
We live a life filled with wonderful moments, difficult moments and everything inbetween. 
However, for many of us, even when we are most joyful 
there is fear behind our joy.
We fear that this moment will end, 
that we won't get what we need,
that we will lose what we love,
or that we will not be safe.
We are afraid of things outside ourselves that we cannot control.
We worry about becoming ill, ageing, and losing the things we treasure most.
Often our biggest fear is that one day our bodies will cease functioning.
Thus, even when we are surrounded by all the conditions for happiness,
our joy is not complete.
We think that to be happier we should push away or ignore our fear.
We do not feel at ease when we think of the things that scare us, 
so we deny our fear away
or think that if we ignore our fears, they will go away.
We hold tight to the things we care about: 
our positions, our property, our loved ones…
but holding tightly does not ease our fear. 
It simply builds dysfunction, attachment and strangulation.
Many of us spend a lot of our life acting out of fear,
and in so doing we affect each other and the larger society.
We create a culture of fear.
The undercurrent of fear constantly shadows us,
and we are upset and worried.
Fear buried deep in the heart is like a sharp knife
hidden under many layers
that makes us behave in such unkind ways.
You do not see the knife, or the arrow in your heart
which causes you to suffer,
and to make others suffer.
Masking our fear,
keeping it out of sight and unacknowledged,
we live with attachment and revulsion,
anger, resentment and violence,
unhappiness, illness, restless, negativity and doubt.
The first thing we need to do is to acknowledge our fear.
The pain caused by the knife has been there for a long time.
As long as you continue to hold onto it,
your pain magnifies and grows so large
that you want to punish
those who you think are the cause of your suffering.
Practicisng mindfulness of fear
and looking deeply into its origins,
we can recognise and embrace it
rather than acting out of it. 
You can learn to recognise the knife inside.
Once you have found it, 
you can remove the knife in your own heart;
then you can help find and remove
the knife in the heart of another.
We all have original fear in us.
Fear is a primal instinct for survival.
It is also a divine gift
that wakes us up from deep sleep
into the lucidity of the present moment.
10 October
Nothing is good, nothing is bad.
Nothing is complete, nothing is incomplete.
These values are meaningless.
There is no sinner, no saint,
nothing is pure, nothing is impure. 
Things are as they are.
Nothing is ever defiled and nothing is ever immaculate.
These are all mind games that we play around with.
We create the idea of purity and then comes impurity.
We create the idea of a saint, and then comes a sinner.
For the sinner to disappear, then your saints must disappear.
It will not happen before that.
For immorality to disapper, morality has to go.
Purity, impurity, are mind attitudes.
Is a tree moral or immoral?
Is an animal a sinner or a saint?
There is nothing to improve, no where to go.
There is no goal, because there is no value.
The journey without a goal is play, leela.
And there is nobody behind it, doing it.
Do not create the problem
It does not need a solution, nor a saviour.
You are as perfect as you can be,
'more' is not possible,
it will only create problems for you.
Accept nature.
Live naturally, simply, spontaneously, moment-to-moment,
and there is holiness,
because you are whole,
not because you have become a saint.
9 October
Negate the mind and there is silence.
In that silence you are divine.
You have never been anything else.
You have always been that.
8 October
We all have blind spots, or things about ourselves that we just don’t see,
which seem painfully obvious to others.   
They often stay in our blind-spot for years,
if not a lifetime,
crushing our dreams in the process.   
We have negative and disempowering beliefs
about ourselves, the world, wealth and success.   
To live your happiest, most fulfilling life 
it is crucial that you tackle the elephant in the room.
It is difficult to reach your true potential
and become the very best version of yourself
while you are still struggling and juggling
to hide things from yourself and others.
This cripples your health and relationships.
This same stress also takes its toll on your mind and body
and can lead to depression, anxiety,
and even life-threatening events
such as heart attack or stroke.
The good news is freeing yourself is very simple:
Just meditate daily.
You will wake up.
Knowing is your nature.
There is no need to have knowledge to know.
7 October
It’s not becaus you are not good enough, or smart enough.
Your ‘hardware’ is fine.
The problems arise from your ‘software'.
Even the most powerful computer on the planet, 
If forced to run faulty software, is going to crash.
That’s what’s been happening with you.
You have been consistently feeding yourself misinformation
that’s been corrupting your ability to achieve freedom.
You have programmed yourself to struggle.
Coded with beliefs that can only lead
to the cog-in-the-wheel life you have now come to dread.
Put simply, you were never the problem.
The problem is you have been putting anything in your tank
So it’s no surprise that you have a hard time.
You need to upgrade your mental software,
and wipe out your hard drive of faulty, bigoted beliefs
Install cosmic paradigms and codes.
6 October
to the unconditional wisdom
of your heart.
Infinite and sacred knowledge
lies within you.
To uncover and discover it 
listen to your heart's voice.
It expresses the deepest truth
about who you are
5 October
See each and every situation,
experience and moment in your life
as an opportunity to explore,
find solutions, 
and say "yes".
Saying 'yes' does not mean
adding more and more 
to your to-do list…
it's a way of approaching life
as it unfolds, 
open and curious, 
rather than fearful and resisting. 
4 October
May you continue to be blessed and prosper
so that you may continue to lift others.
3 October
If you sincerely desire to live a better life
and fulfill your mission on earth,
practice applying the timeless truths.
Live by faith in the little things
so you will be prepared to live it well
when it matters most.
2 October
On the anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti, here are some reminders…quotes from him:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

1 October
It is not the strongest of the 
species that survive, nor the most
intelligent, but the one most 
responsive to change.
                         Charles Darwin
30 September
Subject must always have object,
perceived as object.
There are no objects anywhere, at any moment
that are not integral in their subject.
All objects have only one subject.
Subject and consciousness are one.
Objects are the consciousness of their subject.
Objects have no consciousness,
other than the consciousness which is their subject
and of which they are.
An object only exists figuratively;
A single object is an aspect of objects
it's apparent separation being a limitation of perception.
All objects are one
and they are subject.
Such is the dualistic aspect of Reality.
Objects can have no 'free will' of any kind
for they are only an aspect of subject.
But the energy which constitutes their appearance
may be misappropriated
and expended ineffectually
and in opposition to
the inevitable sequence of events
in time and space.
This inconsequent struggling
may be misconstrued as 'will'.
Subject, as pure Reality,
is free from constraint;
but as one element of dualism
it is conditioned by
the other element thereof,
which is its object.
Dualistically therefore it is not free.
Ther is no 'free will' in duality.
There is no 'predestination' in reality.
When you manifest what is known as 'will'
you are thereby identified with your object.
Can any distinction be made
by the figment that is called a 'will'
and the figment that is called an 'ego'?
29 September
Take up the way 
of speaking truthfully,
of speaking of others with openness and possibility,
of meeting with others on equal grounds,
of cultivating a clear mind,
of taking only what is freely given and giving freely of all that you can,
of engaging in sexual intimacy respectfully and with an open heart,
of letting go of anger,
of supporting life.
28 September
In a world that's round,
it doesn't make sense to take sides
27 September
Walk through doors of opportunities 
and walls of spiritual endeavour.
Be open to a world in transformation.
The world is changing. 
Allow your heart to be your beaming guide 
and everyone you meet to be your teachers.
Transforming from an unknown to a knower, 
from an ego to a seat of Self, 
from a person to a divine being,
dance barefoot on the edge of change, 
pushed by the sense of fear,
yet bathing in the light of courage.
The universe believes in you. 
You are strong enough
to break free from the shadows 
and move into the light. 
Do your ritual.
Hear the call from the deepest level of being.
Listen to the song from nature within 
and continue to burst forth
with the rainbow colours of your truth.
You are a a divine being, wild and free. 
Wander the earth full of love, passion and with a healing heart.
You are energy.
You are light.
Recognise your reflection in everyone and everything.
Free yourself from worry.
Be open for the change that has already begun.
Breathe all the way into your core of both darkness and light 
and let dreams unfold. 
We are all united. 
We are all free. 
We all share the same moon and the same sun. 
We need each other to realise that.
26 September
Pure heart, pure mind.
Lovingly allow yourself to release
all old behaviours and doubt
and receive abundance
of outrageous and wild 
transformational blessings.
25 September
You don't have to be perfect. 
You don't have to know all the answers. 
You don't have to already be successful. 
You don't need to help people change their lives or solve their problems.
Everyone can find the answers themselves.
You don't have to be anything other than who you are, right now.
24 September
Awaken to the powerful implications
of taking a stand for Love
as a choice,
and a practical way of being,
rather than just a feeling
or fleeting experience.
Nurture a profound, abiding care
for the whole
that includes but isn't limited to
the personal realm.
23 September
Make spiritual practice
a way of life.
Come off the meditation cushion
and the yoga mat
into the world 
and live your awakening
in every single moment of life.
22 September
Activate the evolutionary impulse.
Awaken to and align with the powerful, creative force
that animates the entire universe.
Your experience of life
will now be infused 
with deeper meaning 
and higher purpose.
21 September
Sankalpa, which means intention.
offers a powerful foundation
for engaging in anything.
Much more than just an imagined future goal
for you to strive toward,
intentions are like seeds
planted deep in your consciousness
that will come to fruition
as long as you create the proper environment
for their growth.
Intentions must be set before any project or endeavour
to anchor and connect you directly 
to the living reality 
of your own potential
for a truly awakened life.
20 September
Living in a digital world of technology,
social media
and a host of other distractions
and fast everything,
is the reason over stimulation
in your environment, your mind and your emotions
is at an all time high.
You have constant noise
and demands
on you time and energy. 
This results in feelings of depletion, exhaustion and fatigue.
The antidote for this
is to create a sense of spaciousness.
Space alone,
away from stimulation,
in the quiet of your own mind and heart,
where you can gather your thoughts, emotions and ideas,
process your environment,
get in touch with your feelings and ideas,
and connect deeply with yourself.
Redirect yourself to a more peaceful place within you,
where there is space to breathe, to play, to recover
where you can feel safe,
practice mindfulness
and regroup.
In silence we grow,
in stillness we heal.
19 September
Correctly interpreted, 'immortality' (amritattwam) is not a state or condition that comes to you after your departure from the world. It is a state of continuous existence which has in it no experience of finitude. The disturbances caused by the multiple experiences that rise and fall in you are the causes for all your sorrows, and human beings, knowingly or unknowingly, struggle hard to continue their experiences, with an anxious impatience that seems to whip them from all sides. However, immortality is the perfection here, within you, by which you can, irrespective of the circumstances that play around you, come to live the continuous experience of tranquility and peace.
18 September
The attitude with which you should hear (sravana) the scriptures is totally different from the attitude with which you are asked to reflect (manana) upon what you have heard. Neither the faith (sraddha), nor sravana, nor the intellectual freedom of manana are permitted to poison the deep serenity of thought-less meditation. Thus, the student of Vedanta is taught, from the very beginning, to be original at every moment and live in the white heat of inspiration, which is thriling, divine and ennobling. 
17 September
Do not be dismayed
by times of uncertainty, chaos and crisis,
which are symptomatic
and the results of unwholesome living.
Live in tune with nature,
and spiritual ideals
of brother/sister-hood, love and peace.
As an immortal child of the universe,
you can face and successfully meet
all life's challenges
with perpetual prosperity
and spiritual happiness
16 September
Most of the yoga world completely neglects the body’s electrical system. The effects of yoga on the nervous system are what distinguish it from other movement modalities, and this is where much of the magic of practice is hidden. The benefits of yoga practice are at least 70% nervous system related. Classical yoga provides a biofeedback mechanism that allows the mind-body to 'sneak peek' into the autonomic nervous system and regulate it. Thus any serious yoga student can quantify, track and better understand what’s going on, electrically, inside them, which allows them to completely revolutionise mind-body wellness and the way they practice. This in turn, restores the free flow of positive life energy that attracts beneficial things to you. On the other hand when your life energy is turned off, you repel people, money and success.
15 September
Truth is the substratum of all and therefore, the real nature of all manifestaion. Truth exhibits itself as existence even in an inert and insentient rock, but the rock is not as yet aware of it. A little more evolved is plant life, which seems to be more aware of the world outside. In animal life, different species exhibit different degrees of awareness, not only of their external worlds of stimuli but also of their emotions and feelings. Human beings through their intellectual conviction and rational conquest can obtain a firm control over the emotions of the mind and apply this regulated and controlled energy for purposes of transcending psychological existence, and thereby peep into the boundless realms of bliss, beauty, love and perfection.

14 September

We meet thousands of seekers, who, without understanding fundamentals, aimlessly struggle along a so-called spiritual path. They suffer agonies of painful disappointment, although they have put in, and have behind them, years of painstaking practice. 

The study of any sicience cannot be undertaken without a preliminary understanding of the exact definitions of the terms and terminologies employed in it. The fundamental beliefs, accepted theories, observed modes of behaviour are all necessary data with which a modern scientist freely launches their new adventure into the realm of science. Similarly in philosophy and spirituality too, a fundamental knowledge of the terms used and the correct connotations in which various terms have been employed is an unavoidable preliminary.

However, it is not necessary to only confine yourself to the direct bearing of language, which serves as guidelines. Deep, independent thought is necessary. Reflect again and again upon salient features. Words and language also have great suggestive wealth, and you must give birth to the pregnant suggestions behind brilliant language. Perception arising from the sense organs, human emotions, and reasoning intellect can be experienced and understood as the ego's real nature. The essential Truth, and the essence of who you are, dis-associated from the body, mind and intellect, is beyond the reach of the known instrument of perception.

13 September

Like water
we are truest to our nature
in repose.

12 September

Know and live from these eternal truths about yourself:
• You are good enough just the way you are.
• You are worthy of love, bliss, success, health, peace of mind…
• You are innocent.
• You are perfect.
• You are forgiven.
Love what you are.
Let go of what you are not.
11 September
It has been fifteen years since the attack on the World Trade Centre,
and something big shifted in our world.
A profound and powerful cry went out
for things to be different,
so that these types of occurrences
would only be a part of our past
and not part of our future. 
Perhaps we are still learning
that revenge and killing does not make us safer;
nor do endless wars
and attempts to manipulate other people for our own gains 
create a better world.
The world is still crying out,
more than ever,
for peace, global community
and a world that works for everyone.
We are slowly emerging to be a part of the change we want to see in the world,
and create a world of true freedom
based on love, co-operation and oneness
rather than separation, divisiveness and hatred.
These do not serve anyone.
We have now experienced enough conflict
to finally make a commitment
to creating true peace in the world. 
Governments can keep the best interests of people it serves foremost
rather than being callous to the pain and suffering some of their leaders cause
in their crazed pursuit of power and wealth.
The universe is abundant,
and nature and the planet can serve all who inhabit her.
The minority do not need to capture and hoard
at the expense of the majority of the polulation
and the planet herself.
What God and the world is asking of you right now
is to keep your eyes and heart
on the amazing hope that the future holds.
Seek peace. 
Love all living beings wholesomely,
and be actively engaged
in bringing your unique piece of the cosmic puzzle to fruition
…there is a piece that only you can bring to its completion. 
You are here at this time on the planet to liberate the truth 
by being who you are. 
Something incredible is happening for us as individuals
and for humanity. 
The planet needs a breakthrough and it begins with yours.
You have the power to change your world
if you fully commit to living powerfully with love and peace.
10 September
And those dreams? Don’t let them go unlived.
9 September
Life is like an onion,
When it’s raw it makes your cry,
and if you cook it
it is really sweet.

8 September

The mind is capable of opening to what exceeds it,
yet the enthralling paradox is that to communicate the vastness of spiritual life,
we often need to narrow our focal point,
which perhaps is the crucial difference between regular and spiritual life. 

7 September

Make the spiritual journey the central expedition of your life.
It is not our human forces which brings about transformation from fear to love,
but an increasing conscious surrender to the divine forces.
The body is a heavy weight holding the soul to earthly nature,
thus temporarily preventing its ascent
either to spiritual fulfillment in the supreme
and the dissolution of this individual being in the supreme.
Conceive of a divine life on earth,
and liberation of the earth nature itself
as part of the total purpose of the embodiment.
6 September
You are amazing.
Be positive.
Be an individual.
Know that creativity is contageous.
Share a smile.
Share your light. 
Know that your friends like you for you.
Like yourself too.
5 September
In the world, some people make things happen
Other watch things happen
and still others ask: what happened?
Which one are you?
4 September
Millions of people like you are waking up
to challenge the current social, financial and political systems.
It is totally possible to reinvent reality,
elevate belief systems
and expand world views,
both scientifically and spiritually.
by bringing the wisdom sciences back
into the modern world.
3 September
Express yourself, your personal mission, with your dharma in mind.
When you act according to your true nature,
your calling, your purpose, and your whole reason for being,
you are following the path to self-liberation, abundance, and joy.
This will permanently transform you,
enabling you to live a fulfilled life,
which in turn creates an awakened collective consciousness
and a more peaceful planet.
2 September
Living a meaningful life
requires that we live in service
to the whole of creation.
You are living in dharma, your true purpose,
when you are in your creative reality,
Dharma is your active opening,
a mission, a doorway, a destiny,
but also a process of surrender.
The whole Universe will support you.
1 September
Make creativity a priority and practice it on a regular basis.
Allow creativity to lead your life,
so that you always stay connected
to the great spirit, source, divine, Universe
. . . the Self that is everywhere. 
The act of creating keeps you in the flow.
31 August
Whenever there is sincerity and goodwill,
the sacred presence is there.

30 August

If you see the Self in every living being, you see truly. 
If you see immortality in the heart of every mortal being, you see truly. 
If you see the divine presence within every man and woman, 
then you can never do harm to any man or woman. 
If you see the divine presence in yourself, then you attain perfection.
When you see the Self in every living being, 
you see that all actions are performed by this energy,
though the Self itself does not act. 
You see the divine inspiration behind every movement
though the inspiration itself does not move. 
Whey you see that amidst the variety of living beings, the unity of life,
then you attain fulfilment.
The Self has no birth; it cannot be divided into parts; and it has no death.
It dwells in the body, but it is not touched by the body.
It pervades the entire universe, but is not affected by anything in the universe.
The Self can never be corrupted or stained.
As the sun lights up the world, the Self lights up the body.
Those who possess the eye of wisdom,
can distinguish the Self from the body
and can therefore break free from attachment to the body.
                                     Bhagavad Gita, Chap13 v17-34. 
29 August
Your own worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unskilful thorughts.
No one can help you as much as your own compassionate thoughts.

28 August

Never measure the height of the mountain until you reach the top
then you will see how low it was.
Meditators and yogis soon experience the unity and panoramic vision
natural to those who stand at the top.

27 August

Every present moment act,
every wakeful step,
every mindful thought
is the direct path to awakening.
Wherever you go, there you are.

26 August

Love from the past is a memory.
Love in the future is a fantasy.
Only in the here and now can you truly love.

25 August

A shift in perspective is a powerful moment  that alters your view of the world. It can often feel like an epiphany,
after which, the problem that you had will no longer “fit” within your new point of view. This makes the problem rather “un-usable” to you, which can be ideal if you do not want it anymore.
We all know there is a lot of information, and a myriad of courses out there, to teach you how to do just about anything... And we all know the best way to get results and experience true transformation is to work with a coach/mentor in person. I know this to be true for myself, as well as the hundreds of people who have worked with me in person. They all acknowledge how powerful it is to be with me face-to-face, and say my events have an impact unlike anything they had ever experienced before. 

Facilitating life-changing, transformational lives is my greatest gift. It is what I have been doing for longer than four decades in Australia. The results my studients and patients receive shift their lives profoundly: they feel empowered, confident and supported to go out and do their work in the world. 

I want to share this gift with you. I know the difference that a retreat in person with me, and my community of like-minded teachers, healers, artists and visionaries will make in your life. Please don’t let this opportunity pass before seeing what it’s all about. This is, one of the most powerful offers we put together. It is time to make connections, share your story, experience your next health breakthrough and make the difference only you can make in the world. And I want to help you do just that! Join Dr. Manish Patwardhan and me for a ten day retreat that will change you life forever. 

24 August

When you embark on a spiritual path
it means that you are on a path of unlearning fear
and remembering love.
Being out of alignment with love
arises when you forget about who you truly are.
Clear the path to living.
Relinquish the need to control.
Relax into a sense of trust and freedom.
By mindfully living a divinely guided life each day.
you can transform fear into faith.
Know that the universe is a mirror of your heart

23 August

The individual dimension of self actualisation or self realisation 
refers to an awakening to a deeper aspect of Self,
the true presence.
Open your heart and explore ways to advance yourself
towards the ultimate Truth of your existence.
Reconnect each day with your true Self.
Self realisation, true wisdom
is the highest aspect of human knowledge,
and the very essence of dharma
It permanently uproots the cause of human suffering
and reveals a human being's true nature of love and bliss. 
Self realisation is yoga: union or oneness with truth,
the direct perception or experience of truth
by the all-knowing, intiutive faculty of consciousness.
Knowing in mind, body and soul 
that you are one with divine omnipresence
is Self realisation.
You are not merely near it at all times,
You do not have to pray that it comes to you,
the divine omnipresence is your omnipresence.
You are just as much a part of God now
as you will ever be.
All you have to do is improve your knowing.
22 August
Are you living well? Are you living the life that you truly want to be living, or are you living the life that you think you ‘should’ be living?

In our endless pursuit for happiness and creating better and bigger things, we can sometimes forget to slow down and really think about what makes us genuinely happy.

We can mistakenly think that being busier and having more things will bring us joy, only to discover that we have created less time for ourselves to do what we enjoy the most. 

If you would like to start living with more purpose or simply would like to infuse more joy into your life, I encourage you to meditate daily. Meditation gives you the clarity to choose between old stories the mind keeps repeating 
and the truth that's before you right now.

21 August
We are all deeply connected by the Universe. 
The universe is a mirror of your heart. 
Your heart is universal and is real. 
The moment you start living with your heart 
you will feel the beauty and aliveness within you 
reflected around you. 
Compassion arises from within the heart. 
When you are with yout heart 
you help and care for others truly, 
and with kindness 
because you genuinely feel that we are all one.
Feel the love in your heart. 
It is very peaceful. 
You can be relaxed and present. 
Living with heart, you connect with your very source,
and encounter the universal experience of Love. 
Mind needs lots of distraction and attention…
This and that, that and this…
analyse, figure out, organise, 
various unwanted concepts and knowledge 
taken from outside world.
connect it to the outside world.  .
Love in the mind is all about benefits
… ‘what’s in it for me?’ 
:and the choice whether mind or heart? 
Live within your heart in every moment. 
Start feeling this greatest experience from this very moment. 
You can release light, expansion, unconditional love, happiness and contentment 
that will completely free you. 
It is also the heart of your mind.
20 August
Creative visualisation is a practice of shifting beliefs
by meditating
and then visualising your life as you want it to evolve.
Essentially this process trains the subconscious mind
to develop a new belief,
and is based on the idea that the subconscious mind
cannot differentiate between a real and imagined experience.
Use imagery that feels powerful, healing and authentic to you.
19 August
We live in a universe which is benevolent, all powerful and loving.
The sun powers all life on earth,
and we are constantly surrounded by giant waves of cosmic energy
which we cannot even see
but which play a major role in our lives. 
Live in harmony with everything that exists
and in total alignment with your surroundings.
This is one of life’s greatest blessings.
When you are connected, anything can happen. 
Let the universal presence and energy pour into your body
and bring you all of the health, relationships and happiness 
that you need.
18 August
Gratitude or thankfulness,
arises from
counting your blessings,
noticing simple pleasures,
and acknowledging everything that you receive.
It means learning to live your life
as if everything were a miracle,
and being aware
on a continuous basis
of how much you have been given.
Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks
to the abundance that is already present.
Surprising life improvements stem from the practice of gratitude. 
Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient,
it strengthens relationships,
it improves health,
and it reduces stress.
Thank you.
I am eternally grateful for you.
17 August
Activate these four key realms which are critically important to step forth into your destiny
• The Physical-Sensory realm
Your senses help you connect with, and develop your physical and subtle bodies by tapping into the cosmic forces to empower inner and outer change.
• The Psychological realm
The mind can be trained in creative imagination to master the practice and experience of deep bliss.
• The Mystical realm
By mastering your emotions, you must become the conscious creator of your nystical adventure, its cohorts and tribe that help you co-create it.
• The Spiritual realm
Be ecstatically and completely transformed as a person and live from a more deeply connected place.
16 August
Everything you have done in your life so far
to discover your purpose,
and develop the latent powers within you
has all been to prepare you
for the next chapter of your journey.
Isn't it time to allow the Universe
to fully express itself through you, 
in every moment of your day,
as it has been trying to do, since you were born?
This is the calling you hear and feel inside you
that is always there, beneath the surface,
urging you to become more than you are.
It is the calling to the heroic journey you are here to undertake,
to the fulfillment of your greatest potential as a human being.
Activate your destiny today.
15 August

Each day as I interact with people all over the world
who are doing remarkable things for their neighbors,
their communities and their brothers and sisters around the world.
I know that they are surviving on hope,
and that life need not be troubled,
but that it can be filled with happiness and fulfillment. 
Many of them are driven by the hope:
that things will be better,
that we are smarter than we appear to be,
that children will live in a better world in the future,
that we can heal the planet. 
Perhaps if they didn’t have this hope
it would be difficult to near impossible
to get up in the morning. 
Each day we make wonderful connections
between people, organisations and local initiatives,
and each week we receive countless messages for help:
everything from people wanting to find housing,
to individuals who want to build a compassionate community
in a neighborhood that is rife with hatred and bigotry.
We do our best to put people in contact with one another,
to offer hope,
and to continue to do this we need your assistance.
If you are bale to devote several hours a week
to helping with our emails and other work, please contact us. 
I believe that is what the Charter for Compassion movement offers.
14 August
Be stable in your body.
Purposefully slow down your movements,
and be un-rushed
so that you relax naturally
into your presence and internal stableness.
Speak more slowly.
Say the appropriate things in the moment.
to experience your stable presence.
Control time and do not let anything interfere with
your present moment of activity or non-activity.
Look at people with full attention
in an absorbing way.
13 August
Breathe, soften, rest in your heart.
Receive the vast presence of silence
that is your heart essence
and dissolve into peace.
Breathe, expand peace, love and happiness.
Take time to remember
and renew the greater part of yourself.
12 August
Instead of being preoccupied with your daily stress
and all the ups and downs of life,
experience peace within
by practicing letting go.
Soften the hard edges of awareness,
soften mental activity
and expand infinitely.
11 August
Pure peace is within each of us.
Your peaceful heart is a gift
to everyone and everything.
In the silence of the heart
you discover
your true wisdom, inspiration and purpose.
Let go of your busy mental life,
so that you can appreciate an inner life.
10 August
Free yourself from the intellectual bondage,
from rules that exist in your mind
because someone else has planted them there…
Rules that limit your success and cause you to live below your potential.
Rules that make you feel inadequate, uninspired and disempowered.
Will you heed the call for an intellectual revolution in your life?
You can break through with the right framework.
The key does not lie in personal growth
but in personal diminishment.
9 August
“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell.
Be yourself effortlessly.
8 August
Cultivate a "can do" attitude.
7 August
Look within.
What life is offering
through you
6 August

Ego arises to fulfil the need for permanence and significance.
Accept its function and language
so that you can integrate, balance, 
and, if necessary, transcend it.
Explore sowing seeds
rather than hoping to get rewarded with results.
Understand your own consciousness better
and develop compassion for those who hold different values to yours
so that you expand the scope of what you are able to value.
5 August
Understand the dynamics of transition.
Recognise the limitations of goals and planning.
Connect personal transformation
with social, political and ecological issues.
Obstacles arise to help you grow into your best self.
Foster your own innate, intuitive abilities.
Unlock your infinite potential.
Embrace your authentic self.
Choose food, spiritual practices and thoughts 
to enable you experience
a healthier, happier, mind, body and spirit.
4 August
Becoming is the art of transformation.
It is the process by which life flourishes and blossoms,
forever arising as something new, creative and fresh.

3 August

Continuity arises when the observer 
is a collection of memories, ideas, and abstractions
who builds the image.
In a beginner's mind, infinite possibilities exist.
2 August
Mindfulness is the practice of non-judgemental awareness.
Just as the surface of water
can clearly mirror the sky and the trees
as long as its surface is undisturbed,
so too, the mind can only reflect the true image of the Self
when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed.

1 August

Just as a precious jewel
temporarily buried in mud,
remains completely brilliant and unaffected,
you true nature too
could be buried by life's circumstances.
You simply have to uncover it
and experience it's luminosity.

31 July

When you become still and silent,
you can access your essence, 
and then, most importantly, act on it.
Stop waiting to be loved, liked, appreciated or approved of
and take a risk to 'like' them,
not because they did something to deserve it, 
do it because it is who you are. 
By being you, authentically,
without the desire to 'do' being,
or an expectation of some return on that investment,
will you ever be fully content.

30 July

Look inward,
into your soul
and tomorrow
and everyday

29 July

When you do what really makes you happy.. 
You impact everyone around you.. 
and create a ripple effect
that could change the course of history.
If this is all you have to do
to set the ripple in motion,
why don't you?

28 July

What you focus on magnifies and increases.
It brings your conscious and subconscious mind
into full view for healing, transmutation and transformation. 
We all have self-doubts from time to time. 
Part of the human experience
is to work through our doubts and fears.
Trust is an essential key. 
However, more than simply believing in yourself
and trusting your own heart,
a large part of your life's journey
lies in trusting the process
and understanding that everything unfolds
for your highest good. 
All that happens is in divine right order.
You are exactly where you are meant to be in your journey,
and the place you are right now,
the universe circled on a map for you. 
Be continually guided towards living the peace and grace
of who you are born to be
and what you are here to do.
Everything in the universe conspires for your beneift.
It provides the circumstances to enable you to heal and transform a life.
You will get good results if you make constant efforts.
With firmness, energy and courage,
shake off all torpor and lassitude. 
May you be nothing else,
any more than a flame of love,
utterley awakened to a supreme realisation
of your deepest, spiritual essence.

27 July

The origins of yoga asanas (postures)
lie in the cosmic dance itself,
the sacred dance of Shiva,
known as the Nataraj,
which means Lord, King, Ruler of Dance.
Lore has it that as Shiva descended
from the lofty heights of divinity (heavens) to earth,
his dance steps (footprints)
formed the blueprint for the universe,
morphing all its inhabitants,
such as stars, minerals, animals, plants and human
in form.
Each shape or form,
captured and illustrated
is yoga, which means unity. 
The spirit of the world is yours
as soon as you know how to move your self
in the yoga way,
and see.
26 July

Everything is connected.

25 July

Release your heart from your mind's vicious grip
and turn your dominant thinking
from being fear-based to intimacy-based.
The mind-body-spirit aspect of Shanti Yoga
can transform every part of your life,
your career, finances, friendships, health and more.
Experience more energy,
more intimacy and
more fearlessness in your life, 
through simple practices of the ancient sages
which not only unleash
more passion and drive in your life,
but also slows down aging.
24 July
Three core issues that you must deprogram from subconscious mind
are based upon the fears most people live with:
• I am unworthy. I am insufficient. I am not enough.
• If I make a mistake, it will be catastrophic and I will be alone, ostracised.
• I am unsafe, I can be harmed. I cannot trust others to support me.
Looking ourside yourself for validation of your worth,
or the love you need to fill your emptiness,
and the security that you believe the world can provide, 
builds anxieties that block your super powers
so you don't use them.
Go within. Abundanced and resources you can use lie within you.
Know that you are already filled with
abundant possibilities and capabilities. 

23 July

In addition to
the noble art of getting things done,
there is the noble art
of leaving things undone.
The wisdom of life
consists in the elimination
of non-essentials.

22 July

Three aspects determine an exceptional life:
Relationships, Experiences and Contribution.
- Cultivate a warm, loving relationship with yourself, your source, with other living beings and the planet itself.
- Create memorable moments that enrich and expand your horizons.
- Help others by contributing in some way to their life.
Accumulating money or things fits in only as far as it enhances each of these three aspects and enables you to experience them on a larger and more profound scale
Accumulating wealth is useless if it costs you loving relationships or if you do not use it to help others. When the pursuit of money becomes an overriding focus of your life, you tend to neglect these three aspects. When faced with a choice about whether to engage in something or not, why not ask yourself whether it will enhance one of these three areas. If you can do all three simultaneously, then it is a no brainer.
Look at ways you can expand your life in each of these three areas to create the most execptional life possible.

21 July

Fear, poverty, misery and cold  
have no vibration, energy, essence, or reality.
They are an absence of…
Learning how to direct energy and create reality
arises from focusing on essences, not absences or lacks
and will transform your life.
To create reality you have to know what is real and what is not.

20 July

Is your life what you thought it would be, many moons ago?
Do you have the relationships that empower you, 
the abundance you believe you deserve,
and the genuine fulfillment from your daily activities
that you imagined you would have had? 
Yet, your mind has put in place everything in your life.
It is not exactly your 'fault', 
because most of us are taught that we cannot control our minds
and that we have to deal with what we are given.
Some people takes these beliefs to the grave.
Yet, the truth is you can harness the full power of your mind
to create new circumstances, and your own joy-filled, abundant reality.
Make your mind your most powerful ally 
Start meditating now.

19 July

When you control your mind, you control your reality.

18 July

We can’t escape life’s wounds. They are just the normal wear and tear that come along with living.
Frustrations, disappointments, rejections and pain pop up throughout our busy days gnawing away at our patience, confidence and self-control, and force us to face the difficult questions, such as:
- Why do I keep getting into situations that leave me frustrated and wounded?
- Why can’t I get my needs met in a relationship, no matter how hard I try?
- Why can’t I find satisfaction in my work life?
- Why do I use food/alcohol/cigarettes/etc as a crutch in good times and bad?
While we must accept that pain is a reality of life, but it doesn’t have to control our lives... 
Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed...
It means that the damage no longer controls our lives.
The practice of Shanti Yoga opens your mind and heart
to a whole new approach to dealing with the past
and healing your present.

17 July

Commit to living an extraordinary life,
one that's all about love, contribution and never-ending growth,
one that improves the quality of your life,
and the lives of others.
You don't have to settle,
or tolerate the life you have,
even if it's good.
Great, magnificent and outstanding
are around the corner.
THee's something to be said for having those kinds of standards
for yourself and others.

16 July

The universe and nature are so amazing.
They give us so much.
Be grateful and place your hands together.
Be still and take it in. 
With every gentle reminder
open your thankful heart to the abundance of life.
Make time for gratitude.

15 July

Emotional and mental health have a huge impact on your physical health…and vice versa. 

When you feel happy, with an optimistic outlook on life, you naturally exude more energy and vitality. Whereas, on the other hand, if you are stressed, or life hits a snag, whether it’s in career, business, relationship, health or finances, it is so easy to end up stuck in a rut, dwelling on the past, which can become a vicious cycle that can sap the life out of you.

While it’s not possible to be happy all the time, what is important is that you learn the art of being mindful, so that you can ‘catch yourself’ and ‘rewire’ your emotional and mental state, to create a compelling future whenever life’s inevitable challenges arise. Surround yourself and stay connected with positive and optimistic people who have cultivated the skill of seeing things as they are, but not worse than they are - which is a great place to start when needing a positive change in direction.

14 July

An old Cherokee teaching his grandson about life stated to the boy: “A fight is going on inside me.
It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil: He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” 
He continued,  “The other is good. He is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too.”
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”
The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed...”
Make sure that you feed the right one.
13 July
The plight of animals - be it farm animals, companion animals, marine or wild life animals - is one of the foremost reasons why many people around the world choose to eat a vegetarian diet, or vegan diet. As people who care about the animals of the earth, we believe that, like human animals, they have rights and deserve to have their best interests taken into consideration, regardless of whether they are useful to humans.
Animals are not ours to use for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, or any other reason. By switching to a plant-base diet, human societies will be able to alleviate the needless suffering and deaths of countless animals, the irreparable damage done onto the earth like air and water pollution, the erosion of lands, waste of precious energy, and deforestation. Raising and eating meat leaves behind an environmental toll that generations to come will be forced to pay. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. 
                                           Mahatma Gandhi, Indian spiritual leader

12 July

Ten thousand flowers in spring,
the moon in autumn,
a cool breeze in summer,
snow in winter.
If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things,
this is the best season of your life.


Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.
11 July
How do you choose to verbalise your instructions, directions and feedback?
A meaningful chat (choose words that would do the least harm and most good) with thoughtful listening. Then allow time for evaluation of discussion points, and for meaning and relevance to sink in. 
When discussing any criticism, reaction or response, consider these three questions:
Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?
10 July
Your words have power.
Use them wisely.
9 July
Shanti Yoga: Try it. Share it. Teach it. Lve it.
8 July
We all win, or we all lose.
7 July
Unnecessary to strive for Truth.
Truth is.
6 July
Sources for inspiration can be found in many places. Love this one…
"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down." Mary Pickford
5 July
Populist anger, partisan warfare and the breakdown of public discourse are tearing apart families and communities, endangering our future and blocking the kind of bold, unifying leadership we need. Stand by your sacred principles. Your higher mission is fulfilled when you are in service to All.
4 July
Leave some things undone.
Trying to be everything to everyone
and be everywhere
may end up getting you nowhere.
Be real with yourself
and make some decisions about actions
that are truly worth your time.
3 July
Micro-transformations in your life are easy,
because they are small.
Yet, small, incremental changes and actions,
consistently performed
lead to monumental results.
Take action now.
Think big, start small.
2 July

Negative people are afraid of change. They’re not really trying to bring you down.
If it’s your spouse, best friend, or even your children resisting change, it is because they think that if you change, their future with you becomes uncertain. They may even assume you’re going to force them to change...Or that they will feel bad about themselves once you start living better.
To communicate: 
  • Explain what you are doing and why. 
  • Be sure to emphasise that you will not judge their life decisions that could be different to your own.
  • Do not be a know it all. 
  • Do not force your new choices on them.

Then, follow through and just do your thing, be yourself, be a light, and you’ll inspire them to follow you naturally. 

If you make small changes consistently, rather than making a lot of big, scary changes in bursts, you will freak them out less, and and you are actually more likely to maintain that habit for longer. Small change isn’t alluring, because it doesn’t feel fast enough. But it works to bring your family on board. They believe in you, and know you can do it, and so do you.

1 July
Notice your thoughts, they become words.
Notice your words, they become actions.
Notice your actions, they become habits.
Notice your habits, they become your character.
Notice your character, it becomes your destiny.
30 June
Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture.
It is not enough to stare up the steps,
we must step up the stairs.
29 June
The happiest people in life do not have the best of everything…they make the best of everything they have. 
28 June
Opportunities are like sun rises.
If you wait too long, you can miss them.
27 June
Choose to take part in rejuvenating the planet
while also finding joy.
You seldom get what you go after
unless you know in advance what you want. 
A clear understanding
of how the universe works
involves learning about
the dual nature of the creative process.
This provides a holistic view of manifestation.
Accept that you have been living under a set of rules
that you created,
and which you can change at any time.
When you step out of a random, chaotic mind
into one of peace and contentment
you have access to, and can connect with
a wisdom beyond your own.
26 June
Slow the wheel of personal doer-ship.
Empty the cup of "I, me, my, mine".
Drop your karmic story.
Redirect your attention
from conversations in the conditioned mind
to this-here-now,
what is, is.
This then, is the divine knowledge of emptiness.
All beings, devoid of individual self
are danced by the divine.

25 June

Focusing on eliminating what you do not want
is like being in a dark room
and trying to push all the darkness away.  
Darkness represents an absence.
It has no vibration
and does not respond to your desires.
Focusing on what you want
is as simple as turning on a light in the dark room.
Suddenly the darkness (absence) is gone.  
Light has a vibrational level (an essence)
and will respond to your desires.
The fundamental essence is light - light is existence itself.
Find the analogies of the light and darkness to your own life 
Uses the power of your thought to create images of light.
Magnetic images of incipient light
then clothe themselves with denser light
called matter and materialise in our physical world.  
24 June
The starting point to anything, is your mindset.
THis then needs to be followed up with intention, sankalpa
The next step is action.
Create the intention,
spread it far and wide into the Universe around you,
and then take action.
This is when hardcore manifesting begins.
This is true about money too.
Money will always match your mindset.
Money will always follow your intention.
Money will always manifest through action.
First comes mindset,
then comes intention,
and finally, the big finale is action.
If your mindset about money
is one of scarcity, victimhood, blame, anger, shame, guilt, or undeservedness...
then it doesn't matter how much you intend money, 
money won't be attracted to you.
To change this mindset,
Feel appreciation.
Feel appreciation for the money you do have.
Feel appreciation for the money you can make.
Feel appreciation for the money you pay bills with.
Feel appreciation for the money you give away.
This will immediately begin to shift your entire mindset
from one of lack and scarcity,
to one of abundance and prosperity.
Next, take action. Any kind of action. 
Anything that you think will help bring more money into your life.
Anything that follows your intentions to bring
more abundance in your life.
Do this, and I guarantee a shift.
Mindset, Intention, and Action.
...And the money will follow...
23 June
Today is the most important day of your life. 
Did you know that when you woke up?
It is true
Because this day is your life. 
Nothing else is under your control except this very moment, here and now.
Everything that happened yesterday is done, gone, and in the past. 
Just like every day before that.
And the same goes for tomorrow.
You can plan ahead, take action, and set yourself up for the future,
but you never really know what it is going to bring.
This is why today, this moment, right now, is the only time that truly matters.
So what are you going to do with this, the most important day of your life?
Make every second important.
Be present. Embrace the moment, and love life for all it is.
Spread love and hope to your friends, family, and even strangers on the street.
Love and joy are contagious. They spread like ripples, and you can be at the center.
You can choose to make this moment the best for everyone around you, no matter what.
And take a moment to love yourself as well.
Make every day the best day of your life.
Come join us, the Shanti Yoga team,
as we dive deep into building
the healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling lives possible. 
22 June
In this non-dual world
all is one, nothing left out.
In this unmeasurable truth
one instant is ten thousand years.

Things do not separate into here, or there
infinity is manifested everywhere.
One thing is everything
all things are One.

If you know only this, then
don't worry about attaining perfect knowledge.
- Seng-Ts'an 
21 June
Many people live their lives desperately seeking to draw attention to themselves, to be noticed, accepted, and adored, as if they were in the center of a ring, and as if the world should sit around applauding their every move. But there are a small number of people in this world who live their lives to make others smile, to remind others of the magic and hope in the world, to help them discover the possibilities that live within them. Whenever people like this end up in the spotlight, they use their moment to help others through the dark. These people are the miracle workers.
20 June
Consider the perfection of nature…
Everything in nature has a part to play in the grand design.
All the pieces fit together to form ecosystems that have sustained life
and allow innumerable species to thrive for millennia.
You are part of all of it.
Planets have been spinning, colliding and clustering to form galaxies
since long before recorded history.
Stars explode, implode and shine their life-giving light on those planets
in a manner that seems random and chaotic,
yet, when gazed upon from a distance,
it forms beautiful patterns of brethtaking symmetry.
All the forces of the Universe since the beginning of time 
have now culminated in the creation of you.
The odds against your birth were staggering.
Of all the cells that could have combined to crete a fetus,
only two survived to merge.
Your parents then provided a unique concoction of nutrition and experiences
that fed that newly combined cell
as it grew to become a child ready for the world.
Post-womb, you transformed through life experience, education,
personal choices and gifts of fortune
to be here today, 
an adaptive amalgam of miraculous humanity.
As you can see, there have been forces at play since before the beginning 
that have created the unique cluster of circumstances 
known by your name.
Do not use the talents, skills, gifts and possessions of others
to minimise your own accomplishments or abilities.
Comparison can be the thief of joy. 
You don't have what others have,
because you are busy enough with all you hold.
Remember to play the part that is uniquely designed for you.
If you are ready to connect more deeply and fully 
with your essence/presence
and discover its truth,
this is the perfect place to start.
There is only this moment.
19 June
Give thanks to everyone in your life.
Give more compliments to people to make them feel uplifted.
Give money, clothing, furniture or anything else to charity or those in need.
Give to a palce of worship and other spiritual places
Give helpful advice and your honest opinion to people who seek it.
Tell your family and friends how much you appreciate them.
Change your mental attitude to project love and affection out to the world.
Give, applying the amasing  law of detachment
at mental, physical and spiritual levels.
You will always receive
whether you expect to receive or not.
18 June
As 'cosmic' infants in the big picture.
we will have many learning experiences to come.
Essences have a positive reality and a vibrationa level,
and can be exerienced in light, heat, kindness, goodness, abundance.
Absences do not exist in things,
they are only a lack of essence,
and experienced in darkness, coldness, cruelty, poverty of spirit.
If you focus on an essence, it will grow.
If you focus on absence (a lack of something),
that lack or absence will also grow in your life.
Desiring what you don't want
is a way of fcusing on an absence.
Cultivate the essence.
You are the culmination of your habits.
17 June
Who are you?
Are you a physical body?
A collection of experiences and memories?
A partner to relationships?
There is so much more to you
than any of these can define.
Your identity is to be found in your consciousness…
the fact of your ability to observe yourself
and the world around you.
By dwelling in the present moment
you can let go of the inner dialogue you live with,
and its painful snd distracting thoughts and memories
that keep you from the happiness
that arises from self-realisation.
In an enlightened way, overcome the tendency
to close down to the rest of the world.
Your psychological and mental distress
can be a gateway to spiritual awakening. 
Acknowledge the spiritual power
of this process of transformation:
Shatter modern ideas of ego and entitlement,
self and society,
lift the veil of fear.
Breaking down is waking up.
Shine an illuminating light 
that leads to happiness and health
Open your heart to the energy of experience
and the embrace of universal consciousness
that permeates your life.
Complete the process of spiritul growth
that you have begun.

16 June

Take a moment, or many,
to be still in mind and body,
be more conscious 
about the way that you are engaging
with the world around you,
and attend to your inner self,
it's essence and presence.
No yoga. No peace.
Know yoga. Know peace.
15 June
Love is ever present, and lives in all things.
The energy from love is everywhere.
This goes for all forms of love,
not just romantic love.
You can embrace love's energy
and bring more of it into your life at any time.
Love your life as it is, right now.
This is the secret to transforming.
Profound, positive life changes
are the aftermath to enlightenment.
Enlightenment offers the possibility
to become permanently less stress-prone,
to break bad habits,
to improve your collaboration and creativity skills,
and to lead a happier, more satisfying life.
It is the paradigm for deep and lasting changes.
Love is the highest form of enlightenment.
14 June
Be good to yourself. It is like the oxygen mask on the airplane. You cannot do an ounce of good in the world if your cup isn’t overflowing first. Put away the distractions for just a few minutes. Be present. If you can find one pure, quiet moment of honesty with yourself, you will find your truth. Once you do, express your truth without shame. That will unleash you. You will be able to live every day with true love and passion. Then, you can be overwhelmingly good to your friends and loved ones. You can be uncommonly good to the stranger on the street. You can live with love and without fear. Love will always win. Raise the level of love in the world by starting with yourself. You can change this world a little, by starting with yourself. Please let me know what I can do to help. 
13 June
Do not scatter your powers. Focus, concentrate and engage in one kind of practice only, and stick to it faithfully until you succeed, or until your experience indicates that you should abandon it. A constant hammering on one nail will generally drive it home at last, so that it can be clinched and union achieved. When your undivided attention is centered on one object, your mind will constantly suggest improvements of value, which could escape you if your brain is occupied by a dozen different subjects at once.
12 June
What you believe you will receive.
Stop focusing on what you do not have.
Be grateful for what is in front of you.
When you put an end
to jealousy, anger and judgement
towards the success of others,
and instead allow yourself
to be fuelled by their elevation,
you rise.
Gratitude is a protection spell,
repelling negative energy,
as much as it is a magnet for abundance.
It's possibilities are limitless.
Being grateful is saying an energetic "yes"
to what is now.
Trust in the divine timing of your unveiling.
Place your left hand on your heart,
your right hand on your abdomen (lower belly),
and breathe deeply.
Give thanks for what is in your life.
Mean it and feel it.
11 June
The currency
for aliveness, joy, beauty, love and inner peace
is self-worth.
Self worth can be discovered and recovered
through a consistent practice of self-acceptance.
Beware of trying to mould yourself 
to fit another person's idea of
aliveness, success or happiness.
The person whose acceptance of you 
is most important
is you.
Learn to hold a space for you.
Replenish your self worth.
Give yourself permission to feel this presence
in every fibre of your being.
10 June
When you follow your bliss
you place yourself on the track
that has been there all the time,
waiting for you,
and the life that you ought to be living
is the one you are living.
Follow your bliss
and do not be afraid.
Doors will open
where you thought there were walls. 
9 June
To live for results
is to sentence yourself to continuous frustration.
Your only sure reward is in your actions 
and not from them.
Health is your first wealth.
Embrace Optimism.
Find the grace.
8 June

If something you desire to manifest isn’t coming into your life, even after you have set your intentions (sankalpa) and embarked on the inner work, please understand that there is nothing wrong with you. Hitting a plateau is an important mile marker on any journey, and a sign that you're reached a great teacher of heart. A block is an opportunity for you to re-align with your essence. Your personal manual for dream weaving and manifesting, namely your soul, relies on these pauses to write and reveal itself. The key lies in learning to become aware of your stagnation's creative voice, verses trying to resist or control its wisdom. Perhaps you need to create a vacuum for it, and shift from frustrating lull to vital check-in: is what you are trying to achieve still worth fighting for, or is it just stressing you out. You've probebly already felt the inklings, dremt the symbols, and heard the inner call to drop certain beliefs or habits in order to magnitise, not repel. You are already your personal manifesting guru
When you create a vacuum, the universe works to fill that vacuum right away. 
Here are some suggestions :
- Clear any junk or clutter from your home. Get rid of old clothes and get things organised.
- Recycle old furniture or other things that are literally no use to you. Let go of what no longer serves you (including trinkets from the attic, and stuff in the garage).
- Move to a new town or country. When you press the reset button on your whole life, you are creating an opportunity to allow new things to enter.
- Change your circle of friends. Press the reset button and create a vacuum for new friends to enter.
- Quit your job or change your career - again, a great way to create a vacuum for new things.
So think about what type of vacuum you can create and fill it with goodness.

7 June
Here are some empowering statements
that will create a shift in your vibration right away.
Try them and see!

I give thanks for 
- for all that is beneficial and wholesome that enters my life.
- for riches, prosperity and abundance that enters my life.
- for beneficial decisions and actions in my life.
- for excellent relationships with those around me.
- that I don't gamble with my health and am becoming healthier and healthier every day.
- that I am becoming wiser every day.
6 June
If you've been feeling restless
with creative hunger
and summoned by your intuition
to re-connect with your wild side, 
you must embrace the three major soul signs
that play out in your life
presenting you with opportunities
to dig deep and uncover
- your deepest ache,
- your greatest passion
- your ability to respond to yourself, others and the world.
Otherwise pain turns to hurt and bitterness,
passion to empty pleasure,
responsibility to obligation. 
Your mission on this planet,
or a great part of it at any given point
in your journey through time
can usually be found
at the intersection of these three.
Your mission must attempt to heal a wound
or solve a problem
or change a reality
that has caused you deep pain or hurt
in a way that seeks redemption.
Your mission will always try to atone for this damage.
It will attempt to heal the world in some way,
as you heal yourself.
You are the blueprint
through which you can inspire, touch or change
any other life.
Your healing must begin with you.
Passion is the heart of life,
the fuel of your desire,
the contagious element in you.
You'll know passion by the way it moves you.
No substitute will do.
The sooner you accept what you love
and let it take over your life
and build you a new home
the less creative energy (and lifetimes) you will waste
trying to fit (or suffocate) in other people's worlds
or ideas of you.
Signs you've found your passion include:
a deep sens of joy,
an always hungry satisfaction,
and an attitude of abundance.
As long as you feed your soul daily,
you will never run out.
The freedom you experience
when you accept your pain
and embrace your passion
will find another addiction or prison to settle in
unless responsibility holds them together.
Responsibility will keep you accountable
for what you do with what you love
as well as with what hurt you.
Creative responsibility is the binding contract 
you must sign (first within, then witrhout)
with the reality you are trying to change,
the discipline required not to quit,
the hard work,
the commitment tht will save you from distractions.
The rsult is resilience, perseverance, trust
and ultimately, power,
until at last your world is built.
These three ingredients combine
to release creative alchemy.
Mix all three together
and there's your joy,
from which come real and long-lasting
change and revolution.
Reclaim your life.
Fight for your heart.
5 June
There is so much you could do
with this short, beautiful life,
and do it well.
There are so many projects you could begin
and weave your magic into.
But what is it that aligns
with your soul's blueprint
at this point in your human experience?
Your real purpose?
Your mission on this planet?
Your ultimate Why,
behind the Who, the How, or the What?
The umbrella
over all your projects, jobs, works of art, creative offerings, people
and everything else you invest
your heart, mind and time in, daily?
Furthermore, could you turn it into something
that will leave you,
and those who cross your path,
with a deeper sense of fulfilment 
and a renewed, creative energy?
This mission will certainly shift
as you dance your way through life.
Yet, it is our duty as constant creators of our reality
to do regular soul checks
to make sure that we are constantly aligned with our North
as we navigate this human experience.
Life is too short to be spent on second bests.
Is what you are chasing what you really want 
or is it what you think you need?
Is it a have-to vs. need-to vs. want-to?
How to make real sens of it,
considering our constant state
of change and evolution,
which is not absolute, or chronological.
We grow partially, unevenly,
sometimes in one dimension, 
and not in another.
We are relative, 
wise and mature in one realm,
childish and petulant in another.
The past, present and future mingle
and pull us backward, forward,
or fix us in the present.
We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.
How do we dig deep into ourselves
without any other footprints to show us the way in,
but only those we are creating as we go?
Celebrate life.
Being alive, in itself, is a holiday.
Life is too short not to be attempted to its fullest.
and by atempting, we are alredy living it.
It's all right here,
waiting to be found.
4 June
A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer
it sings because it has a song. (Maya Angelou)
3 June
Where do you go to escape?
Don't be fooled by calendar thinking, that there are 365 days.
There are as many days in the year as you make use of.
Live every day with love.
Find the place where pain meets passion.
Meet responsibility (your ability to respond).
Mix all, and make a world. 
2 June
If you have a goal you can achieve all by yourself,
it's probably not that big a goal.
Meaningful and significant goals inspire and motivate us.
Small goals don't.
Many of us are probably guilty of playing too small.
Play the bigger game, a game worth playing.
Only to the degree that we are in touch with our unique soul's path
can we guide others on theirs.
1 June
Let go of who you were told you should be
and allow yourself to be the truth of who you are
31 May
Energy is not something you use up.
It is the essence of who you are.
You channel energy from who you are,
when you plug into a source greater than your ego,
and thus never need run out of it.
You are not a finite being
and it's not just that you have access
to a finite, nor an infinite supply…
You are energy.
Your thoughts vibrate.
Powerful thought frequencies
are created now, in this very moment,
with each single thought.
Your thoughts are cosmic waves of energy,
the Law of Vibration,
that create and penetrate all time and space.
Whether your thoughts produce
high frequency or low frequewncy outputs
is all under your control.
What amazing power you possess.
30 May
Your purpose is not something you make up,
it is something you are made of.
The unique pattern projected all around you
carries your heart and soul's signature.
Vision is missing or blocked
in those times when you are not giving.
Giving will instantly and permanently shift the energy.
You generate everything you need
no matter what your circumstances.
Doing what is expected of you 
is no longer enough.
Going above and beyond what is required
opens up your life.
It is largely a matter of conscious choice.
The reason the universe is eternal
is that it does not live for itself.
It gives life to others as it transforms.
29 May
When your soul is thirsty for meaning
and hungry for connection
yoga and meditation pave the way
for you to discover the path
that satiates.
When the tougest times
barge into your life uninvited,
yoga and meditation help you be
physically, mentally and spiritually prepared
to have and to know how to
tap into your own healing sanctuary.
The path of conscious, awake living
gives you better control of your emotions.
The unified nature of the universe
means that we are all brothers and sisters,
part of the same cosmic family.
Take the one step you must take
to change your life.
You are already this close.
28 May
All is mind.
The cosmos is an enormous mind
that contains everything.
The cosmos needs you to manifest herself.
You construct creation in several ways, for instance,
from external materials, such as making a pot out of clay, 
or by giving birth, which combines elements of a male and female
to create a child;
or a thought, which needs no external materials and no prerequisites.
The cosmos is created as an idea in the mind of God.
The entire creation is simply a mirror of your heart.
simply your reflection.
Is there a thinker who creates a thought,
or is it the thought that creates the thinker?
27 May
You are not held back
by the love you did not receive in the past,
but by the love you are not extending
in the present.
Clear your mind and heart.
Heal past hurts.
Forgive yourself.
Plug into the current of life.
let your passion drive you
and live with inspiration.
Dissolve all boundaries.
Connect with the energy field
and collective consciousness
that transcends the self
and enjoy the feeling of
a sense of unity with all life.
26 May
You do not need to struggle in life
to make something of yourself.
The infinite power within you
is unlimited in potential,
Harness this power.
You can create anything you desire
by letting your mind do
what it was divinely created to do.
Work with the laws of the universe
and live life to its fullest.
Your potential is unlimited, 
25 May

Most of us have been taught to follow the crowd. We subscribe to ‘tribal’ thinking, which is thinking of the masses. It is not easy to break from this type of thinking, or non-thinking. A lot of people find this a huge stumbling block because they believe what social, political, religious and other authority figures have told them is ’true’. There is a lot of fear tied up in leaving the tribe. But true freedom requires us to think contrary to what the tribe is thinking, and always requires us to question the beliefs we hold - on everything. This is not easy because we are addicted to certainty. Most people would rather be certain about their beliefs than believe the fact that what we believe may not be true. The more you question what the tribe believes, the more you realise that they are hypnotised. You don’t have to wait for them to wake up from the trance. You can do it right now. 

it is obvious to me why we have been ‘guided’ together. Your soul is awakening and prompting you along the spiritual path, even whilst the other aspects of your life need to catch up. The path we are on, is the journey that allows all the other things to drop off. This means all our separate parts…all separation…ceases, to bring us back to that state where we are One, whole and complete. This state of Oneness is our God-space. In this state, hunger, thirst, desire, greed, pain, insecurity, fear all cease to exist. It is time for us to step forward into our power, emerging as a co-creative force for conscious evolutionary change. It is time for us to come together to build a better world, and we are being called forth in the next phase of humanity’s movement. We are becoming a new archetype: the feminine co-creator.
What does this power hold for you? For us? For humanity?
24 May
To determine if your practice is beneficial,
just reflect upon the ways you have become freerer
from your personality
and its rigid likes and dislikes.
23 May
Uniqueness is normal.
Not necessary to judge yourself
on the mat
or in your life.
22 May
Do not obsess about the angle of your knee,
or how far away you are from reaching your foot,
or whatever.
The whole process of yoga
is far more important than the pose or poses.
The experience of yoga is an intuitive one.
Come out of your head 
and into your breath.
Listen to your body.
Yoga is primarily about the inner work,
not the outer form.
21 May
Trying to make your dreams a reality
without tapping into your soul
is like trying to drive your car
without petrol.
You won't get anywhere.
Everything you wish for
is embedded in your DNA.
It's part of your soul's blueprint.
All you have to do is access that blueprint,
follow it all the way to the fulfillment 
that is already yours.
20 May
Once you begin to think about the mystery of life
and the links that connect you
with the life that fills the world,
you cannot but accept
the principle of reverence for life…
for your own life,
and all other life that surrounds you.
You are then impelled to act in accord
with this ethical affirmation principle of life
in everything you do,
decoding it as the desire to serve others more,
with an increased life for all.
In every respect, your life will become more difficult
than if you live for yourself,
but at the same time, it will be richer, more beautiful and happier.
19 May
counting your blessings,
noticing simple pleasures,
acknowledging everything you receive
is gratitude.
Shift your focus from what your life lacks
to the abundance that is already present.
Learn to live your life as if everything is a miracle.
Give thanks.
You will be happier and more resilient.
Strengthen your relationships,
improve your health,
reduces your stress.
Be aware on a continuous basis
of how much you have been given.
Give back.
18 May
Life is a struggle…
One step forward, two steps back…
are examples of imprints and triggesrs
that structure throughs around them
that hold you back.
One you identify the thoughts that are valueless to you,
you can choose to stop repeating old mistakes 
and activate those thoughts that support you,
help you find opportunities,
and overwrite the negatives one that are holding you back,
instead of being stuck in re-creating what you fear.
Recode your imprints,
and life begins to change. 
17 May
If you do not change direction,
you may end up where you are heading.
                         Lao Tzu
16 May
The secret of change
is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old,
but on building the new.
15 May
Like the little stream
making its way
through mossy crevices
I, too, quietly
turn clear and transparent.
14 May
Toi be one with life,
to be completely one with all that is,
to embody unconditional love and acceptance,
to be empty of the ego process that creates the illusory world
of opposites, preferences,  something wrong, and not enough,
be completely still
so that you do not pose any threat to any form of life
and simply say "yes" to what is.
13 May
The universe is a mirror of your heart.
12 May
Is it time to reassess?
You grow and evolve…
The massive light bulb that needs to go off
is that you need to create a life that fits you
rather than you trying to fit into
what you think a life should look like!
11 May
On the spiritual path, you can get stuck over-analysing, which doesn't really help. While there is a time and place for self-reflection, you can get a lot done in a little time and make better progress when you stay out of the drama and the incessant questioning in your mind. Simply own what you need to own and move on. Staying objective will keep you from getting wrapped up in your own head and will make the path more joyful. Openness, ease and trust in a deeper guidance enables spiritual success with the challenges encountered on the path without getting bogged down with heaviness
10 May
I never came upon any of my discoveries
through the process of rational thinking.
                               Albert Einstein. 
9 May
I am grateful for you.
Grateful that you are in my life…
Grateful that you read my emails and blog…
Grateful for brightening up my day…
making my least bearable days bearable…
So I guess all I want to say
is a big "Thank you" for being who you really are.
While we are at it, who are you grateful for?
How about sending a message like this?
They will love it.
Be extraordinary.
8 May
Check your energy field
to assess its needs.
Fear programs you.
Fear programming 
distorts the flow of high-frequency light
through stagnant and damaged
'fiber optics' in your aura.
Embrace sadness.
and low energy feelings.
Quieten you mind and open your heart.
Love programs you.
Love programming 
creates a profound clearing and activation
which accelerates your evolution
and expands your capacity
for ego to merge into god-source.
You are amazing.
You make such a huge difference.
7 May
Consider the following:
• 'Me" is the name and voice of your undeniable and inescapable reality.
• Divine revelation and God's word must be compatable with evidence. 
• Genesis, and the creation story is a part of your big history. 
• Theology must not be estranged from ecology.
• Define and measure progress in long-term, universal (not human-centred) ways.
• Stop the free or subsidised polluting of the earth, sea, sky.
• Stop using renewable resources faster than they can be replensihed.
• Stop using non-renewable resources in ways that harm or rob future generations.
• Stop exploring for coal, oil, and natural gas. Keep most of it in the ground.
• Stop prioritising the wants of the wealthy over the needs of the poor. 
* Challenge the language of religious condemnation.
6 May
You empower what you fight.
You withdraw power from what you release. 
Leave the situation or accept it.
All else is madness.
5 May
What you are today comes from your thoughts of yesterday.
Your present thoughts build your life of tomorrow:
Your life is the creation of your mind.
4 May
You have to find something that you love enough to be able to take risks,
jump over the hurdles and break through the brick walls
that are always going to be palced in front of you.
If you don't have this kind of feeling for what you're doing,
you'll stop at the first giant hurdle.
                                  George Lucas
3 May
I wish for you all that makes your heart sing.
Wish this for yourself too.
Give yourself the gift of freedom and choice.
You deserve the life you love.
2 May
If you don’t live in right relationship to primary reality or nature,
you are inevitably on a path to self-destruction.
Humanity is violating so many aspects that can only limit grace.
The glory of the human is shaping the desolation of the planet,
which is our greatest shame and biggest threat.
Surely all programs, policies, activities and institutions
must henceford be held accountable
by the extent to which they inhibit, ignore or foster
a mutually enhancing human/earth relationship.
All previous generations sacrificed to give to the future,
now it is time to reverse course
and become saviours of the future.
We must ask of everything:
is it pro-future or anti-future?
1 May
What if everything you think you know about how the world works, 
your ideas of love, education, spirituality, work, happiness, 
parenting, money, sex, health and life itself 
are shaped by conditioning and habit?
Thus you live by inherited, limiting rules and outdated beliefs 
that get passed from generation to generation 
and are long past their expiration date.
Break free from the shackles of an ordinary life. 
Break free from the rules of the past. 
Question, challenge, hack, and create new rules for you life. 
Redefine happiness, purpose, health, success on your own terms.
Give yourself heartfelt access to
tears, gratitude, wonder, inspiration, grief, and moral care.
Live with grace.
30 April
It all starts with your mindset.
To change your reality,
shift the dream
of body, mind, soul consumerism
to a dream that is
more life-affirming, spiritually fulfilling and sustainable.
This is vital for our personal wellbeing
and our collective ability to thrive and survive.
29 April
A shift in perception,
a fresh course of action,
the smallest, seemingly insignificant changes
enable us to eventually make giant evolutionary leaps.
Take your life in a new direction.
Let go of all the attachments that are holding you back
and set sail on a journey of self-discovery.
28 April
Can you really change things by fighting the existing reality?
Why not consider building a new model that makes the existing model obsolete
27 April
Are you sailing with the wind or against it?
You surely understand then the ease and struggles.
26 April
Meditation empowers the mind to witness both the unconscious becoming conscious,
 and the superconscious transforming your own energy into practical wisdom.
25 April
Spirituality should discovered, not inherited.
24 April
Shanti Yoga offers a comprehensive training in the world's most effective holistic mind/body medicine and its scientific foundation.  The curriculum combines engaging lectures, practices, discussion and Q&A.  Although recent studies have demonstrated that 75% of health care costs associated with chronic diseases could be prevented or reversed by lifestyle changes, many clinicians do not offer themselves, or their patients, strategies that encourage meaningful change.  Shanti Yoga courses will provide easy-to-learn practices that work synergistically (within the intricate medium of the stress system) to reduce inflammation and allostatic load while working toward establishing homeostasis. 
23 April
Stories we tell ourselves about our lives
are not usually investigated for accuracy or meaning.
Our identity is like a frozen photo album,
snap shots taken by someone else
that are edited to be familiar,
but in reality are filled with gaps and omissions.
Our spiritual autobiography however,
is more about the mystery,
what has been left out,
and what reconnects
with the sacredness, beauty and courage
of our human story.
22 April
Beneath shutdown and hatred lie the fears we have been trying to escape.
Beneath these fears is genuine saddness and pain.
Staying with natural openness and compassion 
does not mean powerlessness,
in fact the opposite is true.
The more we stay open
the more we open
our minds and hearts to further dimensions of not-knowing.
The process that opens from this inquiry
can reveal life's most precious secrets.
21 April
Human connection is innate. We are born connected. Connection of all types, such as romantic, friendship, family, community, and so on can be the most joyful of human experiences. Yet, if we are not mindful, the most painful.
Human beings are buit to communicate, yet we often ignore our most basic perceptions, leading to unnecessary misunderstandings, conflict, unrealistic expectation, unnecessary, harsh self-criticism and a lack of confidence in our relationships. Applying mindfulness to relationship provokes us to find  the grounded reality beneath the suffocating effect of our fantasies, and to find the depths  of love within our basic humanity. To be mindful in communication, cultivate a mindful heart.
20 April
Everything Counts!
19 April
The mantra leads you beyond the boundaries of thinking and feeling into the happiness, peace and wisdom of 
soundless consciousness.
18 April
If you don't take control of your mind, then life is going to be like a ship without a rudder.
17 April
The most powerful starting point for any endeavor is not the question “What do I want?” but “What does the Universe want from me? How do I serve the whole?”
16 April

There is a story about how Albert Einstein was traveling to universities, giving lectures on his famous theory of relativity. One day while on their way to a university, the driver said, “Sir, I've heard that lecture more than 30 times. I have learned it by heart and bet I could give it myself."
"Well, I'll give you the chance," said Einstein, "They don't know me at the next university, so when we get there I'll put on your cap and you introduce yourself as me and give the lecture." Einstein continued.
At the hall, the driver delivered Einstein's lecture so wonderfully that he didn't make any mistakes.
When he finished, he started to leave, but one of the professors stopped him and asked him a question which was very difficult. The aim of the question was not gaining knowledge, but embarrassing Einstein. The driver thought fast and said, "The answer to that problem is so simple, I'm surprised you have to ask me. In fact, to show you just how simple it is, I'm going to ask my driver to come up here and answer your question.” Then Einstein stood up and gave an incredible answer to the question of that professor. 

So much of our religious and Vedic teachings are like this. They have been written by someone who knows, and delivered by somebody who has not got the same clarity. Thus you must awaken real genius within you to see the truth for yourself.
15 April
Many cycles of the dissolution of the universe,
Many cycles of its evolution.
The "I" of such and suich name, clan, colour, livlihood, suffering,
such pleasure and pain,
and having such end of life
passing away thence, 
I was born elsewhere…
there too I was of such and such a name, clan, colour, livlihood, suffering…
Memory of past births,
knowledge of destinies of beings
and destruction and corruption
all abide in trance.
14 April
In space, shapes and colours form
but neither by black, or white, or colours
is space tinged.
13 April
Have courage.
Descend into the reality of human experience,
and allow your heart to speak. 
Life is so much kinder to us than our minds.
12 April
To change your body
you must first change your mind.
11 April
Live life in radical amazement.
Arise, awake, and look at the world
in a way that takes nothing for granted. 
Everything is phenomenal.
Everything is incredible.
Never treat life casually.
Life is a gift.
To be spiritual is to be amazed.
You are amazing. 
10 April
The hallmarks of living Shanti Yoga:
You are alive. Many others have never made it this far. You are fortunate. Life is a gift. Cherish it.
• Some people feel like strangers in their own homes, but you are grateful for the roof over your head and your house feels like home.  
• You are rich with life experiences. Every lesson you have learnt has made you smarter and wiser, and there’s still more to learn. 
You know yourself and know what is good for you, which is why you won’t rush to settle for things that do not feel right and know who to turn to if you need help.
• You have accesss to an infinite reservoir of knowledge that allows you to learn something new everyday. 
You know that you don’t know everything. you wonder and ask questions, which is an indication of your intelligence.
Your senses allow you to see, hear, feel, smell and taste the miraculous world around you.
• You’ve overcome many obstacles, accepted what which you cannot change, and it has made you stronger.
• You may occasionally be worried about the next step you are going to take  but it just indicates that you have passion, freedom and the will to decide for yourself and control your life.
Your possessions tell your life story. They remind you about those once-in-a-lifetime moments that you will always remember.
• You understand the meaning of balance in your life and know what’s important and where your priorities lie.
• Whether you’ve made them laugh, think, smile or excited, you’ve influenced people, and probably given them hope exactly when they needed it.
• You have the ability to give life and pour meaning and values into it and have probably done so successfully.
You’ve got someone to reminise with, a friend or family member that misses you and looks forward to seeing you again and close friends who’ll do anything for you.
You are love and will want to share this reminder with others.

9 April

In the present is the presence.
When you sit immediately in the 'now' moment of awareness,
this presence makes itself known as love.
Love is the eternal dynamic of the mind,
the inherent energy and basic goodness
of its all-pervading, all-inclusive omnipresence,
its ceaseless, absolute, sentient power
and natural creativity.

8 April

Mind is not only empty and lucid,
it has a quality of dynamic presence.

7 April

Lucid clarity is the mind's natural knowingness.
What is known is an entirely separate matter.
The point is, lucid clarity is a state of knowing
which is its basic quality,
its nature.
6 April

The sound of one hand clapping (zen) is Namaste (Vedic).

5 April

Making changes or taking a new direction
can sometimes seem frightening to the point of paralysis.
However, all it takes is one step
to lay the foundation for a new pattern.
Just take one step.
One more step, and the pattern is established.
The brain loves patters, and thrives on repetition and routine. 
Then momentum takes over, to carry your forward.
We all did it, one step at a time.
Let every step be your first step.
Don't brood about the challenges and struggles before you.
Immensity is overwhelming, sometimes even crippling,
however, one simple step us totally manageable.
Focus only on the path right before your feet.
How relieving is understanding that the journey of a thousand miles
begins with the first step.
Take a deep breath and let go of all the fear, worry and I don't know how.
When breath, mind, body, spirit and circumstances merge
you are in the right place.

4 April

Not only do we need to understand the importance of role models in life,
but also how important being a role model is, in life.
Role models start with those people we admire, look up to, aspire to be like.
Who are those people in your life?
Once you know who they are, ask yourself "are those the right people?" 
Are they walking their walk?
Can the person sleep at night?
Are they wholesome and healthy?
Do they truly help others take their lives to the next level?
When we are bedazzled by fame, fortune, cliches, one liners and the 'talk'
we can inadvertedely be chasing exploitation, greed and unwholesome models
which could destin us to go down whatever path it is
that that person leads us down.
Beware of room full of miserable millionaires
who know how to enhance your bottom line
but not build your spiritual capital. 
Keep your heart, your mind, your ears and eyes open.
It comes down to 'mirror, mirror...'
Without your spirit, passions, mission, meaning, inspiration,
your soul's path is empty.
3 April

Each retreat, the gong striker looked a lot the worse for wear. The grey tape on the handle was coming unstuck, the bark was beaten to ribbons, and a serious crack had developed right down the middle. I knew that we would have to get a new handle.

However, recently, I noticed that someone had repaired the gong striker by carefully taping it up. It looked as good as new. I picked it up and struck the gong. It sounded beautiful,

Clearly that gong striker was not yet ready to be retired. Someone intuitively sensed that and respectfully made the repairs that would enable the striker to joyfully continue being of service until it has finally given everything it has to give. Thank you, nameless one, for this incredible selfless dedication and reverent care.

Hearing the gong now, appreciation deepens as the habitual sense of separation fades.  The life energy animating this gong striker is the same energy animating this being. Of one essence, and serving one purpose (to love and be of service to all) gong, bell, striker, being, sound (and everything else in the Universe), it’s all One, and all worthy of care and attention.

2 April

We received a lesson today on caring in the vegetable garden. Eddie walked us right over to where the full gross tomatoes were planted intertwined the cherry tomatoes vines. The tomatoes in the garden are struggling a bit because everything is overgrown. The central vine is like Jack's giant beanstalk, its branches are prolific, some are sporting blossoms and leaves, some are growing little sucker stems, many have pillarbox red fruit on them.

Some sacrifices needed to be made. Take off the dead parts, remove some suckers and leaves, make sure enough remain to protect the branches from sun scald and from wind, aim to have as many of the nutrients as possible go to where the tree will bear fruit. Even as Christine realised what needed to be removed, and was actually removing a few vines to demonstrate, we were excited and beaming at the plants. She handled them with great care. There is no sense in the garden that there is anything wrong about the parts of it that die, the suckers that actually won’t produce fruit, the vines that we should cull, the leaves that we should thin out. All are just part of the cycle of life, in relationship with nature, and human and other beings who nature tends. Everything is the universe, the live parts, the struggling parts, the abundant parts, the straggly parts. The trunk that gave the morton bay fig life to begin with and has now died. Yet it’s all connected. What a great reminder. And how appropriate that it came through the garden, a place where the life cycle opens and closes, moving from seed to compost to new life, again and yet again.

1 April

Mindfulness meditation retreats at Nirvana are set up so that at every point in the schedule we are doing just one thing: walking-standing- sitting-lying meditating, cooking, eating, cleaning, attending to some task, and so on. Here, within this structure, any better ideas about how to do something, what should be done, or who should do it, is revealed.

If for instance, one is in the middle of gardening, attempts to distract with a conversation about, well, anything, the lack of a readily available distraction (surfing the Web, checking for new email, etc.) makes it possible to see that the pull to anything other than what Life has placed in front of us is our conditioning that cries out for our attention. Looking at this from outside the retreat, the number of distractions in a person's everyday life is countless and the pull to engage with them while we're ostensibly engaged in some task or project is quite strong. Everything seems set up to support going down this road.

To bring the spirit of mindfulness experienced at retreat into our everyday environment and set up and support doing just one thing at a time, can we:

  • schedule each day in time blocks for each activity?
  • work without the radio or music?
  • read or listen to music with our computer and mobile phone turned off?
  • work on a project without a computer or phone nearby?
  • schedule time to do something that is otherwise a distraction (surfing the Web, checking email)?

Everything is cared for when the attention is on just one thing. Meditating, or eating or working or whatever you are doing… keep that as the focus. When something attempts to distract you from that, it’s clear, because meditating is all that is going on in that moment.

31 March

Contemplate the nature of emptiness in the assembly of the five aggregates:
bodily form, feeling, perception, mind functioning and consciousness. 
Move from considering one aggregate to another.
Clearly see that they all transform, are impermanent, empty and without self.
The assembly of all phenomena are like this.
They all obey the law of interdependence. 
Their coming together and disbanding from one another
resembles the gathering and vanishing of clouds
around the peaks of mountains. 
Neither cling to, nor reject the five aggregates. 
Know that like and dislike 
are phenomena
which belong to the assemblage of the five aggregates.
The five aggregates are without self and are empty,
but they are wonderful,
as is each phenomenon in the universe,
wonderous as is the life which is present everywhere.
The five aggregates do not undergo creation and destruction
for they themselves are ultimate reality.
By contemplation, try to see that
impermanence is a concept,
non-self is a concept,
emptiness is a concept.
Do not get imprisoned in the concepts 
of impermanence, non-self and emptiness.
You will see that emptness is also empty
and that the ultimate reality of emptiness 
is no different from the ultimate reality of the five aggregates. 

30 March

Concentrate on the point of your life's beginning.
Know that this is also the point of the beginning of your death.
See how both your life and death are manifested at the same time.
This is because that is.
This could not have been if that was not.
The existence of your life and death depend on each other:
One is the foundation of the other.
You are at the same time your life and your death…
the two are not enemies, or opposed to each other,
but two aspects of the same reality.
Now conncentrate on the point of the ending
of the twofold manifestation,
which is wrongly called death.
See that it is the ending point
of the manifestation of both your life and your death.
See that there is no difference before birth and after death.
Search for your true face in the periods before A and after B.
29 March
Contemplating on the body of a loved one who has died,
know that the flesh of this person has decomposed
and only a skeleton remains, lying quietly beneath the earth.
Know clearly that your own flesh is still here
and in yourself are still converged
the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space,
and the resulting five aggregates 
of bodily form, feeling, perception, mental functionings and consciousness.
However, 80 years after your burial,
all your flesh has decomposed
all that is left of your body
is a white skeleton lying on the face of the earth.
Imagine seeing clearly 
the bones of your head, your back, your ribs, your hip bones, 
leg and arm bones, finger bones…
Your skeleton is not you.
Your skeleton is only one part of you.
Your bodily form is not you.
You are not only a bodily form,
or even feelings, thoughts, actions and knowledge.
You are present everywhere,
and in every moment.
Be at one with life.
Live eternally in the trees and grass,
in the birds and other beasts, 
in the earth, the ocean waves and the sky,
and in other people.
28 March
Focus your attention on a photo of yourself as a child.
Recreate and live again the five aggregates
of which you were made up of
at the time the photo was taken:
the physical characteristics of your body,
your feelings, perceptions, mind functionings
and consciousness 
at that age.
Maintain steadiness for 15 minutes.
Do not let your memories lure you away or overcome you.
Now turn your mindfulness to your present self. 
Be conscious of your body, feelings, perceptions,
mind functionings and consciousness
in the present moment. 
See the five aggregates which make up yourself.
Ask the question: "Who am I?"
not as an abstract question to consider with your discursive intellect…
Let the question be deeply rooted in you,
like a new seed nestled deep in the soft earth damp with water,
the question not confined to your intellect,
but to the care of the whole of the five agregates.
Do not seek an intellectual answer.
Stay with your breath to prevent being puled away
by philosophical reflection
27 March: Easter Bunnies

Daisy the Wise, and Peanut the Not-So-Wise, were two bunnies who were good friends who enjoyed their strolls together. On this walk, they came upon two carrots. One of the carrots had large leaves sprouting out of the top and the other looked much smaller from the surface.

Peanut was excited and ran up to the carrot with the larger leaves. “I’ll have this one,” he proudly exclaimed and proceeded to extract it from the ground.

Daisy shrugged her shoulders and pulled out the other carrot, which turned out to be much bigger.
Peanut was surprised and asked how this could possibly be.

Daisy looked at her friend and replied, “You can’t always judge a carrot by its leaves.”

They kept on walking and came across another pair of carrots, again with differing sized leaves. This time Peanut allowed his friend the first pick.

Daisy hopped to each carrot, inspected and sniffed them carefully and, to Peanut’s surprise, chose the carrot with the larger leaves. As they each extracted their carrots from the ground, Peanut was bemused to see that his carrot was smaller than Daisy’s.

“I thought that you said that small leaves meant it would be a larger carrot.” He said.

“No,” replied Daisy, “I said don’t judge a carrot by its leaves. It’s also important to remember to think before you choose.”

Peanut nodded and they ate their carrots before continuing their stroll.

For a third time, they found two carrots, again with different sized leaves. Peanut looked confused and didn’t know what to do. Daisy indicated that he could choose which carrot to eat. The poor foolish bunny, pretended to inspect each carrot, but he didn’t really know what to do. He knew that he wasn’t as smart as his friend and he looked to Daisy with a confused expression on his face. 

Daisy smiled warmly and hopped over to the carrots. She inspected them and pulled out one of the carrots. Peanut shrugged his shoulders and went to the other one before he was interrupted by his wise friend.

“No Peanut, this one’s your carrot,” she said.

“But you made the choice and I’m sure it’s the bigger one of the two. I don’t know how you do it, but I guess you’re just smarter than me.”

“Peanut, there’s no point in having wisdom if you’re not willing to share the benefits of it with others.
You’re my friend and I want you to have this carrot. A smart bunny with a full stomach but no friends isn’t really wise is she?”

“I guess you’re right,” said Peanut with a full mouth, “As usual.”

This story is a reminder that in our search for wisdom, we must also search for a way to assist those around us with what we’ve learned.

The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus once said,
“Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship.”

Be wise, share what you’ve learned with others and help make the world a better place for those around you.

26 March

Sitting silently under the stars,
bring your attention to your breath
and contemplate using your finger to point to yourself.
Then, instead of pointing to your body,
point away, in the opposite direction.
Contemplate seeing yourself outside your bodily form.
Contemplate seeing your bodily form present before you
in the trees, grass and leaves, the moon, stars and sky…
Be mindful that you are in the universe
and the universe is in you.
There is no birth, no death,
no coming or going
If the universe is, you are.
If you are, the universe is.
Who are you?
25 March
Habit is the foundation of all success.
Being present is the foundation of enlightenment.

24 March 

strength to quieten my mind,
to take better care of my body,
to carry the weight on my shoulders, 
to be the best version of my self,
and bless this day,
even when I feel overwhelmed by my challenges,
I know I must be the instrument of peace.
Where there is hatred, I will sow love,
Where there is injury, forgiveness,
Where there is doubt, despair, grief,
I will embrace uncertainity, vulnerability, not knowing, and saddness.
To embrace the darkness, to see the dark, and in the dark, 
is my journey to light.
Not so much seeking to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love,
for it is in giving that I receive,
it is in forgiving that I am forgiven,
and it is in dying to the past
that I am reborn in the present.
                      Adapted from the Prayer of St Francis.

23 March

Embrace opposites.

22 March

Pay your bills with a smile.

21 March

Joe asked about the difference between heaven and hell, and an angel said: “Come with me, I’ll show you”.
They first visited hell. Here they saw a big group of people sitting around a large pot that had a stew cooking in it.
Despite that, they were all starving and desperate. Each person had a spoon that was long enough to reach the pot, but too long to reach their mouth. The suffering was devastating.
”Now let me show you heaven” said the angel. Joe was surprised that heaven had the same set up: The big pot of stew in the middle, and people with the long spoons. But everyone was happy and satisfied..
“How is this possible?” asked Joe “Why are they all happy here, and miserable in hell? The conditions are the same!”
“It’s simple” said the angel “In heaven they learned to feed each other!”
On first reading, you too might think that this is quite inspirational, and that people are their own worst enemies when they think only of themselves. And perhaps this story leans towards unselfishness and loving each other enough to be of help, one to the other. It fosters a joy that’s grows larger and larger than the entire group itself. It send the message that there is no satisfying ‘I’ , but there is a satisfying “we/us” in love.
However, a at another level, perhaps a place isn’t heaven when its inhabitants must share a single pot, and lack the intelligence, will, or power to make their own bowls and spoons. A “heaven” on those terms is a hell.

Do something worthy.

20 March

If an act is not one of work or courage,
then it is not an act of love.

19 March

On some level, spiritual growth, and therefore love,
always requires courage and involves risk.
Courage is not the absence of fear;
it is the taking of action in spite of fear.
Grow in any dimension 
and pain, as well as joy
will be your reward.
The only alternative is not to live fully
or not to live at all.
18 March
If we can make ourselves into totally disciplined, wholly loving individuals,
then, even though we may be ignorant of theology and give no thought to God,
we will have prepared ourselves well for the coming of grace.
While we cannot will ourselves to grace,
we can, by will, open ourselves to its miraculous blessings.
17 March

Self aware = Self care

16 March

What's in the way
is the way.

15 March

Not dwelling on the past.
Not dwelling on the future.
Not thinking that now you are practicing meditation.
Not constructing a view of emptiness that posits 'nothing exists'.
Not getting involved in intellectual analysis or discursive thinking,
pondering questions concerning this and that.
At least for a while, simply devote yourself to practice,
keeping the body as calm as a sleeping baby,
so as to let the mind abide in its natural state.

14 March

Not pondering,
Not reflecting,
Not anticipating,
Not theorising,
Not meditating.
Just resting in one's own nature. 
Undistracted is the path of all the Buddhas.

13 March

The faith in an all-powerful, omniscient God
has its roots in the helplessness of human existence,
and the attempts to cope with this helplessness
by means of a belief in a helping father and mother,
represented by God.
Needing someone or something to blame,
religion somehow attracts those
who like to lay down the law
and point the finger of accusation,
seldom realising
that the congregation just adores a colourful scolding.
Would that they could see
all faces as the masks of God,
all characters as God's roles
which then presents the scenerio: 
"to whom shall I preach?"
Only you can save yourself.
The teachings of the great teachers,
the loving help of parents, friends and loved ones
can help you, but only to dare to accept
the challenge of existence
and to react to it with all your heart.
However, giving up the illusion of a fatherly God as a parental helper
doesn't mean you give up the aims of all great humanistic religions,
which include
overcoming the limitations of an egotistical self,
achieving love, objectivity and humility
and respecting life,
so that that aim of life is living itself
and human-god beings become what they potentially are.
With nobody but the awakened ones to guide humankind,
yet being able to be guided,
because human beings
have within themselves the capacity
to awake,
be enlightened.
with a higher knowledge
that comes from unknowing.

12 March

What are you living for?
What is the aim for all your strivings?
While paying lip service to the aims
of happiness, individualism, initiative, 
saying you live for the family, others,
'to have fun', to make money, 
you actually have no aim.
Not knowing what you are living for,
you have no goal except the wish to escape
insecurity and aloneness.
The 'new age' religiosity
is an ideological reaction
caused by insecurity and confusion
and only covers up
a profoundly materialistic and irreligious attitude.

11 March

End the seeking, the striving
the mind's endless search for something more,
the notion that you are a little person in a big world
somehow separate from the whole.
Oneness is not somewhere out there.
Is there anything separate from anything else?
a 'me' separate from 'you'?
Uncover the spiritual in the material.
Freedom and enlightenment wait right in the midst of life -
A life which is finally seen to have
no solid, suffering, separate personality
at its centre.
There is no language of the holy.
The sacred lies in the ordinary.

10 March

All things radiate forth an intense aliveness.
Each is aware of every other.
Motion slows and becomes still.
The luminous quality of the radiance is overwhelming.
The continuum completely includes everything in its total Oneness
so that everything is interconnected, in communication and harmony
by means of an awareness that pervades the essence of everything,
and shares the basic quality of the essence of existence itself. 

9 March

Nothing you see is real. You are seeing the image of what was once an event, yet even that image, that energy burst, is something you are interpreting. Your personal interpretation of that image is called your image-ination.
You can use your imagination to create anything. Because, and here is the greatest secret of all, your image-ination works both ways.
You not only interpret energy, you create it.

Imagination is a function of your mind, which is one-third of your three-part being.
You image something in your mind, and it begins to take physical form.
The longer you image it (and the more of you who image it),
the more physical that form becomes,
until the increasing energy you have given it
literally bursts into light,
flashing an image of itself into what you call your reality.
You then “see” the image, and once again decide what it is.
Thus, the cycle continues. This is the process.
This is what you are. You are this process.
This is what God is. God is this process.
This is what is meant when you hear
that you are both the Creator and the Created.
8 March
Moving, yearning, workaholism, 
more time, more space,
hanging out in the creative cave,
without a shadow of doubt
there are a lot of changes heading your way.
Still deeply in the process,
the path is constantly evolving,
teaching you as much as you are teaching others.
Examine your hopes, beliefs, truth.
Love the years that are behind you.
Embrace your age.
Know your shadows,
and how to shine a light on issues
so that you can unravel them from any angle.
Make your peace.
Plant a seed.
Let it take root.
The plot twists keep on coming.
Feeling like you are trying to wring water
out of a bone dry cloth
slowly refill your cup,
reflecting on what is coming next.
The pure heart and pure intention
never change.
You are the sky
everything else is the weather.
Love is not a possession.
It is the divine flow.
7 March
In its relentless journey to the sea,
if water encounters an obstacle on its path,
it will joyfully flow over, under, or around the challenge. 
Let this action of water be your preceptor
in fulfilling the purpose of your life.

6 March

Love is not a possession. It is the divine flow of energy.

5 March

The ego is a by-product of free will, which is constructed through the cumulated thoughts, experiences and perceptions we have. These form into something that can orchestrate our lives at will, through doubts and suggestions which sound exactly like us, so an unstructured mind considers them us.

Our ego considers it is always working in our best interest, but as it is only constructed of things which have happened, or things which may or may not happen, our perceptions, and our take on our experiences, then it is limited in it's ability to accurately predict what it doesn't know or understand. So, as it's job (reason for being there) is keeping us safe, then it (usually successfully) gets us to avoid what it doesn't understand, and in doing so hinders our growth or progress, as it perceives that growth and progress may be dangerous. Hence we appear stuck.

4 March

Animism is derived from the the root word: to animate, enliven or move. 
Paranoid distortions about yoga arise from weak, insecure perspectives
that subscribe to thinking religion is a competition
and there is one that is best.
Recover from this religiosity.
Revere yourself and everything else.
This will bring you closer to yourself and the divine. 
When yoga came into existence
 there were no Hindus, Buddhists, Christians or Religions,
just humans.

3 March

Whilst doing any asana mindfully,
be it the cat, cobra, forward bend, or a twist, 
you move away from the assumption
that your body is just there to carry around your head and arms, 
and feel, 'I am actually in the body'.
Being thus embodied connects us,
and we become so much more a part of the world around us.
As we stretch and roll out the body on the mat
making it straight, flexible and strong,
prana flows.
the body gets warm,
we are enlivened from within.
2 March
Don't just face your fear,
follow it.
Take the next step,
even when you feel that you are not ready.
You will never feel ready to make the impact
you are placed here on earth to make.
Listen faithfully to the little voice within you.
Find the courage to do what your heart is telling you to do.
Don't live with your regrets or what you didn't, couldn't, wouldn't…
In the end, we build a life, not a resume.

1 March

Be a reflection of what you would like to experience from others.
If you want love, live love.
If you want respect, live respect.
If you want honesty, live honestly.
You get what you live. 

29 February

Yoga is about self directed learning. Its practices directs us to learn about ourselves.
Asanas are tools, not goals. They provide feedback about the dance of control and surrender, heating and cooling, strength and flexibility, traction, torque and leverage, active and passive holding … we learn to listen, resonate with awareness, acceptance, and gratitude. Each position changes the frequency with which our bodies vibrate. To be conscious of this, as we breathe, turns the physical posture into a devotional one, and we connect via resonant vibration to the cosmos, turning the instrument of our body to a higher symphonic purpose.

28 February

Knowledge denotes
an organised, systematic body of information or study,
for instance, the natural sciences,
and their laws of operation, as confirmed by application.
In addition, information is theoretical (academic)
as well as clinical, demonstrable, and confirmable pragmatic.
The study of the nonlinear 
has historically been referred to
as ontology, metaphysics, theology and philosophy
as well as historic religions. 
An awareness has emerged
of an intrinsic core of spiritual reality
that lies behind the historic, seemingly divergent revelations of religions.
Traditional religions were often naively inclusive
of ancient cultural myths and legends
that were expressions of allegorical folklore
rather than verifiable. literal, spiritual reality. 
Human beings today are still seeking the core of verifiable spiritual truth
that often throughout history has been sidetrcked and obscured
by eccestiastical dogma or contentious promulgation.

27 February

The sufferings of human beings, 
now, as well as throughout history,
with the exception of natural disasters, 
have been primarily due to the inability to differentiate 
truth from falsehood, 
reality from illusion, 
perception and appearance from essence 
and opinion from verifyiable reality. 
Non-dual advaita provides a paradigm 
from which to assess the entire human condition 
over great periods of time.
The scale provides a context and an expanded paradigm 
that simultaneously includes both 
the lineaer and nonlinear realms. 
Truth is only possible by the simultaneous statement 
of both content (linear),
and the influence of context (nonlinear)…
motive, situation, intention, mental capacity, circumstances, etc.
All historic attempts at defining verifiable truth 
lacked a standard of comparison 
that was absolute, invariable, definable and confirmably demonstrable.
The emergence of a confirmable, pragmatic means 
of identifying and corroborating truth
presents an entirely new, enlarged dimension 
for the advancement of human understanding and comprehension.

26 February

Trust such 'non-tangibles' as silence and presence.
These help evoke the living experience of oneself
as THAT which IS awake
even while expertly exploring how this 'understanding' 
connects with our psychological nature.. 

25 February

Healing unfolds
when awareness is centered in the moment
and is creatively responsive to what is…
Then, that which is awake, 
directly and intimately
touches what is.

24 February

It is because it isn't.
Shift your perspective,
see the bigger picture,
unlock your visionary intuitive,
receive messages of healing,
express your inner self:
come home to nondual awareness.
Listen from the heart of silence
Shift consciousness within all relationships,
experience divine contact,
reconnect with your awakened self. 
Love is the beginning, middle and end. 
Love is the answer:
Awakening and healing together at last!

23 February

Many people incarnated into this realm have had difficulties and challenges attempting to navigate life. Would this be if you knew that your purpose was to go through the day planting miracle seeds wherever you are. You are an undercover divine being. Uplift yourself and all around you. Wake up from the dream and be the leader you are meant to be. There is a call being put out to all the cosmos. Listen to the Earth and the Universe so you may tune in to the vibration that is your true frequency and function as the fully awakened being you are meant to be.
22 February
The shifts that are occurring on the Earth at this moment in humanity's evolution are raising the vibratory frequency. Divine messengers are incarnating onto this planet now. They are being asked to raise their frequency to hold the portals open to the higher dimensions. Many interdimensional beings, fully activated, are here to protect Gaia. Your role on Earth is to remember who you are. Each being that wakes up will wake up others around them exponentially due to their vibration. You are being called to spread your wings.

21 February

The aim of all mystical endeavour, since the dawn of human culture, is to return to our Natural State, the original condition of lucid awareness that we once knew prior to the time when vision became distracted by the play of thought and trapped in the narrow domain of the five senses. In its pure form, this is the highest mind teachings that exist on the planet and the most direct path to enlightenment. It needs to be unwrapped as it is actually the key to realise the universal mind essence of galactic life. 

20 February

Explaining the meaning of 'association', Swami Vivekananda said: "The rain drops from the sky. If it is caught in hands, it is pure enough for driking. If it falls in a gutter, its value drops so much that it can't be used even for washing the feet. If it falls on hot surfaces, it perishes. If it falls on a lotus lead, it shines like a pearl, and if it falls in an oyster, it becomes a paerl. The drop is the same, but it's existence and worth depend on with whom it associates". Remember to associate with people who are good at heart.

19 February
To think that life is a straight line from start to finish, like some sort of tight rope from birth, to teenager, to adult, to senior, to death is a misconception. In your personal experience, you would have found that life is more like a roller coaster, with ups and downs and highs and lows, with love and hate and sadness and joy. Life has never been as simple as a straight line, but rather a beautifully, well written story with its ups and downs, and it is these the ups and downs that make a life. Life without them would be like a body without a backbone. Enjoy the ride. 
18 February
Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice? Not with handstands, hip openers and downward dogs. What we have come to know as "yoga" in our western culture is just the tip of the iceburg in terms of what this 5,000 year old practice can offer us. If your practice has been whispering to you, calling you to something more, then the next important step along your path may well be beyond asana. Bhakti yoga is love, it's service, it's devotion, it's laughing and singing and crying. It's ritual and offering. It's the yoga of life. It's recognising the divine union happening all around you, all the time. The path is strewn with the seeds of sacred sound, music, story and community. We invite you to join us. 
Although happiness is the goal of all goals, the paradox is that happiness is not a goal in and of itself, but the joy that arises of its own accord in a life that is sourced with honest relationships, hardships, triumphs, ordeals, loss, hard work, love, laughter, grief and wholeness. 
17 February
Just beyond the confines of our six senses,
is a field of universal intelligence.
This field is a limitless sea of energy, wisdom and truth.
And while being human means we can’t fully assimilate with this field,
we do have the ability to dip our fingers in it
and draw from it unimaginable power 
to elevate our lives and our planet.
Anyone can dip into this field of universal intelligence.
The only thing holding you back is you.
There are no easy answers.
Life can be difficult.
On the journey towards spirituality
there is birth, death and suffering. 
To discern either the presence or absence of integrity,
just look for what's missing,
has anything been left out?
To consider all the angles
in our contemplation of ourselves and our lives,
we find ourselves thinking holistically,
or paradoxically.
Grow deeper into their wisdom, and your own.
16 February
The notion of a phenomenal self is altogether dependent upon memory.
This notion has been constructed from memories, just as a building is constructed of bricks.
Memory is a series of records, images or photographs,
of sense pereptions of past presents,
which is therefore subject to time.
Without time there could be no memory.
Outside time, the notion of memory makes nonsense 
for there could be nothing to remember,
since one cannot remember an absolute present.
Time is a fabrication of our receptive apparatus.
It is linked with space.
Time is basically a spatial concept
and is essentially the measure of movement.
It is our interpretation of the limiting dimension.
We (quadripeds, reptiles and birds) can only see the superior dimension,
that which lies beyond those to which our senses are attuned,
in series, as one thing after another, 
and so in movement,
which is ultimately a measure of space-interpreted as movement.
The notion of movement,
that the senses appear to perceive
in our mind-made universe,
is dependent on angles in the superior dimension,
(straight lines and circles being only theoretical).
Yet, everything is made from one thinking substance.
15 February
Every living thing must have the sensation of itself,
just as every 'thing', animate or inanimate,
from nebula ro atom,
must have a centre,
without which it would disintegrate.
The I-concept/percept is not a necessary evil.
It is necessary, but not an evil.
The I-concept/percept, unconditioned, is real. 
The aggregation of affective impulses,
which gather round it,
form a purely imaginary entity,
built up from memories,
which appear as in impersonation. 
This is the inexistent thing,
the notion that must be subjected to dis-integration,
which must be pulled to pieces,
resolved into its vaporous component elements
and reduced to a state of dissolution.
Notions, however aggregated,
do not constitute a thing or an entity.
Zeros (nothing), added or multiplied,
never become anything but zero.
A structure composed of a million notions
could never be anything but a notion itself,
and the only reality it could ever have 
would be the I-reality,
whose conditioned aspect,
the I-concept/percept, 
allowed the dream notions to appear.
14 February
You are, and always will be, a perfect reflection of divine presence.
13 February
What is your happiest of happies?
Who are the superstars of your life?

12 February

Attention is the act or state
of applying your mind to something
Understand. Explore. Connect. Breathe.
Feel. Move. Focus. Relax.
Yoga is body centered mindfulness practice.
11 February
Keep it real.
Acess your inner strength
and authentically connect with your greater purpose.
Resolve emotional and spiritual scar tissue that limits you.
Repetitive patterns of suffering in life arise from
the known and unknown wounds in your heart
that separate you from your authentic self.
Resolve and heal your heart's pain
rather than covering it up.
Align with it's intuition.
Your heart will guide you home. 
10 February
You are not meant to be normal.
You have what it takes to be extraordinary.
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
Your innate potential is just waiting to be unlocked.
9 February

Build and maintain overall healthy balance in life.
Quieten your mind.
Open your heart.
Experience challenges as passageways to a more successful life.
Remember your own amazing capacity for greatness.
Infinite possibilities await.
8 February
Listen to your intuitive guidance.
When you are able to hear that voice,
you significantly reduce
the obstacles and challenges you face,
because you have a direct line
to Universal wisdom.
It's an incredible way to live. 
7 February
Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone. So does adventure, self-knowledge and a life well-lived.
But you must be willing to take risks to get there. The first risk is to pull away from the dock and set sail for the life you believe you want.
To experience life to its fullest, you must stretch beyond your own comfort zones and leave the shores of the familiar to set sail for new horizons. It will be scary. You will encounter turbulent squalls, intimidating waves and more than your fair share of pirates. But with each challenge you meet, you will be closer to discovering new lands, new people and new opportunities. Without a willingness to take the risk, in spite of your fear and uncertainty to seek unfamiliar shores, you resign yourself to a life of mediocrity, in a familiar port of call. 
Challenges, hurdles, feeling nervous, unsure and all the rest is the path. Don't trade it for anything. Each and every step of the journey is how and when you arrive. You were meant to be here and you are equally meant to live an amazing life. 
6 February
Can you be alone with yourself?
Do you truly like the company you keep
in the empty moments?
5 February
Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor,
parent, teacher, spouse, student
are roles you play in life,
none of which reveal your true identity.
The only way to discover who you really are
is to go into the depths of your inner being
and in the quiet, ask yourself "Who am I?" 
At the center of your being you have the answer.
You know who you are and what you want.
4 February
Where you live, 
what you do for a living, 
how much money you have,
how old you are,
is not nearly as fascinating about you
as what you ache for with your life, 
dare to dream of meeting, 
and your your soul's longing.
To risk the adventure of being alive,
be willing to be with joy, 
laugh with wildness,
and let ecstasy thrill you
to the tips of your finger and toes. 
See beauty everyday,
even when it's not pretty. 
Touch the centre of your sorrow, 
open your heart when life betrays you, 
sit with pain, yours or anothers,
without moving to hide, fade or fix it. 
Often well meaning people who caution you 
to be careful, realistic or remember the limitations of being human,
are themselves shrivelled
and closed from fear of further pain.
You may need to disappoint another
to be true to yourself,
to bear the accusation of betrayal,
so as not to betray your own soul,
to be faithless,
and therefore trustworthy
You need to give to yourself
so that you have the ability
to give more to others.
Source your own life
from its presence.
3 February
The entire universe conspires to shower you with blessings.
Thousands of things go right for you every day, 
beginning with the moment you wake up.
Even though you've been unconscious for many hours.
through some mystical power you don't fully understand,
you're still breathing and your heart is beating,
The air is a mix of gases that is just right for your body's needs,
as it was before you fell asleep.
You can see.
Light of many colours floods into your eyes,
registered by nerves that took God, or evolution, or some process,
millions of years to perfect.
The spectacular gift of these vivid hues comes to you
courtsey of an unimaginably immense globe of fire, the sun,
which continually detonates nuclear reactions
in order to convert its body into light and heat and energy
for your personal use.
2 February
Your soul's essence is constructed from the very fabric of the universe
and has existed from the beginning of time.
It is this part of your consciousness that is non-material,
that will live on, after the death of your physical body.
Your brain is just a receiver and amplifier
for the proto-consciousnes
that is intrinsic to the fabric of space-time.
When your heart stops beating,
your blood stops flowing,
the microtubules lose their quantun state,
the quantum information within the microtubles is not destroyed…
it cannot be destroyed
it just distributes and dissipates to the universe at large.
Not only does it exist in the universe, it exists in infinite universes.
If you are resusiciated, revived,
this quantum information will go back into the microtubules
and you will say: "I had a near death experience."
If you are not revived, and the body dies,
this quantum information can exist outside the body, indefinitely,
1 February
Later is never.
Always is now
The one you are waiting for is you. 
31 January
We've been walking the talk for decades,
fighting for our hearts 
through our art, culture, sacred calling,
despite the fear, limitations and costs.
We know this not by books,
thought we love to read and write them,
but through our blood and agony,
breath and experience.
This is the reason we found each other in the first place. 
The spiritual path is healing, life changing and revolutionary.
It gives back the reigns over your life
and restores you to a fuller, more creative existence.
Whatever your adventure on this planet,
your job, your art, your call, your passion…
no one can tell your story better than you.
You are the author of your life.
You are your greatest masterpiece.
30 January
The body is nothing but food for the consciousness.
The essence of all the food that you consume is sattva.
Just as the quality of sugar is 'sweet'
so the quality of sattva, the essence of food,
is the knowledge of self, "I"-consciousness.
By meditation, the sattva quality becomes predominant,
panchapranas, the five pranas, become purified,
concomitantly the sense organs become purified,
and the mind also becomes pure.
When the mind is pure,
the language and teachings of the sages becomes intelligible.
Without such purification,
it is not possible to understand wisdom.
Then the knowledge of the Self is made possible.
Ultimately this purifications leads to self-knowledge.
The quality of sattva is your beingness
or the knowlege that we are,
the "I"-consciousness.
29 January
Every Rome burns.
Even the best ideas get old with time.
Creative block comes under many shapes for each person
and it has a specific cause. 
Stagnation in the journey is because at some level in you,
you've let the harships of life,
or fear, or other people's ideas of who you ought to be,
determing your worth as a creator, 
and tell you what you can and cannot do.
Your journey may be full of ups and downs
but you are more than your troubles, your doubts,
your fears and limitations,
or someone else's version of you.
You have the power to direct the course of this journey
in any way your soul calls you
if you just take the first step.
There is no stairway.
You create it as you leap.
Like a volcano on the verge or erupting,
the more you give, the more you have overtaking your regular life
burning anything that comes between you and your calling.
Your life becomes unrecognisable
as you unblock your creative aorta
and infuse your heart with aliveness.
Live yourself alive.
The catalyst, the gift, the fire, the flow
of becoming so much more
saves you from your smaller self
and offers you the outlet you so desperately need
to escape your prison. 
28 January
We are conditioned to think that we can offer, or give
because we possess something that can be given. 
And, for those of us who have so much,
giving seems the only way.
But the real offering, in a spiritual sense, 
is humbly surrendering to receive what Life gives.
It is to be empty,
to dissolve all identity
that we may be the offering. 
27 January
The concept of a life without limits
differs from the idea of overcoming limits.
Ground in your Light
26 January
To act out of love, not fear
any time you choose, 
you need to differentiate
your deeper self guidance
from programmed emotion.
Trust your ability to make strong, empowered choices. 
Embody your light.
Live from a place of joy.
All things that make us feel good
help us be well.

25 January

Nothing to know,
nothing to beleive.
Direct experience is all

24 January

Can you say "I can live on my terms"?
Commmitment is action.
It's the shortcut.

23 January

See it, hear it, feel it, taste it, smell it,
experience it every day,
and the shift happens.
That's how Gold medalists do it.
That's how you do it.
The only question is… what will you do with it?

22 January

Systems are just a tool
Your mind is the power.
Everything is a mindset.

21 January

Enhancing external situations - the job, business, status, the accumulation of material things and so on, has become one of the main objectives in life today. Yet, inspite of all our efforts, our personal and professional lives too often painfully lack happiness and fulfillment. For a true sense of inner peace and wellbeing, we must shift the focus. Your culture, greatness and glory are not in your past or future, but in the kind of life that you are aspiring and striving to create and live.

20 January

"I am" is the same in all sentient creatures 
whether it's an insect, a worm, a dog, a human being,
or even an avatar (the highest form of being).
This basic 'I am" consciousness, in one form
is no different in any way, from the consciousness in another form.
In order to manifest itself, consciousness needs a 'base',
a particular construct in which it can appear.
The base can be anything, any form,
and the manifestation can last
only as long as that particular form endures.
But until that consciousness appears,
there cannot be knowledge of any kind.
Knowledge depends upon consciousness
and consciousness needs a physical matrix or form.
There exists no particular reason, or explanation 
for the coming about of consciousness,
or how this seed, or knowledge "I am" has arisen.
But once it is in existence, it cannot stand still.
Consciousness, now tantamount to movement,
forms the eddy we call mind.
All movement takes place and expresses itself
through the *gunas, which are inherent in the knowledge "I am".
These gunas act according to the form whch has come about
and that form has resulted from a particular food.
Behaviour and actions result from
the combinations and permutations of the three gunas.
The only thing you have with which you can utilise
to unravel the mystery of life,
is this existential knowledge.
Any experience of "i-am-ness" that is based on time,
and the birth of the physical body as the base point.
is a product of the five elements.
Appearance is the illusion.
It holds consciousness from the perspective of the body-mind.
However, "I am" is without such identification.
The spiritual aspect of "me" comes about
without our knowledge
or as a result of the five elements.
"I am" came from pure Absoluteness
which has no place, no shape, no form, no time, no causation.
Who is asking the questions?
Is it the person who sees themselves as existing in time?
What was there before the body came into being?
Only that may remain after the disappearance of the body and the elements.
And before the body is gone, on that final day,
even the memory of existence during the prior period will disappear
What happens between appearance and disappearance of the body 
is a bundle of memories.
Whatever has been accumulated is merely entertainment. 
All that is memory and everything will disappear.
The three gunas: sattva (purity, clarity, harmony), rajas (passion, energy, activity) and tamas (inertia, resistance, darkness) are the basic attributes or qualities that undelie and operate the world process, according to Vedic teachings. 
19 January
Today I choose to magnify love more than my problems. 
Today I choose to see with vision and understanding, and not just by sight.
Today I choose to praise, despite my circumstances and how I feel.
Today I choose to look at you, and behold the magnificience your represent.
Today I choose to place trust in the ability and willingness to deliver all beings
through (not away from!) every giant challenge in life.
Evolution is the powerful, creative force that animates the universe,
and love is the fundamental force in evolution.
Nothing is greater than love.
With it, there is no challenge that cannot be transformed.
In a world so often ruled by its opposite, today I take a stand for love,
Thank you for loving with me.
Thank you for living your awakening
in every single moment of life.
At the end of the day, there is only love.
18 January
Life will not always be a walk in the park
that tells us what we want to hear.
Like a ride in an amusement park
when one goes down, one will come up.
Crisis times and opportunities
go round and round…
have thrills and chills,
can be brightly coloured, loud and fun,
for a while..
Till you question:
"is this real, or is it a ride?"

17 January

The meaning of life is to be happy.
And you will never be happy if you continue to search
for what the meaning of life is.
Stop looking.
You are the answer. 
Be still and know. 
16 January
Human beings are a confluence of
spirit and form, 
earth and sky,
radiance and darkness,
active and receptive.
Just as the world could not support life as we know it,
without the groundedness of earth,
and the openness of sky,
our health and vitality
depend upon the mingling
of these complementary, primordial qualities,
which are inseparable in all forms of existence,
and structure our physical, energetic, emotional and mental domains.
Any imbalance in our body/mind organism
can be traced to either an excess or depletion of these.
Shanti Yoga provides the foundations of a quiet practice.
It focuses on enhancing the grounded earth energy within the body
with the vibrant spaciousness of the spirit that gives rise to it.
Meditative awareness is both the ground and fruition of practice.
It aids in dropping from head-centered habits
to fully inhabit the body in a wholesome way,
decongesting stagnancy,
providing non-distracted attention
disengaging mental reactivity and developing insight.
This cultivates natural wellness, ease of being
and contentment in daily life. 

15 January

Make “Just breathe” your mind's go-to,
to remind yourself to fill with prana instead of stress. 
Mantra consists of powerful words, not only for meditation,
it could be any saying that speaks to you.
Some examples are: "I am calmness",
"I choose love", or
"this will pass"
- just anything that will allow you to find clarity
and act accordingly in a situation that calls for it the most.
Say it a few times and the moment becomes yours.
14 January
Consciousness just is.
You think that you are looking at the world but the world is looking at you. 
You are, and always will be, a perfect reflection of the divine presence. 
That which arises as ‘I’ in the body is the mind.
The moment is created by your presence.
The way you experience it tells you something about yourself.
The flow of energy and intelligence through a system acts to organise the system.

13 January

Have you ever wrestled with forgiving someone, or rebuilding trust after it’s been broken? Human beings are complex creatures. No matter how good your intentions, you can pretty much guarantee that at some point or another, you’ll hurt those you love. Naturally, you’ll feel hurt by those you trust and love, too. And when you feel that you have been wronged, that’s where things get tricky. Because as conscious, loving and growth minded people, we all know we ‘should’ forgive. Forgiveness is vital to maintaining long-term relationships. (A fact we cling to when we’re the ones hoping to be forgiven!). Studies also indicate that forgiveness helps us lead happier, healthier lives.
However, sometimes, the whole ‘forgive and forget’ thing doesn’t quite add up. There’s a pattern of transgressions. And, something deep within you suspects that just ‘wiping the slate clean’ is not the wisest or safest path ahead,  emotionally, spiritually, financially or physically. We are also acutely aware of the unspeakable events that occur, for which forgiveness can seem outside of our current capacity. 
Yet, forgiveness is an enormous subject. Most of us spend our entire lives trying to embrace and embody this virtue.
If you’ve ever wondered whether you really need to forgive and forget, meditation may give you a fresh perspective to consider. Because the only way we’ll soothe pain, for ourselves and others, is by accepting and sharing our stories with open hearts and by staying open and willing to the possibility of healing.
With as much love and compassion as you want and need,
Your own… Shantiji
12 January
For most people yoga usually begins on the mat.
Moving and breathing brings you down into your body
and creates a feeling of strength, support and possibility. 
Taking that out into the world… and the world looks a bit better.
However, when you go deeper into the practice
you experience
and realise
that yoga is so much more than your mat.
It allows you to receive information in a non-reactive way.
It teaches you to respond gracefully, thoughtfully but using the voice of truth.
Yoga teaches you to come back home.
To embrace your vulnerability courageously and with radical authenticity
Yoga tells you it's perfect to be you. 
You are to be you…
exquisite and powerful.
If you want to dive in deeper
come and join us.
You'll be in the presence of a great yogi, mentor and sage.
Here you will meet other beings who are ready to engage
in deep conversations
of transformation,
enjoy beautiful chanting,
have fun,
and experience peace.
You've come home.
11 January
Brahman is the ritual.
Brahman is the offering.
Brahman is that
who makes the offering
to the fire,
that is Brahman.
By recognising Brahman in every action, 
you will verily be absorbed into Brahman.
                            Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, verse 24. trans. Shanti Gowans

10 January

There may be 10 seeds in an apple,
but how many apples are there in a seed?
Every person has unrealised ability.
You can achieve new heights
and achieve great things.
Harness the power of your mind
to master any skill. 
9 January 
Learning happens everyday.
- Honour the ever-present nature of learning.
  Learning is not an event to be scheduled. It's an unbounded resource.
- Make your learning easily accessible.
  Don't just wait to be told what to do. Find your own answers, 
- Value learning as a path to self mastery.
   It's safe to take risks, make mistakes and have failure. Celebrate 'aha' moments as much as easy wins.
- Aim not to be rigid.
  Blend, bend, maximise your options and learn at your own pace.
- Be your own best manager and coach.
   Use appreciative inquiry and cultivate your own wisdom, confidence, and competence. 
- Recognise learning hunger and commit to satiating your appetite. 

8 January

We're biologically wired to learn.
We just can't stop ourselves.
Learning is necessary for survival.
It's a natural instinct.
We constantly absorb information,
determine what's important,
and decide how to act.
In times of change
learners inherit the earth,
while others find themselves
equipped to deal with a world
that no longer exists.

7 January
The criteria on the path
in search for enlightenment,
is the final cutting of the ego mind
and waking up in non-dual reality.
Various experiments, substances, relationships, experiences and practices,
have indicated that this 'waking reality' is a dream.
Directly experiencing yourself as self-conscious immortality
does not guaranteee that the egoic suffering will stop.
In fact, the ego claims the realisation as its own. 
Transformation is the expansion of consciousness 
through transformation of your worldview.
It's the act of changing how you see and do things.

6 January

Restraint on the spiritual path,
begins with giving up your own ideas.
When you pursue the spiritul path, 
the path of self-knowing,
all your desires and attachments will just drop away
provided you investigate and hold on to that
with which you are trying to understand the self.
Stay put in your true state. 
It is ever there, in its pure state, undisturbed.
Now the 'I-am-ness' consciousnes recedes from the Absolute;
that you…you are present only.
There is not the slightest movement fom you.
It is winding down the show.
This consciosness is slowly extinguishing itself;
knowingly, it is disappearing.
But nothing affects You
because this is the Absolute.
The flame is gone,
the smoke is gone,
the sky remains.
5 January
"I am" is an announcement
it is not real.
It has come out of something else.
What is real cannot be described or explained
because it is beyond expression.
"I-am-ness" continues as long as the food-body is visable.
Similar to when the food body is dropped by the vital breath,
the "i-am-ness" consciousness is not permanent either.
Sages who claim that they are established in the Absolute
are actually in 'beingness'.
They propogate certain concepts and ideas,
but an 'idea' is not the truth.
Truth is a state beyond concepts.

4 January

When you have a sense of individuality or personality 
you have many wants.
As long as you are separate from things
you need everything.
Forgetting yourself as an individual
gives you deep rest.
Whatever behaviour exists in the world 
is because of attributes, tendencies, qualities.
But that which witnesses this behaviour 
is beyond attributes.
When the witness itself, which is "I am" subsides,
what remains?
The witness gone,
all other things have disappeared too. 
By the same token, upon the arising of the "I am"
the whole of manifestation takes place.
These two are not separate.  They are one.
"I am" is the witness:
the entire manifest world is there because of this.

3 January 2016

It looks like an individual, 
yet the power is impersonal. 
Because of its presence
the world carrys on its activities.
This power is the root of existence and maintenance
of the entire universe.
It is present in your body
and in everybody's body,
yet everyone is concerned
more about the 'corpse' they are living with
rather than that which lies within the corpse. 
Whatever upheavals occur in the world
are movements in that power,
for it is that which make the world go around. 
Whatever events take place
are movements in that consciousness.
Because we associate ourselves with the events
there is unhappiness.
Understand the impersonality of this power
which nobody seems to have any capacity to control or manipulate.
Thinking that you can, is the biggest part of the illusion.
There is a series of events, a scenerio, karma, whatever,
according to which things happen.
Whatever you complain about doesn't bother the five elements. 
Why should what happens in the five elements bother the individual?
How is the source of those elements, upon which they depend, concerned?
Why would it be concerned?
The moment you see things in proper perspective…
that all you can do is witness what happens,
and whatever happens is independent of your thoughts,
…no volition as far as the individual is concerned,
then there is a diffferent state,
a certain peace of mind.
2 January 2016
Very few stop to think about thinking. 
When thought has no customers,
thought vanishes…
there is no thought.
Worrying stops
and living starts. 
The frown turns upside down.
Human warmth graces your every moment.
You live what you love.
1 January 2016

As the New Year approaches many people think of new beginnings, New Year resolutions, sankalpa, sacred intentions for new ways to start our days, and so on. What is on your New Year resolutions list? To cut back on processed food? Learn a new language? Drink more water? Spend more quality time with the family? Plan a vacationto India? There is no doubt that these are healthy  goals that will bring about beneficial returns for your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Have plenty of aspirations for these next 12 months. Welcome the new year full of things that haven't been. Wholeheartedly believe that everything is possible. 

Unfortunately many of us also take the baggage from the old year into the New Year and therefore sabotage ourselves right from the start. As we transition from one year to the next, I encourage us all to let go of something from the old year so we can create something new in its place. Whether it's an old idea, an old habit, an old label, an old fear, it's time to let it go and leave it behind in 2015. 2016 can be your year with a powerful and wonderful fresh start.  Remember nothing much will change if you don't.

Because I spend the New Year with retreatants, and we often explore our New Year's resolutions, I am often privy to lists of New Year's resolutions that are excessively long. At a time, when people feel that many areas of their lives need changing, these lists, while well-intentioned, are often too general and far-reaching. When confronted with people who seem so motivated to make these life changes and not wanting to curb their enthusiasm, I am tempted to mention that they may want to scale back a bit. But people can be so 'gung ho'. And, as you might guess, they are usually unable to reach any of the goals they have set and fall back into their same routines and lifestyle. A year later it is déjà vu...same people, same list, same outcome.

New Year's resolutions are great in that they reveal our goals and what we hope to strive for in the future. In the beginning, the motivation to accomplish our New Year's resolutions is incredibly strong and commendable. For most folks, that strong momentum slowly begins to dwindle not long down the road, and those positive changes we hoped to make, rarely become a habit. Two of the biggest issues include:

Too many goals: When we choose more than one or two goals at a time, we can't give all of those goals our full focus. So, we may achieve a little bit here, and a little bit there...but not enough to make a big difference. Then what often happens is we get discouraged, and give up on all the goals.

Goals that are way too challenging: So many people set goals with an 'all or nothing' perspective, such as, 'Starting on January 1st, I'm giving up all desserts' or 'When the new year is here, I'm going to exercise for an hour a day' (even though that person hasn't been exercising for even 10 minutes a day), or 'I'm going to get my entire house organised in January' (even though organising isn't a one-time-event, but a lifelong journey).

When we set lofty goals that are too far away from our current situations, it is easy to throw your hands up in the air and say, 'Never mind. This is too hard' after just a few days.

Here are two recommendations:

1. Feel free to set as many goals as you'd like, but only work on one or two, maximum at a time. Put the others aside for later, until you accomplish the most important ones. 

2. Look at your current lifestyle and set your goals slightly above where you are right now. For instance... 

a) If you never exercise, make a commitment to walk or attend a gentle yoga session once a week, for instance on Saturday mornings. Once that goal is achieved, you can always add another day, or evening session.

b) Choose just one room in your house to organise, perhaps your bedroom. Better yet, make it just your bedroom closet, or a drawer in your bedroom dresser. Then, move onto the next goal when that first one is done.

c) Rather than trying to eliminate all desserts from your diet (especially if you eat dessert after all meals), try to replace one meal's dessert (perhaps Wednesday lunch) with fresh strawberries and bananas. Again, once you can do that, you can then make a new goal.

When you zero in on your most important goals and make them specific and realistic, you'll notice you're suddenly achieving more. You'll be more motivated and enthusiastic about all the goals you set in the future-- because you'll know you can rise to the challenge, and succeed.

However, New year’s resolutions don't work for everybody - in fact, I don’t know if they’ve ever really worked for anyone. They always sound like a list of rules that we know we will break. If you're not great with structure and schedules so it makes sense a list of rules would make you feel hemmed in. Perhaps you need more s p a c e. You want to be inspired not instructed.

What if, instead of resolutions, you choose a word as a guiding light for the new year. One that feels more expansive. A word can be embraced as a mantra, a meditation, a reminder, a promise. A word can be interpreted in different ways. A word can’t be “broken”, it feels gentler somehow.

Choosing a word for the year, can change your life for the better. Some of words can prove to be wildly empowering, such as brave, expand and open - all dynamically useful words that can help you create change in your life. Other words perhaps less helpful if you use them as a bit of a cop-out: compassion, for example.   Nourish can be both supportive and nourishing — pun intended. I’m excited to see how your word for 2016 evolves.

The more you do this practice the more you will understand why it’s such a valuable thing to do each year. If you need some help uncovering your just-right word, can we help you?

However, you will reach a time in your life when you begin to understand that the real goal in life (and how nothing can make you as happy) is living a mission-oriented life. This is when you stop setting goals for yourself and choose to intuitively receive guidance and direction, resolutions that serve your soul - ones that are aligned with your unique purpose and guarantee karmic rewards far more than any diet, workouot, textbook or travel agent can. I hope that 2016 will be the year you discover the fascinating truth about who you really are, and what your future holds.

Did I set resolutions? No. I don't play that game. Instead I wake up every morning and focus on doing something beneficial, following my passion, and improving the lives of others in any way that I can that day. And I do the same thing the next day. And the next. Do it 365 times and you create a year of magic, miracles, progress, inspiration and improvement. Whether it's a new year or a new day what can you do today - just today, to express your mission, act on inspiration, accomplish something good or improve someone's life in some way? It doesn't have to be big. It's just something for today. Through the gates of a new year, the distant variegated decorations of future achievements glimmer at you, daringly luring you to give pursuit. What can you do? Do it. 


Dec 31

The air this time of year is filled with inspiration, motivation and courage.  Feel this energy and harness it as you look inside you at your deepest desires for the coming year. On offer is life, with its smorgasbord of emotion and experience. Every encounter in the past has shaped you in some way. Remember to celebrate it all before you start hustling your way into the new year. 





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